Living With Eve.

Chapter 1: Meeting Eve

Hey, guys, this is my first story I have ever written do forgive me for bad grammar or anything and thanks for NoRolemodelz98 for inspiring me to write this I do not own alpha and omega

There once was a guy named Jacob. Jacob was a sporty person he was a top track player back during his high school years. It has been 5 years since he graduated and moved to Jasper park. Jacob was always a kind person and helped anybody he had a thing for nature. One day he was walking in the woods near his house when he stumbled on a cave he heard some whimpering in the cave. he walked in further and further. Until he saw a hurt wolf there was blood on the wolf's paw. The wolf was grey Jacob gave the wolf treats he started to gain trust of the wolf. Until he hears Growling so ran out of the cave He looked behind he saw a bunch wolves running after him so he took off. The wolves we're starting to catch him but he lost all of them except two. One wolf was golden was short pointy ears and a big snout. The other was slim was golden eyes. They are both were very fast but Jacob started to pick up the distance. He got a good gap but he tripped on a rock and felt a sharp pain in his ankle. Jacob cried out the pain.

He tried to pull away but the wolves stod on top of him pining they turned around and gave up exiting his fate

"Thought you could get away," the slender wolf said with an evil tone

"Wait you can talk," Jacob said shocked

"Go ahead hurt me," Jacob said with a teary voice

"Kate let me handle this, " The other wolf said

The bigger wolf bites his leg Jacob screamed in agony The big wolf punched Jacob hard in the stomach. Jacob let out a scream in pain

"Nice hit you hit a lot harder than most boys," Jacob said in a painful voice

"My name is Eve, and you do what I say, " Eve said

"What is your name stupid human," Eve said in an angry demanding voice.

"Ja.. " Jacob said with a shaky voice.

"Mom just kill him," Kate said with an angry voice.

"Yea just kill me and get it over with," Jacob said with a sad voice.

Eve raised her paw ready to strike his throat but she looked into his eyes and saw two gorgeous blue eyes filled with pain and tears she felt something inside but surged it off but she kept looking into his eyes. When she tried to swipe at his throat but couldn't do it. Something was holding her back.

You know what I think I should tourte him and get anything out him that could be useful. I will make him wish he was never born she was lying. Eve punched him and the head Jacobs's head started to ring and go black he closed his eyes and eve and kate dragged him off to Eve's den. When Jacob woke up he was tied up with vine and bark in his mouth he saw eve standing at the entrance with a look of evil on her face. Eve walked over to Jacob and took the bark out of his mouth

"Please don't torture me I'll tell you anything" Jacob said and started to tear up

When eve saw his teary eyes she started to feel guilt.

"Tell me about yourself" Eve said angrily

"Well, I am 23 years old. I like to play sports I like being involved with nature, I try to help anyone I can I would never do wrong to anyone," said Jacob with a worried voice

"When I was going to claw your throat out why did you accept death and asked for it and not try to escape and fight," Eve asked with a curious tone.

"Well my ankle was hurt I wasn't able to run and if I fought and got away you were going to catch me and kill me anyway," Jacob said with a saddened voice

"Why are you going to kill me did I do something wrong," Jacob asked

"The reason is your a human and humans killed my former mate," Eve said not trying to weep.


Eve's p.o.v

"Winston wait up" Eve yelled with happiness.

"You will never catch me, slowpoke" Winston replied.

"Bet I won't I am just as fast" Eve yelled back.

Soon Eve was at Winston's tail. She bit down not enough to make it bleed Winston yelped falling down Eve and Winston wrestled Eve looked at Winston and said

"I could not have asked for a better mate," I said with calmness in my voice

"Me neither" Winston replied

Just then hunters on top of a hill said

"Get the big one," one hunter said

"Ok," the other hunter said

One of the hunters moved and snapped a twig altering Eve and Winston by the time they turned around a gunshot went off and Winston's eyes widened and tears started to pour out eve started to cry

"Winston no no no no stay with me," I said panicking

"Don't worry it will all be over soon" Winston said coughing up blood

"Stay right here I will get Alex," I said trying not to cry.

"Eve get down" Winston yelled tackling Me and taking a second bullet.

"No Winston I can't lose you I need you," I said crying

"Take care of the kids and take care of the pack Eve," Winston said with a raspy dying voice

By now a lot of the pack showed up Lilly and kate all we're there and saw there dying dad they both started to cry in their dying father.

