Living with Eve

Chapter:6 It's Ok

Eves P.O.V

I jumped on top of Jacob pinning him on the ground. He tried to escape but I wouldn't let him go. I wasn't going to hurt him I just want to talk to him

"Hey relax I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk," I said trying to calm him down

"Listen I need to tell you something ever since Winston's death I've felt lonely it got worse when Lilly and kate moved out I've been by myself and when I'm with you I don't feel lonely" I said starting to sob

"All I'm saying is that I need you please don't leave," I said crying what happens next caught me off guard Jacob started to hug me

"It's ok I'm here I could never leave you you've done so much for me" Jacob said while working my back I cried for a few minutes I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes I leaned in and kissed him he froze up but relaxed after a few seconds

"Come by my den later," I whispered to him swaying my hips I knew he was looking. He was blushing so bad he made a new shade of red. When I was walking I ran into Tony

"Hey tony what's going on," I said stopping wondering why he is here

"You know what's going on," Tony said laughing

"I saw what you were doing to that human" Tony said laughing hard I immediately started to blush.

"So the mighty Eve has a soft spot," Tony said barely being able to stand. So I jumped on him and pinned him

"Call me a softy again and see what happens" I yelled at him

"Sorry you're so over-reactive," He remarked

"What was that," I said getting off of tony

I went to my den and thought about what happened between me and Jacob why is he so tense. He is just scared. I walked to my den. When I got there I started to daydream about what happened today with Jacob

Eves Daydream

I and Jacob were running through the woods laughing and casting each other. I looked into Jacobs's eyes those beautiful blue eyes and thought to myself I do have feelings for him. I am the leader of this pack the strongest Alpha wolf. I shouldn't be scared of what other people think. What about Jacob does he like me maybe I forced him into something he didn't want I'm a wolf he's a human our kind should never mix but love is strong. I continued to look into Jacobs's blue eyes I leaned in and kissed him a said the words I love you.

Back to reality

"Mom get down from the moon" Lilly said barely keeping back her laughter

"What are you thinking about or who," Lilly said chuckling falling down in the hard den floor.

'Nothing just sleepy" I said realizing Lilly knew what I was thinking about.

"The drool coming from your mouth says otherwise," Lilly said trying not to pass out from all her laughing.

I quickly wiped off my snout and looked at the ground to ashamed of what it did.

"What did you want Lilly," I said upset she ruined my dream giving her the eye.

"I came to ask about what happened between you and Jacob so did you kill him," Lilly said now with a serious tone. Then I remembered I left him out there by himself.

"Oh Jacob, " I Said darting out of the den towards where I left him I can't believe I might have killed him anything could get him out here.


After Ever left I say there for a minute because I couldn't grasp what had just happened. Did eve really like me? Do I like Eve but that's not right we are not the same. I thought about it for a minute I do like eve. So I started to walk home but I wasn't going to do anything about it no one likes me I will be lonely all my life. I looked behind me to see a racing eve before I could brace myself I was on the ground with a happy eve on top.

"I'm sorry for leaving you by yourself," Eve Said hugging me tightly it felt nice being hugged by someone who cared about me

"It's ok eve don't worry I'm not upset with you," I said. Stroking her back making her relax

"It's ok it's ok," I said trying to calm the nervous eve.

"Can you come to my den I want to talk" Ever said getting up off my chest

"Sure I'll go," I said giving eve a playful push she gave a playful growl I chuckled that's when I realized that I liked Eve it has been bothering me for a while I'm going to tell her when I get to her den. The walk over there was tough my knees are weak arms are heavy I'm might vomit on my sweater. We were getting close to the den I might faint soon I can barely stand and my stomach feels like a butterfly garden. I don't know how long I can take this she must feel the same way

Elves P.O.V

I can't stand it anymore I have to tell Jacob the truth the more I wait the worse it gets we are getting close I might not be able to say anything. What if I freeze-up and can't say Anything we got to the den and talked and played. Why am I scared I need to tell him how I really feel before it eats me alive. I'm scared what if he rejects me I'm a wolf he's a human it just right I don't know what to do I have to do it I need to toughen up.

No one's P.O.V

The den fell silent no one was saying anything Eve broke the silence

"Jacob I have something I have to say," Eve said with a shaky voice

"Me too," Jacob said really nervous it's clear that they have something clearly they have something on their mind but no one said a thing the tension in the air was so tense you could cut it the den was quiet until Eve spoke up.

"Jacob I don't know how to put this but" Eve was cut off by Jacobs gently closing her muzzle

"I got something to say to Eve," Jacob said looking like he is about to throw up from an anxiety the amount of blushing from both of them made the whole den turn red

"Eve you want to say it at the same time," Jacob said with a tremble in his voice scared of the words about to come out of his mouth eve feeling the same way

"Ok you ready 3 2.. " Jacob said scared of might what happen his heart felt like it was going to explode Eves heart could be heard in the silence of the den the emotions the two felt were almost the same

" I LOVE YOU," Both eve and Jacob said in unison, shocking both of them in the word they just said. Eve started to walk over to Jacob and looked at him and was surprised when Jack d pulled her into a kiss it felt nice to Eve. They broke the kiss and hugged each other finally saying what needed to be said they both whispered

"I love you," they both said in perfect harmony