So, I want to say that I died in some painful and dramatic way and then gained consciousness in a tragic and disbelieving manner, managing to realise I was in another world within minutes of rebirth.

That didn't happen.

There was no conversing with apologetic gods. There was no in-between-land where I awaited my rebirth that I outwitted fabulously. There was no reaper/Shinigami/assorted-other-death-being that dragged me across worlds giving me a mission to complete.

There was just a very confused one-and-a-half-year-old sitting in a hospital room after an MRI; a harried mother getting the information that her daughter's brain has stopped rapidly maturing and she will likely live a long life; and a team of experienced doctors who had monitored the child for the first 1.5yrs of her life.


Sawada Nana had gone through six full hours of labour bearing a baby girl with a single tuft of blonde hair on her head.

She spent a lot of that time cussing out her husband for not being there and for getting her pregnant in the first place. She loved the prospect of being a mother but why did she have to take the advice of her friend and elect for a 'natural birth' without the pain meds. If she ever did this again, she was getting the best damn pain meds out there!

When she was handed the fruits of her labour, she realised it was all worth it. Sawada Nana was in love.

Sawada Tsunahime was in a shit ton of pain.

Babies brains were only meant to handle so much information, so the constant bombardment of memories and the information attached to each thing around her from, brown hair 'brunette, like **** and ****'s hair-', to lights 'can be all different colours, electric, like tv-', it was overwhelming to say the least. So, the baby girl initiated the automatic response to pain and distress, she screamed, loudly, and didn't stop. Que scans, tests, and other medical mumbo jumbo.

Over time the doctors realised that Tsunahime was dealing with sensory overload and rapid maturation of her brain. They found this distressing because at the rate her brain was maturing, she would be senile by five and dead by not much later.

-Back to the Present-

So. I reincarnated. How the actual fuck did that happen. I don't mean about the reincarnation issue, that is a whole other can of worms I have just decided to not think about, but how did I die. I was a perfectly (I think) healthy 17yr old who just got their learners licence and was cursing the idiots in the QCAA for their insane plan named 'let's conform with all the other states using ATAR but let's do it in our own ridiculous, convoluted way and stress out all the students and teachers'.


Anyway, I shouldn't have died. So, what happened?

Structural abnormality of the heart leading to fatal cardiac arrhythmia.

My eyes widened and I let out a little squeak as words not my own rushed through my head. Smiling placatingly at the people whose attention I drew, I had a small crisis.

WTF was that. Was I possessed (I would have immediately ruled that out before reincarnation but here we are). Had time progressed to the point where chips were planted inside our heads. No, I had seen Mom's phone it was outdated by my time. So, what on earth (or wherever I am) is it?!


Intuition, that's what you want to call yourself potential-demon-thingy.

You are arguing with an inherited ability from your fathers side called 'hyper intuition', stop being a dumbass its embarrassing.

Bullshit, you just plucked that from my memory and hoped I was geeky enough to believe it. I'm not a fucking weeb, asshat.

You mothers name is Sawada Nana, I believe I win this.

Wait, wait, wait! They did call mum Nana-san didn't they? I also know through virtue of it being repeated over and over that my name is Tsunahime. Tsuna. Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuckidy, fuck! fuck! fuck!

Shit! Crap! Fuck! Shit!

I breathed slowly through the rising panic, willing the band tightening around my chest to loosen and my heart to calm the fuck down. It slammed in my chest violently, a feeling I was unfortunately familiar with from the side effects of my iron deficiency in my last life.

Arms wrapped around my curled-up form (when had that happened?) and pulled me close, a feeling of calm and I'm-safe-now-ness permeated my body and I let myself slump into my mums arms. I stopped worrying about the omniscient being in my head and my reincarnation. I can deal with that shit later. Hugs were ambrosial.

-Post hug induced naptime and existential crisis—

Whelp, I had a bit of an existential crisis, but now I feel a lot calmer about life. Naps are cool, hindsight is a bitch, and I'm a bit of an idiot.

I am in the world of KHR. God that was a weebier comment than I thought it would be, jeez louise.

Also, I have realised that I can in fact understand most of the words said around me. Thank you brain! The automatic language thing is awesome because I am a very lazy, laidback, go with the flow kind of person, and I probably wouldn't have the patience to sit and learn it when I had other things to do.

You do not have the same limited attention span as before to accommodate for my ability.

Wait, so if I tried to write a book I would be able to actually finish it?

That depends on you, but yes, you would have a far greater chance of finishing the things you start.

Cool, no more hobby hopping for me. It will also help drastically in the whole 'I know what will happen in the future and it will be a pain in the ass' preparation thing. Though it seems pretty cool that I will one day have minions. I have to write my memories down; I will forget them otherwise.

