Ben and wakes up and Callum is not next to him so he gets dressed and goes down stairs to make breakfast then heads off to find Callum he is at the flat so he goes there

Ben I woke up and u were not there

Callum oh soz I had jobs to do

Ben fair enough so where do we go from here

Callum I need to figure out how I am gunna tell my family

Ben why don't I come with you then we can do it together

Callum before we do that there is own thing I want to ask

Ben whats that

Callum how would u feel after I told every one about being a proper couple

Ben Well u caught me by surprise before we do I would have to tell you everything bout me

Callum Ok why don't we do it now it is best to get it over with

So Ben & Callum go ova to the sofa and have a heart to Heart

Ben starts to tell Callum all about his history and bout what sort of person he is and that he is not going to keep anything from him or else there is no point in being together then Callum does the same when they have finished

Callum I am so glad that we had the chat now I know everything bout you

Ben so you have not had a change of heart bout who I am

Callum no deaf not I rele want to give us a go so I will get hold of my family and get them together

Ben I will get mine to join them so they are all in the same room

Callum ok lets go

So Ben and Callum leave the flat and head ova to Phils house when they walk into the door and go into the sitting room every one is together waiting for them

Ben every one there is some thing I need to tell you all

Callum same here

Everyone is sat down looking at Ben & Callum

Ben after everything I ave been threw I ave been seeing someone for a while but before I told you I wanted to know it was going to work

Every one says so who is it

Callum it's ME

Everyone's shocked Ben & Callum hold hands then Callum does what he went there to do

Callum I have had feelings for Ben for ages and also been fighitng who I am and with Ben's help I ave

Ben I know what you are all going to say but believe me this has been hard for him

Everyone says what is the big news



Everyone is shocked by the news but they all smile and are happy for them