Chapter 1: Ye Olden Kuoh Story

"So that's him, then?"

"The one and only, Rias. Vincent Erosson, freshly transferred from the United States west coast and now arriving for his first day at our esteemed Kuoh Academy...and, perhaps most importantly, a potential wielder of an extremely powerful Sacred Gear."

A moment of silence passed between Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima, widely considered to be the most beautiful girls in all of Kuoh Academy, as they stared down at the newest arrival...and the polite, soft and absolutely brutal berating he was currently suffering under Sona's watchful eye and vitriolic tongue.

While they may have been too far away to hear exactly what was being said they were familiar enough with their fellow Devil's standard operating procedure to imagine the dressing down the young man was receiving, courtesy of his late arrival a good ten minutes after the agreed upon meeting time he was to receive a tour of the campus.

And Vincent clearly looked overwhelmed, eyes wide and head automatically nodding along with whatever was being said.

He was an unusual sight, even among the more ethnically diverse student body of Kuoh. Heavily tanned skin, sharp blue eyes and spiky blonde hair a shade darker than Kiba's while a simple black shirt, blue shorts and running shoes adorned a swimmer's physique that stood a bit above the average male height.

And Sona had clearly brought low the 'gaijin sex appeal' within thirty seconds of speaking, the young man meekly following in her wake as she no doubt gave him a perfunctory tour and saddled him with Kuoh male uniform before giving a polite warning not fuck with her in the future.

...Sona was politely terrifying like that.

"So, how should we approach him? Subtly? Directly?"

Rias stood straight, boldly announcing, "We'll approach him head on. Time is running thin and we need every advantage we can get."

"Ara ara, I like it when Rias is decisive and domineering~!"

Akeno slipped one arm around Rias' trim waist, the other lightly cupping her sizable bust and affectionately fondling it.

The redhead smirked, playfully smacking away the dark-haired girl's hands and mock berating her with, "Not in public, Akeno. Come, let's figure out just how we're going to recruit Mr. Erosson, this could be the start of something truly interesting..."

"Sheesh, I feel bad for anyone who ends up in bed with that chick, she's probably got a venus flytrap for a vagina. Or a beartrap. Or the friggin' Sarlacc Pit."

Vincent was in the process of having a good little pity party for himself as he packed up for the day, the school day flying past in a blur of polite threats, rushed greetings and potentially misunderstood phrases in Japanese due to his still rudimentary understanding of the language, automatic translation or not...never mind that fact that he had only been subject to aforementioned threats because he was still trying to find his way around Kuoh and didn't have a clue where anything was. It wasn't his fault that he was new in town and had been given a grand total of twelve hours to get ready for his sudden transfer.

Having a capricious and willful father as a sponsor was awesome some of the time, a drag most of the far his sudden dumping in Japan was looking to be the latter.

Sudden giggling caught his attention as a clique of girls approached his desk just as he was planning to leave, all vapid smiles and superficial interest.

Ok, that was a little harsh but in his defense he was pretty hungry and had not only skipped dinner but also breakfast in the mad rush of activity that was acclimating to a new city and school.

"Hey, Erosson, right?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"Do you have any plans for later today? If you're new to Kuoh we would be happy to show you around!"

Offering a polite smile at the suggestion Vincent responded, "That's kind of you to offer, but I'll have to decline. I still need to unpack a great deal of things...and..."

Sniffing the air and narrowing his eyes Vincent felt his gaze instinctively roam over the classroom, pupils shifting into slits as the base of his spine itched fiercely, the young man forcing down those sensations in favor of keeping a cool and collected expression.

...Another Supernatural? It hadn't been strange enough to encounter the uptight girl who was clearly a Devil at the front gates, now there was more of them?

He was starting to get an idea of why his father had sent him here. The Bastard probably thought it would be funny.

The door to his classroom slid open and there was a collective gasp from the gathered students, most of the girls eagerly whispering and chatting as a young woman Vincent would happily admit was a bombshell of a looker strolled in with an easy smile on her face.

Smooth, unmarked skin of a relatively pale complexion, slim figure that didn't cross over into the territory of thin and light blonde hair that was perfectly combed and cared for, a bewitching mole located a bit off center from her grey eye...and she was walking right towards Vincent.

"Uh oh. I hope she doesn't ask me if she can show me around town, I might not be able to say no."

