Ch 15: Rossweisse 2

Vincent sat atop the bed in a spare bedroom of the ORC, sitting cross legged as he meditated, focusing his divine energies throughout his body in a restrained and controlled manner, saving their potency for when his girlfriend finally arrived and could taste the full extent of his passion.

...It wasn't easy, seeing as how his thoughts were consumed of the sight of a silver-haired beauty and all the various positions they had been engaged in over the past few weeks.

"Turns out that warrior culture as well as several years of repressed desire makes for one very insatiable young lady."

Smiling at that errant thought the Demigod let loose a low, deep sigh that turned his smile into a predatory grin.

He was bare as the day he'd been born, cock standing erect as he eagerly awaited the arrival of his first steady girlfriend, feeling that same thrill he'd been feeling since they first started dating. Sure, the sexual desire was nice but it was a familiar was the affection that caught him off guard, left him grinning like a fool.

It was one thing to fuck the Valkyrie's brains out, it was another to wake up the next morning with her still in his bed, tease her about her rampant desires and then chat meanderingly about the day's coming events before getting down to business.

"I dunno how dad manages to constantly wander from one romance to another. Going steady is awesome."

A brief fumbling of the door latch brought Vincent's attention sharply into focus-

-and despite his many travels, many viewings of events both shocking and erotic...the sight before him still left the young Demigod speechless.

Rossweisse, clad in nothing but an erotic costume of dark purple and gold bangles that clung to her curvaceous form and revealed a healthy amount of skin, thin chains of sparkling metal bringing to mind an exotic dancer or high-class slave. And through it all her glorious silver hair fell in unbound waves, even her usual ribbons discarded in favor of a more natural look.

"S-stop staring so much! D-do you have any idea how embarrassing this is?!"

Snapping out his haze Vincent remembered to both breathe and interact with people like a normal Human being, tightly reigning in his first instinct which was to blast the Valkyrie with the full force of his lust and get right down to business.

"Rossweisse, come sit next to me."

A noise a bit like a distraught kitten left the silverette as she followed her boyfriend's command, trying in vain to cover herself up as she crossed her arms and shuffled forward with her legs kept close together.

"Where did you even get this thing?"

"Mail order from one of dad's 'friends'. Cost pretty much all of my paycheck but seeing how you wear it makes it worth every penny."


The word was harsh but the pleased blush wasn't, Rossweisse shifting nervously in front of her partner.

"S-so...umm...w-what do I do now-eep?!"

The Valkyrie found her feet swept out from beneath her, the Demigod seizing her from beneath her arms as she ended up on her knees before him, cheeks flushing crimson as she nervously gulped, head resting only slightly above his...generous girth.

"What do we do? We have ourselves a very pleasant night, Rossweisse~!"

Feeling a rush of heat flood throughout her body as the overpowering aura of her boyfriend's lust-inducing magic hit her with the subtlety of a rampaging bull the silverette found her mouth instinctively opening, tongue reaching outwards as her hands automatically wrapped around the burning shaft of her lover's cock, fingers greedily massaging and squeezing the hardened muscle in blatant appreciation of its firmness and size.

"Ugh, damn haven't even taken me into your mouth and I'm already feelin' it!"

Emboldened both by the static and simple thoughts pulsating throughout her brain and core—as well as her boyfriend's grunted words—the Valkyrie gave a few more enthusiastic pumps of her hands, relative inexperience made up for with enthusiasm and mutual excitement before tilting the marvelous cock before her downwards, ruby tongue that glistened with needy drool exploring outwards-

-and with a lyrical moan of satisfaction the silverette began to lather the tip of the Demigod's rod with swirls of her enthusiastic mouth muscle, Vincent hissing with pleasure as after a few seconds Rossweisse finished her attentions with a quick kiss that left a dollop of precum on her flawless lips, eyes half-lidded with mounting desire.

"Fuck, Rossweisse...when did you become so good at this? Weren't you new to the whole sex thing just a few weeks ago?"

"I learned on you~!"

Inwardly the Valkyrie was losing her mind at the blatantly risque and confidant demeanor she was displaying, completely at odds with how she was used to acting both in public and private.

But that was the magic—quite literally—of Erosson's divine had a habit of doing away with inconvenient things like inhibitions or reservations.

