Chapter 1

"Attention everyone, this is your captain speaking. There has been a security issue at London Gatwick, and we are being diverted to Doncaster Sheffield Airport to Land. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I will bring you more information when we have it"

"Doncaster. Where is Doncaster?" Maura thought to herself, sipping her champaign in her first class cabin. "Where is Doncaster, and how far away is it from London?" She made the mental note to ask the stewardess when she next passed.

"Oh, that works our very nicely for me" the voice next to her said.

Maura looked over to where the sound came from "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Oh, I didn't realise I said that out loud" The lady laughed "My mom moved to England when her and my Dad split up, took my brothers with her. She only lives about an hour away from Doncaster"

"Thats very lucky for you then"

"Very" she laughed again. She could get used to to that laugh.

"So" The lady started. "What has you flying over to England all on your lonesome?"

"I'm visiting my Mother and Father for Christmas"

"Do they live in London?

"Yes, they have a house in Kensington"

"Very fancy!"

"Is it? I've never been to their Kensington house, we usually have Christmas in Italy." She cringed as the words came out of her mouth. "Sorry, that sounds incredibly… spoilt… of me"

"Don't worry about it"

"How very rude of me, I'm Maura"

"Hi, I'm Jane. Nice to meet you Maura"

The stewardess came round with the bar service, both Jane and Maura got a drink. The notion of asking where London was vanished from Maura's head

"I could get used to first class" Jane said with a smile

"First time?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Are you excited to be spending the holidays with your family?"

"Well aren't you a chatty Cathy when you've had a drink"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be sorry, it's cute"

Maura blushed.

"So, what do you do for a living?"

"Oh, I wouldn't want to bore you with that"

"Well, I'm here for another 4 hours so…"

"I work for the coroners office, and yourself?"

"I'm a detective. Homicide"

"Oh wow. Very interesting"

"Yeah it is" Jane sighed.

They fell into a comfortable silence. The hum of the airplane the only thing audible.

a few minutes had gone by when Jane spoke again

"Where are you based?"

"I'm sorry?" Maura replied

Jane laughed. "Where in the good ol' U.S of A do you work"

"New York, but I've just accepted a new position elsewhere. So I'll be working in Boston, Massachusetts from the middle of January onwards. Where do you work Detective?"

"Well Doctor, I actually work in Boston… Wait. Are you our new M.E.?"

"I'm the new Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts"

"So yes then" Jane chuckled. "Let me introduce myself properly. I'm Detective Jane Rizzoli, and I'm one of the detectives you'll be working with. You're a lot easier on the eye than Pike"


"Our current M.E. Useless, rude, and slower than a snail"

"Oh, well I guarantee I am none of those things"


Silence between the two ladies resumed once again. The Pilot issued his instructions to the cabin crew, who went about their duties as the plane started to make its final decent. Jane and Maura collected their hand luggage from their cabins and made their way off the plane. In a comfortable silence they walked to the baggage claim area to wait for their suitcases. Jane's was first on the carousel.

"Can you see yours?"

"Yes, they've just come out now. Those three Armani ones"

"Three? How long are you staying for!?" Jane exclaimed

"Only 10 days"

Jane starred at Maura, and then at the size of the suitcases on the conveyer belt. She grabbed the two biggest ones whilst Maura lifted the smallest one. She hoped her face didn't show how heavy the thought the suitcases were.

They started to move towards the exit, when Maura stopped suddenly looking panic stricken

"Whats up Doc" Jane laughed at her own joke, before she quickly realised now was not the time. "Are you OK, whats the matter?"

"I… I… I don't know where I am. How do I get to London. My driver was picking me up from London Gatwick, he won't have made it here." Maura was trying not to hyperventilate, her breathing was erratic and she was struggling to control it.

"Relax" said Jane, putting her hand on Maura's shoulder. "Ma is picking me up, I'm sure she can drop you off at the nearest train station"

"Oh, no, don't worry. I don't want your mother to go to any trouble, or bring her out of her way. I should be able to get a taxi to Kensington from here." She looked at Jane for confirmation this was possible.

"Maura, thats about 200 miles away… that will cost you about $700 and take about 6 hours, that's insane. The train will be much quicker and much cheaper"

"But Jane"

"But Jane nothing" Jane interrupted "Ma will drop you at the train station and I won't hear a word against it"

"Well, if you're sure?"

"Of course. Now lets get a trolley for your millions of suitcases"

"It's only three" She realised Jane was kidding when she seen the wicked grin on her face.

