Meanwhile in another world, we go to an area called Oshima. Oshima, more specifically Izu Ōshima, is a volcanic island located south of the Japanese capital city of Tokyo, and is part of the Izu Islands, all of which are under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan government and it is the landmass closest to Blue Island, which is located just north of Oshima, and is the home of most people.

Currently on beach at the island, we see four girls having a good time. The first girl has a maroon-colored hair styled in two pigtails and has red eyes. She wears a red & black track suit, red bloomers and red sneakers. This is Akane Isshiki

Akane Isshiki

The second girl has a long blue hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. She wears a blue one piece sundress, white frilly socks and black shoes. This is Aoi Futaba.

Aoi Futaba

The third girl has a long dark-green hair tied in a ponytail and has light-blue eyes. She wears a white poloshirt with green tie, dark-green denim shorts and black sneakers. This is Wakaba Saegusa.

Wakaba Saegusa

The fourth girl has as an average height with huge breast, she has a long light-brown wavy hair which goes down halfway to her back. She wears an orange sundress, black stockings and brown shoes. This is Himawari Shinomiya.

"Ah~ the wind feels so good!" Akane mused as she stretches her arms.

Aoi let's out a giggle, "It sure is." she replied in agreenment.

Wakaba then walks up to them, "It's good that we have fine weather today, it would have been disappointing to cancel our get together if it rained." she pointed out.

Himawari took a deep breath, "I don't mind the rain... but I like this better." she admitted.

"Still... I'm kinda bored..." Wakaba confessed.

"Why is that?" Aoi asked.

"It's just after the Alones are taken care of, we haven't done anything active at all!" Wakaba pointed out, "Aside from school that is..." she added.

Akane nodded, "I get ya... but I prefer peace better than fighting..." she admitted.

Wakaba sighed, "That... I understand." she replied.

"Don't worry Wakaba... you'll find something that will give you excitement." Himawari reassured, "Aside from fighting that is." she flatly added.

Aoi giggled when a thought came to mind, "Say... I wonder how Rei-chan is doing in her world?" she wondered out loud.

Akane nodded, "You're right..." she mused before up looking to the sky, "I bet she's having a good time now that her world is restored." she pointed out with a smile.

Aoi smiled back, "We can only be happy for her." she said in agreement.

Suddenly, Wakaba saw a knife flying directly towards Akane, "Akane! Look out!" she called before tackling both Akane and Aoi down on the sand as the knife lunges at a rock.

"Where did that come from?" Himawari asked in shock.

Everybody then looks up to see Rei Kuroki slowly walking towards with several knives in hand, much to their shock and surprise.

"Rei-chan!" Akane called out in shock.

"Since when did you get back?" Aoi asked in confusion.

"And why did you throw that knife at Akane!? Explain yourself!" Wakaba demanded but rather than answering, Rei threw more knives at them which they quickly dodges, "Why you? After what Akane has done for you, now you're trying to kill her!" the green-haired kendo master exclaimed in anger.

"Rei-chan! Why are you doing this?" Akane asked with a look of betrayal.

Rei smirked evilly, "What else? To get rid of you, of course!" she declared as she threw another knife but it was suddenly blocked by a shield much to the girls' surprise.

However, their surprise turns to shock when the owner of the shield is revealed to be another Rei Kuroki, "I won't let you lay a hand on them!" the raven-haired girl declared while glaring at the other Rei.

"W-w-w-what!?" Wakaba exclaimed in shock.

Aoi rubs her eyes, "T-there are two Reis!?" she exclaimed.

"But which one is real!" Akane cried in confusion.

Himawari then rubs her forehead, "I need an aspirin..." she muttered.

Rei then turns back to the girls, "Girls! I'm the real Rei Kuroki! That person over there is not me! You could see the difference!" she pointed out.

The girls then stared at the first Rei and quickly discovered the difference, "She's right! That other Rei has red eyes!" Aoi pointed out.

"If she's not the real Rei... then who is she?" Wakaba asked in confusion.

"You girls fought her before... she's Karasu!" Rei revealed.

"Karasu!" the girls exclaimed in shock.

The other Rei whom is actually named Karasu gritted her teeth, "I didn't expect you to come... but no matter, I'll kill you as well." she declared.