Case in point the silverette opened her mouth wide, cracking her jaw open as far as it could go before—with some difficulty—she managed to swallow the head of her boyfriend's engorged head whole, sucking and bobbing with her cheeks and neck muscles as the thick meat stretched her face hole to an almost painful degree.

Not that she noticed, the Demigod's guttural moan music to her ears and doing away with any hesitation she might have held. Gradually increasing the depth she could take Erosson's length into her mouth without gagging took a minute but eventually the Valkyrie was cramming almost a fourth of the sizable cock into her face, nostrils flaring as she took in precious air, silken palms massaging and stroking the heated rod as Vincent tried his best not to cum less than three minutes into the whole session, fingers desperately clinging onto the bedsheets.

"Damn, I forgot how much more sensitive I am without alteration magics!"

Altering the size of his dick had an adverse effect on its sensitivity, somewhat counterintuitively. The smaller it got the less receptive to outwards stimuli it was. Now that he was flying at full mast he could feel every contour of his girlfriend's tongue, cheeks, gullet and occasional brush of teeth, of how she was both caressing and tugging on the pulsating organ with sensual tenderness and bringing him closer to the edge-


Vincent snapped out of his trance as Rossweisse suddenly convulsed, retreating from his girth as she wetly coughed and gasped for air, the first quarter of his meat glistening with spit and precum as he gently cupped her face.

"You all right? If this is too much-hmm?!"

Finding his lips stolen by a kiss before he could even begin voicing his concern the Demigod blinked, his silver-haired girlfriend breaking the lip lock barely a second later as she breathlessly let her fingers wander across his toned ass and ridged side, needily panting, "Never, I can keep going, Vincent!"

The male stood stock still, facing the young woman as she swayed on the spot, bright blue orbs practically glowing with rapturous excitement, clad in a fetishized outfit straight out of many a wet dream-

-and it was with sure motions that Vincent seized his woman's arms by the wrists, forcing them behind her back so that the bangles touched, a brief pulse of magic causing them to stick together while the golden chains wound around her forearms and biceps, restraining the Valkyrie as he all but tossed her onto the bed, flipping her voluptuous body so that her neck was canted at an angle, staring upside down at his stiffened and twitching cock.

"You can keep going, hmm~? Then maybe a different angle will help speed things along."

Grasping his raging erection with one hand while angling it downwards his head once more found itself barely swallowed by the receptive girl, Rossweisse squirming briefly-

-until the Demigod snapped his hands forward, yanking off the fabric concealing hardened nipples and latching onto the silverette's generous chest with harsh motions, fingers sinking slightly into the soft mounds and squeezing them hard enough that silky skin flowed around his fingers like foam, thumbs aggressively stimulating the protruding nubs as Rossweisse squeaked around the meat inside her mouth at the attention to her breasts.

"I'm going in deeper, open wide~!"

Using his girlfriend's massive tits as handholds Vincent began to relentlessly fuck the Valkyrie's throat, forcing himself further inside her gullet with each thrust, the angle meaning he could pound away without worry of triggering her gag reflex.

Not that that normally would have been enough to stave off discomfort at both his length, girth and force behind every push of his hips but his partner was both a part of the Supernatural and under the effects of his divine aura which automatically made their bodies far more in tune and accepting of 'harsh' sexual acts.

Such as the guttural moan that accompanied a particularly enthusiastic yank on Rossweisse's tits, the Valkyrie's throat jumping and spasming around his cock as almost a full three quarters of his rod slipped into the woman, her neck visibly deflating and inflating with every movement of his hips, the silverette's legs erotically squirming and toes curling at the sensation, chains and bangles lightly jingling along with her movements.

"Shit, Rossweisse, I'm going to-"

Feeling a wave of unstoppable pressure assault his brain and groin the Demigod bent forwards, forcing every last bit of his cock into his girlfriend's body that he could manage as his swollen testicles smacked against her nose, fingers deforming her bust with enough force to leave reddened marks as he at last blew his load, the choking pressure of her tight throat causing his orgasm and seed to sporadically shoot out of his head rather than in an unbroken stream as he groaned like some wounded animal, spots dancing across the young man's vision.

Once the crushing wave of euphoria passed the Demigod released his brutal hold on the Valkyrie's chest, withdrawing his length as Rossweisse coughed out a stream of spunk that dribbled down her blushing face, wetly gasping for breath that gargled the leftover cum clogging her airway.