Jane pushed the trolly with 4 suitcases on out to the meet and great area where she spotted her mother with a giant sign with "JANE RIZZOLI" written on it

"Oh Jeeze"

"What?" Maura asked, but she soon found out what Jane was talking about


Angela Rizzoli engulfed Jane in the tightest hug ever

"Ma, c'mon. Let me go. People are staring at us"

"Jane Clementine Rizzoli, your mother has not seen you in so lo… Oh, hello, who are you? Janie, you didn't tell me you were bringing someone home with you, I'd have made more of an effort to look my best. She's very beautiful, totally gorgeous, completely your type, no offence, I think you're punching above your weight with this one"

"Good Morning Mrs Rizzoli, my names Maura"

"Ma, stop harassing her. She's not my girlfriend, she's just someone I work with"

"I'm not harassing her, I was just telling her she was beautiful, can a mother not do that?"

"No Ma, you can't. Can we please drop her off at the train station?"

"Sure Janie, and don't get snappy with your mother… C'mon Maura, lets go. You can tell me all about yourself on the walk to the car" They turned and left Jane to push the trolley with the (heavy) suitcases. Jane could see them laughing with one another and found herself smiling at their interaction. She couldn't help but notice the doctor's heels, and legs and how she walked

Maura could sense someone was looking at her. She turned to look at Jane. She saw how Jane was very slowly moving her eyes up her body. When their eyes locked, she smiled and Jane blushed a bright red colour and quickly looked away.

Jane loaded the suitcases into the trunk of her mothers car

"Go leave the trolley back in the rack"

"But MA, it's all the way over there" Jane huffed.

"Jane. Go."

"Ugh. Fine"

Jane marched off to put it back. Maura and Angela got into the car. Before Maura had even got her seatbelt on, Angela started quizzing Maura.

"Are you sure you're not dating my daughter?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"You're not dating, but you do find her attractive. Don't think I didn't catch you staring at her when we were at the Airport"


"You should ask her out. She'll say yes you know"

"Oh I don't think…"

"What? You don't think you're into girls? You don't think she's into girls? You don't find her attractive?"

"She is rather aesthetically pleasing"

"Is that a classy way of saying she's hot?"


"Great. Ask her out"

Just as they had finished, Jane got back into the car.

"What are you to talking about"

"Nothing" Angela said quickly

"I don't believe you but I'm too tired to argue"

"Good. Put your belt on Jane"

Jane helped Maura with her bags and into the train station. Both of them checked the boards trying to find a train going to London. But to no avail.

"Wow… All of the trains have been cancelled"

"There is one going to Manchester, will I be able to get a connecting one to London from there?"

"Yeah, you should. Right, let's go" Jane started wheeling the suitcases towards the exit

"Jane, where are you going?"

"Back to the car, Ma can drop you in Manchester. That's where she lives"

"Oh. If that will be OK?"

"Of course. Lets go"

Once again Jane helped Maura with her bags out of the car and into the train station.

"I can't help but feel I'm having Deja Vu" Laughed Jane

Maura smiled and walked with Jane

"What were you and my mother talking about"

"Oh nothing in particular"

"I don't think that's true"

"She just asked me if I found you attractive"

"I'm going to kill her"

"No Jane, don't. She said it with the best intentions"

"I'm still going to kill her. I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be. You are incredibly attractive"

Jane blushed

"This might be incredibly forward, but, when we're both back in Boston, would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Of course I would" Jane blushed

"Excellent, here is my cellphone number"

"Oh no, it looks like you'll be in Manchester a bit longer. All the trains have been cancelled"


"Let me go see why"

Jane returned 15 minutes later

"Not enough drivers, trains are cancelled for the rest of today, but they are providing a bus service"

Maura scrunched up her nose at the idea of sitting on a bus

"I'll find a private transfer company, don't worry."

"Ok, well you may as well come back to ours and call around from there. It will be a lot more pleasant than standing here in Piccadilly train station on Christmas Eve"

"You would be correct. Are you sure your mother wont mind?"

"Did you really just ask me that question again?" Jane laughed.

They made their wait back to the car and explained the situation to Angela.

"Oh Maura I'm sorry dear, lets get to mine and I'll make you a nice cup of tea"

Once they arrived at the Rizzoli household, Maura booted up her laptop and set to work trying to find a private car company to take her to her parents. After about two hours, she gave up. She felt like crying. In fact, she was crying. She was tired, she was jet lagged, she smelt like an 8 hour overnight flight. She couldn't even find a hire company that was open at this time of day. She was stuck. She was stranded, and she couldn't get home to see parents. She had called them to tell them of her situation, but they had sent their driver home to his family for Christmas. They said they would try and work something out, but Maura wasn't holding out hope.

Jane entered the room, and noticed that Maura was crying. She put her hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her.

"Heeeyy, what's up?"

Maura continued to cry

"Sssssh, it's ok. Can you not find a way home?"

Maura nodded into Jane's shoulder.

Angela came into the room

"Whats up sweetie"

"She can't find a way to get to home"

"Well, it looks like you're spending Christmas with us!"