Chapter 7: Faltra's Pandemonium

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The sounds of battle and explosions echoed throughout the entirety of Faltra. Guards and Adventurers are trying to evacuate civilians to a safe location, all while trying to fend off the Demonic Beings that had slipped through Faltra and the rebel Demihumans. The《Summoners》under Celestine helped the guards erect makeshift barricades on the roads to slow down the Demonic Beings.

But no matter what or how well they do their jobs, they're still at a disadvantage against the Demonic Beings and the rebel Demihumans. Dozens of civilians had already been killed by them, while the buildings were decimated.

The larger Demonic Beings stood at the frontline together with the best warriors of the rebel Demihumans, side by side fighting against the guards and Adventurers together. The other rebel Demihumans that weren't in the frontline, such as the Mages, stayed at the rear to boost the magic of the Demonic Beings that are hurling 《Fireballs》 at guards and Adventurers.

Boosted 《Fireballs》 created larger explosions than expected, killing and injuring a lot of guards and Adventurers as a result. Whatever fortifications that were put up were easily destroyed from simply being near them.

"Evacuate the civilians! I'll handle the Demonic Beings!" Emile said with determination, giving hope to all of those that are fighting the Demonic Beings and the rebel Demihumans, "Mages! You already know what to do! Archers, don't let the enemies get close to you! Continue to shoot your arrows no matter what!"

Emile charged towards the frontline of the Demonic Beings and the rebellious Demihumans. One of the Demonic Beings attacked him with it's large sword, but Emile easily and swiftly blocked it with his own sword that was boosted by the mage-type Adventurers behind him. The Demonic Being was momentarily stunned by Emile's block, so the Archers took this chance to shoot their arrows at it. Unfortunately, the arrows just bounced off the thick hide of the Demonic Being not leaving even a single scratch.

"Weaklings. Pathetic, all Die!" It barked in an unhuman voice.

The Demonic Being shifted its focus to the other Adventurers and tried to attack them with it's sword, but Emile blocked the attack with his own sword again. However, the Demonic Being's attack had more force behind it than the previous one, so he was knocked back in surprise.

Emile quickly regained his stance and was about to attack again. But as he saw the other Demonic Beings hurled dozens of boosted 《Fireballs》 at the Adventurers that helped him, he hastily rushed to their aid and protected them by using his own body as a shield.

The boosted 《Fireball》exploded on impact to Emile's body, breaking large portions of his armour and greatly damaging his body. The Adventurers and guards that saw Emile's grievous state were panicking. After all, Emile is the strongest among them, if he dies the same fate will quickly befall to all of them. So the mage-type Adventurers are currently healing Emile with their magic as fast as they can, while the warrior-type Adventurers and the guards protect both of them in case the Demonic Beings try to interfere.

The Mages took a sigh of relief after completely healing Emile when they all suddenly felt a throbbing pain on their back. Before the Mages could understand what happened to them, one by one they all began to collapse backwards.

"What's happening to all of you? What's the problem?"

Emile flipped the collapsed bodies of the Mages and discovered an arrow embedded into each of their back. The Mages didn't react whatsoever when Emile flipped them, so he quickly checked their pulse and breathing.

"They're...dead. All of them."

Emile grabbed the arrow embedded into the back of a dead Mage near him, and quickly pulled it out so he can examine it. He stared at the arrow's bloody tip and noticed a thick, purple liquid dripping off of it.

"Poison. That explains how they were easily killed, but how is it possible none of the other Adventurers or guards noticed the incoming arrows and blocked it?"

Emile was snapped out of his musing by a sudden attack that came from behind him. He was caught off guard by the attack and was hit by some sort of blunt object behind his head. Emile was still conscious even after taking the attack that would otherwise kill a regular person, so he pushed his body to see the face of his attacker before he's consciousness could slip away.

"That's impossible!" Emile shouted out of pure disbelief.

Emile's attacker is one of his fellow Adventurers. A female, Demihuman Adventurer that he helped with training and quests a long time ago.

"Why are you doing this!?"

"Don't you dare question me, you Human filth!"

The Demihuman Adventurer swung down her mace at Emile with the intent to kill him. Emile dodged her attack while trying to convince her to stop.

