"Lucy, come to my office after class," Ultear instructed as she handed an essay back to Lucy.

Lucy was slowly but surely getting out of her funk, or at least that's what she called it. No longer was she falling behind in class, in fact, she was caught up. Which she was proud of. Her grades truly never slipped, but they were close to slipping.

This week they were focusing on high-impact journalistic stories, and they had to brainstorm on what major story they wanted to present on.

"With that, you guys can go," Ultear announced. Lucy stayed behind while everyone else left.

She walked up to Ultear who was gathering her stuff, "You wanted to talk to me?"

Ultear looked up from her bag, "Ah yes! C'mon, to my office since there's another class waiting."

Ultear led them to her office, which was on the same floor. She took out her key and unlocked the door. Letting herself in with Lucy following closely behind.

"I wanted to tell you that your improvement hasn't gone unnoticed," Ultear informed, "Not only have you improved on your overall class presence, but your writing too."

Lucy's eyes lit up, hearing her writing had improved was music to her ears. "You think so?"

Ultear nodded, "I know so. This your last semester, right?"

"Yes," Lucy confirmed.

"Tell you what, on whatever you decide to do, whether it's apply to grad school or apply for an actual job, I'd be more than happy to write you a letter of recommendation."

Lucy decided this was the best after class meeting she's ever been to, "Really?"

"I enjoy seeing my students succeed," Ultear confessed.

Lucy eagerly nodded, "I'll most likely apply for a job, but I'll let you know."

A smile tugged at Ultear's lips, "Very well then, I'll see you next class."

Once she was out of her professor's office, she took out her phone. Sent a text to her group chat, letting Cana and Levy know what Ultear had said. She was never big on telling her friends her school business, but ever since she started therapy, Warrod had encouraged her to share her mini accomplishments with her support system.

'We should celebrate with a drink' Cana had texted back

Lucy rolled her eyes at the text. Very on-brand for Cana to use any excuse to drink, 'I work the closing shift at the library so no can do'

'Aww, you suck!' Cana added the sad face emoji.

'I still think we should do something' Levy said.

Lucy's heart melted. Such a small gain and they wanted to celebrate it, 'Guy's I appreciate the thought, but this isn't a big deal. Let's celebrate when we graduate, and we get our jobs!'

Cana sent a thumbs up while Levy sent a 'I guess you're right' text.

Lucy was finally free. She hated not being busy at work. It only made the time go by incredibly slow.

Thankfully, with finals coming up, that wouldn't be the case soon. The only time the library truly came to life was for midterms and finals. Study rooms would be booked back to back. Tables would be crowded. Yet with all that chaos, the library remained silent. Lucy found it amazing.

Speaking of finals, she realized this would be the last time she took them, well that's if she stopped at a bachelor's degree. Time flew by.

'I'm free! See you guys soon' Lucy soon got into the habit of letting her friends know when she was heading home. That way if anything went wrong, Levy and Cana would be the first to know.

Lucy hopped onto the bus that would take her home. Grateful because the apartment was only thirty minutes away from campus.

The dorms were right there, but Lucy couldn't stand the ugly orange-brown furniture. Not to mention those dorms felt like shoeboxes. She loved the experience; it helped her set her own boundaries on living situations.

Lucy jumped out of the bus and nearly ran home, that's how excited she was to get into bed.

The apartment was dark, the TV's glow coming from the living room. Lucy noticed Cana was snuggled up on the sofa.

"Welcome back," Cana softly spoke, looking back from whatever she was watching.

"Thanks," Lucy went to sit down on the opposite side of Cana. "I've been thinking," Lucy started.

Cana interrupted her, "That's never good."

This earned Cana an eye roll from Lucy, "I'm serious. I was thinking about how this will be our last year of university. After this, it's time to tackle the real world."

"You have been thinking," Cana sat up and turned the TV off, leaving the girls to sit in darkness. The window being their only source of light, "I think we'll be ok."

Lucy leaned her head to the side, resting it on the top of the sofa, "You sound doubtful,"

It was Cana's turn to roll her eyes. Cana took both Lucy's hands and scooted closer, "I know we'll be ok. You and Levy are both intelligent women I've had the honor of meeting. Seriously, whoever ends up hiring Levy will have the best translator on their team. You, Lucky Lucy, can capture my attention and you know I hate reading anything that isn't tarot."

Lucy was now playing with Cana's hands, "What about you?"