"Vincent Erosson?"

"The one and only. Anything I can help you with?"

Politely nodding the girl replied, "My name is Yuumi Kiba, I was wondering if you would be able to accompany me for some time since classes are over?"

"Oh shit, I was only kidding! And she's totally a Devil so she can probably sense that I'm not entirely Human, is she trying to recruit me, assassinate me or rape me? Dammit, Dad! This is why you send people with more information than, 'go to Japan, it'll be fun, lol'!"

Realizing he'd been staring for a good few seconds and that he was sparking no small amount of envious glares from the student population at his inactivity-no doubt fueling the rumors that they would roleplaying prince and princess behind closed doors-Vincent snapped out of his musings, responding, "Sure, lead the way."

Evidently recognizing the dangerous environment they were in Kiba was quick to lead Vincent away from the premises, asking, "Have you given any thought as to what sort of clubs you would like to join? As a student of Kuoh Academy you would be expected to participate in one, barring outside work or extenuating circumstances."

Shrugging sheepishly Vincent replied, "To be totally honest I'm still in the process of unpacking my bags, never mind figuring out what I want to do with my after hours. I assume this is the part where you pitch your group to me?"

Offering a disarming smile that would have panties the world over dropping with moisturized splats and boxers gaining sudden wet spots the young woman stated, "Quite so. Have you any interest in the occult or supernatural, Erosson?"

"Looks like they're going down the route of recruitment. And thank God for that, I wasn't really looking forward to a fight. Or a gangrape."

"A fair bit, actually. My dad was always a history and mythology nut, I inherited that interest as a matter of course and parental authority. 'Your bedtime stories will always be about Greek Heroes and gods, not rabbits jumping over the moon'! That sort of thing."

Chuckling good naturedly Kiba responded, "In that case I think you'll highly enjoy the Occult Research Club. We spend a great deal of time as a group researching and partaking of those olden legends."

"Hiding in plain sight, eh? Not the worst of ideas, to be totally honest."

"I might be. In that case lead on, you've got my attention."

"Wow. Do I even want to know how much all of this cost? What one-percenter funded this piece of work?"

The interior of the Occult Research Club was lavish. In a creepy, victorian-era way that left Vincent wondering if this group of Devils was maybe more well off than he had originally assumed. Expensive chandeliers, precious metal-laced candle holders and finely woven rugs were the most obvious things but there was also a collection of wards and other protections that Vincent had sensed...wards that were not what one would expect to find on some random school building, even if it was populated by Supernatural beings.

"Our club president is fairly wealthy. Many donations offered to the school means she more or less has complete control over this building and what occurs within it. And we only accept new members into the ORC by invitation, not application."

"Yikes. Must be nice. I have to budget out my meal purchases or I'll go hungry."

Kiba affixed Vincent with an odd look while the male simply shrugged. Just because his dad was super famous, well-connected and stupidly rich didn't mean he was super famous, well-connected and stupidly rich.

Which was incredibly unfair, but that was a conversation for another time.

"Here we are, Erosson. The club president is very excited to meet with you, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here."

Pushing through a pair of heavy, ornate wood doors Kiba lead Vincent into an atmospheric yet cozy room with plenty of space and well as a few goodies one wouldn't expect to find in any old school club room.

A fair chunk of one wall was devoted to a wet bar, stocked with an astonishing variety of drinks and spirits. Wines, Hard liqueurs, beers, was all there. And somewhat more unusual-if less immediately apparent-was a moderate cooking station of top of the line quality, warmed and working as something baked in one of the ovens.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the faculty don't know what the interior of this building is like."

Chuckling the blonde replied, "Not in the slightest. Erosson, allow me to introduce me you to one of the ORC members, Koneko Toujou."

Eyes locking onto where the polite young lady was gesturing Vincent realized, in his surprise at finding a bar and kitchen, he had missed a tiny individual crouched in front of the active oven, intently staring at it with unblinking focus.

"Koneko, this is Vincent Erosson. He may very well be our newest member, why don't you greet him?"

No reply came from the slip of a female still watching the digital counter tick down, Vincent raising an eyebrow as Kiba sheepishly shrugged.

"She takes her desserts and sugars seriously."

"I can tell."

Tapping his lip in thought as Kiba seemed briefly unsure of what to do or say Vincent took the initiative, walking towards the silent girl and matching her crouched position, allowing him to get a good look at her.