And if the blissful expression she wore was any indication she loved the rough treatment.

"Fuckin' Hell...that was insane..."

Finally rolling over onto her stomach—arms still tied behind her back—the silverette kept her legs spread, silken skin covered with creamy and sticky fluid as she eagerly stared at the yet again erect Demigod, tone breathless as she begged, "Please, give the rest to me, it's so...itchy~."

Pushing her to the bed Vincent stared down at the flushed and panting woman, of her exposed mounds covered in angry marks from where his fingers had deformed the abundant mountains and the growing damp patch between her thighs, even the absorbent and special material not enough to hold back the flood of juices.

Unable to hold back a second longer the Demigod channeled a brief burst of magic into the fabric covering the Valkyrie's intimate areas, the outfit responding to the command by removing itself into a neatly folded ball he carelessly chucked away, leaving the silverette covered only with the leg and arm coverings with their accompanying restraints.

Reverently dragging a single finger up the puffy, dripping and positively burning cunt of his woman the Demigod grinned maliciously as she keened in desperate want and arousal, quickly latching his hands onto her athletic hips before dragging her twitching snatch towards his equally eager rod, the two organs meeting with a soft smack that left both hissing in mutual pleasure.

Pulling himself free of the hypnotic and addictive sensation Erosson grunted out a warning of, "If this becomes too painful, Rossweisse, say something...I don't feel like I'll be in the right state of mind to stop myself."

"It'll be fine, Vincent, please...hurry up and fuck me!"

Clearly feeling the potent cocktail of lust-inducing aura and aching cunt needing to be filled the silverette had long ago abandoned her usual shyness about such matters, speaking honestly about her desires as she obsessively stared at the juicy meat poised to spear into her soft, grasping walls.

And then whatever rational thought remained in her brain left with the bulbous head of her lover's cock breaking past the outer folds of her pussy, bright pink flesh pushed aside with brutal efficiency as her pelvic muscles felt like they were being stretched to the utmost limit.

"Grk?! Y-you're too big~!"

Panting harshly as he worked through the slight pain and overwhelming pleasure of having his glans choked out by a burning hot and unbelievably tight snatch the Demigod gasped out, "Do you need to—shit that's good—stop?"

"No, keep going!"

Not even bothering with a response Erosson continued his advance, feeling the hypnotic parting of ridged and slick flesh grind against his length, the short and sharp pants of his girlfriend as she desperately tried to relax her body just exciting him all the more.

It was nothing short of a divine sight, of her spread cunt trembling and shaking as it accepted more and more of him inside, a noticeable swell traveling up the length of her pelvis as his giant girth penetrated her most private tunnel, the deep and lustful groans leaving his Valkyrie's throat causing his teeth to grit so tightly he was honestly surprised he hadn't shattered them.

Onwards he pushed, Rossweisse's moans turning into high-pitched whimpers as she could feel every vein and blood-infused throb of the dick filling her up to an incredible amount, so tight was the fit. Just when she began to hazily wonder if it was going to push so far into her that it came up out of her throat there was a jolt within her lower abdomen, a sudden impact that made her both nauseous yet somehow high as the stars.


Her cervix.

He just hit her cervix.

"Y-you're in so deep~..."

The Valkyrie felt unyielding fingers dig deeply into her hips, keeping their lower halves connected as the Demigod slowly, ever so slowly dragged himself out of her tunnel, the silverette feeling as if he was pulling her insides out by the hole in her crotch-

-and then a second impact drove the breath from her lungs in a throaty moan, toes curling as a tsunami of such conflicting sensations took away her ability to both breathe and speak, as her womb's barrier was caressed once more.

Finally managing to suck down a lungful of air Rossweisse tried to keep her cool, to not become lost in the haze of emotions and feelings that her body was experiencing...and failed, whimpering with primal desire as the Demigod filling her channel with his gorgeous cock began to create a steady rhythm, scraping and rubbing her walls with such delicious friction that all she could do was remember to keep drawing breath.

Vincent wasn't faring much better, air being sucked through bared teeth and a locked jaw, scarcely able to believe the amounts of enjoyment he was recieving from his Valkyrie's body.

Sure, he'd fucked around more than a few times in the past—it came with the territory of being a descendant of Eros—but there was only one other time he could recall being able to manifest his full size and certainly not with someone he was romantically involved with...the cocktail of emotions he was receiving through his empathetic emanations was merely compounded by his sexual pleasure, of the crushing heat Rossweisse was bringing to bear on his dick and the tender kisses of her cervix.