"I'm a professional finesser," Cana winked.

"Cana! I'm serious."

Cana booped Lucy, "So am I," she got up and stretched, "I'm going to sleep. Night."

Cana left Lucy alone in the living room. This was turning into a routine, and Lucy didn't like it. Instead of retreating to her room, Lucy pulled out her phone.

'You busy?' she texted Natsu.

Lucy mindlessly made her way to the kitchen. It's been a while since the last time she ate, and she was starving. Thankfully, she found leftovers that someone had cooked earlier that day.

Another reason she loved her roommates. They all cooked, and they weren't territorial over food. If it was in the fridge, anyone who paid bills could eat it.

By how it was stored, Lucy figured it was Levy. Levy basically meal prepped while Cana and she would dump everything into one big container. Lucy placed the container in the microwave and set the timer for a minute.

Lucy was so preoccupied with food that she forgot she texted Natsu. She walked over to her phone to check the notifications. Unfortunately, there wasn't a text back from Natsu. Maybe he was sleeping? She glanced at the time; not that late, but it wasn't early either.

She took herself and her food back into the living room, turned on the tv, and didn't bother changing the channel that Cana had left it on. She just needed something to look at while she ate.

Once done with her food, she washed her dish, a house rule, don't let the dishes pile up. Because one dish was easier to deal with than ten.

She started getting ready for bed. Slipped into her pajamas and then started her night skincare routine. Which was a pain in the ass, but Lucy swore by it. Happy skin, happy Lucy. Simple as that. She nearly jumped into bed ready to doze off.

Lucy woke up to the sound of the blender. She checked her phone for the time. It was probably Levy since she would be the only one up. Still too early for Lucy to be up so she rolled over in bed. Not yet ready to wake up. Besides, it was a Friday, and she didn't have any classes today.

However, her phone had other plans. It dinged. A text notification.

Who would text her at these ungodly hours of the morning? She refused to look at it and tossed her phone off the bed. She'd look at it when she woke up again.

Two hours later, Lucy finally got up. The house was eerily silent, so Lucy assumed Levy left already. She reached for her phone to find the culprit who texted her. It was Natsu.

'Hey sorry I was asleep!'

Well, that explained that. Lucy texted back, 'Why were you up so early?' changing the conversation.

The text back was almost immediate, 'Academy stuff'. Lucy remembered Natsu was a firefighter in training, which explains the early to bed, early to rise routine. She didn't see any typing bubbles, so she figured he wouldn't be elaborating.

'Tough shit'. She thought the conversation died, so she got up ready to start her day.

Although she had no classes today, her schedule was full. Today she'd dedicate the day to working on her Women's Lit class project. She needed to write an essay on a writer that she liked.

She went back to her phone to text Levy, 'Study date today?' Something about getting together with Levy that gave her endless energy. Lucy felt like she couldn't mess around, and she needed that. Especially with these finals getting closer and closer. Lucy was thankful 2 of her classes were giving old fashion exams because having papers and projects due for all of them would've broken her.

Lucy made her way to her phone once she got out of the shower. A text from Levy was waiting for her, 'See you at the cake shop at one.'

She'd have enough time to take her time picking an outfit and breakfast.

"Lucy over here!" Levy waived her friend down. Lucy perked up and make her way to her friend. Lucy leaned down to hug Levy and sat down.

"What will you be working on?" Levy asked.

Lucy placed her laptop on the table, "Essay for women's lit class."

Levy nodded and got up from the table, "Is there anything you want? I'm getting a frappe and a slice of cake."

Lucy turned to look at their menu, "Just a lemonade right now."


Levy left to place the order while Lucy opened up a word document. Her writing juices were pumping through her and Lucy intended to seize the opportunity. There were many authors, but she didn't know who to pick.

She could go the classic route and pick Jane Austen, or she could pick someone more contemporary like Veronica Roth.

Out of the corner of her eyes, Lucy saw Levy place the lemonade near her. She absentmindedly muttered "Thanks".

Lucy found herself on a roll with her essay. Although it was the first draft, she had a good feeling about it. Lucy felt someone standing at their table. Not wanting to break her concentration, she ignored it. That was until they tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up to find Natsu.

"Hey," she spoke as she took out her headphones.

"If this your new spot now?" Natsu asked.

"It's been our spot," Levy chimed it. "Exactly," Lucy added.

Natsu chuckled, "Alright, I believe ya."