She was, put simply, incredibly beautiful. Eastern features with a European tint, pale hair that fell to her neck aside from two strands that tickled her sides and sharp hazel eyes. A slim but fit body covered by the Kuoh girl's uniform, skirt hiked up by her crouched position and revealing midnight panties that hugged a tight and cute booty, puffy mound as sensual as it was delicate thanks to her small frame.

Vincent took it all in with a practiced and accepting gaze, used to hiding his open appreciation of the Human body under the guise of polite examination. Most cultures weren't too accepting of his view on sexuality.

Instead he took a few sniffs of the air, eventually remarking, "Chocolate chip cookies, right? Ghiradelli chocolate with...peanut butter? Yup. Peanut butter."

Finally paying attention to him the girl met his eyes of blue with her ones of hazel, head cocked in an outright adorable manner.

"...Good nose."

"Thanks. Did you make these?"

A shake of her head that sent pale hair shaking with hypnotic motions.

"Hmm...well if you don't mind me tasting one of these to figure out your preferences I can make you a batch whenever you want."

Now openly appraising the young man Koneko cautiously remarked, "You can bake?"

"Yup. I've lived on my own for most of my life and I took up baking as a means to fuel my unhealthy eating habits since it was a pain in the ass to constantly go out and buy expensive desserts. Cakes, cookies, brownies, kept my hands busy while I could listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. Naturally, I like to think I'm a decent hand at this sorta thing."

Finally seeming to pay attention to him for the first time as a person rather than a stranger Koneko nodded her head slightly, replying, "Ok. Deal. Put your money where your mouth is."

Vincent confidently smirked.

"You've got it, Koneko."

Kiba chuckled from behind the pair, remarking, "There's still ten minutes to go, Koneko. Staring won't make it go faster."

Frowning in obvious displeasure the girl nonetheless followed Kiba's suggestion, taking up residence in the blonde's lap after she had sat down, Yuumi slowly stroking her hair with affectionate motions.

Raising an eyebrow at the sight Vincent followed suit, claiming an armchair and remarking, "So you two are close, huh?"

Looking briefly confused at the comment while Koneko simply gathered up a package of chocolate chips to munch on Yuumi quickly smiled, replying, "Oh, I forgot that you're new to our interactions, my apologies. Koneko is just naturally affectionate to those she considers close friends and family. If you joined the club she might just come to consider you one some day?"

Chuckling at the obvious pitch Vincent responded in kind with, "You mean if I join I might one day be graced with an utterly stunning girl who wants to sit on my lap? You know how to sell an offer, Yuumi."

Shaking her head in amusement Kiba let the matter drop, Koneko giving Vincent a strange look before returning to her snack...movements a bit hastier and shy than they were previously.

"So is it just you two or are there others who are a part of the ORC?"

"The club president and vice-president should be along shortly, I believe they were merely taking care of some last minute business beforehand-"

"..ot what we should be focusing on, Akeno. If my family says the matter is coming to a head then, unfortunately, we have at best a few months. We don't...oh, you didn't tell me we had a guest, Yuumi."

"My apologies, I thought I told you beforehand that I would be bringing along Erosson after school ended."

"Oh, that's right, you did!"

Seafoam eyes focused on Vincent's wide blue ones.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Vincent Erosson. Welcome to the Occult Research Club."

The young man was entirely unsure of what to say or do at the moment. Namely because a pair of incredibly buxom, incredibly attractive young ladies had strolled out of a side room, bodies still wet and sweetly smelling of shampoo and conditioner from a (shared?) shower, fluffy towels casually thrown over their shoulders as they toweled their hair dry.

The redhead-a natural one, the small patch of crimson above her loins could attest to that-was of clear European descent, possessing milky skin and a generous figure that was fairly athletic, trim waist and stomach set atop toned legs and plump ass.

The other was a stereotypical Japanese beauty, truly massive bust aside. Purple eyes, long midnight hair and figure that was a bit more generous than the redhead's, but by no means fat or excessive.

...He could tell all of these things because, aside from the towels, they were stark naked.

Vincent gazed around the room at the four members of the club, eventually stating, "You must all really want me to join this club, don't you? What, are you short on members?"

"Ara ara, I see no short members here~..."