Knowing full well he couldn't keep up this pace for long the Demigod bent low, seizing the woman's lips with a kiss, heedless of his seed covering her features as he gave one final, powerful thrust that battered her protective wall and caused a joyous shriek to leak into his mouth from the silverette that sent him over the edge.

Black spots danced across his eyes, his skull pounded with racing thoughts and his groin felt as if it could split in half with the pent up cum trying so desperately to coat the insides of Rossweisse's cunt-

-and with a final, animal growl the milk from his balls shot out at blistering speeds, smashing into the silverette's cervix as the lover's passionately moaned out their respective highs, Rossweisse cumming on the spot as she felt her boyfriend's burning seed lace her womb's puckered hole, splashes of gooey warmth that had her lips pulling upwards in a silly smile.

Chest heaving as if he'd just ran a marathon, forehead beginning to glisten with sweat the Demigod leaned back, smirking with satisfaction as he gazed down on his woman...more specifically, at the clear outline of his still rigid length nestled within the coals of her cunt, pulsing with the leftover spasms of their shared orgasm.

He wanted more.

"Well, Rossweisse? Feel up for round two?"

Powerful, toned legs wrapped around his waist like the coils of a snake, eyes unfocused and hazy as she moaned, "Oh fuck yes~..."

Ingvild awoke with a start, an unusual situation for the usually sedate and easygoing young woman. But this time she had been having some kind of dream, of her time back in the boring, stifling institution that had never asked or cared about she wanted, only what she could do…

Maybe it was more accurate to call it a nightmare then, rather than a dream. Especially when it was now her waking hours that felt more like the dream than actual rest did. Even if it was still fun and relaxing to nap!

Shaking herself lightly the purple-haired woman resisted the urge to shiver despite the blankets covering her body, mentally scolding herself for falling asleep in clothing that wasn't her pajamas again.

"O-oh no! That means Vincent and Rossweisse had to put me to bed! After I tried so hard not to do that anymore!"

Blushing red at her childish slipup Ingvild made to kick off the covers-

-and winced, holding her head in her hands as she lightly whimpered.

"Owww...did I hit my head? Or is that-oh, wait..."

Spirits falling as she began to remember just what happened the Leviathan slumped where she sat on the edge of the bed, belatedly recalling that most of the Student Council and Rossweisse had warned her to go easy with the alcohol. Sure, she may be a lot tougher than a normal Human thanks to her heritage but it wasn't like she had any experience with drinking before...but after a few sips of liquid that hadn't tasted all that good she had started to feel...fuzzy. And not nearly so reserved and shy as she normally did, something she dreamed of being able to do without the help of booze that made her head hurt.

Sighing quietly the Leviathan made her way to the kitchen, noticing that neither of her friends were in the bed alongside her.

"They probably stayed behind to clean up afterwards...that's so rude of me, to leave them the boring part of celebrations. I don't...think...what's that noise?"

What sounded like arguing voicesreached the ears of the purple-haired girl, head tilting in curiosity as she quickly amended her first impression upon paying more attention.

"No, not arguing...fighting?"

Shouts and sounds of smacking flesh, like what she had seen her two friends end up engaged in when training the Gremory Peerage. Were they practicing? It would be a rather odd time for it, not to mention they were technically on vacation…

Carefully pushing open the unlocked door she heard the commotion coming from—worried that her two companions might be in more than just a verbal argument, the Demigod could occasionally annoy his partner to great extents—the Leviathan peeked through...and felt herself blink in blatant confusion at the sight, smell and volume that assaulted her senses.

Rossweisse was suspended in front of Vincent like the bowsprit of a ship, silvery hair and pale skin glistening with fluids that painted the carpet with shimmering droplets, arms and legs bound together behind the Demigod's back at the wrists and ankles by golden chains and bangles, spine arched to what looked like it may be uncomfortable for anyone who wasn't Supernaturally flexible, completely nude aside from exotic gloves and leggings.

The half-Devil found her eyes hypnotically following the bounce and sway of the Valkyrie's heavy breasts, the fleshy mounds jiggling violently every time her body was jerked and jostled, the young woman's expression nothing short of rapturous as her open mouth issued forth a constant stream of moans, screams and grunts.