"Please stand down! I can't hurt such a beautiful and fragile maiden! After all, it's my duty to protec-AGHHHHHHHH!"

The Demihuman Adventurer kicked Emile's groin mid-sentence, making him drop to his knees and scream out in pain.

"Just shut up and die!"

The Demihuman Adventurer raised her mace above her head, and readied herself to slam it down against Emile's head. But her attack didn't come, as she was suddenly interrupted by an arrow that came out of nowhere and pierced her arm. The damage from the arrow forced her to drop her weapon and scream out in pain just like Emile.

"Emile might not want to fight you but I will!" Shera said with determination.

Shera notched another arrow while cautiously coming out a nearby alleyway together with Rem and her《Summoned Beast》. Following behind them is a squad of knights that's under the command of Faltra's Lord. Each one of the knights is equipped with a set of metal armour that has the crest of Faltra at it's chestplate, and a metal halberd just like the weapon used by regular guards.

"There's more casualties..." Rem quietly said to herself, while she stared at the mutilated corpses scattered around the ground, "They don't show any mercy at all."

"Don't get distracted, soldier! Take the injured and protect the civilians!"

"Don't let any of those Demonic bastards and rebels get away!"

"Let's show those scums what true soldiers are capable of doing!" The leader of the knight squadron shouted at the top of his lungs to banish the fear of his men.

After hearing their leader's encouragement, the knights released their war cry before fearlessly charging towards the hordes of Demonic Beings and rebel Demihumans. Most of the knights fought the invaders with the help of Adventurers and guards, while the other knights took the civilians and the injured into a safe location. As the battle continued, it began to tilt in Faltra's favour as the Demonic Beings and the rebel Demihumans were slowly being pushed back by the city's protectors. Furthermore, the《Summoners》commanded their《Summoned Beasts》to sneak and attack from behind the Demonic Beings and the rebel Demihumans which caught them off guard.

While the others handled the situation, Shera and Rem rushed to Emile's side to check on him.

"Emile, are you ok?" Shera asked with a small panting in her breath.

"Y-Yeah...I'm fine...just need a break..." Emile weakly replied, clutching his groin and curled up on the ground still suffering.

"Here, take this," Rem gave Emile a [Minor Healing Potion], which he quickly took and drank. The potion healed Emile in a matter of seconds after drinking it, returning him in a stable condition that allowed him to stand up and move again.

"Rem, I'm eternally grateful to you! I didn't expect that my enemies would use the ones I had sworn to protect against me, so I was caught off guard! But now that I'm fully healed, I'm prepared to go back into battle and defeat those that dare hurt Faltra!" Emile smiled at Rem and Shera. "Please, stay back. I can't let you two get in any danger!"

Both Rem and Shera gave Emile a slightly annoyed look, but they already knew his personality and desire to protect others, so they just dismissed his comment.

Rem's ears fluttered for a moment before turning, "I get what you're saying, but I have to handle this first."

Rem threw one of her Summoned Beast crystals onto the ground, the crystal shattered and was instantly replaced by her《Shadow Snake》. Rem pointed her finger at the traitorous, Demihuman Adventurer who attacked Emile and commanded her《Shadow Snake》, "Don't let her escape!"

The《Shadow Snake》lunge at the Demihuman Adventurer, and quickly wrapped itself around her to stop her movement. The Demihuman Adventurer tried to use her mace to attack the《Shadow Snake》restraining her, but Shera quickly knocked her out by hitting her head with a swift punch to the face.

"There's even Adventurers on the side of the Demonic Beings," Rem stated while bitting her lip.

Emile finally took a breath before his eyes widened, "Wait, how did you two get here unharmed? Almost all of Faltra is filled with enemies and I doubt even with both of your help, the squad of knights most likely couldn't handle the Demonic Beings and rebel Demihumans that blocked your way."

Both Rem and Shera look at each other for a moment before answering Emile's questions.

" see. It seems like someone or something has already defeated most of them."

"What do you mean? How's that even possible?" Emile asked both of them, confusion written all over his face.

