Harry Potter, Sion of Harker




Bones Entered the Ministry this Morning through the main atrium. In her Auror Robes, with her hair up in it's tight bun, her monocle glinting and shining in the 'Morning' light, She drew every eye not focused elsewhere. She greeted many of the people who were waiting outside the Security Station. She shook a few hands, answered a few questions, and quelled many fears.

As she reached the Wand Station, Director Bones handed over her wand. She could have just flashed her badge, and passed in as an Auror, but today, she was giving the image that No One Was Above the Law. As the Guard weighed her wand, someone She did not want to see buzzed up to her.

"Director." Miss Skeeter chirped, "What can you tell me and my readers about the Black Case?" Her Acid Green Quill poised to scratch out the response.

"Well first thing, Skeeter, you are using the wrong quill again." Bones bared her teeth at the green-witch in a fake smile."You have until I board the lift." Rita was quick to swap out her green quill for a blue one. "In truth, I know very little. My Best Aurors Inspected the Alert, and brought me evidence that Fudge might have his fingers in the wrong pie on this one. I Will be demanding to see everything we have on Black." Bones pressed the golden button. "I can say the only one more interested in finding Black is our very own Under-Secretary, who has spent the night in the DMLE cells, waiting to talk to him." the cage rattled into place and expelled it's cargo. "Last Question."

"Different note; Harry Potter was rumored to have had something to do with the disappearance of the People of Cheddar. Can You Comment?"

Bones Blinked, "If Potter was there, and not saying he was, That would Fall under the Case being examined by my Head Auror, Rufus Scrimgeour. At this Time, please direct any and All questions to him." The Cage Doors slid closed between the two witches, before Bones was yanked into the shadows.

"She did not even say 'Good Day'." the reporter frowned, noticing that her standard quill had quoted her. Skeeter snagged the feather pen, smirking to herself as she walked to the Floos. "She is too busy for common courtesy, knowing that I too had a short deadline!" Rita ducked into the hearth, "Daily Prophet, Deliveries!"


Seres was enjoying walking about the Manor, in the gloomy shade of the heavy curtains.

"Ah, Child. Your Human Mind Still Calls to You." the man in Red stepped out of the wall, only to lean on it. "I overheard you and the Boy talking last night." The floppy hat turned to look out across the field, where one of the Platoons were running laps. Normally, a 'Sargent' runs outside the formation, the shot-caller. This morning, the Sarg was riding. Riding on the shoulders of the youngest member of the Unit. Harry was keeping pace with the larger men, easily. The heavy man on his shoulders was no more than a twenty pound pack on the platoon. "He Called you a Purebred, while he is a halfbreed. He is wrong. He is a completely different breed. He is a Daywalker. We are Sanguinemancers. Our Blood Is Alive. By the Time you have passed your first century, your current form will be as a glass of milk."

"Century?" the young woman squeaked.

"Barring combat and Sun." The smile that flashed in her direction was more rabid monster than human. "While there is much that can damage me, even hurt me, it will take the full Heavenly Choir to kill me." He pushed off the wall, turning to lead the way deeper into the Manor. "Come. Walter has Gifts."


"...Company Halt!" the Heavy-set Sargent Bellowed from Harry's shoulders. "Left Face!" Using his left boot, he goaded the lad out in front of the men, "At Ease, Maggots!" Harry hooked his arms about the man's boots, before clasping his wrists behind his back. He then paced back and forth in front of the Battalion as the vet ran railed at them. The Man drew in a deep breath, and let it out. "Tomorrow, you puke scrubbing meatheads will add ten kilos to your packs and ankle weights! Now hit the showers and report to the Mess Hall! Dis...Missed!" they saluted him, as he and Harry saluted back. "Okay Lad, let me off."

Harry chuckled. "Sir. I believe the Command is 'Dismount', Sir."

The Sargent cuffed Harry, "Dismount, Specialist." Harry slowly dropped to one knee, allowing the Sargent to swing his leg over the Lad's head and hobble off. "You kept pace pretty easily."

"My main issue is that my legs are so short. Only because the men were running in a measured stride was I able to pace them. I too will be including the increased weight pack and ankles. Now if you do not mind, I am going to shower, and join the Countess for Breakfast. I might suggest that you and the Quartermaster see about rigging my pack to be more like a saddle, to protect the Royal Jewels and all, Sir."

The large man sneered, "Dismissed!"

Harry snapped a salute and jogged off to the manor. Once the Lad was out of sight, the Sargent adjusted himself, "Lad is just too boney. And riding is easier than running these apes through their paces." he grumbled as he drifted towards the QM's office.

Harry trotted up to his room, where he dropped his weapon harness on the bed, as he stripped to his boxers. As he looked at the pile of laundry on the floor, he remembered something.