Mind overloading at the esoteric and completely alien situation she was bearing witness too Ingvild could only watch with a continuously reddening face, bewildered as to what she was watching.

Vincent was little better, features naught but a feral snarl as one hand had wrapped itself into a tight fist, maneful of silver hair wrapped within as the other mauled one of the aforementioned breasts, squeezing and deforming the generous bust. Ingvild was very confused as to why his hips seemed to be moving so in time with Rossweisse's, though...was he-

-a bulge briefly appeared in the Valkyrie's abdomen, as if something was poking the inside of her stomach as the Demigod thrust forward before once more retreating and the Leviathan felt like an idiot.

Of course they were having sex, why wouldn't they?

"B-but why is it so...advanced looking?!"

Ingvild's knowledge of sex was understandably vanilla and rudimentary, a product of her natural innocence and stunted upbringing...this was magnitude or three more complicated than what she had understood the act to be.

And it was...interesting.

The half-Devil's gaze couldn't tear itself away from the sight, feeling a strange heat gather in her abdomen alongside an odd tightness, a reaction she quickly recognized as unattended lust.

Being a descendant of one of the original Devils meant she had a more instinctive understanding of matters pertaining to emotional catharsis and excess, as well as a proclivity towards them that was only checked by her Human upbringing and shy personality.

Not that it stopped her—relatively—neophyte mind from pretending that she was in the position of Rossweisse, being pounded into with wild abandon or that she was kissing and fondling that luscious body the Valkyrie possessed...or perhaps best of all, being come at from both sides by both of them~!

"I-I need to go!"

Hurrying out of the room before she got caught peeking the Longinus wielder felt herself blush furiously as she silently shut the door to the bathroom with hurried movements...and hesitantly dropped her skirt and panties, breath quick and stuttery as her fingers dipped towards the dripping slit between her thighs.

"Rossweisse was right when she complained about how Vincent is a bad influence..."


"Is it really that bad? Sorry, I guess I should have gone a little bit, err...easier?"

Sky blue eyes reproachfully glowered into her boyfriend's darker shade, the Valkyrie glaring over her shoulder as she nonetheless snuggled deeper into his lap, silver hair spreading over the surface of the steaming water like a shining curtain.

"Of course you should have, I wasn't even close to this sore during our first night and now I can barely even walk! And look at my wrists and ankles!"

Slowly and painfully lifting her limbs out of the aromatic water Vincent couldn't help but guiltily meet his girlfriend's eyes with the expression of a kicked puppy, red circles surrounding her aforementioned body regions despite the cushioning charms implanted on the restraints. They had been going at it pretty hard for quite some time...almost a solid six hours before even his enhanced libido had been feeling mildly satiated.

"I...right. Sorry. I won't ask you to do that sort of thing again."

Continuing his tender massage of her thighs, abdomen and other various kinked or exhausted portions of her body the Demigod mentally cursed himself for rushing what was obviously a forceful night of passion geared more towards his enjoyment rather than the Valkyrie's.

"Nice going, dumbass. Shove a cock like yours in a tight girl like her for freaking HOURS and of course she's gonna have a few words for you. Never mind the light bondage stuff with the restraints and...oh FUCK I never asked if her cervix being hit hurts or felt pleasurable?! Gah, I'm such a-"

"W-w-well, you don't have to stop entirely, you know...just, maybe shrink yourself a little bit before going at it so hard, next time?"

Blinking in surprise at the demure and shy look Rossweisse shot him from over her shoulder Erosson carefully asked, "Well since we're on the subject, hitting your cervix didn't, uhh...hurt?"

An elbow caught the Demigod in the gut, the silverette blushing furiously as she stammered, "N-no, but don't talk so much about something so embarrassing! It felt good, okay?! Pervert!"

"Wait, now I'm a pervert?"

Finally at ease with the idea that their night of admittedly aggressive lovemaking hadn't soured things Vincent buried his nose in the back of the young woman's neck, inhaling her freshly shampooed scent with a content sigh.

"T-that's also embarrassing!"

"After last night me sniffing your lovely neck is somehow embarrassing?"

Another elbow in the gut caused the young man to grin, moving his hands onto her slim but well toned arms, massaging stiff muscles and joints as she quickly melted into the warm water and comforting embrace.

"Gotta say, Gremory has a really nice setup in here. What do you think they're gonna do with this place once the ORC graduates?"

