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"Normal"- Speaking

"Bold"- Attacks

"Italic"- Thoughts

(Humphrey's Room 5:00 a.m)


"Yaaawwwwnn, Alright time to get ready for the the trip" Humphrey said throwing his blanket off and heading to take a shower. "Still can't believe that Kate's dad is letting us have the summer house to ourselves".

After finishing up in the bathroom he saw a new phone and a pair of headphones on his bed next to a card saying "Happy Birthday -love Mom&Dad" to which he smiled and then put on a pair of jeans, a black shirt, and a blue hoodie. After he put his shoes on he was about to grab his bags and head down but saw that they weren't in the corner he put them in last night.

"Mom must have brought them downstairs while I was in the shower" Humphrey said

Grabbing his phone and wallet he headed downstairs, but stopped and turned around "Almost forgot" he said as he grabbed a silver ring in the shape of a wolf with a sapphire for an eye with where he saw his mom talking to Kate. Kate was wearing a teal shirt and jeans, and on her finger was a similar ring but gold and an a amber for an eye. "Happy Birthday Humphrey. You ready to go yet, Lily and Gaia are in the car waiting" Kate said as she saw that he came down stairs "Yeah, I just got to figure out where my bags are"

"Don't worry about it sweetie your dad already brought the bags to the car as you were getting dressed. Now remember to be safe while your on the road" his mom said as she hugged him in a crushing hug not realizing she was causing him pain "Come on Martha let the boy go, we both know the kid can handle himself" "Be quiet Aaron, I can worry for my son's well-being as much as I want". "Well try not to worry too long, our flight to Los Angeles is in 4 hours"

After saying bye to his parents Humphrey and Kate went a blue SUV, in the car were Lily and Gaia. Lily was wearing a violet shirt and jeans, while Gaia was wearing a red shirt, black jacket, and shorts. Both had similar rings with Gaia's ring being gold with a emerald for the eye and Lily's ring being silver with a amethyst for the eye. "Happy Birthday Humphrey, are your ready for the trip?" Lily asked as Humphrey and Kate got in the car put their "Yep, Still a bit upset that Mooch, Salty, and Shaky won't becoming with us. I'm going to miss them". The three brothers had recently moved to a different state after the school year had ended.

"Alright people time to hit the road and enjoy summer, oh yeah almost forgot here is your present" Gaia said as she handed him a locket saying "Our Casanova" with a picture of the four of them, they had took at prom. "Thanks girls, but did you really have to put casanova" Humphrey asked as they pulled out of the drive way while Lily turned on some music "Yep" Gaia said with a smirk on her face and they laughed as Humphrey groaned

Unknown to them a shadowy body had just flown out of Humphrey's house by Martha with what appeared to be multi-colored angel wings with Aaron's fur had turned to a darker tone and had glowing blue eyes giving off sparks.

(Summer House 12:00 p.m)

After about 5 hours of driving Humphrey pulled up to the summer house and everyone got out of the car and grabbed their bags. "So what do guys want for dinner" Humphrey asked as he looked in the fridge with Lily closing the door with a vine spell once everyone was insidez. "How about spaghetti and meatballs" Gaia suggested as she turned the t.v on "That sounds good to me, but lets start after we take our baths" Lily said as she headed upstairs.

After everyone had took their showers Humphrey and Lily began to cook dinner while Kate and Gaia were watching the John Wick series. "Hey, Kate can you and Gaia set the plates please" Lily asked as she and Humphrey were beginning to clean up after finishing the food "Sure thing sis" getting up from the couch after pausing the movie they went to the cabinet to grab the plates.


"I'll get it" Gaia said

At the door was a box with Humphrey's name on it. "Hey Humphrey were you excepting a package?" "What are you talking about? No one other than our parents know I'm here" Humphrey said confused when he saw the package as Gaia set it down in the kitchen. Opening the box revealed a letter and a silver bell from his grandmother and a fire in the form of her rose.

"Dear Humphrey, I'm going to be blunt with you sweetie Anubis and I are retiring from our "jobs" and now your going to be king of hell, but be warned there are a ton of people who are going to want the spot even though it's your birth right (your dad isn't king of hell since he was the general). We've left you with all the things you will need to be a total badass. Some of your duties will be to keep demons in check, keep your crown, gather tour own seven deadly sin generals, and most importantly DON'T DIE. Almost forgot to mention, you remember Arthur right, just give the bell a ring and he will appear. - Love your Hada P.S- You need to selected at least four mates since you are now the ruler of hell, you can have more but the main four get the final say"

After reading the letter the four just sat there "Well that was...interesting" Kate said as she processed what just happened "No kidding, but when I think about it it's totally something she would do out of the blue" Humphrey said as he stood up. "So what are you going to do about it Humphrey?" Gaia asked looking at him to which he smirked "Well isn't it obvious I'm going to be the most badass king there ever ever was"

"Hey Humphrey are you still going to go through with that promise we made?" Lily spoke up "You mean the one where we all become mates?" Kate asked remembering the promise they made when they were younger and they got rings from Humphrey as presents.

"Of course I'm keeping that promise Lily, the question now is do you girls still want to be my mates" Humphrey said as he hugged Lily "No argument from me casanova" Gaia said as she smirked. "Besides Lily when has Humphrey ever gone back on his promise?" Kate asked her sister as they all looked at their rings and smiled "Well then now that we got that straightened out let's give this bell a ring" said Humphrey as he rung the silver bell and a hybrid of a wolf and bull appeared in a butler's uniform from a pillar of shadows along with a she-wolf and Cheshire cat in maid outfits right behind him "It is good to finally meet you master"

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