POP! "Somebody be's calling Dobby?" The House Elf Harry saw less than two months ago appeared in the middle of the room. "Great Wizard Harry Potter Called Dobby?" the little guy attacked Harry's knee in his jubilation.

"Dobby." Harry tried but the little guy was shaking with rapture. "Dobby!" Harry barked, but the Elf was blissed out of his little mind. Harry Breathed deep, "Dobby." the Elf hit the wall, only now he was shaking for another reason. "Are you okay now?"

The Elf blinked, looked around, "What. Was. That." in perfect Queen's English.

"Sorry." Harry was stone faced, "Family Magic. A secret I must keep in the Family." He looked the elf in the eye, "Have you found a home?"

"No." Dobby looked away, "Only Heady Whiskers is offering pay for work, but Hoggy Elves not like Dobby for asking for pay."

"Well it turns out, I am in need of a valet. At this time you will take care of me, my tutor, our suites, etc. You will be seen only by me, only in my Quarters, unless I call for you. I will introduce you to Walter, and you can assist him in his duties."

"Yous Bond Dobby?" the Elf squeaked in joy.

"If that is your wish." Harry stood up straight. "You will dress in Uniform, either like me, or like Walter. You will take pay. One Galleon per month, minimum. I will pay you, your yearly wage during Yule Break, so you can shop for your gifts."

Dobby had a mulish look on his face, until the idea of spending his wages was brought up. Dobby agreed, and they Bonded.

Picking up the weapon harness, "These are the muggle equivalent of a wand. Just leave them alone. I will take care of cleaning and polishing them. If cloth leaves my hands, and ends up in yours, under no circumstance am I dismissing you from my service." he dropped the guns on the bed and entered his ensuite shower.


In a better fitting BDU, Harry knocked on Tonks' door. As the Auror answered the door blurry eyed in a bathrobe. Harry chuckled. "Shower and change. You've got ten minutes if you want to eat with the Countess, twenty if you want to try your luck with the grunts in the Mess."

With a jaunty stride, he entered the dining room, where he saw the Countess in a staring contest with Hedwig. Nodding to Walter, he eased into a chair beside the owl so as to not to disturb her battle of Minds and Wills with the 'puny Human'. Leaning back in his chair, "Morning Walter. I was hoping for Steak, rare, eggs scrambled topped with a handful of cheese, bangers, and toast, sourdough."

"Why the hearty appetite?" the Tall Dark Butler of Death asked.

"Between our night time activities, and my Daylight duties, I am burning through my reserves quicker than I normally replenish them. With my bloodlines awakened, I do not want to take any chance of becoming hungry while surrounded by those who have no need to be lunch." He poured himself a cup of tea from the pot on the table. "My Valet has arrived. After Breakfast, I will introduce him to you and the Countess. He will help with any duties you feel are below you. I have him handling Tonks's and mine quarters, laundry, etc. His people really love cleaning, and the like. But they are parasites who have tried to make themselves useful to us."

"Very Good Sir." The dry tone of voice caused Harry to look again, only to see a twinkle of amusement in the Butler's eye.

"Hedwig. Your bacon is getting cold." Harry whispered.

The bird barked, but otherwise did not move.

Tonks with short sea-blue hair, still wet from shower, dressed in her Red Robes of Office, stumbled in, and sat across from Harry. After placing her coffee order with Walter, she noticed the staring contest. "That's not going to end well. Owls take direct staring as a challenge of authority. As long as we keep it human and owl, the owl owns the human and vice versa. When you challenge an Owl directly…"

"I wish someone had told me that when I first got her." Harry snorted, "I would stare at her for hours, and I was always the first to look away."

"And that is why she makes you scratch her under her wings." Tonks smiled blurrily "You are her 'yard-bitch', boy-o." When talking about being 'blurry', her whole face is out of focus to the world rather than the world being out of focus to her. She poured a cup of coffee, and pulled herself together...literally.

When Walter placed Harry's order before him, Tonks ordered the same, then snagged a banger off Harry's plate.

When Tonks reached for a rasher of bacon, the snowy turned and hissed, flaring her wings and feathers to make herself look bigger. The witch raised her hands, as she fell back.

Harry snickered, "Even Ron, who will eat anything put in front of him, avoids Hedwig's bacon."

"Oh?" Tonks asked, noticing that Integra was still not moving or blinking.

"Yeah." Harry cut into his steak, it bleeding into the eggs. "Her shoving a live rat into his mouth after his first offense got that message through quickly." bite of steak… chew… "That it was his Twelve year old pet, Scabbers, the living shoe brush…" another bite of steak.

"Ah, Harry." Tonks looked at the young male. "Rats live two to three years… five at the very max."