Rem answered Emile's questions this time, "I know it sounds unbelievable, but I assure what Shera said is true. When we both were trying to get here, we saw countless corpses of Demonic Beings and rebel Demihumans scattered all around Faltra. All of which has multiple, large, slash wounds on their bodies and some had their limbs chop off."

"That's...pretty brutal."

"Yeah...brutal indeed." Rem became silent for a few seconds before snapping herself out by shaking her head. "We've asked civilians that were on the scene to know who's responsible for this massacre, and their answers are all similar. It seems like a group of creatures made out of black smoke and equipped with black longswords and bone armours are the ones that massacred Faltra's invaders."

"What!? That sounds like some sort of abnormal type of Demonic Beings."

"I doubt that. When we talked with the civilians about these creatures, they said that they were saved and protected by them even while fighting the invaders. The knights also arrived as we were asking the civilians, and were equally confused as we were about what happened. They even thought we were the ones that did it, but we've explained what we know and they believed us."

"I'm surprised the knights even came here in the first place. I expected them to guard the Central District, because they're under the Lord."

"It seems like a small group of Demonic Beings breached the Central District's defence while the rebel Demihumans and other Demonic Beings were fighting. Forcing the Lord to take action by sending in his knights."

"So even the Nobles are affected. Well, we at least gain some extra help against our enemies!"

A confident smile grew on Emile's face as he grabbed his sword and readied his stance, fully prepared to charge into battle once again. But before he could do that, he stopped to ask something that's been bothering him for a while.

"By the way," Emile turned his head towards Shera. "Where's Ainz?"

Before Shera could answer Emile's question, a large pillar of blue light suddenly descended down from the sky and began to rapidly expand. The pillar of blue light became brighter as it expanded, to the point it momentarily stunned and forced everyone to close their eyes, before it disappeared after a few seconds. The pillar of blue light descended outside of Faltra, but it was large enough that everyone present saw and felt its power.

"I think that answered your question."

After the appearance of such powerful and unknown force, everyone was in a state of shock and disbelief. Rem and Shera were the only exception as they've quickly regained their composure. Most likely a result of them adapting to the peculiar things they've experienced up to this point.

Taking that advantage, Rem transformed her《Shadow Snake》back into its crystal form and quickly put it back in her pocket without making any noise.

Shera whispered to Rem, "Hey. What do you think happened that required Ainz to use-" Shera gestured at where the pillar of blue light previously descended, "That much power. After all, we've never seen him use any spell that even came any close to that before."

"To be honest, I'm not sure. But the fact Ainz used some sort of unknown and powerful spell, means he is fighting someone that he considers a potential threat."

Shera sensed a hint of fear at Rem's words, so she comforted her to remove her fear, "You don't have to worry, I'm sure he's fine."

"Yeah...thanks. I just need to calm down and believe in Ainz."

Rem was thankful to Shera for comforting her, but unfortunately her fear quickly returned when her《Summoned Beast》,《Aslau》, moved in front of her as the surrounding suddenly became tense. The Demonic Beings and the rebel Demihumans finally regained their composure, and now ready to cause chaos again. Faltra's protectors noticed this and formed a suitable formation for the incoming battle.

"This doesn't look good...Shera, is there something wrong?"

Rem looked at Shera and noticed her ears twitch.

"Someone is coming from above."


The ear-splitting sound of metal crashing into stone echoed throughout a large portion of Faltra. The source of which is a jousting lance that was thrown from the sky at an unbelievable speed, and is now deeply embedded into the stone pavement of Faltra's street. Furthermore, the jousting lance was thrown directly at the space separating both Faltra's protectors and invaders, showing both sides that whoever did it isn't afraid to intervene at their battle.

"This is quite an interesting battle, but I do suggest that all of you should stop now."

Everyone turned their heads towards where the voice came from, and what they saw could only be described as anomalous. The owner of the voice is a peculiar looking skeleton equipped with a raven black robe that has golden edges, magical and expensive looking rings, and an ominously glowing red orb that's in its abdomen.

The anomalous being slowly floated down from the sky, after which it proudly walked towards the jousting lance it previously had thrown. Both sides became extremely cautious when the anomalous being grabbed the jousting lance, and effortlessly pulled it free from the stone pavement of Faltra's street.

