Lucy contemplated telling Natsu that Gajeel called him a loser, but she decided it was better not to.

"So did you have anything in mind?" Natsu asked.

Lucy felt embarrassed, realizing that she asked Natsu to hang out, but planned nothing. "No," she sheepishly admitted.

"Good, because I have somewhere I want to take you," Natsu flashed her a smile before slightly speeding up.

An hour later, with spotty cell service, they were driving up a mountain. "This is like the best view of Magnolia," Natsu exclaimed. Lucy found Natsu's excitement cute, especially over something so small, like a view. But then again, this is the guy that loves sunsets.

By the time they got to the top, the sun was completely gone. "Ugh, I can't wait for the sun to set at eight," Lucy said out loud. "Same," Natsu responded, "Summer is my favorite season too"

Lucy was about to make a comment about his name, but Natsu beat her to it, "And it's not just because of my name!" He quickly got out of the car and went to open Lucy's door. "I actually think it's because of my birthday," he added.

"When is it?" Lucy asked, getting out of the car and walking towards the edge of the mountain to get a better view.

"July seventh," Natsu answered, following closely behind her. Lucy did a complete stop and spun to look at Natsu, "No fucking way!" Natsu was taken aback by Lucy's reaction. "My birthday is July first!" She exclaimed, "The number of coincidences with us is crazy!"

This caused Natsu to smile and gave him some courage. He walked up to Lucy, "It's like we're meant to be or something," pulling her into a hug. Lucy hugged back, taking in his scent and the feeling of having his muscular arms wrapped around her. It felt nice, "Mhm."

Natsu eventually pulled away, but slyly grabbed her hand, "C'mon," as he dragged her towards the edge. Lucy was speechless. "Wow," who knew Magnolia would look so magical from this high up.

"I know," Natsu nearly whispered.

Both were taking in the scene, standing in silence. "You know all the spots, huh?" Lucy teased.

Natsu felt like he was put on the spot, but took pride, "Yes. Consider yourself lucky. Few have their own personal tour guide of Magnolia."

This earned a laugh from Lucy, "I feel lucky."

"Lucky Lucy," Natsu mindlessly said.

"Ok, the coincidences are getting outta hand,"

Natsu looked at her, confused. "My dad would call me that," Lucy informed him. Now it was Natsu's turn to be a little freaked out, "I'm actually speechless."

"How do you think I feel? Natsu Dragneel, what kind of spell did you cast that night?"

Natsu put his hands up, "Not guilty," he stepped closer, "Maybe I was right, and we are meant to be. Wanna skip straight to marriage?"

Hearing Natsu bring up marriage so casually caught Lucy off guard, she blushed and quickly pushed him away, "Geez, take me out to dinner first at least."

"Ok, I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven."

Lucy noticed Natsu was not joking, "Really?"

"Yeah, I mean I just noticed we haven't gone on a traditional date," Natsu air quoted traditional. "Besides, I am serious about my intention of getting to know you because I really do like you, but I realize we can't just jump into it."

Lucy really appreciated how good Natsu was at communicating. "Natsu," she reached out and grabbed him by his shirt collar, "Fuck the rules." Lucy pulled him in and kissed him.

Natsu was wide-eyed, "Are you sure? I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing anything or-" Before Natsu could continue rambling Lucy put her hand up, cutting him off, "Natsu, from the beginning our story has been unconventional, like c'mon we had a one-night stand, but kept running into each other, run in the same circles yet have never met."

This caused Natsu to smile, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Lucy, will you be my girlfriend?"

Lucy couldn't help but get cheesy at the sound of the word girlfriend. "Yes." Lucy went in for a hug.

They might be rushing, but Lucy didn't care. Why not go for it if they both knew what they wanted?

"Natsu," Lucy said, not wanting to break the hug.


"I'm gonna want to see you a lot more now," she admitted.

Natsu's chest rumbled as he chuckled, "I was worried I was the only one that felt like that."

Natsu and Lucy went back into the car. It was still April, and the nights weren't warm enough yet.

"Seriously though, how do you know about all these spots?" Lucy asked.