Glancing around the ornately decorated bathroom Rossweisee replied, "Perhaps take it with them? A large enough transportation circle could move the whole building to a different location, after all."

"That's what I would do. Inbetween leaving this place for future generations to enjoy and taking it for myself I would absolutely be greedy."

"Not very generous of you."

"Last night should have proven that I am capable of great greed, know, I think I'd like to come up with a nickname for you. As beautiful a name as Rossweisse is I don't think it's practical to shout out in the heat of battle."

Instead of being offended by his rather blunt statement the young woman seemed flattered by the offer, responding, "A nickname? Eh heh heh...I wouldn't mind that. I-it's usually a sign of intimacy between couples, right?"

Smirking at how pleased the young woman sounded the Demigod continued with, "Well then, how about Rose?"

Turning slightly to face him the silverette blinked, asking, "Rose?"

"Yeah, Rose. Sounds a bit like Rossweisse, is named after one of the flowers most associated with romance and, most importantly..."

Chuckling to himself the Demigod dragged the arm he was massaging into his side in a repeat of the jab he'd received earlier, cheerily stating, "Rose's have thorns, best be handling them with care."

Shifting where she sat with pleased motions—something Vincent was all too happy to accept, given that meant her fabulous rear was rubbing up against his groin and abdomen—the Valkyrie mumbled, "Rose...Rose. I actually like that quite a bit."

"Course you do, it fits like a glove~!"

Rolling her eyes the young woman leant backwards, letting her neck fall over her boyfriend's shoulder as she peacefully sighed in contentment, the male moving his attention to her heavy breasts, lightly kneading and stroking them in a manner that, due to her exhaustion when it came to erotic manners, felt more fuzzy and calming than it did exciting.

"Well, what's mine?"

"How about pervert? It fits with Erosson just fine and describes you perfectly."

"Sorry, I think there's a Nekoshou or something out there that's already got that one trademarked."

Smiling at his wry comment the Valkyrie hummed in thought.

"I'll have to spend some time thinking on one, then."

A comfortable silence fell as the Demigod began working on her shoulders, the Valkyrie glancing around the washroom with a relaxed gaze.

Vincent hadn't been joking, it really was...excessive?

Immaculate tiling done in shades of white, gold and red with plenty of space for one to move about in. A small horde of different hair, skin and other beauty products packed into a tasteful closet while the centerpiece of the room, the washing basin itself, was probably as expensive as a small house.

Smooth and arched, with just enough give that it didn't chafe skin while not leaving the occupant helplessly sliding around without means of achieving any sort of grip. Add in the enormous size that could comfortably seat twenty, six shower pads surrounding it at even intervals and all things considered it was the height of bathing comfort.

The only flaw Rossweisse could find with it was the blatant lack of privacy, with no curtains or walls to hide prospective bathers.

Likely a result of it being constructed by Devils…

"So what's our agenda looking like? Reservations are for tomorrow morning so we have all of today to pack or do whatever."

"What agenda? You took up all of my time last night with your perverted request."

"And beforehand I saw you looking around at various activities we could indulge in. So how's about-"

Both Demigod and Valkyrie glanced to the bathroom door as it quietly swung open-

-and revealed a smiling, content Ingvild who completely failed to notice the pair already sitting within the steaming waters, expression that of utter bliss as she calmly set aside her robe, placed one graceful foot in the tub masquerading as a pool...and froze, sleepy orange eyes locking onto the embarrassed ones of Rossweisse and appreciative of Vincent.

Whereas the Valkyrie had a more athletic and tight figure Ingvild's was noticeably softer, more outwardly feminine with a tender and unsculpted body that spoke of gentleness and peace, rather than battle and war.

"Certainly doesn't do her any disservice that she's got quite a lot up top. Not as much as Rossweisse but that's still a decent-sized rack if ever I've seen one. And hello what is this?"

Glancing at the sparse, soft purple hair decorating the mound between her legs Vincent spotted a rather curious sight...namely that of splotches of discoloration and crusted material, as if significant amounts of liquid had splattered across her thighs.

"Seems the innocent and pure girl has a bit of a naughty side to her~."

"U-umm...I thought the bath was empty?"

"No biggie. And a good morning to you too, Ingvild."