"You're gonna go through me first before you could get filthy hands on them!" a familiar voice spoke.

"What!?" Karasu gasped in shock when suddenly, Louie appears in front of her which was followed by a powerful right hook that sends her flying to the sands. The girls, minus Rei, were surprised to see a disheveled person appearing out of nowhere. Karasu then slowly got up, "Damn it... you are the last person I expect to appear..." she muttered while glaring at the disheveled God.

Louie glares back at her, "I never expect for you to be alive Karasu... the last I saw you, you were blown to pieces by these girls." he pointed out, "You sure have the guts to show yourself again... and you even copied Rei's appearance." he exclaimed.

Karasu smirked, "I won't die that easy Louie... you and the other Supreme Beings knows that..." she replied.

Rei then glares at her, "What are you up to now!?" she demanded.

Karasu giggles evilly, "What else... continue what I left off... destroy the Manifestation Engine along with the entire world! And with the aid of the Dark Forces... I will succeed!" she exclaimed.

Louie narrowed his eyes, "So you're in the leagues with the Dark Forces now, huh..." he bemused while putting his hands on his hips.

Suddenly, a red portal appears behind Karasu, "I would love to kill all of you right now but I had something to do, so I'll see you later..." Karasu mused before jumping into the portal which quickly vanished.

"Wait!" Rei called out and was about to go after her but Louie stopped her.

"Let her be for now Rei, you had catching up to do with your friends." Louie pointed out.

Rei turns around only to be tackled by Akane on to the sands, "Rei-chan! I miss you so much!" she exclaimed in joy.

"Akane! I know you're happy but we got a serious situation here!" Rei cried as she tries to pry the redhead on top of her.

"What situation?" Himawari asked in curiosity and concern.

Suddenly, a blue portal opens as Louie spoke, "Rei... I leave the explaining to you to the locals here, I'll be sending the team that will help you in this situation." he explained before jumping into the blue portal which quickly vanished.

"Rei-chan... who was that?" Aoi asked in confusion.

Rei got up from the sands, "That was Louie... he is a God and one of the Supreme Beings that restored my world back to normal." she explained.

"He's A God!?" Wakaba exclaimed in shock, "He sure doesn't look like one." she pointed out.

Rei sighed, "I was thinking the same thing..." she muttered before looking at Akane, "I think we should go to your house and talk about this, Dr. Isshiki needs to hear this out too." she stated.

Akane nodded, "Let's go!" she quipped.


Later that day, the girls are seen gathered around the Isshiki Residence, they're currently inside a small laboratory and along with them was an old man and a young woman.

The old man has a light-brown hair with most part fading to gray, he wears a glasses over his dark-brown eyes. He wears a lab coat over a gray shirt, black shorts and sandals. This is Kenjirou Isshiki.

Developer of the Manifestation Engine

Kenjirou Isshiki

The young woman has a short dark-brown hair with light-brown eyes. She wears a green bulky jacket over a white shirt with blue tie, green skirt and black heels. This is Mizuha Amagi.

National Defense Force Officer

Mizuha Amagi

Rei just finished explaining everything to everyone in the room, "And that's everything I can say." she said.

Kenjirou hummed, "I see... it never once crossed my mind that their are more worlds out there that I can ever imagine." he admitted.

"So that man is a part of a huge organization full of heroes." Akane pointed out, "That's amazing!" she exclaimed in delight.

"I was surprised too but it's actually a pretty good place, I made a lot of good friends there." Rei said with a smile.

"That's good, Rei-chan!" Aoi said with a smile.

Kenjirou then spoke, "But this is a problem... now that the person responsible for the Alone invasion from months ago is back... then we're open again for another Alone invasion." he pointed out in concern before turning to Mizuha, "Amagi contact Shijou-san and tell her about the current situation, we need to get everyone ready for any possible outcome." he suggested.

Amagi nodded, "Hai!" she replied as she took out her phone.

Kenjirou then turns to his granddaughter, "Looks like you'll have to fight again Akane, I'm sorry." he pointed out apologetically.

Akane shook her head, "No worries Grandpa! We'll handle it!" she reassured.

Rei then spoke, "Plus... the team that Louie is going to send here is pretty amazing." she added.

"I wonder when are they gonna arrived?" Aoi asked.

