"Gangstas, what's up guys?" Anyways hi yes hello it's been a while. I just got done with the first semester of my sophomore year. School got super busy and I spent my break in Spain. Sorry for the drag! I really want to get back into writing, so I promise not to drop this story, just bear with me lol.

Lucy and Levy had no trouble getting back into the swing of things, Cana, on the other hand, was struggling. "Ugh, can the semester be over already?"

"Oh, c'mon Cana, it isn't that bad," Levy tried consoling her friend "We only have like two months left."

"I'm just happy this first week back is over," Lucy said plopping down on the living room beanbag.

"You'll be gone this weekend, right?" Cana asked.

Lucy nodded, "Yes ma'am."

A hmph escaped Canas' lips. "Where and why are you going again?"

"To Crocus and for an interview at Sorcerer Magazine," Lucy informed her.

Both girls started squealing. "Why didn't you tell us sooner!?" "This is huge Lucy!"

Lucy felt a blush forming, "I didn't want to jinx myself."

Cana rolled her eyes and walked towards where Lucy was sitting, "Lucy, sharing the good news with your friends isn't a jinx invite! It might not be your first day on the job, but this is still a huge deal!"

Lucy stood up and hugged Cana. Levy joined having it turn into a group hug. "We're proud of this small step," Levy told Lucy.

Lucy took in a deep breath, grateful for the fact that she had such supportive friends. "I love you guys!"

Levy and Cana giggled, "We love you too." Cana spoke for both of them.

The next day Lucy hugged both girls before hopping in her car, "Text us if you need anything" Levy told her.

Crocus was a straight 14-hour drive and Lucy intended to not stop unless she had to pee. It was only noon so she figured she would spend the entire day and maybe a couple of hours into the night driving. "Just me and the open road." She said to herself.

The drive went smoothly, and she felt a sense of relief as the mountains came into view. Finally. Since it was Friday and the interview wasn't until Saturday Lucy had a whole day to kill. Thankfully Sorcerer Weekly had paid for her room so all she had to do was pull up to the hotel and check-in.

Once Lucy stepped into her hotel room, she felt the exhaustion of her drive catch up to her. She quickly changed into her PJs not even bothering to unpack and climbed into bed. Lucy sent a quick text to the group chat 'Made it :)'. It was 3 am by the time she fell asleep.

Since Lucy had the entire Friday to herself, she decided to be a tourist and explore Crocus. It was around 5 pm when Lucy decided she should treat herself and get a smoothie bowl, ever since spring break she's been obsessed with them. She was not ready for what happened next.

She was in line ready to order when she felt someone tap her on the back "Excuse me," ok so the voice belonged to a man. She turned around and her jaw nearly dropped to the floor, but cool-calm-collected Lucy couldn't let that happen.

"Oh hey…"

"Natsu" the man answered.

"Right! Natsu. How have you been?" She asked, not really caring about his answer.

"Good," Natsu answered. There was an awkward silence before he asked her the same question.

Thankfully the line had moved by then and it was Lucy's turn to order. She got an acai bowl. If it wasn't for the fact that she had to wait for her bowl she would've left right then and there but alas she was stuck there with Natsu, out of all people. What made things worse is that he stood right next to her as they both waited for their orders. "So," Natsu started "You never answered the question."

"I've been busy, doing adult stuff." Lucy made sure to keep her answer short and sweet.

Natsu chuckled, "Sounds exciting."

'Nice sarcasm' she thought to herself.

"So," he continued "What are you doing in Crocus?"

"I'm here for an interview."

"That's like peak adulting" he joked, "for what company?"

Before she could respond an employee called out her name "Acai bowl for Lucy!" She got her bowl, waved goodbye to Natsu, and left as fast as she could before they called his name. Lucy didn't stop fast walking until she was blocks away from the place.

She then pulled out her phone to look for a park to sit in and enjoy her smoothie bowl. Originally, she wanted to sit at the patio they had, but Natsu ruined her plans. Once she found a park bench, she sat down and texted the group chat.

'Guys guess who I bumped into!'

Levy was the first one to respond, 'Who?'

'The guy from spring break' Lucy answered, a little too fast. In her defense it was weird.

Cana sent a surprised emoji 'Watch he stalked you'

Lucy rolled her eyes 'Doubt it.'

Levy apparently was not amused by Canas' comment 'That's not funny!' and quickly sent another text, 'So what happened?'

'Made some small talk and ran outta there as fast as I could'

The girls didn't ask Lucy more questions and left her on seen.

She got back to her bowl, but before destroying it she posted a photo of it on her Instagram story.

Lucy spent the rest of her day walking around and taking photos. Although Magnolia was a cute city, it was nothing compared to Crocus. She decided to end her adventures and walked back to her hotel enjoying the beautiful sunset Crocus had to offer that evening.

The interview had gone well. Jason the guy who interviewed her promised to keep in touch. Although her graduation wasn't until May and it was still March the position was for the summertime, so it worked with her schedule. Hopefully the internships and jobs she'd done all throughout university helped her. She didn't want to jinx herself, but on the drive back to Magnolia, Lucy looked forward to the future. She could only hope that she would find herself living in Crocus working for Sorcerer Weekly.

Since she left Crocus early, she got back to Magnolia at night, thankfully not 3 am late, but still late. Back at her apartment Levy and Cana were waiting for her with a half-a-dozen of cupcakes. "To celebrate," Levy said. Lucy was too caught up in her excitement for the future to bother protesting. She wanted to tell her friends that it was just an interview! They should wait until she gets the job. But instead, they had some wine and cupcakes.