Harry finished his current bite, "Ron said that Scabbers has been in the family for twelve years now. It was Percy's for ten years, and when he made Prefect, He received an Owl, and Scabbers was passed to Ron. He has had the scruffy thing for the last two years." Using a wedge of buttered toast, he sopped up the blood pooling on the plate.

Tonks turned to Walter, "If it is not too late, my steak med-well please." Looking back at Harry, "What are your plans today?"

Integra blinked and shook herself, clearing the haze of what the Owl had done to her. "I will be needing the boy and you, miss Tonks, to escort me to a meeting at the Museum. The Iscariot has been disregarding our agreements." She wiped her hands with her napkin, and stood. "We leave at the Hour."

The two Magicals were quick to eat, and hurried to the front door, where Harry introduced Dobby to Walter. Walter at a loss of what to do, asked the elf to hand polish the wood. While he was pointing to the stair railing, he did not verbally limit him. Harry and , not knowing the quirks of this Elf, did not correct the Human's oversight. So the Elf took to the century old English Oak with a rag and tin of polish, just as Integra arrived.

The two ladies rode in the back of the Rolls Royce, as Harry sat with Walter. He had added a beret and trench in the same colours as his BDU. The coat was more to cover his 'twins' than anything. The Morning ride was mostly silent, as the riders just stared out the window.

As they pulled up in front of the Museum, Integra cleared her throat. "Miss Tonks, I need for you to stay out of sight. Harry will serve as my attendant. Walter will be watching from the shadows, as no doubt Alucard will as well."

Tonks nodded, and tapped her head with her wand, before slowly fading out from the head down.

"Let's do this." The Countess was in play.


As the Phantom ghosted to the curb, a youth in those distasteful colours, the so-called Countess, dressed her people in, stepped out and opened the back door. As the Silver haired Bitch stood, The Albino Cardinal turned from the window, and preened in the reflection of the polished steel sword hanging before him. He adjusted his Paple purple vest, smirking once again in the fact it matched his eyes. A nod to his childhood associate, Heinkel and he moved to cross paths with the Heretic.

He found her, smoking, before 'Joan of Arc in Battle'. The boy two steps back and to the left.

Stepping to her side, his eyes roaming over the large oil work. "Ah, yes. They never could get her hair right."

The boy snorted, but the woman just rolled her eyes. "Your actions on British Soil are an affront to the people and safety of this Nation. They are also violations to our agreements."

The smile Enrico Maxwell turned on Integra, would have brought tears to a shark's eye. "My Good Woman, I have Idea what you are talking about."

As if on cue, Integra's cell-phone rang. Tapping the line open, and speaker on, "Yes?"

"Ma'am! The Master! He is fighting a monster in priest robes! It slaughtered the guards, then turned on Him, cutting his Head off!" a young woman's panicked voice blared from the box in Integra's hand. "Even with his head gone, he is still trying to rip the Priest a new one!"

"Seras. Listen to me. Pull back. Let Al handle this." the boy spoke calmly into the phone. "Al is the Master for a reason, you are just a fledge. Pull back."

"Why are you bringing children into this?" Maxwell sneered.

"I didn't." Hellsing snuffed out the butt of her twist, before drawing out a new one. As she patted her pockets looking for lighter, the boy snapped his fingers, before offering her his lit thumb. Raising an eyebrow at him, she leaned in, and lit up, before taking a heavy drag, "His Guardians died a few nights ago, during one of our missions. Turns out he is a Harker, a close family friend. Once within the compound, the Boys folded him in."

"Harker?" the Vested Vicar glared at the boy, "Unnatural freaks the lot of them!"

"Ah, so you met my Uncle Vernon before he Passed." Harker crossed himself, "God rest the Bastard."

"And now you have them performing vile sorcery in my very presence!" Colour started to rise in Maxwell's face, but it was not red of rage or even purple of passion… it was a chalky white of cacoethes wrath! From his sleeves, he had drawn a pair of pearl and ivory hilted damascus stilettos.

As fast as his blades were in his hands, so too was Integra's saber.

Heinkel drew one of his .357 mag slide action pistols, only to drop it at the feel of a gun barrel kissing the base of his skull right under his ear. "Ya ar fast, yea?" she asked the Junge.

"I can be, when I must. Now the Countess has an issue with your Boss. We can let them settle it, or we can play too." His Green eyes bore into her very soul.

Just then, Maxwell suffered a cut on his leg. Now, it was nothing. But in five minutes, it would drag on him, and he would suffer more such wounds. That was how the bitch fought, by slowly taking her prey apart, letting them die slowly, only finding the release of oblivion when she deemed you ready. The Priestess kicked the boy in the chest, sending him flying down the auditorium, snagged her gun, and tackled her boss. Shifting him into a fireman's carry, she ran for the open sunlight, Maxwell spewing curses and vile profanities at the silver haired heretic and her pet demon.