When You Don't See Me

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So I guess you splashed out on the special blu-ray version of When You Don't See Me remastered from the rare special edition with extra features originally released on Betamax. Good choice!

Media & other references

Because it's all fun and games to spot references to things. Here you can check if you were right! Don't worry, I trust you not to pretend you knew all along

Main title: When You Don't See Me – The Sisters of Mercy

Chapter One: She's in Parties – Bauhaus

Genevieve Weinburg – Last name is that of a mathematician who was instrumental in population genetics. (Coincidentally also used in the anime Dr STONE, I imagine for the same reason.)

The Spiderweb Club – Inspired by The Batcave, a popular alternative club in the 80s

We are entranced – Lyrics from Spellbound – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Chapter Two: Spellbound – Siouxsie and the Banshees again

Gaetano – fun fact: I have family who are Italian, but as much as I loved writing this character I'm still not sure if I got the hand gestures right.

Chapter Three: You Trip me Up – The Jesus & Mary Chain

Huey Lewis and the News song – it was probably The Power of Love. In a 50s diner? How very Back to the Future.

Everybody needs somebody/Dr Elwood – song/character from The Blues Brothers

Tears for Fears song – Pale Shelter if we're slavishly imitating the original episode title

Chapter Four: Under the Gun – The Sisters of Mercy

Ramones song – Oh I dunno, maybe I'm Affected would be a bit too perfect for this moment.

Misfits of Science – A legit 80s version of Mutant X, it even has a guy who is basically Brennan

Efanol – like the explanation of Danielle's powers, I kinda had to BS this. I like to include real science as much as I can, but this is sci-fi after all.

Chapter Five: Happy House – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Cat figures – if you didn't have at least 12 of these in your house, did you really live through the 70s?

Absinthe – A classic bright green goth drink. It's pretty awful, whatever you try to do with it.

Star Wars – Apart from Freddie Mercury, I think Mason is the only person who dislikes Star Wars

The Velvet Underground – The album Danielle puts on is their & Nico debut. The song that she and Mason dance to is the first track, Sunday Morning. Equal parts ethereal vibes and paranoia.

Chapter Five point five: Let's go to Bed – The Cure

I have nothing more to say about this chapter, other than I feel like I wrote meta fanfic of my own fanfic.

Chapter Six: Girl Afraid – The Smiths

The construction workers – I had so much fun writing these guys. This is 100% genuine behaviour, manual workers are underestimated in fiction. Oh dear, now I have another fanfic idea to add to the list.

Chapter Seven: This Corrosion – The Sisters of Mercy (again)

Kata – this is what Jesse and his father are doing when they first appear, it is a form of karate practice

He-Man – similar to Jesse, He-Man has indestructible skin.

Chapter Eight: Blood Brother – The Mission

Sub-dermal governors – I attempted to give a reasonable scientific explanation for their two uses. But seriously, don't mess with people's spinal cords.

Chapter Nine: Beyond the Pale – The Mission (again)

Queen tape in car – a reference to another fandom of mine, Good Omens. GNU Terry Pratchett.

Original beginning

This didn't make it into the story, but I kinda like my initial description of the club.

It was called the Spiderweb Club. It seemed to be simultaneously too dark and too bright. The raucous dancing crowd was plunged into gloom, backlit by bright lights that temporarily blinded when they rotated towards you. Clothes were primarily black with too many frills, spikes and safety pins. It was the 80s, but the hair of the patrons was particularly large, backcombed and crimped.

Genevieve had told them to wear black, and told Adam to not dress like a new romantic, which he was apparently wont to do.

Bonus Lab Scene

Not really sure where this was supposed to fit in, but it didn't. Including it here because it is so Typical Them and also they're doing lab stuff.

Mason made an annoyed sound. "Can you not?"

"I was only trying to help," Adam said with an infuriating grin.

"Could you maybe try to help from over there?" Mason snapped, turning his attention back to the unit he was sitting in front of and discarding the snapped syringe needle. His hair fell in his eyes and he shook his head to move it.

"Oh I have a spare one, just hold on."

Mason sighed and angled the syringe a little differently towards the bottle. He was not going to ask Adam to repeat yesterday's lesson. He was going to remember how to do it himself. As he put pressure on it, the syringe needle bent.

"What are you doing?" Mason said.

Adam has returned to harass him once more, and now he was raking his fingers through Mason's hair.

"Hair elastics aren't just for girls, you know," Adam said, wrapping one around the tiny ponytail he had made.

Mason glared at him over both his eyeglasses and safety glasses. The hair elastic slid out and his hair fell back around his face. He took off his gloves and carefully turned them inside out, folding one inside the other. Then he threw them in the bin. He picked up the hair elastic and threw it at Adam.

"I'll tell you why it didn't work," Adam said.


"Your hair isn't long enough. And it's too straight. Just slides right out. Not like mine. Whole families of birds have been known to get lost in here."

Mason stared at him.

"Forty-five degrees is what you want with the bottles," Adam said, tilting his head towards the unit.

"Right. Thank you," Mason said with the smallest amount of hostility he could manage.


Since links are illegal on , you'll have to look me up on tumblr (same username) if you really want to see the terrible tie-in art I have made, including a version of the napkin Adam writes on to explain lactose intolerance to Genevieve in chapter three.

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Also, if you look me up on AO3, again same username, I started writing an Adam/Mason prequel story which is ahem a bit too much for .

A final note from the author

Well that's a wrap! I hope you have enjoyed this story (I guess you did, as you managed to sit through to the end of the special features.) I originally planned for it to have much more of a downer ending. Possibly because of the personal journey I've been on outside of, but at the same time as writing this, I changed my mind. There is more to stories than can be seen at first glance. I couldn't resolve the plot in a completely healthy way because sometimes life is just like that, and I wanted to do my best to be true to the characters. If you've been affected by the troubled characters or dysfunctional relationships in this story, please reach out to me and I can listen and/or signpost you to a place you can get further help.