It's always a challenge to know things that would change your life forever. Recently my Great Aunt Elizabeth has died and I miss her very much. My grandmother then handed me an emerald pendant and said to me, "Great Aunt Elizabeth would want you to have this Sarah. That way she'll always be close to you at heart."

After I put on the pendant, I started to feel sad and hugged my grandmother and she said, "Your mother and I miss her too sweetie. You know exploring her garden would help cheer you up." I said with a small sad smile, "Thanks Grandma, I think I'll give it a try." I put on my sweat jacket on and headed outside.

What I didn't know is that there will be an adventure that is calling to me. It must be like calling my name too. My sweat jacket is the color of red though because red's my favorite color. Well I think that it's nice to take a walk in my great aunt's garden. She's my mother's aunt. I wonder if she's in heaven with my great grandmother who died two years ago. I miss them dearly.

Then I saw a bright light coming from my great aunt's pendant and that made me wonder what is going on. I looked at it and got confused. I wonder if it's a sign of something. Well that is something different. To me it's really weird.

Then a big bright light engulfed me and I started to panic. I then spun around like I was in a wild ride. This is making me dizzy. I felt like that I am going to be sick.

What's happening to me? What is going on now? I wanted to know those two things now! Is there someone who would help me?