After the two animals went to sleep, I looked at the night sky and sighed. I then said, "What am I going to do? How will I get home? There must be a way or something." Alex and Marty heard me talking to myself. Then Alex had a little talk with Marty and he said, "Marty buddy listen. Everybody has days when they think the grass might be greener somewhere else." I looked at him with a surprised look on my face.

I realized that he has a point and tried to talk to him, "It's just like saying that the seaweed might be greener somewhere else if you live in water." Marty then said to Alex that he's ten years old and his life is half over and he doesn't know if he's black with white stripes or white with black stripes.

Well that is something to know about zebras. This problem will be solved soon. Alex then looked at me and said, "Sarah gal listen to me, I am sorry that we made you upset, but you will have to know more about why we acted surprised when you mentioned your great aunt." I then said, "Alex please now is not the good time. I'd rather not talk much about her anyway."

Marty then saw the look on my face and he felt sorry for what happened. Then he said, "Marty, Sarah, I'm thinking of a song." I looked at Alex in confusion. What song is he thinking? Marty then said, "Alex please not now." I asked, "What song are you thinking of man?"

Alex then said, "Oh yes it's a wonderful song, I think you're familiar with it." I then said to him, "Well I'm not if you won't at least sing it."

Then he started to sing a bit and that annoyed Marty a bit and I said, "Hey I'm still not familiar with it. There aren't any lyrics in it you silly lion." Then he started to sing something about New York.

Of course! Why didn't I know that song before?! Maybe I didn't know the right tune of the song. Well before obviously. The animal duo sang so loud that it woke up most of the animals in New York, most of them except for Gloria and Melman. Well that is something to know about, sort of. Then the two animals had a talk while I yawned a bit.

I am getting a bit tired myself.