The Demigod's words seemed to snap the surprised girl out of her shock, the Leviathan quickly covering her lady bits with hand and arm alike before ducking beneath the steamy waters with a flush to her skin that likely only had little to do with the heat.

"Erm, yes...good morning."

Ingvild sank even further so that only her nose and eyes remained above the aromatic liquid, Rossweisse deciding to attempt breaking the ice with, "So, did you sleep well last night?"

The somewhat boiler plate question was met by the Leviathan descending even further, only shifty eyes and air bubbles visible as she quickly nodded her head...a suspicious action, given the innocuous nature of the question.

Vincent already knew why she was acting so shy about the question—even suspected that his and Rossweisse's tryst last night was the cause of it, given the young woman's leftover lust that was directed at them rather than herself—but elected to remain silent, curious where the situation would lead.

"If what I'm reading from her is right she was thinking of us during her 'stress relief' last night...and she's acting pretty awkward about something other than a simple masturbation session or even seeing us naked. Well I'll be...I think our darling songstress really did see us last night. Hope we didn't traumatize her or anything..."

"Tomorrow we're planning on leaving for the seaside resort early in the morning, is there anything you want or need to do today before we go?"

Grateful for the change in subject Ingvild resurfaced, quietly replying, "I think we talked about buying swimsuits? And I wouldn't mind actually buying something beside my usual clothes at this feels awkward having to borrow or wear the same outfit all the time."

"Alright, we've got a plan then. Me and Rossweisse will finish cleaning up the disaster from last night-"

A yelp left the Valkyrie's lips, leaping to her feet as she worriedly exclaimed, "Did-did I leave the lights and stove on?! No, the electricity bill will be immeasurably higher and it will be all my fault! I knew we should have finished cleaning last night!"

With a spray of water and flash of bare skin the Valkyrie was out the door, the remaining duo left blinking at her sudden departure.

"As much as I share her miserly attitude, sometimes she's a little...zealous about stuff like that."

Ingvild giggled, a great deal of the tension dissipated as she comfortably leaned against one of the bath's walls.

"I think it's nice, that she's always so conscientious of her actions and status in life."

"Agreed, but there's a fine line between obsession and caution."


Another peaceable silence fell between the pair, broken only by the Leviathan's quiet muttering of, "Erm, Vincent?"


"I never fulfilled my end of the bargain, you know."

Before the Demigod could recall what the terms of their bet had been the young woman began sidling across the bottom of the bath, winding her way towards him in a manner that highly reminded the young man of a sea serpent, all sinuous motion and floating hair of light violet.

"Easy does it just got done with enough hardcore sex with your girlfriend to last two days, don't go dipping into other pools without consent-EH?!"

Soft fingers lightly dug into his calf, similar digits latching onto his shoulder as a lovely young woman pulled herself upwards-

-and silken, tender lips sealed themselves over the Demigod's own, harsh blue eyes flying open at the sudden action as the taste of ocean breeze and cold air suffused his senses, the briefest flicks of a hesitant tongue tracing his teeth and gums.

And then the moment passed, Ingvild pulling away with a ferocious blush as her fingertips repeatedly pressed together, tone demure as she whispered, "T-there's the bet fulfilled..."

Mind rebooting the young man cleared his throat, gently reminding the girl, "It was a kiss on the cheek, Ingvild...not just a kiss."




Resisting the urge to laugh as the young woman looked like she wanted to bury herself in the ground and not come up Vincent responded, "You okay there, Ingvild?"

Once more hiding beneath the shifting waves the Leviathan appeared above water only long enough to bashfully ask, "Don't...don't tell Rossweisse? I don't want her to be mad at me..."

"Pretty sure she wouldn't be, but sure. This can be our little secret."

Stretching his back and climbing out of the bath—inwardly smirking at how his bathmate openly stared at his body without trying to be obvious about it—the Demigod stated, "We'll have breakfast ready by the time you're out, Ingvild. Now if you'll excuse me I need to make sure Rossweisse hasn't pulled a muscle or anything, she was pretty sore this morning..."

The tiny 'eep' and sudden spike of amorous emotion behind him basically confirmed without a doubt that the Leviathan had seen him and his girlfriend doing the nasty, Erosson shaking his head as he walked out of the washroom.

"Guess we should have put up more soundproofing. Oops."

I refound my muse for Last Lion so updates on this story will probably come a bit slower, but in the meantime enjoy steam chapter :D