Raising an eyebrow at the black-haired girl's sensual tone Vincent was about to ask what that meant...and then followed her gaze to his crotch, where the beginnings of an erection were starting to form.

A smooth and unhurried crossing of his legs hid the bulge.


Frowning at Koneko's words Vincent retorted, "If I'm a pervert for getting hard among such attractive young women such as yourselves then you might as well register all of the world as sex-offenders, because I can't think of many that would be able to stare at you all and not pop a chubby."

Hazel eyes blinked at the circuitous and somewhat tortured compliment, but Koneko eventually seemed to let the matter drop, returning to her sweets with a light tinge of pink to her cheeks.

"Ara ara, is our resident kitten finally meeting her match on the field of verbal battle? Vincent, you have my vote for joining this club of ours~!"

The tiny slip of a woman flipped the bustier a stark middle finger, the redhead giggling at the interplay-coincidentally causing her chest to jiggle enticingly-before dragging the ravenette off to a side room.

"One moment, Erosson. Allow us to change into something more casual and then we'll discuss your 'membership'. I don't think it will be a particularly 'hard' conversation to have."

"Are innuendos common here, or is it just showing off for the new guy?"

A saucy wink was the girl's only response before the door closed shut behind them.

Vincent turned his gaze to the calmly sitting Kiba and Koneko.

"Seriously though, is this level of blatant sexuality the norm? Because that's actually kinda awesome and hot."

"Some of it is a show for you but I would readily admit to us being than most cultures typically act."

The blonde-haired newcomer smirked at Koneko, the girl raising an eyebrow at the action.

"And I'm the pervert?"

She nodded in confirmation.


"I am absolutely going to engineer a situation where the tables are turned, miss Koneko."

"Looking forward to it. Pervert."

The duo locked eyes in an acknowledged feud, Kiba merely gazing at them with open curiosity.

"Hmm...he certainly seems to know how to get Koneko to forgo her usual stoicism. Interesting."

"Apologies about the wait, Erosson. We thought you would be arriving later than you actually were."

The male wryly remarked, "I'm sure you were."

The redhead smirked as she and her companion exited the side room, Vincent appreciatively eyeing their new attire. Red had put on black stockings, a short purple skirt and long sleeved shirt of similar coloration, the material sporting a deep V that revealed quite a bit of her cleavage. The bustier girl had gone for a more simple ensemble, long black skirt and violet camisole highlighting her generous assets.

Obviously an attempt to entice him, ditching the school uniforms in favor of 'unusual' attire.

"So what exactly about me got your attention? Yuumi said that the ORC is invite only, but I've been attending this academy for a few hours at best. Either you have a serious hankering for new blood or you ask every unfamiliar face that walks through Kuoh's doors to join."

Enigmatically smiling the redhead responded, "You're not too far off the mark when you said we're in the market for new blood. But first, introductions. You already know Yuumi and Koneko, while I'm Rias Gremory and this is Akeno Himejima."

Vincent's expression froze like a deer in the headlights.

"...Sorry, you did just say Rias Gremory, right?"

Raising an eyebrow at the male's wary tone she replied, "Yes, I did. Is that a problem, for whatever reason?"

"You mean other than being the younger sibling of the kind of scary individual I try not to cross paths with? Or am I confusing you with a different Rias Gremory, who's older brother is the Crimson Satan?"

A moment of silence passed, all gathered feeling rather tense at the staredown between Vincent and Rias...before the redhead broke it with a tired sigh.

"So you know of the Supernatural, then."

"I should, considering I'm a part of it."

"Then I imagine you understand the reason we invited you to the ORC, correct?"

Vincent slowly nodded, expression guarded.

"Unless I'm very far off the mark...this is a Peerage recruitment drive."

Rias matched his nod with one of her own, the other three adopting equally professional expressions as they observed the two converse.

"You would be correct. I have a number of spaces still open in my retinue and we sensed a powerful Sacred Gear residing within you, alongside a nature that isn't quite Human. This was an attempt to ascertain the nature of your character and, ideally, form a bond of friendship with you."

A hopeful smile tugged at the beauties lips.

"If you're amenable to such an offer, we can continue."

Meeting her gaze that stank of low-key desperation and uncertainty (no doubt she was thrown off kilter by his knowledge of the Supernatural) Vincent responded, "Do you mind if we set aside the wordplay and vague intentions in favor of candidness? I never had much gift for it and it'll be easier for the both of us if we just state what we want."