"Lilly Kate I love you both and Eve you guys meant the world not me I'm sorry it has to end like this I love you," Winston said taking his dying breath

"We love you dad" kate and Lilly said crying.

"I love you, Winston," I said crying

" I love you all "Winston said dying

Just like that the person I and my daughters loved the most was gone I yelled at everyone to get away Me Lilly and kate sat there crying.

" Who did this," said Kate crying more than she ever has

"Humans," I said with a rage

"I am going to kill every human that I see," I said with a rage so bad I scared every human in the world

Back to reality

Still Eve's P.O.v

"That's why," I said Crying

"I'm so sorry humans sometimes just don't care who they hurt," Jacob said with sorrow in his voice.

"You don't understand," Eve said choking up

I looked at his wonderful blue eyes and saw tears. His eyes are so beautiful I quickly caught myself.

"I do understand my mom was taken from me when. I was young this awful person broke into my house and shot my mom. My dad everything he could but she died in his arms before we both said we love you" Jacob said crying his eyes out.

I walked up to him and gave him a hug and said I am sorry for causing you pain and I said I will make up to you

"Come on I need to take you to the pack healer to fix your ankle," I said

"How I can't walk or crawl," Jacob said with a confused.

"Here get on this tree bark I will drag you we need to take they wound on your leg and ankle," I said sincerely

"First you need to untie me," Jacob said letting out a little chuckle

"Oh my bad sorry I forgot about that," I said laughing a little

"Thankfully Alex dens isn't far from here," I told Jacob

I got about halfway from the den when I ran into Kate When she saw Jacob she jumped on him clawing his chest Jacob screamed in agony my ears hurt at the sound of that.

"KATE stop your hurting him" I yelled

I tackled kate before she got to his neck Jacobs wound was bleeding badly

"I need to hurry to Alex. Kate go to your den now" I barked

Jacobs P.O.V

Kate wounds are bleeding badly everything is starting to get fuzzy

"He...h..elp m….me," I said weakly

"Hold on Stay with me," Eve said with sadness in her voice.

I looked down and saw my shirt covered in blood and Eve hauling me down at an incredibly fast. When I got to the healer den I could barely speak. Everything was a blur.

"Hurry he is bleeding out" eve said

"I need to clean his wound," Alex said with panic

Alex took my shirt off. To reveal my really developed chest I notice Eve glowing eyes. Alex started to lick it I screamed in agony as she touched my wound the pain was so bad I fainted .when I woke up all my wounds we're banged my ankle some sort of splint on it. I looked around and saw a grey wolf stirring something.

"He..l..llo" I tried to say

"Oh you're awake glad to see that My name is Alex pack healer what is your name," Alex said

"Jacob," I said

"What a nice name Eve went to take a bath she will be back shortly," Alex said with kindness in her voice

"Alex is a pretty name to" I told Alex

Alex blushed a little. I am so confused so much happened in the past few hours. First, I was walking attacked by wolves then helped by wolves.

"Alex thank you so much for helping me," I said with joy in my voice

"You're welcome it will about a week before you can walk again so Eve will take care of you" Alex Informed me.

Eve's P.O V

I walked around the pond trying to figure out why I couldn't attack him earlier today the thought keeper coming to mind. Why did I care he was going to die it doesn't make any sense. Maybe it was the way he asked to die he gave up didn't try anything yea that's it. No Then why did I care if he was going to. It's driving me crazy. Maybe it is because I'm lonely ever since Winston died and Kate and Lilly grew up and got married. But he is a human why him not any other wolf-like hutch or just any wolf why a human. Humans took Winston from me I don't get it I went back to Alex's den.

"Jacob you're alive" I yelled out in joy

"So I am going to take care of you until you can walk so how about we get moving," I said to Jacob

"Sure I am tired after today," Jacob said in a tired voice.

I dragged Jacob back to my den and gut off the log I just can't stop looking at his eyes there is the most beautiful thing ever Jacob caught me looking a said he forgives for what I did earlier today.

"Even you can't go around killing people" Jacob said in a reading voice


"Why I am a wolf" replied

"Because you can't trust me on this"

Jacobs P.O.V

After I told eve she cant kill every human that she sees I started to try to go to bed but I was cold because it was November. I was shivering then I felt something warm and fuzzy I looked to see Eve cuddling me I soon drifted off to sleep. I started to think Eve was cute but then I said she is a wolf man I hit my head hard.

I hope you enjoy like I said this is my first story so some tips would be helpful. Thanks for reading.