Suddenly they heard an explosion which caused the house to shake, "W-what's going on!?" Wakaba squawked in shock as Himawari hold onto her.

Then an image appeared in the computer screen, it shows a large dark circular object with four legs walking on the ocean heading towards the Manifestation Engine.

"Alone!?" Himawari gasped in horror.

"Dammit! I never expected them to appear so soon!" Kenjirou cursed.

Akane then turns to everyone, "Girls! Let's go stop that thing!?" she declared earning a nod from everyone.

Before anyone could move, the screen then shows the Alone getting attack by an unknown force, "Hey! Something is happening with the Alone!" Aoi pointed out in surprise.

"What in the world?" Mizuha muttered.

Then it shows the Alone getting shot up from the sky followed by a few blast of fire before it suddenly exploded high in the air blowing it to pieces, everyone watches in shock, something destroyed the Alone.

"S-sugoi..." Aoi muttered in awe.

"T-that was a devastating explosion..." Kenjirou muttered while looking at the giant mushroom cloud in the sky.

"Guess that takes care of the problem," Wakaba pointed out, "But the question is... who did it?" Wakaba asked in confusion.

Rei's eyes widen in realization as a smile form on her face, "Everyone..." she spoke earning everyone's attention, "... they're here!" she declared.


A minute later, everyone followed Rei as she leads them towards a beach and saw fourteen individuals standing there, some are seen standing on the sands while the others sat on rocks.

It was none other than Gingka Hagane and the New Age Avengers.

"Gingka!" Rei called out in excitement before embracing the de-facto leader of the Solo Heroes, "I'm so glad you arrived!" she exclaimed happily.

"Hey Rei!" Gingka greeted back, "We came as fast as we could, though we arrived along with that whatever, so we decided to take care of it first." he explained referring to the Alone.

Then Kenjirou approaches them, "So, these are the heroes that God sent to us, please to meet you, I am Dr. Kenjirou Isshiki and I'm the creator of the Manifestation Engine." he introduced himself while offering handshake.

Gingka then shook his hand, "It's a pleasure... I'm Gingka Hagane and I'm a Solo Hero of the Heroes Coalition and right behind me is Marcus 'The Kane' McGee & his team." he introduced himself while gesturing a hand at Marcus' team.

Marcus is currently wearing a red t-shirt with a Uchiha symbol with black long sleeves, black shorts and white shoes. He then took a step forward, "Nice meeting ya! I'm Marcus "The Kane" McGee and this is my team, the New Age Avengers." he said as everyone introduced themselves one by one.

"Louie-san told us about the situation... the Dark Forces are behind this attack." Yoshika Miyafuji pointed out.

Kenjirou nodded, "And Rei had told us a few things about this Dark Forces but would you kindly tell us more about them." he suggested.

Marcus nodded, "Sure! We just need a place to talk things out, who knows, there might be ears anywhere." he pointed out.

"Then I suggest we do that in the NDF Headquarters, I'm pretty sure Miss Shijou would like to talk with you." Mizuha suggested.

"That's a good idea." Ichigo Kurosaki replied in agreement. He is currently wearing a black sweater jacket over a white tank top, gray pants and red sneakers.

Rei then looks around, "By the way... Miho isn't with you?" she asked.

"Miho had another mission along with Juniper and Kim, so she'll be gone for a while." Gingka replied.

"I think we should get going. I believe we don't have time to waste." Kenjirou declared.

Eddy Skipper McGee let's out a groan, "I wish we brought the Central Command in this mission." he grumbled. He is currently wearing red & white Hockey Jersey, black sweatpants and blue rubber shoes.

"Eddy... the Central Command is getting a makeover!" Rex Salazar pointed out, "While Ben did managed to make it work, it still needs some good repairing." he explained.

"Besides... you can use it anytime Eddy once it's fixed, I mean, the Central Command is yours to begin with since you found it." Duncan Nelson reassured.

Akane then turns to Rei, "What are they talking about?" she asked.

"They're talking about a Starship." Rei answered.

"A starship!" the girls gasped in surprise while Himawari has stars in her eyes as Rei can only giggle at their reactions.

A/N: Inspired from someonestupED, damnlastwords, Hope the Victor and Ace Neptune. All OCs and concepts not created by moi were given permission for me to use by it's respected creators.