Gomez Addams stroked his mustache thoughtfully as he looked down at the small child his brother had brought him. It was plain as the nose on his face - and the mustache beneath it - that the boy was a part of the Clan Magic now, blood or no blood. Already, his tousled brown hair had darkened a bit, though it would never be the pure black that was the family norm (and never quite as bright as that of Cousin It). At the same time, he kept giggling as the sprouting mustache hairs tickled his nose, his scar glowing in the dim light that was the preferred illumination within the manor. "You've put me in a bit of a pickle, Fester my brother," he observed awkwardly.

"How's that, Gomez?" Fester asked worriedly. The last thing he'd wanted to do was impose on his brother beyond what was acceptable as family, but he was the only young married male of the family who was currently living. Despite family bonds, the dead or undecided family members wouldn't do well to raise a child, as they only walked the earth one night a year. "He...he is an Addams."

"Oh yes," Gomez confirmed, kneeling down to look closer at the young lad. He seemed to be a year old at most. Old enough that nursing wasn't really a concern, but still young enough to require constant care until he'd adjusted to the macabre chaos that was the Addams' manor. Admittedly, the estate had already adapted to him somewhat, as the guard dragon was curled up around the chair the boy was set in rather than its usual post, and the various serpents that slunk through the grass had left the yard to hang from the rafters above him. He'd certainly fit right in. "He most certainly is an Addams...and that is the quandary. As a man of the Clan, I certainly cannot turn my back on a child of the family who needs parenting. However, my darling Morticia just gave birth."

"Ah..." Fester allowed nervously, his eyes twitching back and forth. Morticia may have married into the Clan when she wed Gomez, but if anything she was more of an Addams than any who had borne the name before she married. Not only that, every Addams male knew to step carefully around the women of the Clan when children first arrived. You never knew where they had hidden knives or who knows what, or where they would stick them if you crossed them. However, a different obligation now fell on Fester. "Congratulations, brother. Boy or girl?"

"I have a horribly beautiful baby girl," Gomez declared proudly, a bit of swagger in his step. "Wednesday will be an absolute delight as she grows up, and Morticia and I are over the moon!" His voice dipped somewhat. "But to drop another child on top of that...I do not know how Morticia will handle it."

"That is a conundrum," Fester allowed worriedly. "As delightfully chaotic and destructive as they are, children are a lot of work..."

"And even with Grandmother, there's only so much of us to go around," Gomez observed thoughtfully. "She is...not exactly reliable. And as caretakers for children, that is not ideal, however delightful it is otherwise."

"I'd be happy to stick around until things are settled, if you think that will help!" Fester offered eagerly. "I brought the boy into the Clan, it's only right I help with him if it's needed or would be appreciated."

"Gladly would I welcome your help, or even just your presence my brother!" Gomez declared exuberantly. "But when the dark flower of my heart has only just now brought our sweet night tulip into the world, how am I to explain another child she did not expect as part of the family?" He turned to the chair, only for his face to pale. "Who can teleport, apparently." It was true, there was no sign of young Harry, and the guard dragon and the serpents were staring at the empty spot in shock.

"He can't have gotten far!" Fester insisted urgently as he leapt to his feet. "He must be on the grounds somewhere!"

"True enough," Gomez allowed, trying not to think of all the delightfully horrible and horrifyingly delightful dangers that still left as possible locations. The guillotines, the electric chairs, the acid pits, the alligator moats, the iron maidens, the flesh eating armoires, and most terrifying of all-

"Gomez, darling," a calm, quiet, gentle voice called down the stairs. "Would you and dear Fester come up here, please? It seems there's something here that needs an explanation."

-his wife. Swallowing convulsively, the pair of brothers climbed the stairs with all the enthusiasm other men might approach the executioner's block. For them, that would have been a fun vacation...especially compared to dear sweet Tish in a moment of pique.

As they entered the nursery, they found Morticia standing over Wednesday's cradle, a thoughtful frown on her face as she seemed to glide over the floor, her black dress clinging to her every curve in delightfully suggestive ways that contrasted with her pale skin and ruby lips to give the perfect image of undying beauty and terrifying sensuality...though now giving the appearance of an avenging demoness. "I freely admit I might be mistaken, darling," she began gently. "After all, between the exquisite agony of the process and the ecstasy of the bonding of first nursing, my memory of events might be a bit muddled...but I was pretty sure I only gave birth to one child." She turned an arch look on the two brothers as she gestured into the crib.

Inside, Harry was sitting against the bars, glancing down in wonder at little Wednesday. The all but newborn Addams had her head in his lap and was nuzzling into him as he rested one hand in her pitch black hair.

"Ah...t-that's my fault," Fester stammered awkwardly. "See, I found the boy - his name's Harry - in England, and knew him for an Addams. So did the Clan Magic. So I brought him here..."

"Oh?" Morticia pressed, one eyebrow rising delicately on her forehead.

"He's conquered death!" Fester insisted. "And struck down the evil! We all felt that, yes?"

"Indeed?" Morticia asked, a trifle more relaxed in tone as she leaned over the young boy, idly brushing his hair aside as she took in his scar. "Goodness."

"And since a child like that needs a Father and a Mother, and Fester remembered we wanted children..." Gomez began awkwardly.

"And he arrived just after we sent the announcement of Wednesday's birth?" Morticia continued, her lips turning up slightly at the corners.

"I-I'll stick around to help!" Fester promised fervently. "Please say you'll take him in, and won't hold it against my brother?"

Morticia's lips quirked up a little higher. "And how could I hold it against him?" she asked, amusement now rich in her voice. "It's not like I gave him much more warning before bringing a child into the household." She idly stroked Harry's hair. "And I can tell he'll be a credit to the clan."

Fester and Gomez both let out relieved sighs, deflating slightly as the tension left them. Gomez smiled widely. "Mi amore..." he began lovingly, stepping up behind Morticia as she gazed into the crib. "I never should have doubted-"

"No you shouldn't have," Morticia teased. "But for now, be quiet. Time enough for the chaos they'll bring awake when they wake on their own."

Glancing over her shoulder, Gomez saw that Harry had fallen asleep as well. "Sleep well, little Addams," he whispered all but silently as he cuddled against his wife.