Harry Potter, Scion of Harker


Ch 0


Hellsing Estate, Arthur's Office.

The Stately Lord looked up as the Groundskeeper, Evans, entered his office. "Oh, Evans. Good timing ole' chap. You and your lovely wife have served my House well these last few years." He stood to shake the man's hand. "Now, I fear, I must ask you two to do even more. Earlier today, a good friend was killed. His entire Family slaughtered, with the soul exception of their Daughter. His enemies will look for her here, soon. I need someone I trust to take her in." Arthur led the way to a pram sitting by the fire, a redheaded babe sleeping within. "I know you and your wife have a girl already, and all that. Gossip states that your wife wants to return to Cokeworth to be closer to her Family." He looks at the man. "I am offering you a chance here. A house in Cokeworth, full pension, and a letter of references. I just need little Lily here to be cared for. I will even include a school trust for both girls."

Evans blinked. "To be clear, Sir. You want me and my wife to take in this beautiful child, in exchange for a house near her folks, full benefits, and you are offering to pay for both girls to go to any school they desire?" the Lord nodded, "What's the catch?"

"Come the Dawn, Lily Harker dies, as Lily Evans lives." Arthur sighed. "She can never know…"

"Then do not tell me." the large man stroked a finger over the red silky tresses. "I can not let slip, what I never knew."



Hogwarts, Chamber of Secrets

Harry drove the sword up through the roof of the mouth of the Massive Snake… a fang stabbing his arm, and breaking off, just to the hand side of his elbow. As both wizard and beast crashed to the floor, he rolled free from it's mouth.

"And now you both die." the shade of T. crowed. "It is just a matter of Time!"

Harry pulled the broken fang from his arm, and stabbed the book at his knee. "No, Tom. You die. Fate is not done with us yet."

We all know how this chapter of the story ends.



Hogwarts express

Harry had a few minutes to himself, so he was polishing his glasses, when Hermione burst into the cabin.

"What's wrong Harry?" a flick and swish of her wand, and her trunk jumped into the overhead rack.

"My glasses are not working." He took them off again, before blinking, than frowning. "Oh Merlin. I got better this last week." He went to toss them, before he frowned deeper. "With them, I am Harry Potter, Teen Wizard." he put them on. "With them off, I am Harold Pots, muggle slacker." he swiped the specs from his face.

Hermione snickered, getting the muggle joke about how a pair of glasses disguised as one of the greatest comic book heroes. Pulling her wand again, she frowned as she peered at the 'glass' lenses. A muttered incantation, and tapping both slices of Glass, caused the glass to ripple before she handed them back. "Just plain glass. If you still have them in September, I will make them unbreakable."

"Thanks Hermione." Harry slid them back into place. "Been wearing them so long, my face feels funny without them."

Ron soon joined them, just as the train pulled out, heading to London.




Vernon had a Work trip, to a small village in the Cheddar region. Marge had invited herself and Ripper along. Petunia and Dudly were not happy to go, but Grunnings had wanted to whole Family, and as Vernon had not Trusted the Freak in the House, alone, for two weeks…

Vernon and Petunia had a suite at the Bed and Breakfast, while the boys had to share a room. Duders took the bed, while Harry slept on the floor. Marge had a cottage cabin, with a small yard for Ripper. Every morning after breakfast, Vernon would head off to meetings all day. Petunia would window shop for knick-knacks, Marge would head to the Pub to drink the Vets under the table. Dudley would eat his fill, before returning to his room, and spend the day watching tele.

Harry helped out around the B&B, more for something to do than anything else. The 'Granny' put him to work in the kitchen, helping with Dinner and afters.

But tonight, an unnatural fog rolled in.

By Midnight, half the town had disappeared. The rest were just slaughtered like livestock, and left to rot in the streets. An Emergency Response Squad had arrived… and most had been ripped to shreds.

Harry lucked out. A rookie Policewoman, One Seras Victoria, had found him hiding, and brought him along. One by one, her squad died around them, or worse they were turned. Harry helped much as he could while concealing his wand-use… until they ended up in the church.

The Vicar was on him faster than either of them could blink… before He bit Harry. He bit to kill, to infect, to destroy rather than feed. He dropped the body, drinking in the Fear from the 'girl'.

"That is Enough of that." a voice from the shadows froze the blood in the Church. "It's bad enough you to sour our good name; killing and mangling this happy hamlet in one night. But to do so, just to kill and glutt?" a male dressed in a three piece suit, wearing a red trench coat and wide brimmed hat stepped from the darkness. "Release her."

"Don't think so." the Vicar spun Seras into his chest, holding her in place with his left hand holding her by the jaw. "I was given this sleepy little village to do as I please. When I am finished with her, I will destroy you." the former Man of God sneered.

The Man in Red pulled out a hand cannon. "Denied." the bullet tore through Seras's chest, missing her heart, as it atomized the Vicar's Heart. A pair of white gloves were removed, as the Man in Red slashed his left palm, before smearing the bloody mess over Seras's mouth. He licked his palm, before redawning his gloves.

"Damn it. My head feels like the ruddy big snake just caved it in." Harry sat up, holding his in both hands. When he looked up, he was looking into the silver plated barrel of a hand cannon. "Huh. Not as scary as the Beast was."

"I am pointing the biggest handgun known to man, at your nose, and you say 'Not scary'? Who are you… boy." the hammer was pulled back.

"More like up my nose." Harry snorted, as he turned his green eyes on the creature behind the gun. "Harry Potter. I also said, 'Not as scary. Then again a sixty foot long basilisk, is more scary than a muggle back-scratcher like yours."

"You're rather brave."

"Gryffindor." Harry shrugged, before ignoring the gun in his face and the 'man' holding it, as he climbed to his feet, where he noticed something. "Bloody hell! Seras had to die too?"

