After a tiring mission in Akane Isshiki's world, the New Age Avengers plus the new recruits arrives at the Training Facility in Neo-Earth with the team hoping that they won't get roped into another mission for the next five hours.

Marcus "The Kane" McGee then volunteered to report the results of the mission to the higher-ups while the rest decided to call it a day by hanging around with their respective circle.

"This is amazing!" Wakaba Saegusa exclaimed in excitement, "Just look at all the training equipment! I'm soooo wanna start training!" she cheered.

"Training starts tomorrow Saegusa, don't get too excited." Taro Yamada reminded while patting her head as he and Duncan Nelson walks pass her.

Aoi Futaba was looking around when she bump into someone, "Oh? I'm sorry bumping into t..." she tried to apologize only to froze in fear when she saw a boy looking at her with a creepy smile.

Of course, the boy with a creepy smile is none other than Kafuu.

"Aoi!" Yoshika Miyafuji called out in concern, "What's wrong?" she asked looking at the frozen Aoi before turning to Kafuu, "Kafuu... what did you do?" she asked with a blank look.

Kafuu shrugged his shoulders, "That girl bump into me and she suddenly stop moving." he replied before taking notice of the newcomers, "Oh! I'm Kafuu by the way." the boy introduced himself to the girls.

"Uhhh... what's up with your smile?" Wakaba asked with a creep out look.

"Sorry about that." Kafuu apologized, "But my smile is permanent and it runs in my family." he explained with his creepy smile getting bigger.

"Seriously?" Wakaba asked in disbelief.

Then Luna Loud arrives carrying a box when she saw them, "Hey Yoshika! Welcome back!" she called out before noticing that Kafuu is with them along with the still frozen Aoi, "Kafuu! I told you to stop scaring other people!" she chastised.

Kafuu shrugged once more, "I didn't scare her, she just accidentally bump into me, saw my smile and then she froze." he explained nonchalantly.

"Can you do something with his smile?" Wakaba asked.

Luna sighed, "Unfortunately... we can't do anything about it." she replied.

Meanwhile, we see Himawari Shinomiya and Akane took a sit on nearby bench as Rei Kuroki and Gingka Hagane approaches them.

"This place is, without a doubt, a state of the art." Himawari commented, "Is this the only Training Facility in this world?" she asked.

Gingka shook his head, "Actually no.'' he replied, "There are ten training facilities stationed around the Neo-Earth and all of them are associated with the Coalitions." he explained.

Xyrielle "XY Girl" Yona then joins the conversation, "Yea... but only the big four are allowed to have missions outside this world." she pointed out.

"Big Four?" Akane repeated.

Gingka nodded, "The Big Four consists of Neo-City, New-New York, Elemental City and Mega-Tokyo." he listed, "This four cities had the biggest list of heroes working in them, that is sent to help in different parts of the universe with Neo-City leading first with Mega-Tokyo coming in second." he explained.

Unbeknownst to them, the moment Mega-Tokyo was mentioned, XY Girl looks away with a sad look.

"What about the rest of the training facilities?" Himawari asked.

"The other training facilities only trains people but does not do any missions." Rei replied, "Most trainees from the six remaining Coalitions had the opportunity to join the big four once their training is completed or do something else.'' she explained.

"I see." Himawari replied.

XY Girl then shook her head, "By the way, how's Randy doing?" she asked.

"He's doing good... physically but mentally... I had no idea." Gingka replied with concerned face.


Meanwhile, Randy Cunningham is seen sitting at his dorm's rooftop looking over the city while his wounds are already healed. His mind is still focus on the fact that Howard, his best friend, is now a member of the Dark Forces' Seven Deadly Assassins.

"Howard... how could you do this yourself... I tried to reach out for you but you pushed me away... and now... look what have you become..." Randy muttered in sadness as he still can't believe that his friend just turned evil.

"Randy are you all right?" a voice asked.

Randy turns around to see another boy approaching him, "Hey Jacques." he greeted.

Rookie Trainee

Jacques Paulsen

Jacques is a slim young man with a medium reddish-brown hair and had dark green eyes. He was a dark violet shirt over a dark turtleneck sweater, dark pants, red & white sneakers and a lavender scarf around his neck.