Lucy couldn't help but notice the cake in his hands, "Is that for Erza?"

He looked down at the cake container, "Damn Luce, your memory is good."

A slight blush settled on her cheeks, "Thanks."

"Well, I gotta run. Levy, it was nice seeing you again," Natsu turned to Lucy, "I'll text you later tonight, okay?" With that, he walked away from the girls.

"You like him, don't you?" Levy teased.

Lucy rolled her eyes at her friend, "Not even. He's just a friend."

"A friend that you slept with and get all mopey when he drags to text back." Levy pointed out.

"Not my fault I ran into a one-night stand!" Lucy defended herself.

Levy smirked, noticing that Lucy didn't deny the texting thing. "What if you guys are meant to be?" Levy asked.

Lucy raised one eyebrow, "No way."

"Think about it," Levy stated, "He isn't the first nightstand, but he's the first one and the only one you kept running into. Not to mention you guys run into mutual circles. Like Mirajane, Gajeel, and Yukino."

"I have a simple explanation for that."

"And that is?" Levy asked.

"It's a small world." Lucy didn't let Levy counter her answer because she put her headphones back in and immediately went back to typing.

Lucy forced herself not to think about what Levy said. Yes, she thought Natsu was cute, but it was just attraction. Lucy didn't even know him like that. All she knew about Natsu was that he's mind-blowing in bed. Going to school to become a firefighter. Has a cat named Happy. Was adopted and has an older brother out there. Cares about her wellbeing. Is super sweet. Remembers even the smallest detail about her.

Not to mention he said he wanted to get to know her. Lucy entertained the idea that he wanted to get to know her as friends, but she couldn't act dumb. She knew what he meant.

She seriously had to get back to her essay. Lucy let out a small frustrated sigh. She looked up at Levy, who was deep in her work.

She looked back at her word document, forcing the thought of Natsu to go away. She'd deal with those thoughts later. Right now, this essay was more important.

Three lemonades later, Lucy finished. Well, almost. She still had to edit it and maybe add more. She reached up to stretch.

Lucy's movements must've caught Levy's attention because the bluenette looked up her laptop and took out her headphones, "Finished?"

"Yeah," Lucy saved the essay and continued to turn off her laptop. "Well, it's the first draft, but still. How long have we been here?"

"That's good," Levy looked down at her watch, "And I want to say like almost four hours."

Lucy wanted to be shocked, but when they had their study dates, this was pretty normal, "Sounds about right. We should head home."

Both girls packed up their stuff, but before leaving left a tip at the shop's tip jar.

"We're home!" Levy called out. Lucy went in after her.

"Cana?" Lucy yelled.

Silence responded. "She's not home," Lucy guessed.

Lucy went into her room to drop her things off and came back into the common area. The apartment had an open space concept, so the living room was fully visible from the kitchen. She walked past Levy who was sitting on the couch looking at her phone and went straight to the fridge.

"Are you going to eat?" Lucy asked Levy, looking at what was in the fridge. Lucy could eat the leftovers she had yesterday, but she went with making a sandwich.

"Uh yeah," Levy responded, "Can you heat my food for me?"

"Sure thing," Lucy took the container out and placed the food on an actual dish. Placed the dish in the microwave and turned her attention to the sandwich she was planning on making.

The microwave beeped. Levy got up to get her food and sat at the island. Lucy finished her sandwich and joined Levy. "So, what were you working on?" Lucy asked Levy.

"I'm working on translating a section of Gilgamesh. The entire story has already been translated for a while now, actually." Levy informed her.

Lucy couldn't imagine having that as an exam. If it were a modern language, she'd be fine, but Levy deals with ancient dead languages. "Sounds like a pain in the ass."

Levy let out a laugh, "You can say that again." Levy's phone dinged, and she looked down, smiled, and quickly put her phone down.

Lucy realized she could use this as an opportunity to tease Levy, get back at her for earlier. "Was that Gajeel?"

Lucy noticed her friend's face turn red, "Mhm."

"You guys dating yet, or what?" Lucy leaned in closer to her friend.

"Lucy!" Levy protested.

Lucy let out a giggle, "I'm just teasing!"

Levy ended up telling her the tea, "He got a new guitar, and he's coming over to play for me."

Lucy cringed at the thought of hearing Gajeel again, "You seriously think he's good?"

Levy looked like she wanted to laugh, but kept a straight face, "He's improving! Besides, practice makes perfect."

