It is a few weeks now since Callum came out as Gay and him and Ben became a proper couple

Ben & Callum wake up and they are both smiling at each other

Ben Morning Babe

Callum Morning

Ben so what are we going to do today

Callum well I ave got to go to work in a bit then I thought I mite look at flats

Ben why

Callum cuz I want us to get a place of our own

Ben well there is a flat above the funeral parlour

Callum I will go and see how much it will cost to rent it

So Ben & Callum both get dressed and Callum heads off to the estate agent and Ben goes to the Car lot

Callum heads to the car lot to see Ben and he has got a smile on his face

Ben so why are u so happy Babe

Callum The flat above the funeral parlour is ours we can move in as soon as we want

Ben awesome when I finish work will go home and start packing

Callum ok Babe I will head home and wait for you to get home

So Callum leaves the car lot and heads back to the house but while he is walking back Bens face changes

Jay whats up M8

Ben I don't know I just don't think I am ready to move in with someone

Jay yes you are M8 you and Callum love each other so much and I see how you are together

Ben thanks M8 that means alot

So Ben finishes work and heads home and they both star to pack there stuff to move into the flat together

Ben so are you ready Babe

Callum yea I'm ready lets go

So Ben & Callum leave Kathy's house and head off to there new flat they get in the door and star to unpack there stuff

Ben well this is it we are finally living together

Callum yea I ave neva been so happy

Ben well after we ave finished unpacking how bout we christen the bedroom

Callum I thought you would neva ask

So Ben & Vallum head to the bedroom they sit on the bed and start kissing Ben starts to undo the buttons on Callum's shirt and takes it off and Callum does the same to Ben and keep kissing while they are topless then Ben takes of Callum's trousers and Callums does the same to Ben once they done that thy both take off each others boxer shorts and they end up naked and start to avin sex and they continue into the night enjoy themselfs in there first nite of living together