I rolled out of my bed and attempted to toddle over to the corner of my room. It was pretty large, but I was tiny so I could be bias. Cream walls, pink and purple highlights were dotted throughout the room and a low bed, close to the ground so I wouldn't get hurt if I fell out. It was not very used, which verified the hazy memories of spending many nights in the hospital. Have I said how much I do not miss the headache, because holy hell that shit was painful.

As I focused on putting one foot in front of the other I had a realisation, my balance sucked balls. I knew how to walk but it just wasn't translating to this body. I didn't even make it three steps before I slammed into the ground, painfully.

Tears welled in my eyes as I tried to supress the instinctive reaction to pain, I needed to find some paper and a pen, or a computer. I couldn't write in Japanese but that might be a boon in adding extra security to the writing, at least from my mum.

On that topic, I seem to instinctively see Nana as my mother. I had two awesome parents in my last life but that doesn't seem to matter as every time I see Nana my brain labels her 'okaasan' which I guess is different to 'Mummy' but still. Right, back to business, paper.

-Time spent looking and failing miserably—

Fuck this shit.

"Mama" I yelled and got an almost instant appearance of my mother. She looked drastically different in real life, she had the typical Japanese features instead of the western look from the manga, and her hair was a pretty brown. She instantly started cooing at me.

"Aww, you're so cute my little Tsu-hime. Can you say that again?" I realised my mistake; I hadn't said my first words yet. Whoops.

"Mama, wana righ!" Oh, my gods, I cannot enunciate properly yet, this is going to annoy me to no end! It would be weird if I could say everything outright but still. I pouted mightily, but it seemed mum took that as emphasis for my statement instead of my distaste for my lisp.

"Oh, look at you. You're so smart Tsu-chan. You can even say sentences. The doctors said you would probably be ahead of the curve, but you must be a genius!" I blinked slowly at my mother who was still making happy oh-my-baby's-so-smart noises and tried not to facepalm, not that I would be able to physically but still.

"Mama, rweawy wana righ! Om papwr pwees." Her eyes sparkled as she started to spin me around.

"I should get some early learning videos as well. I heard whiteboards were good for kids learning to read and write, maybe I should get one of those. Oh, and I must phone Iemitsu, after all our child is a genius!" After mum finished her sentence her smiling demeanor cracked slightly. "He probably won't answer though," she murmured and held me above her head, "Listen up Tsu-chan your papa is a very busy man; he loves us and works hard to provide for us, that is why you haven't seen him yet. He should be back sometime this year to meet you, so we have to do our best to impress him for when he comes back." She walked me to my room and put me on my bed before floating off to order the various things she mumbled under her breath.

Mum, I love you, but what the fuck! I knew Iemitsu was a dirtbag but I'm almost two and have had health issues since my birth, how has he not made time to see me yet. I feel sorry for the original Tsuna, did he have to deal with this or was I deemed not worth it due to my gender or health complications.

Actually, will I even be able to lead Vongola, I'm a girl and I don't even know if I have sky flames. I am almost certain I would've counted as an Inverted Cloud primary and Classic Mist secondary in my last life, so will I even qualify?

Is this an escape route?

Probably not, any offspring (and I will have some one day damnit, I died before I was old enough to be a mother) will have the blood of Vongola, if I don't get some siblings it is likely I will just be married off to someone Nono sees as a good heir. Unwillingly, mind you, given all the choice Tsuna was given.

FUCK THAT! I am not just going to be some unworthy shit's wife. I will get strong enough to beat the shit out of potential suitors even if I die trying. The vindictive feelings halted when I realised I had set myself on fire. Like actually on fire, this was fucking weird!

Though I guess that answers that question; genetics do in fact play a part in what flame you manifest, given the orange-violet-indigo flames coating my arms like the flames from a BBQ. I was most definitely not a sky beforehand; I was far too bad at people-ing. Me and my gang of introverts were banded together through weirdness, if anyone was the leader it was ***!

Well now I need to turn this off. Mum would probably worry if she saw her child on fire.

I can help

I am suddenly, not, so on fire. Thank you hyper intuition!

You are welcome.

Just calling it hyper intuition is weird though… I am going to go full schizo and name the voice in my head.

That is not really necessary. I am also mildly offended by the 'it' comment.

I am naming you Paige, because you are kind of like a merge between a book, google, and Siri.

Just so you know I am eyerolling in your general direction.


And so began my adventures to not get married to a random, aided by my trusty sidekick Paige.

How can I be a sidekick I am literally part of your brain.

Shush, dear sidekick.


I got bored and wrote this. Please review/comment feedback and constructive criticism. Also comment things you want to occur in the story, and I will look over them for inspiration and ideas :)

Over and out, RadioactiveRandomness