Living with Eve

Chapter 7: Finally

Eves P.O.V

After we said the 3 most special words. I felt weak in my legs nervous. I felt great that I got those words off my chest because they have been bothering me for a while. This feeling I had made felt like I was going to topple over. So I walk over too Jacob and lie down on him. Jacob lied down on his back I lied down on his chest. I felt his heartbeat which brought peace to my soul soon our heartbeats were synced and my world felt like all the problems I had before were gone. I haven't felt like this since his passing I was so mean and evil to everyone I'm surprised anyone liked me. I almost killed Jacob when I first met him but when I was taking care of him I started to like his cute fun-loving self. There is more about him I can't put a finger on it. The feeling of our heartbeats put me a happy calm mode and I went up to his face and gave him a kiss on his soft lips I don't care what people think I put up an alter ego I'm a huge softy but people think I'm not. When my lips connected with mine instead of him opening his eyes or freezing up he went with it which kinda surprised me I don't know how long we sat there but I felt something poke at my tail which surprised me why is he moving. We sat there until Kate walked in

"Mom what are you doing," Kate said disgusted looking away from the scene she just saw

I and Jacob shot up when we Heard Kates voice We both had no word and blushing madly

"It's not what it looked like I promise that wasn't going to happen," I said trying to convince Kate that we weren't about to do that

"It looked like it Mom," Kate said properly scared for life

"But Umm Have you seen Humphrey I can't find him, " Kate asked trying to change the conversation

"Uh yea He went to go have some time with garth," I said not looking at her from embarrassment

"Thanks, Don't worry I won't tell anyone about your session," Kate said while winking and walking back to her den

"Thank goodness she is gone, " I said looking at Jacob who had the most embarrassed look on his face it was so cute

"Hey why were you trying to move I felt you poke my tail" The expression on his face went blank and red

"Uh...uh...uh Sorry," Jacob said nook looking at me with his face turned

"You want to go to my house so no one can walk in" Jacob said getting up and walking over to help me up

"I'm fine I can walk but thanks, " I said getting up and walking out of the den but stopped by Jacob picking me up and carrying me

"Wow you're strong," I said impressed he could pick me up without a problem We walked in silence staring at his gorgeous face with his dreamy blue eyes soon I fell asleep when I awoke. Jacob Put me down in the bed on the left side with him on the right I felt so calm around him the only one who could take down my guard. He put his head down rubbing mine. I let out a little cute moan which made him chuckle

" I thought you were the mighty scary eve, not the cute Eve," Jacob said chuckling which made me all gooey inside which I hated he could do to me but he could If I told him he would use it against me. His bed felt so soft It felt like I was floating on clouds it was warm. It didn't take long for me to cuddle against Jacob I wasn't tired before but now I'm exhausted I let a tiny yawn

"Aww that was so cute" Jacobs words made me blush I hated this it made me look soft

"You're cute too," I said making blush in return He saw that I noticed so I gave a little playful lick on his cheek making 500 times worse

"You're not helping it," Jacob said turning his head away from me

" I'm trying to make it worse it's cute when you blush," I said making blush even more than before

Soon Jacob lied on his pack inviting me to jump on him and lay down. Even though his bed was cozy when I was on top the feeling was comparable to being held up by clouds with all your worries gone and feeling nothing but pure happiness I wanted to feel like this all the time. I gave Jacob a very passionate kiss and he pulled me closer to him His heart against my chest made so happy on the inside I broke the kiss, feeling like I remember nothing but pure happiness. It felt like time froze in place soon I drifted off to sleep.

Eve's Dream

I was In this open field full of flowers I have seen this place before the sound of the wind and waterfall made me at ease Than I heard someone calling my name

"Eve," the soft soothing voice said

I followed it saying my name I didn't know how long I walked till I found the source of the voice It was Jacob. When I saw I tackled him to the ground Licking his face making him let out small chuckles which melted my heart.

"I'm happy to see you to Eve you mean so much to me," Jacob said with a soothing voice making me giving him a tight hug in which he returned. His hug was the best thing ever to happen to me. We rolled around in the meadow for who knows how long We looked at each other and said I love you

End of dream

When I woke up from the best dream ever I was disappointed that it ended. I looked around It was the mid-morning I must have slept for a while it was the late evening when I went to bed. I smelled something delicious. I got out of bed and stretched my paws and walked out in the hallway towards the kitchen where Jacob was doing something

"What are you doing Jacob" I said taking in the smell wanting whatever It was

"It's called breakfast and doesn't worry I cooked you some " Jacob said going to the thing the smell was coming from

"It's almost done " Jacob said getting two circle things and putting the food on it my tail was wagging waiting for him to bring me the food

"Here you go, Eve Jacob said putting the food from with a clank I started On my food as soon as it touched the ground it was the best thing I've ever had way better than deer I finished mine and looked up to see Jacob still eating his shaking his head.

"you're getting a bath you smell like wet dog," Jacob said putting a brown disc in his mouth I smelled myself he's not wrong I could use a bath right now. Jacob finished his food getting up and putting the disc thing in a metal thing and tan water on them he walked me over to the bathroom where he turned some knobs making the water splash out

"What this thing again," I said giving it a puzzled look

"A bathtub remember this is called soap pick one for me to use," Jacob said giving soaps that smelled I picked the one that smelled like lavender. I like that smell a lot

"Ok feel it tell me if it is too hot for you," Jacob said looking at me to do what I just said the water at the lake is always cold so I was confused but when I but my paw in it felt amazing

"It feels amazing I want to get in it now," I said wagging my tail which surprised Jacob

"You never wag your tail you must be really happy," Jacob said while mixing the soap in the water

"I did earlier before you gave me food," I said wagging my tail even faster than before

"Ok get in " Jacob could barely finish his words before I splashed the tub getting water all over the place. It felt so good it made muscles relax

"Don't do that Eve," Jacob said wiping water from his eyes

"Sorry my bad " I said while Jacobs got soap on his hands rubbing my back making me letting at small relaxed moans but Jacob stopped around halfway to my stomach and if he got close he started to shake badly

"It's ok I've been wanting a belly run" trying to convince Jacob it's ok to scrub my belly

"I just didn't want to upset with me for touching your belly" Jacob said will rubbing my back moving his hand to my belly. Jacob scrubbed my belly but stayed far away from my rear legs I guess he thinks I'll rip him in half. He needs to scrub it

"Jacob I knew you might not want to But I need you to get between my legs it needs to be cleaned, " I said, Jacob, nodded and started to clean around my legs but being very careful not to touch my womanhood but his rubbing turned my relaxed moaning into blissful moaning. It felt good I haven't had relief since Winston's death I wanted him to scrub closer but for right now, this will do until we get further down the road and he gets comfortable. But sadly the bath was over and Jacob pulled a thing and all the water went down a hole I let out a disappointed moan making Jacob laugh

"Now it's time to dry…." Before he could say it a shaken slashing water all over the bathroom getting a scold from Jacob and a chuckle from me

"What am I going to do with you now finish drying you off," Jacob said getting a towel and rubbing it soaking up all the water off my fur

"I have a fun day planned for us today," Jacob Said the opening the bathroom door