"I'm really happy you decided to come with us Jane"

"Well, thank you very much for inviting me, Mrs Isles"

"Oh please, call me Constance"

"The rest of the journey to the airport went by in a comfortable silence. Jane had rested her hand on Maura's leg, and Constance had her head on her husbands shoulder

"Arthur dear, did you let the pilot know we had an extra body for the flight home?"

"Yes dear"

"It was then that it dawned on Jane that she would be flying to London. She had somehow forgot that, she wasn't sure how. Perhaps it was the beer?

"As the driver pulled on to the runway, Jane and Maura both noted that it was a private Jet, and not a helicopter like originally planned.

"A private jet?!" Jane exclaimed out loud

"One of my colleagues from the university I teach at is an avid aviator. He very kindly agreed to let us borrow his plane." replied Arthur.

"The car came to a hault, and the side door was opened. The Pilot took Jane's hand to help her out of the car. Jane turned, and held hers out to

"Thank you Jane. What a gentleman you are"

"Jane laughed and held Maura's hand as they ascended the stairs to the aircraft.

"They settled into their seats across from one another and Constance handed them a glass of Champagne.

"Merry Christmas everyone, cheers"

"They all clinked glasses, took a sip of their drinks, and put their seatbelts on.

"Jane woke up to the feeling of tires hitting the ground. She'd slept the whole flight. She opened her eyes, and looked across the table to see Maura just stirring awake.


"Hey you" Maura replied

"They listened to the pilot make his announcement, and took their seatbelts off. The pilot opened the door, descended the stairs and helped everyone down from the steep bottom

"Maura, Constance and Jane all got in the car, whilst Arthur stayed and chatted to the Pilot for a moment before he too got in the car.

"The conversation in the car picked up as they drove to Maura's parents London townhouse.

"About half an hour later they arrived, and once again the chauffeur helped everyone out of the car, and into the house with their bags.

"The time was after midnight. The housekeeper had made hot chocolate for them and handed them each a mug when they entered the

"This is the best hot cocoa I've ever had" remarked Jane

"Ms Pendergast makes the best hot drinks I've ever tasted."

"Jane nearly dropped her cup as she walked into the living room

"OH my God, your house is HUGE"

"This is quite small for a townhouse" Constance stated. "We didn't really need a bigger one when it's only the two of us here for most of the year"

"Jane started at Constance with her mouth agape. Maura tugged on Jane's hand lightly. Jane closed her mouth, and turned to Maura.


"Hey you"span

"They both smiled.

"Goodnight Maura, Goodnight Jane." Maura's parents said as they headed down the corridor to their room

"Would you like to go to bed? Or would you like to stay up for a bit longer?"

"It was then Jane noticed how tired she actually was. The cocoa had warmed her, and now she was sleepy.

"Yeah, sleep sounds great. Let me grab our bags from the front door and…"

"Your bags are already in your room Ms Rizzoli" Ms Pendergast replied

"Oh. Ok. Thank you very much"

"Ms Pendergast smiled, turned, and left the room

"Ok, then I guess we can just go to bed?"

"Maura took Jane's hand and lead her to her bedroom. As soon as Maura closed the door, Jane captured her lips in a searing kiss. Maura returned it delightedly.

"I'm sorry, I've been wanting to do that for HOURS"

"Me too" Maura exhaled.

"They maintained eye contact for what felt like forever.

"Jane closed the gap once more. Both ladies started hastily undressing one another. Jane pushed Maura onto the bed. She took one look at Maura laying

"Fuck. You're beautiful"