"My name is Ainz Ooal Gown! The Sorcerer King, saviour of the Roble Holy Kingdom, and the one that holds the title of undefeated Martial Lord!"

Ainz proudly proclaimed as he elegantly twirled the jousting lance in his hand, and then pointed it towards the Demonic Beings.

"Drop your weapons and surrender, or I will get rid of you all." Ainz said in an intimidating, cold, and yet calm tone.

Both sides were taken aback by Ainz's threat. Countless people stared at him like he was a madman, while others looked at him with hope in their eyes such as Rem and Shera.

"All of you know who's the owner of this," Ainz tossed the jousting lance towards the Demonic Beings. "So I think you already know what I'm truly capable of."

Almost all of man present looked at the jousting lance with confusion, not knowing what's the meaning behind Ainz's actions. But unlike others, the Demonic Beings looked at it with pure fear and disbelief.

"That Lance, Edelgard-sama...dead?!"

"Impossible! Edelgard-sama, powerful!"

"True! Demon Lord, help her! Trick! This is a trick!"

"Yeah! Can't trick us, Bone bastard!"

A phantom smile grew on Ainz's face as he witnessed their reactions. He flipped his robe in one swift motion and spread his arms. Their reactions were just as he wanted them to be.

"I assure you," The flames within Ainz's eye sockets slowly became furious. "It's indeed the weapon of one of your commanders, Edelgard. I've also-"


One of the Larger Demonic Beings at the frontline suddenly charged towards Ainz without hesitation. The Demonic Being, which seemed to be a cross between a human and a lion, quickly drew its large sword and prepared itself to attack at Ainz. In response for its hostility, Ainz snapped his right fingers and used [Silent Magic: Death] on the charging Demonic Being. The spell instantly took effect, completely robbing the Demonic Being's life away before it could take another step. Its large body collapsed in front of Ainz and slowly turned into black particles after a few seconds.

"How uncivilized. It's rude to interrupt someone mid-sentence, don't you know that?"

Ainz quickly took a glance at everyone around him unnoticed, checking if they finally realized that his previous statements were not a bluff or trick.

"Do you all understand now? I have even defeated your false Demon Lord." Ainz emphasized the last part as he activated his [Despair Aura l].

Ainz's body was quickly enveloped by an ominous, rippling, black aura that slowly turned his surrounding heavy and tense. Everyone that were near him suddenly felt what could only be described as primal fear, causing them to instinctively back away from him to escape the effect of his aura.

"And don't try to buy some time, nobody will come. After all, your army has already been turned into mincemeat."

Those present that heard Ainz's words; the Demonic Beings, the rebel Demihumans, and even some of the guards and Adventurers felt terrified of Ainz. After a few seconds passed, 10 rebel Demihumans couldn't handle the abnormal fear they're experiencing any longer, so they tried to run away. Unfortunately for them, they were quickly and brutally chopped into pieces by a pair of anomalous beings that suddenly landed in front of them.

'So Diablo wasn't bluffing back then, he indeed killed a large amount of my [Shadow Knights]. That pair are the only remaining [Shadow Knights] at my disposal, and they're barely even suitable for combat in their current state.' Ainz thought to himself, slightly annoyed by the loss of his soldiers.

The bodies of the remaining [Shadow Knights] were clearly quite unstable; furthermore, their equipment sustained extensive damage. Both of which are the result of their previous fight with Diablo. But even with their weakened state, the [Shadow Knight] still radiates an intimidating aura to show they're not afraid to fight.

And they were simply summons who could be brought back later.

"Does anyone want to try again?" Ainz said in a mocking tone.

There was long silence between both sides that lasted for about a minute, but it was interrupted by the sound of metal hitting stone. The source of which are weapons of the Demonic Beings and the rebel Demihumans they've dropped as a sign of surrender to both Ainz and Faltra.

Ainz turned around to face Faltra's protectors, "I think you already know what to do next."

The Adventurers and guards instantly knew what Ainz was talking about, so they spring into action. They quickly took all the weapons of their enemies before apprehending them for their crimes. The mages helped them do this by using their《Summoned Beasts》, checking the skies for those Demi-Humans possessing such an ability.

