Ben and Callum Story

Ben wakes up in the morning gets dressed and goes down stairs and puts his coat on and heads to the Vic when he gets there he see's a rele nice guy behide the bart

Ben. Ben Michell

Callum. Callum Highway

Ben. Never seen you behind the bar before you new here

Callum. Yea not long moved to the Sqaure I was in the army but had to leave

Ben. Wow the army that is awesome mabe we should meet up for a part soon

Callum. Yea that would be great

Ben goes to sit down and while he is drinking his drink all he can do is look at Callum working behind the bar so he drinks his drink then heads off to work

Callum finishes his shift at the Vic then head ova to the Arches where Ben is working on a car

Callum. Hello again I thought I would come and see yea

Ben. Thanks great to see you aswell hope you had a good shift at The vic

Callum. yea thanks I am not going to be working there for much longer I am looking for a new job

Ben Oh ok cool well My Best M8 Jay is looking for someone to work for him so why don't you go and see him

Callum yea ok thanks for that I will so will see you soon sometime

Ben yea ok see you later

so Callum works off and while his does he looks back at ben while he is walking then he heads of to see Jay

Callum Hi Jay Ben said that you mite ave a job going

Jay Yeah i do would u be interested it is working in a funeral parlour

Callum Cool always wanted to try something new

Jay you got the job see you in the morning

Callum Cheers see you tomorrow

Callum heads off home