The online article "40+ Bondage Positions" by ASI BDSM was used as reference. Warning: Contains nudity but nothing extreme.

A/N: This chapter contains a good helping of masochism, but no blood.

Shadow woke with a groan.

…Something was off…He couldn't open his eyes.

It took him a moment to realize he was blindfolded. And he wasn't lying down but sitting upright. He sighed to himself, What did Sonic do this time?

"Morning, sleepyhead." His ears swiveled towards the voice.

Shadow exhaled. "What is this, Faker?" he grumbled.

"Nothin'," Sonic trolled, as he ran a finger up a black spine.

Shadow unconsciously arched his back away from the surprise touch but found he couldn't go far. He could feel two lines across his chest. He tried, unsuccessfully, to move his arms. Lovely, he thought sarcastically. Fully awake now, he could tell the lines, ropes, or whatever they were, were holding his wrists behind his neck with his elbows above his head. He tried leaning forward to get leverage in loosening them but felt something holding him back. He suspected it was another rope from the pull upward behind his wrists; It was probably tethering him upright. Faker's getting ballsy. "Sonic, as much as I love the idea of where this is headed, I don't have the time. I have to go to work," he tried to get up but couldn't move his legs, finding them bound in a kneeling position beneath him. He let out a frustrated sigh. He heard a few small giggles. His ears followed the sound while Sonic had begun circling him.

"I already called you in sick. It's payback time and you're not getting away."

Shadow smirked to himself. "Didn't think you missed me so much," he teased. He felt a jab in his side and grunted, "Ow."

"Anyway, I did some reading and thought it'd be nice to try something new. It combines Bunny Ears and Frogtie. So, basically…" Sonic came to a stop in front of Shadow and pointed his finger in his face (not that he could see it), "No standing for you." Shadow clicked his tongue. Sonic grinned and trailed another finger up Shadow's side, past his shoulder, to his elbow and back, black fur rising from the ticklish sensation. Shadow growled and again failed to withdraw from his hand. Sonic knew Shadow wasn't big on being touched. It made him jumpy…in a good way. Plus, also being forced into a submissive role was pissing him off just like he'd planned; a frustrated Shadow was way more fun to tease. His breathing was becoming slightly faster due to his compromised position. "So what should I do first, hmm?" Sonic hinted. Shadow had a good poker face most of the time, but if you knew the right buttons to push, like Sonic, then you could get reactions never seen otherwise. "Let's see…maybe here," Sonic touched the top of his left thigh. Shadow's ears perked. Sonic smiled and removed his hand. Then he got an idea how to really mess with him…"Or maybe here…," he touched Shadow's neck on his right side.

Shadow very slightly jumped, growling a half-hearted warning. He knew the other was only teasing him but he wasn't ready for alternating areas; it was like getting a jump scare from a spot he wasn't expecting. Normally, he wouldn't mind the unpredictable, but right now he was blindfolded.

Sonic got to his knees, leaned in, and kissed under Shadow's jaw. The black hedgehog immediately bared his neck for more access. Sonic muffled a giggle into his neck, closing his emerald eyes while he ran his fingers through Shadow's soft, white chest fur. Shadow's legs fidgeted, unable to move from their position. "You're so tense, Shad," Sonic said as he ran his hands up through the white fur, into black, halfway up his arms, and back down along Shadow's sides, before stopping at his hips. All throughout, Shadow's breathing was unsteady. And when peach hands slid down his ticklish sides he couldn't help but stiffen, flexing his abs. He exhaled through his nose when the hands finally stopped and Sonic pulled back. He was struggling to keep his face straight; a mild blush showing. If Sonic didn't have his hands on him, he wouldn't have noticed his light shaking. Sonic gently smiled and kissed the elder hedgehog, letting his hands slowly fall down to the top of Shadow's thighs. Leaning forward so most of his weight was on his hands, Sonic deepened the kiss while his thumbs did circles on Shadow's inner thighs, sliding dangerously close to his partner's private quarters. A minute or two of his efforts rewarded him with the tiniest reveal from a black sheath. Needing air, Sonic broke the kiss and withdrew. He looked at Shadow as he panted for breath, seeing the deeper blush on the other. Satisfied, Sonic stood and walked a few steps away from Shadow. He grabbed the still burning cigarette he had waiting on a table and walked back over to Shadow. He stood behind the other, reminding himself that Shadow enjoyed this sort of thing. Sonic took a deep, determined breath before forcefully pressing the hot ash into one of Shadow's bound palms.

Shadow's fingers flared open before clinching back closed as he inhaled with a long hiss, followed by a humming laugh. "Mmm-hmmhmmhmm! DAMN!" Sonic watched as Shadow's whole body shook with his reaction. Shadow slumped forward and let out a heavy sigh through his teeth; his black ears drooping to the sides.