Though it is not as if any were willing to try now.

"So this is your true form, Ainz! It's quite interesting!" Emile greeted Ainz with a smile on his face, much to the surprise of almost everyone present. Even Ainz was a bit confused by him.

'He isn't afraid of me? I already know his personality, but I didn't expect his perception of me would not change that much... Huh, he might be less of an annoyance than I thought. I could use him to improve my reputation with Faltra's Adventurers and civilians. Indeed, I'm starting to see the benefits of turning him into my ally.'

"Ainz, you did it! You defeated all of them!"

Ainz was snapped out of his musing by two familiar voices. Behind Emile emerged both Shera and Rem, they ran towards Ainz to congratulate him with their victory

"I can't believe that you even defeated the army of Demonic Beings. Well, you do have the title of Sorcerer King. So I shouldn't have been surprised that you could handle them."

Rem seemed to be thrilled with their victory as well, but she still retained her composure and didn't show much of her excitement, unlike Shera. Rem just gave Ainz an adorable smile that reminded him of Aura.

"Indeed, such trivial matters are child's play to me after all." Ainz boasted with a more than earned bravado, "Now then, how many people did the two of you heal?"

Shera answered Ainz's question, "About 60 or more, I'm not sure. We've also ran out of potions that you gave us."

"You don't have to worry about that." Ainz pulled out another leather bag that's filled with potions from his inventory, and gave it to Shera. "Take this. Inside it are dozens of potions which you 3 could use to heal a lot of people."

"So, you trust me to help them? I will not disappoint you, my friend! Shera, please give me a dozen or so potions. I'll heal all the wounded maidens that were hurt by the invasion!" Emile proudly proclaimed.

Shera opened the leather bag that Ainz gave her to take some potions, but stopped for a moment when she noticed something unusual.

"Wait, there's a new type of potion in here."

"What do you mean? Let me see that for a moment."

Rem took the leather bag from Shera and checked the potions within it. She took one of many similar potions in it, that are different from the previous potions that Ainz gave them. The potion within Rem's hand is using a different kind of glass and it's filled with green liquid.

"Why does this potion look quite similar to are own?"

"It does look like one of the potions that we Adventurers use," Emile pointed out.

Ainz answered Rem's question, "Because both potions was made with the same components and methods."

"How did you got so many? I thought you only have those red and purple ones."

"I took it from the leader of the Demonic Beings, Diablo, while we were fighting. I've checked the healing properties of his potions using [All Appraisal Magic Item]. So you don't have to worry because it's as effective as the purple potions, and its healing properties also affect most races."

"Diablo, so that's the name of their leader. I would never forgive him for hurting dozens of lovely women." Emile quietly mumbled to himself, "He was prepared for the invasion if he had this amount of potions. I'm surprised you took all of this while fighting him."

"Where did he even store this much potions? Did he have an equipment similar to your bag that allowed him to store large amounts of items?" Shera asked Ainz.

"Indeed, he had a pouch that has a similar enchant with my [Infinity Backpack]. Your deductive is quite impressive, Shera."


"Yeah, I'm surprised that you figured it out." Rem quirped

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Rem casually said with a smirk on her face.

"Stop teasing me."

"I'm not sure what you're talking about."

Rem and Shera began to exchange friendly banter with one another, and Emile took a dozen potions from the bag so he could start distributing it later. While they did that, Ainz is silently contemplating his interaction with Diablo.

'I was too careless and dropped my guard. I didn't expect he could use teleportation magic, because the Guildmaster said it was rare. At least I now know his abilities and skills, so creating a suitable plan to eliminate him in the future should be easy. I've also gained a lot of items from his pouch, too bad I only took about a few dozen or so before I had to go back in combat.'

Ainz continued to mull over the details, 'He might be prideful, but I know he's smart enough to figure out how my [Perfect Unknowable] works. It's better to distract him by burning his pouch, than him figuring out how my spell works. The remaining items I didn't take from the pouch are only considered High-Class at best, so it's not like I've lost that much.'

Ainz pulled another bag from his inventory and gave it to one of the remaining [Shadow Knights]. The bag he gave to them contains all the items he took from Diablo, so he commanded the [Shadow Knights] using his connection with them to teleport back to their base where it will be kept safe. Furthermore, he also sent a separate command to his cabal of [Elder Liches] to examine the items when it arrives to understand their capabilities.