Not even close to the truth but Vincent didn't particularly feel like playing 20 Questions right now, or engaging in the mental gymnastics of half meanings and misdirections.

"Of course, that would be acceptable."

"Good. Now, as for my thoughts on joining your Peerage? Put bluntly, I don't want to."

He saw the girl stiffen but was impressed that she held her tongue, obviously sensing that there were reasons behind that statement.

"As a Gremory and sibling of the current Lucifer I'm certain there's a positively massive amount of resources, connections and incentives for me to join. And that's not even taking into account the reputation your clan has for treating associates and allies more along the lines of friends or family. However...there's an arguably larger list of negatives that one has to take into account when throwing in their lot with you."

Clasping his hands before him and appearing contemplative Vincent stated, "As a member of your Peerage your enemies would naturally become my own, regardless of personal investment. And being who you are there would be a lot of individuals or organizations that would like nothing more than to see you dead, enslaved or marginalized. Not to mention becoming a Devil automatically casts me into uncertain standing with the other factions of the Supernatural world, if not outright hostility."

An apologetic smile appeared on his tanned features.

"To that end, Miss, I don't wish to join your Peerage at this moment in time."

A sullen silence followed his proclamation, the individuals of Rias' current Peerage flicking their gazes between the male and their leader...who eventually released a defeated sigh, body language subdued.

"As much as I wish it were otherwise...I honestly can't find fault in your reasoning."

Nodding at her morose tone Vincent decided it was time to offer up a lifeline, since playing the game in terms of black and white was boring as Hell and not lucrative in the slightest.

"If you can, why don't you explain why it is you're in such a rush to recruit me? From what I understand Peerage members are very carefully selected over a passage of time, not chosen willy nilly. Something's forcing you to act fast and while I don't wish to join your Peerage..."

A sly smile appeared on the male' face.

"I would be willing to aid you in solving this matter, for a few concessions."

"Ara ara, such a bold negotiator we have on our hands. And what would your terms be? Money? Political favors?"

She bent low, exposing her cleavage and abruptly grasped Rias' own bust, harshly squeezing the fleshy mounds and causing them to flow around her slim fingers, the redhead gasping at the sudden assault before moaning lowly and erotically.

"Or would you prefer us~?"


Pinching the bridge of his nose and willing his cock to not stand at attention Vincent replied, "First, stop trying to give me an erection. Second, I agree with Koneko. Third, my only current request is that you let me join the ORC regardless."

Releasing the redhead's boobs-which flowed back into place with hypnotic jiggles-Rias sent Akeno a withering glare which was answered with an unrepentant grin, sighing before she fixed Vincent with a considering gaze.

"What assurance do we have that you are as worth our time as you seem to be implying you are?"

Turning to face Yuumi and answer her question Vincent replied, "You don't, at least not at the moment. To that end..."

He turned back to face Rias, a confidant smirk on his features.

"Why don't you test me yourself, or through whichever of your Peerage members you think will provide a sufficient measure of my skill? It sounds like you were desperate for powerful individuals and I'd like to think I can offer you a solution on that front."

Rias gave him a measuring gaze, eventually asking, "And all you want is to join the ORC, regardless of whether you're a part of my Peerage or not?"

The young man smiled, nodding along with her words-

-before adopting an expression of utmost seriousness.

"Actually, could I add a salary to that request? I'm poor as Hell and need money to fuel my eating and entertainment habits. Shit, I'll take minimum wage, if necessary."

The four stared at the suddenly intense male with varying expressions of bewilderment and pity.

Clapping her hands Rias announced, "Very well, Erosson...we'll test your limits and if you're as good as you claim to be..."

A grin pulled at her perfect lips.

"Then I foresee a great many ways in which you'll be useful to us."

So school has been keeping me pretty busy and unable to focus on Last Lion, as well as simplywanting to take a short break from it and return once I'm back in top form (the only reason Fourth Route is being updated so consistently is because I've got it all written, it's just being edited as I go).

In the meantime I wanted to write a more relaxed and entertaining story, as well as indulge in silly power fantasy. Thus we have YOKS, a little tale that will have sex, booze, drugs and breaks in canon that will hopefully be just as fun to read as it was to write.