"Enjoyed that did you?" Sonic asked in feigned enjoyment. He'd keep up his part of the act when necessary, if only to please his other half.

Shadow chuckled. "Didn't think you had it in you." Sonic playfully kneed him in the back, "Ow."

"Well, there's a first time for everything," he said, as he returned to his position in front of the other.

"So it seems," Shadow replied, sitting back up as the burn began healing.

"Now what should we do?"

"I could use another kiss," Shadow replied with a goofy smirk on his face. It made Sonic chuckle.

"Geez. You're such a dork," he said as he leaned in to kiss him. Peach hands reached up, entangling themselves in black quills as he deepened the kiss. All that could be heard was their increasingly ragged breathing between bouts and the faint straining of ropes. Sonic removed his hands from Shadow's head to wrap his arms around the back of his shoulders, pulling their bodies closer together. Shadow groaned into the kiss when he felt a furred knee worm its way up against his hard-on. Suddenly, Sonic growled and broke the kiss. "I can't wait anymore!"

It wasn't a second later that Shadow gasped when he felt Sonic's mouth envelop his member. Blushing furiously, Shadow began to pant from the sensation, his limbs shaking with weakness as Sonic continued working on him. Frustrated that he couldn't grab Sonic's blue quills, Shadow strained against the ropes. "Ugh! Sonic, I can't do anything like this!"

"I got it." Sonic sat upright. He reached into his quills and pulled out a hunting knife which he used to cut the rope tethering Shadow upright. "There!" he said, dropping the knife, as he leaned hard into Shadow to topple him over onto his back. Shadow laughed at his partner's frenzy. Sonic placed his hands on Shadow's stomach and used his legs to raise himself up to Shadow's tip and then, breathlessly, lowered himself down his length, receiving a pleasured grunt from the one below him. He repeated the action several times before finding his rhythm.

The dark hedgehog was still upset that he couldn't do more than meet him half way. He didn't like Sonic doing all the work. His still bound hands fidgeted behind his head, wanting to grab ahold of his partner. Sonic took notice of his sour face and smiled knowingly through his panting. "It's fine, Shad," he huffed out, his voice unintentionally cracking when he hit a certain spot. But Shadow still struggled with the ropes, growling to himself. To preoccupy him again, Sonic moved his hands to either side of Shadow's shoulders to continue their make-out session. But it only made Shadow want to grab him more. Sonic paused, sighing next to a black ear and said, "Stubborn bastard…," which was followed by the distinct icy sting of a blade running up Shadow's exposed arm.

"Shit…" Shadow hissed through his teeth. Sonic noticed the tiniest upward curl of his lover's lips as he cursed.

Seeing that his stunt had adequately distracted Shadow, he decided to take it up a notch. "What do you want, Shad?" he asked as seductively as he could while continuing his rut. Shadow sighed out a 'more.' Sonic smirked and leaned forward, hovering his head over Shadow's, "More what?"

His flustered other seemed to struggle with his words before blurting out, "Damn it, CUT ME!"

While surprised, Sonic didn't stop. He quickly twisted himself enough to grab the knife he'd dropped earlier and held it lightly, but securely, in his hand. He let his lust and want to please his partner take over as he started his game. "You mean like… this!" He made a quick swipe of the blade across a black abdomen. Shadow let out a shout. "Ormaybelikethis!" Another slice and shout. "Or maybe even this!" He let the blade run deeply, diagonally across from a lower rib to just below the chest ropes. With each cut, Sonic's mind blurred as he felt Shadow swell within him.

Shadow didn't think he could get any harder. He was so satisfied by Sonic's little show, he no longer felt the need to grab the blue one. Sonic again tossed the knife aside, now riding him hard and fast as he focused on reaching his end. Shadow was happy to just enjoy the feeling of Sonic's heat surrounding him.

"Shadow! I'm…I'm cumming!" the blue one shouted.

Shadow was already close and, as his partner climaxed, he felt soft walls squeeze him. He arched his back. He felt the familiar pressure forming just below his naval and a crazy thought came to him. "Choke me!" Sonic didn't hesitate and grabbed his black neck. Shadow came a second later, filling the other as white was spilled onto his black abdomen. Only once the initial wave crashed did Sonic release his hold on Shadow's neck, lightly collapsing onto his lover's chest as they both caught their breaths. He then removed himself from Shadow and proceeded to untie him, starting with his legs. He got behind Shadow to remove the blindfold before untying his arms. Shadow sighed as he lowered and then slowly flexed his stiff arms. He turned to see Sonic kneeling next to him.

"So…," the blue one gently questioned.

"That was good," the dark one replied, with an amused expression. Sonic smiled, proud that he could make the other happy.