Chapter 1: The Summoning

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Cross Reverie Magic:《Fireball》

Cross Reverie Class:《Mage》

Yggdrasil Magic: [Fireball]

Yggdrasil Class: [Mage]

Speech: "Interesting."

Thought: Interesting.

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"Where am I? What happened to me?" These were the questions the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown asked himself as he drifted away into a never ending abyss of darkness.

"I was with Albedo and Demiurge in my office discussing something...then...I don't remember." Ainz said in a worried tone, as he tried to recall what had happened to him.

A blinding flash of light suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Ainz could feel some sort of force pulling him into the light, he did not move, letting the light drag him out of the darkness.

"I don't know what's happening here, but I'll get to the bottom of this." Ainz said to himself with confidence, trying to overcome his growing worry and concern at what was happening.

Ainz felt something soft touched the sides of his skull. The blinding light that previously filled Ainz's vision finally disappeared, so he looked around his surroundings. What he saw was quite...interesting. He appeared to be on top of some sort of tower, and he was sitting on top of an altar, but that's not what he found interesting. What was interesting was the peculiar situation before him right now. An elf and a demihuman were arguing with each other about something.

"Yay! I finally summoned something, I'm a《Summoner》now!" said the elf with a wide smile on her face.

The demihuman looked at Ainz with a curious look for a moment before she began to argue with the elf again.

"He's clearly my《Summoned Beast》, I'm the high class《Summoner》here after all." said the demihuman with pride.

Ainz looked at both of them while they argued. Summon? They summoned me! They dare pull me away from my home and family, and think of me as a mere summon! Ainz thought to himself.

Rage filled his mind as he imagined the NPCs thinking that he abandoned them. Ainz stood up and the elf and demihuman looked at Ainz. "So...both of you summoned me here?" Ainz asked in a deep, cold tone.

"No! I'm the one that summoned you!" shouted the two of them in unison. They looked at each other for a moment, shocked by the fact that Ainz could talk because normally 《Summoned Beast》 couldn't talk, before starting to argue again. Before it could get any worse, Ainz interrupted them.

"I'll repeat what I just said." said Ainz in a deep, commanding tone while activating his [Despair Aura l].

"Which one of you summoned me?" a dark fiery aura surrounded Ainz as he said those words. The elf and demihuman were forced to kneel by the sheer pressure of his aura. They could feel their hearts beating faster and their blood flowing rapidly through their bodies because of fear, and the sheer pressure of Ainz's aura. They watched the creature they had summoned walk towards them, the pressure of its aura grew with every step. It looked at them, the two flaming red points of light in its eye sockets acted as its eyes, and spoke.

"You summoned me here and expect me to act as some sort of pet?" the creature said, its aura greatly intensified because of its rage.

"You forcibly took me away from my home and family, and now you expect me to serve you!?" the creature shouted, his aura doubled in size and appeared to swallow the sun. Ainz's aura became so intense that the ground started to shake, and the air appeared to be slowly turning black around Ainz. Ainz looked at the elf and demihuman, both of their faces showing signs of despair, distress, panic, and fear. Ainz was about to kill the two of them in cold blood but his emotional suppression kicked in multiple times.

Calm down, just relax...and calm down. Ainz thought to himself as he deactivated his [Despair Aura l]. He looked at the elf and demihuman in front of him, kneeling in fear.

Based on their reactions, they clearly didn't meant to summon me here. Ainz thought to himself.

"I apologise for my sudden outburst… though I hope you can understand, after all, no one would be happy about being torn from their world and summoned here." Ainz said, trying to apologise for his actions.

"How about we start over, why don't you introduce yourselves." Ainz said trying to make them comfortable.

The elf stood up, her knees shaking and sweat beading all over her body.

"My name is Shera L. Greenwood...please don't kill us." said Shera in a trembling voice, tears flowing from her eyes. "If you want to kill someone, please kill me! It's my fault you-" before Shera could even finish her sentence she was interrupted.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" Ainz looked at the demihuman who had objected. She stood up without hesitation, her eyes gleaming with determination.

"My name is Rem Galleu, my class is《Summoner》, and it's my fault you were summoned here." she said looking straight at Ainz.

"'s clear that both of you summoned me here by accident, and now both of you are trying to take the blame on your own to spare the other from a cruel fate." Ainz said with slight smugness in his voice.

They're each willing to sacrifice their own lives to save the others. Ainz thought to himself. He smiled internally remembering his guildmates. Rem froze as Ainz said those words.

How did he figure it out so easily? Rem wondered to herself. She looked at Shera with a worried face, both of them wondering if this creature they summoned would truly spare them.

"Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself, I am Ainz Ooal Gown, the Sorcerer King of the Sorcerer Kingdom." he said with pure confidence, an aura of authority and majesty that could be felt as he spoke those words.

Looks like my practices paid off. Ainz thought to himself as both Rem and Shera was both equally shocked and awed by Ainz's announcement.

Ainz took three steps back and cast [Silent Magic: Create Greater Item]. After Ainz cast his spell, a three meter tall obsidian throne suddenly appeared behind Ainz, there were beautiful engravings, intricate designs, and glowing red runes carved on it. The throne seemed to absorb the light around it and radiate an ominous dark aura. Its majestic beauty befitting a throne made for a true king of death.

Rem and Shera both released a shocked gasp as they witnessed what Ainz had done. Ignoring them, Ainz sat on his obsidian throne, resting his arms on the armrests. He looked into Rem and Shera's eyes.

"Now then, how about both of you explain to me how you summoned me here, and how will you send me back." Ainz said in a commanding tone.

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