"Now then, Emile." Ainz called out with the force of his Royal Authority.


"Where's the Guildmaster? I've to talk to her."

"I've heard from the other Adventurers that she went to the Central District."

"She most likely went there to directly ask help from Faltra's Lord. It's quite rare for the Adventurers and high ranking nobles to help each other, but it seems like they've come to an agreement. I'm going to the Central District to discuss something important with the Lord and Guildmaster. I'll be back to help you 3 after I'm done."

After checking that Rem, Shera, and Emile understood him.

With a sudden realization Ainz turned to a knight, "Excuse me, umu, could you kindly lead me to the Central District? I need to discuss something important with your Lord."

"Ye-Yes your Majesty! I'm honoured you've chosen me to escort you to the Lord. Please, follow me."

Ainz already knew where the Central District was after studying the stolen blueprints, but he still needed a way to show Faltra's Lord that he's not an intruder. That's the only reason why Ainz wanted to be accompanied by one of the Lord's knights. After all, there's no loyal knight that would bring an enemy to their Lord's home.

The Central District is where the estates of nobles, wealthy individuals, and Faltra's Lord are located. Surrounded by a thick stone wall that's much more weaker than the outer walls, but its strength isn't that important as it's meant to prevent crime and not repel Demonic Beings.

The walls were quite tall and had a gate in each cardinal direction. Normally, knights are stationed at the gates to check anyone that came in and out of the Central District, but none of them could be seen as they were currently either helping civilians, or have been sent to guard valuable estates from the invasion.

Nevertheless, Ainz is quite pleased with the current situation as there aren't any patrolling knights that could potentially mistaken him as a Demonic Being and cause a ruckus. Furthermore, as another result of the lack of manpower, Ainz and the Lord's knight went through the gate without any delay. They then walked straight to the Lord's mansion, which is located at the innermost part of the Central District.

The Lord's mansion had 3 floors whose walls are made out of bricks, making the estate quite large. Furthermore, the window frames, the doors, and even the walls that surrounded the mansion had been beautifully carved. Overall, the entire estate is befitting for someone that holds the highest title in Faltra.

When Ainz and the knight arrived at the mansion's entrance, they were stopped by a pair of knights that were stationed there. They pointed their halberds at Ainz, showing clear hostility at him as they threatened him to back away or else they'll attack him. The knight that was accompanying Ainz tried to reason with them, but he could only somewhat calm them down, much to the dismay of Ainz.

'It will be troublesome if this goes on for much longer. Negotiate with the Lord could also potentially be more difficult if a fight broke out...' Ainz began to think of a way to fix his current situation, but abruptly stopped when a familiar guard arrived.

"Men you are to calm down!" The new guard shouted with all of his might, momentarily stopping the knights from trying to attack Ainz. "He's a guest of the Lord, not an intruder. He's also the one that helped me, so please, stop pointing your weapons at him."

The knights were hesitant at first, but finally believed the guard's words after realizing Ainz didn't show any hostile intent at them this entire time. He didn't even retaliate whatsoever when they threatened him. In the end, the knights reluctantly let Ainz pass through the gate.

The guard that helped Ainz with his predicament was Boris. Unlike before, he is now healed from his injuries and had his broken equipment replaced. He also talked with the knight that guided Ainz, and told him that he's being stationed here for the meantime by the Lord's order.

Exactly as Boris and the knight finished talking with each other, a butler exited the mansion and bowed at Ainz. The butler then proceeded to asked Ainz if he could follow him. Ainz nodded as a response. The butler guided him through the mansion's well maintained garden, passed the entrance hall, and then down a long corridor that had a red carpet arranged on it. Ainz finally arrived in front of the Lord's room. The butler knocked on the door and informed his master about Ainz's arrival.

"Let his Majesty enter." The Lord said in a serious tone.

After receiving his master's order, the butler opened the door for Ainz and then stepped aside.

Ainz internally took a deep breath, banishing the anxiety that was filling his mind. He's now prepared, there's no going back.

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