"Yeah whatever you say," Lucy took out her phone deciding that she would not want to be home for that. She'd hang out with Natsu instead.

'Gajeel's coming over to play guitar later, SOS'

She finished washing the dishes and found a text back from Natsu, 'Oh no, your poor neighbors. What time do you want me to pick you up?

Lucy looked back at Levy who was still eating, "What time is Gajeel coming over?"

Levy looked up from her food, "Like at seven."

Lucy looked at her phone to see it was only four. It would give her time to unwind and relax. 'At seven.'

'See ya then!'

Lucy started watching reality TV. It was trash, but it was so entertaining. Especially because Lucy had no drama in her own life.

Lucy was an episode in when Levy took her out the zombie zone, "Hey Lucy."

"What's up?" Lucy turned to see Levy leaning on her door frame.

"Can you help me pick an outfit for tonight?"

Lucy raised an eyebrow. "I'll make sure I come back at like two."

"Lucy!" Levy whined, embarrassed at her friend's suggestion.

"Of course, I'll help you," Lucy quickly got up and followed Levy into her room.

Lucy sat on the bed while Levy stood by her closet. Levy ransacked through her rack.

"I have nothing to wear," Levy complained.

"Well," Lucy laid back on the bed, resting on her elbows, "What vibes are you going for? Sexy? Comfortable? Sporty?"

"Definitely comfortable," Levy answered, "But like cute."

"Shorts and hoodie. You got good legs so you gotta show those off, but you can't have both bottom and top out."

"Bottom and top?" Levy asked.

"Yeah, you know, like boobs and ass," Lucy explained.

"Wait, you stay breaking that rule," Levy pointed out.

"That's 'cause I'm a hoe," Lucy stuck her tongue out at Levy.

Levy pulled out every pair of non-jean shorts she had and laid them on her bed for Lucy to see. "No, you aren't! You're just sexually liberated. I think it's neat."

"Aww Levy, you're so sweet." Lucy sat up to look at the options, "I like those," Lucy pointed at a pair of mustard yellow dolphin shorts.

Levy put her shorts away. "Up next hoodies!" She threw the hoodies out onto the bed.

"Slow down," Lucy called out, "Besides, I think we found the one."

"We did!?" Levy turned to see what Lucy was holding up, a light gray plain hoodie.

Levy tackled Lucy into a hug, "You're the best."

"Oof- it's what I do, you know. Give fashion advice."

With one wardrobe crisis over, Lucy wasn't sure what she was going to do with her own outfit dilemma. She wasn't sure if she wanted to change or stay in what she was wearing.

"Hey, Levy."

Levy looked up from folding her hoodies, "Yeah?"

"I'm going out with Natsu, should I change or stay in my outfit?" Lucy thought her outfit was simple but fine. A pair of jeans and a long sleeve crop top, leaving her stomach exposed. "I feel like it's boring," she added.

"Lucy, you could make a trash bag look good," Levy reassured.

"Levy, this is why I love you."

Lucy went back to the sofa while an antsy Levy walked around tidying up the apartment.

"Are you really that nervous?" Lucy asked. She'd never seen Levy like this. Even when it came up to school, Levy remained calm.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm bringing him into where I live. That's a pretty big step, ya know? We aren't even official yet."

Lucy nodded. Understanding where her friend was coming from, "Maybe it'll happen tonight."

Levy threw a pillow at Lucy. "That's not what I meant pervert!" Lucy threw the pillow back, "I meant like he'll ask you to be his girlfriend."

A blush crept onto Levy's face and she plopped down on the sofa, "You think?"

"How long have you guys been seeing each other for?" Lucy asked.

"Two months," Levy answered.

"That's a while," Lucy didn't mean to say that out loud, Levy offered her a quiet, "You think?"

"That came out wrong. Levy," Lucy shifted her body to face Levy, "Move at your own pace. I'm no one to cast a stone. So, if you like how things are right now then don't feel pressured to move things forward. But if you want more, let him know."

Levy was about to say something but was interrupted by both their phones ringing.

"Gajeel is here," Levy walked towards the door.

Lucy grabbed her bag before following behind Levy, "So is Natsu."

Lucy and Gajeel exchanged hellos and goodbyes, Gajeel also slipped in a "Natsu is a loser."

A/N: Did not forget about this story. Life just got super busy, which is funny considering what's going on in the world right now. I hope everyone is staying safe. See you all in the next chapter.