"What's with all the books, Bolin?" Korra asked, as she stepped away from a noodle stall.

"It's research for my next mover," Bolin explained. "Now that the war is over, I want to get back to being an actor. And I think this one will be great. It's going to be a big, serious one, so I want to make sure I do it right."

"Yeah. Asami told me Varrick gave her her company back, but wanted to keep the movers studio. It was his only condition." She glanced at the book. "A biography of Kuruk? And Yangchen?"

He grinned, sheepishly. "Yes?"

"Why don't you just ask me?" Her eyes glowed blue, expectantly.

"No offense, Korra," Bolin said. "But I want to do this on my own. My own interpretations. And... it's not really historically accurate. In fact, I'll be playing a fictional Avatar."

Her eyes returned to normal. "Really?"

He nodded. "The Tragedy of Avatar Xing and Fire Lord Akako... also, if this movie doesn't do well, I don't get paid. Varrick's pretty cash poor right now. I think that's why he hasn't found an actress to play Akako yet."

"Well, you need a new title. That one's way too long." Korra picked up the book about Yangchen and gave it a critical look. "Hey. How about Opal?"

Bolin shook his head. "No. Varrick already suggested her, but she doesn't want to. She's busy with Tenzin and the rebuilding. Besides, she thinks we shouldn't mix our professional and personal lives."

"Fair enough." Korra gave the book back to Bolin and slurped some of her noodles. "I couldn't handle all those meetings and things Asami does. I'd just want to punch the board members anyway. Tell me more about the mover."

"It's a love story at its heart…."


Fire Lord Akako removed her outer robes, handing them off to two monks selected to view this act of penance as witnesses for the Air Nomads. The old men sat back solemnly as the new Great Sage approached with scissors. A few steps from Akako, who was still his monarch, punishment or no, he faltered, and she held out her hand.

Grimly, he passed the shears to her, and she stood up.

"Well, Xing," she said to the rising wind. "Here I am... it's wet and freezing. I'm ruining my perfect hair and skin for you. But I have to endure this humiliation in front of my subjects, my son, and your people to make peace with you... in whatever form you've taken on now. I'd like to say you'd never have done this for me, but we know that isn't true. You were always better than me, Avatar. And I wound up despising you for it. What a strange end to our story. There was an era when I loved you better than anyone else."

She took a lock of her hair, holding the scissors close to the base of her skull began cutting.

And a cascade of black fell to the floor of the tomb. Akako gritted her teeth in humiliation but kept cutting.

Not only had there been an era when she had loved Avatar Xing, but they had been the best of friends.

She wanted to weep. But she couldn't. Not here. For diplomacy's sake, she would suffer for the monks and the sages. But they would not have the satisfaction of her tears. Only Xing would ever have that. And she'd cried enough over the past few years.