"So, remember how I told you I was an orphan?"

"Yeah," Lucy could still remember that night on Yukino's couch, telling each other about their childhoods.

"I was a troublemaker and would run away a lot, even when Igneel started fostering me. Shit, I was probably a bigger pain in the ass during that time." Natsu shook his head, "I can't believe he put up with my ass."

"That's because he loves you, you're his son," Lucy whispered.

Natsu turned to look at her, the look Lucy was giving him was enough to make him weak in the knees, good thing he was sitting, "Yeah," he agreed, barely audible. He cleared his throat. "Anyway, yeah, all that running away gave me a lot of time to explore Magnolia."

"Enough about me. How's therapy?" Natsu asked, genuinely interested.

"It's actually great. Paying to trauma dump really helps with the guilt of trauma dumping." Lucy couldn't take herself seriously and laughed, "No, but it's going good. I really like my therapist."

"That's good! I'm glad the sessions are paying off. Any update on the piece of shit?"

Lucy knew exactly who he was talking about. "No, and I think nothing will happen. You know how the justice system is…"


Lucy snorted, "Exactly."

Silence engulfed them again. Lucy once again broke the silence. "Natsu?"


"I know at the hospital I thanked you, but like you saved my-"

It was Natsu's turn to interrupt, "No need to mention it, I care about you, and I'll do anything to keep you safe."

Natsu's words made Lucy feel warm and fuzzy inside. "Thanks. Also," her voice took on a serious tone, "Can we never bring him up again?"

Natsu nodded, "Ok." Natsu looked at his watch, "It's getting late, I should probably get you home."

"I don't wanna go home yet," Lucy nagged.

Natsu smirked, "Oh c'mon, I know you'll miss me, but you'll see me tomorrow."

If looks could kill, Natsu would be ashes. "No goofy, Gajeel hasn't left."

"Oh yeah, I can't put you through that torture," Natsu started the car, "You like diners?"

Lucy perked up. "I love them!"

"Perfect," Natsu started driving down the mountain.

They ended up at a diner called Steak n' Egger, which looked like they pulled it from the 1950s. The leather in the booths looked worn, and they even had a jukebox. Since it was a seat yourself situation, Lucy and Natsu sat in the diner's corner. Despite it looking like they traveled back in time because of the interior, the staff wore an all-black uniform.

The server came by with the two coffee mugs. Lucy ordered the strawberry and banana french toast and orange juice. Natsu ordered a cheeseburger with french fries and a coke, "Also, can you bring me a bottle of hot sauce?"

"Sure thing," the server scribbled down their order and walked away.

"How's the academy stuff going?" Lucy asked, taking a sip of her coffee.

"I was actually gonna tell you about it," Natsu smiled, "I graduate next week, and you're invited."

Lucy's eyes went wide. "Holy shit! Congratulations Natsu and definitely I'll be there."

"Good," Natsu reached into his back pant pocket and pulled out a ticket, "This is yours," he handed the ticket to Lucy.

Lucy took it from him. "Thanks," she put it away.

"The address is on it, and it starts at eleven," Natsu informed her.

The server came by with their water and their drinks. "Your food will be out in a minute."

"Thanks," Lucy and Natsu responded.

"What about you? How's school?" Natsu asked, "I know you mentioned over text how you were almost failing."

Lucy made a sour expression at the thought of how she let her grades slip, "Yeah, I'm back on track and I'm pretty sure I'll end the semester with all A's." She smiled at the thought of graduating with straight A's.

"You graduate this year, right?"

Lucy smiled, "Yeah, next month." She couldn't believe how close it was. After four long years, she would finally be done.

Natsu changed the pitch of his voice, making it a little higher "Interesting," he took a sip of his coffee.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "You're obviously invited, dummy."

This earned her a smile from Natsu, "I better be."

The server came back with their food along with Natsu's hot sauce, "Enjoy."

Lucy watched as Natsu used the hot sauce like ketchup, putting it on both his cheeseburger and all over his fries.

"Oh, you're one of those," she snickered.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You cover the fries, instead of having a designated space where you dip them into," Lucy explained.