"I heard that you got injured from your mission." Jacques mentioned, "Both physically and mentally." he added with a suspicious look.

"What are you talking about?" Randy asked nervously.

"You can't lie to me Randy, it's part of my Gift." Jacques said sternly, "Is it Howard?" he pointed out.

Randy's eyes widen in shock before calming down, "Yeah... it's Howard." he confirmed, "I don't want to believe it but Howard... is in the leagues of the Dark Forces." he revealed.

Jacques was shock but maintain his calm, "I see... that's really a shock." he admitted while placing a hand on his forehead.

"Ah men... what am I going to tell Heidi now?" Randy complained in desperation.

"Calm down Randy!" Jacques spoke, "I'm pretty sure that Heidi will understand the situation, she'll be shock of course, but she'll understand." he reassured.

Randy groaned, "Ugh... this wouldn't happen if only I just saved him that time!" he exclaimed in frustration.

"Randy! What happened back in Norrisville High is out of your control!" Jacques yelled, "Everyone totally understands what you had to deal back then, look, I know you're still guilty of what happened to Howard but don't let that one mistake pull you down now! You did your best to protect all of us that day and Howard just doesn't understand that!" he pointed out, "The only thing you can do right now and is too move forward, reach out for Howard and make him understand the true hardships of hero! Howard maybe in the dark side right now but I know you can take him back to the right path, why? Cause your the Ninja! And the Ninja never gives up!" he advised.

Randy stares at him for a minute before smiling, "Thanks Jacques, I needed to hear that." he admitted.

"Happy to help." Jacques replied, "I should get going, I had a video to make." he said walking away but stopped for a moment, "Should I tell Heidi about Howard?" he asked.

Randy shook his head, "Nah! Might as well be me." he replied as Jacques shrugged before leaving him alone. Randy then looks back at the city with determination written on his face, "One day Howard! I will save you! I will get you back!" he declared.


Meanwhile, Marcus is finished reporting the details of the mission to Eddward Marion "Double D" Smith. The blue-haired douchebag is seen walking through the hallways when he crossed paths with Aria "Arinah" Sakurada at one corner.

"Ah! Hello, Marcus and welcome back." Arinah greeted with a smile.

"Hey, Arinah." Marcus greeted back with a wink, "How was your day?" he asked.

"It's fine." Arinah replied, "Aside from the daily training and getting Eustace out of trouble, everything is going smoothly for me." she stated with a smile.

"That's good." Marcus replied, "Welp! I need to meet up with Darren, we got a game to settle." he mused.

"Another Halo game again?" Arinah asked with a raised eyebrow.

Marcus chuckled, "Spot on! We'll see ya later." he said walking away.

"See ya." Arinah said back with a smile before sighing, "Marcus is a really nice guy." she muttered, "No wonder, I fell for him... come to think of it, Marcus is kinda familiar to me... OW!" she thought out loud when suddenly she felt a throbbing pain in her head, "Mah head... it hurts..." she cried as she slowly fell to her knees as she clutches her head in pain.

Luckily for her, Wesley Bryans was walking out from one corner whistling a tune when he saw Arinah kneeling on the floor, "Arinah!" he called out in concern as he ran towards her, "What's wrong?" he asked in worry.

"Mah head... it hurts..." Arinah cried in response.

"I'll take you to Doctor Ziegler! Can you move?" Wesley asked.

"The pain is too much... ah can't even move." Arinah cried in pain.

"Guess I had no choice." Wesley muttered before carrying Arinah, ''I'll get you to the infirmary so hang in there!" he declared as he began to run in the hallway carrying Arinah.

"Why! Why does everytime ah think about Marcus, mah head suddenly hurts! Just what about Marcus that ah'm suffering like this! Why!?" Arinah thought in pain.

Meanwhile, Marcus continues to merrily walk in the hallway oblivious to what just transpired.

A/N: Inspired from someonestupED, damnlastwords, Hope the Victor and Ace Neptune. All OCs and concepts not created by moi were given permission for me to use by it's respected creators.