Xing took a steadying breath outside the door to the inner sanctuary of the temple. A young acolyte stood nearby, glaring at him. Xing stopped short of releasing the necessary fire blasts to open the door.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Saburo," the acolyte replied.

"Why the angry look?" Xing asked, carefully adjusting his hat. He still wasn't used to anything covering his head and tattoos.

"You disgrace both offices you hold with your arrogance." Saburo stuck out his chin, defiantly. "Choosing this temple over the capital fools doesn't fool anyone."

Xing sighed. "Yes, I know. I was so unprepared for the amount of work as a Sage, I can only imagine how neglected my Avatar duties have been. In fact, I'd prefer not to."

He raised his hands again, but stopped again as Saburo stood rooted to the spot, still staring daggers at him.

"Is there more?"

Reluctantly, the acolyte retrieved a scroll from his sleeve. "This came for you. It's a petition for the Avatar from some Earth Kingdom citizens. Perhaps you won't neglect and disgrace them."

"That's enough!" Xing drew himself to his full height. "You're well in your rights to dislike me, but as High Sage, I deserve respect as your superior, even if I don't have it in my other role."

Wordlessly, Saburo bowed.

Xing read the scroll. His face grew tight in anger. "All the prisoners?"

He tucked the message away and pointed at the boy. "Tell the others I want to see them all in an hour!"


"Let's try one more take," Zhu-li said into her megaphone. "Bolin, you need to take a deeper breath before you 'firebend.'"

"Got it." Bolin stepped onto a chalk X on the floor and assumed the stance.

Zhu-li nodded to her strong-lunged assistant, who shouted, "Alright! Quiet on set!"

The door banged open, knocking over some empty film cans with a crash. Everyone shuddered.

Varrick barreled into the set, nearly knocking over Bolin's firebending double. "This is terrible! It's horrible!"

No one said anything, instead, waiting for the eccentric businessman to catch his breath. Which he did, allowing him to declare, at full bellow: "THE FIRE NATION IS BANNING OUR MOVER!"

There was a moment of dead silence while everyone processed this.

"They've Zhu-lied us," Varrick said, now very quiet. He sat down dejectedly on the floor.

Zhu-li glared at him.



The Fire Sages and acolytes stood in a circle around Xing, who stood with a flame in his hand.

"Admiral Yuya has engaged in piracy and in a raid on the Earth Kingdom village of Jija, women and children were killed," he announced. "On another raid on the village of Wangia, he took hostages for ransom. When it was paid, he killed them."

Xing paused to let his words sink in.

"For these atrocities, Yuya is cast out from all Fire Temples. He may not marry in one. He may not be buried by any Fire Sage. He may not present any child to the temples. He no longer exists."

Xing extinguished the flame in his hands.

The assembled sages murmured "it is so" in agreement.