"I thought you were talking about me using hot sauce," Natsu laughed, "But no yeah, I do that. Why does it bother you?"

"A little," Lucy confessed, "Very… uncivilized of you. BUT that's just my opinion. Dipping is better."

Natsu rolled her eyes, "We're just gonna have to agree to disagree."

Lucy laughed, dropping the subject and turning her attention to her food.

Natsu could eat- actually, saying that would be an understatement. He devoured- no inhaled his food. Which was surprising considering that the burger was decent-sized. By the time he finished with the burger, Lucy was halfway done.

The server came by to ask if everything was ok. "Yeah, can I actually get the supreme skillet?" Natsu asked.

"Sure thing," the server turned his attention towards Lucy, "Anything for you Miss?"

Lucy shook her head. "No thanks."

Natsu noticed the difference in their plates, "Don't feel rushed." Natsu knew he was a fast eater, and he didn't want Lucy to feel pressured.

Lucy would've responded, but her mouth was full, so she simply nodded, "Mhm." She took a drink of her orange juice. "I'm just… in awe of your eating habits," Lucy confessed.

This caused Natsu to develop a small blush. "Yeah," he scratched the back of his head, "I just like eating."

Lucy laughed at his defense. "Same."

By the time Lucy was almost done with her food, Natsu's skillet was brought out. "Let me get these outta the way for you guys," the server took their plates.

Natsu slid his skillet towards Lucy. "Do you want any?"

"No. I'm already full."

He slid it back towards himself and drowned it in hot sauce.

"I've been meaning to ask," Lucy started, "What do you do for work? It's just for spring break you had that nice room."

"Oh that," Natsu responded in between bites, remembering what she was talking about. "Yeah, we do gigs."

"I didn't take you for the type to be in a band," Lucy admitted.

"No, not like that. I mean like odd jobs, I guess. Sometimes we help set up an event, or work at booths, or help people move," Natsu quickly explained before turning his attention back to his food.

Lucy was amused, "Cool."

Despite Natsu ordering a whole new meal, Natsu scarfed it all down in a surprising amount of time.

"So, is it safe to take you back home now?" Natsu asked as he got into the car.

Lucy laughed, "I think so."

While driving back, they mindlessly talked about whatever. Lucy made a comment about the song playing and Natsu, of course, defended his taste in music.

"Also," Natsu changed the topic, "We're still on for tomorrow."

Lucy raised her eyebrow. "Oh yeah?"

Natsu nodded, "Dress nice too," Natsu took his hand off the gear selector and found Lucy's hand, "cause I'm taking you to one of those fancy restaurants."

Lucy looked down at their hands before looking back up at Natsu and smiled, "I have a dress I've been wanting to wear."

"I'm sure you'll look great in it."

They finally arrived in front of Lucy's apartment. Both leaned in for a goodbye kiss, which turned into a quick make-out session.

"Remember, be ready by seven," Natsu reminded her.

"I will and text me when you get home." Lucy kissed him one more time before getting out.

Lucy walked into a dark and quiet apartment. The only light emitting from the bottom of Cana's closed bedroom door. She quickly made her way to her room, turning on the light and closing her door.

She wanted to go straight to bed, but she had a routine to go through. Lucy took that time to reflect on what had happened. She was in a relationship, Lucy Heartfilia in a relationship. She didn't think she'd see the day. Lucy decided she would take this relationship one day at a time. They already jumped the gun, so no more gun-jumping!

A ding from her phone brought her out of her thoughts. It was a text from Natsu, 'Home'

'Goodnight 3' Lucy felt cheesy adding the heart but didn't care.

Natsu texted back immediately, 'Night, I'll see you tomorrow :)'

Despite having coffee, Lucy climbed into bed, ready to knock out. It had been a long day, and she didn't want to overthink it.

A/N: Hello everyone! I went ghost for almost a year, my bad. I had a piece of paper not only mapping out the connections on how everyone knew each other, but an outline of the plot too. I lost both, so it was discouraging ): but I missed writing this. Also, I suck at slow burns lmao whoops.