The 'man' frowned as he turned back to the 'girl' the lad was looking at. "Oh, the police-girl. She is not dead." his red fedora flapped as he cocked his head. "Well, not yet… nor shall she ever be completely dead… if she learns to take care of herself. Come, the Count will want to see you." Seras was picked up and draped over his shoulder.


A mile from town, a convoy of military trucks idled as the Colonel argued with the Major about the convoy moving into town. The Colonel turned the woman wearing a silk suit, leaning on a Silver Phantom, smoking a custom rolled cigarello. "Boss. How are we to kill 'em, if we can not even enter the war zone?"

"Colonel. You and your men are here tonight, more for clean up than overt action." she drew on her twisted roll of tobacco leaf. "I sent Him in ahead."

"Him?" the Major asked, looking over his shoulder. His orders had said 'No One.'

"Hellsing's Best Agent." She pulled a pocket watch from her vest pocket. "Major. We of the Hellsing Organization are charged by the Queen to clean up this mess. You have until My Agent gets here to let the Colonel and his men through, or we walk, and let the Army scrub the blood off the stone."

"Just how Long are you going to wait?" a voice called the trees.

The Major spun, his gun pointed into the woods. "Who goes there?"

The Colonel moved, dropping the Major where he stood, with a bump on the head with butt of his M1911. "Someone put this guy in his Jeep! Two of you get that barricade out of our way, then close it up behind us!" the colonel climbed onto the step of the driver's door. "See you back at the Estate, Boss. Roll out!" the men in paramilitary B.D.U.s with a strange patch on the arm opened a way through the roadblock, then closed it up, and jumped on the last truck, as the convoy disappeared into the foggy morning night.

As the rear lights vanished, a 'Man' in a red trench coat and fedora stepped into the light from the Rolls Royace's headlamps. Over his left shoulder a police woman was draped, and at his Heels a Lad, looking about ten, staggered along.

"Survivors?" The woman stood up, returning the watch to it's pocket. "You could have left them."

"No, I could not." the girl was pulled from his shoulder, as older gent stepped from behind the wheel. To open the door the Lady. "The Girl took a bullet to her left lung, so I could pop the Vicar's Heart. Only fair that I offer her the chance your Father offered me."

"And the Lad?" the driver drawled as he opened the boot, so the girl could be stuffed in it.

"Harry Potter, Ma'am." the boy tugged his lock.

The silver haired woman froze. "Potter? As in, say, Hogwarts?"

"Just finished my second year." Harry peered at her with renewed interest.

"Bloody hell!" the moon glinted her glasses.

"Raise you one more." Alacurd grinned widely. "The Vicar bit him, before I got there. Ripped his throat out."

"Turned?" Walter asked, watching the boy.

"Not the way you are asking." Alacurd tipped his hat to his mistress, "While he will have a taste for blood, my Blood says that he will never Thirst. It will be more like a cup of coffee, than a core Drive." he faded like fog. "Heading home, Boss."

"He likes you, young Sir." Walter opened the door to the back seat. "Ma'am. Perhaps returning to the Estate would be a thoughtful goal. Mum could question the lad. As the sole survivor…"

Integra sighed as she stepped into the car. "Join me, Potter."


Hogwarts, Headmaster's Office

An hour ago…

Albus was sipping a Muggle flask of Lemon Schnapps, frowning at the silver 'teapot' that was tied the boy's liveline matrics. For the last couple of days, the teapot was puffing cyan blue...cyan blue...A.K. green… blood red, before repeating. The blue was because the whole family had left Surrey, and Vernon had taken the boy with. The green had shown up just after the boy had returned from the Chamber.

The Red had appeared first during the first week of July. At first it was one in ten links… then one in five, one in three, every other… but now… blue, blue, green, red. Not having any idea what the red ment, Albus did the only thing he could.

He took another sip from his bottle. 'Remember to thank Moody for recommending that liquor shop.'

Then the Teapot shattered, like glass. In the silence he noticed that other artifacts tied to the boy and his family were non operational. He grabbed his de-eluminator that doubled as a 'potter' detector, took his first reading, and twisted into the night.

It would be a long night for the Leader of the Light


Twenty awkward minutes of silence passed before Harry broach a subject. "Likes me?"

"Um?" the suited woman asked, "Oh, Alucard 'Faded', his trickiest form of travel. His most expensive as well. Normally he uses Shadows. But tonight, he Faded, in the Headlights." She frowned at the Lad, "Second year, you said. That would make you...thirteen?"

"Next week, Ma'am." Harry sat up. "The 31st."

"You are probably asking yourself how I know about you and Hogwarts. I had advisor, who had an interest in the Occult side of things. He told me of the 'Blood War' that you ended ten years ago. His mother went to Hogwarts."

"Ah." Harry nodded, "A squib. Good people for the most part, just angry for the most part that they were denied the gift of Magic." remembering the run in with Flitch. "I am told most are flushed into the Normal world and forgotten. My Friend, a so called Muggle-born, believes that Muggle-borns could be the squib lines reblooming." Harry shrugged, as he peered out the window.

"You don't seem that scared of Alucard."

"Oh, while having that hand-cannon stuffed up my nose was no fun, a thousand year old snake with killer eyes and even nastier venom does set the Bar pretty far up." Harry took his glasses off. "As for tonight… having a vampire rip one's throat out… tends to leave one in a fog, when dealing with things bumping in the night. That does include you… ma'am."

"Then allow me to introduce myself; I am Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. I head The Hellsing Organization. We are charged by God and the Queen to fight back the Night, to search for and destroy undead and other supernatural forces of evil that threaten Queen and Country." She lit another cigarello, "We deal with 'What Bumps in the Night'." She looked him in the eye, "That now includes you."