Sorry for not clarifying, by 1 of each flame type and orientation I mean a inverted and a classic for each flame. For the girls I see Haru as a classic lightning, Hana as a classic storm or Inverted rain (or a cloud but that won't fit), and I usually see Kyoko as a cloud or mist but those spots are taken so she will be a classic sun (kinda boring but Reborn ya know) she is totally learning to cruciatus people, tho!

I don't plan for Ryohei or Lambo to be one of Tsuna's elements, but parental Tsuna to Lambo seems like a cute idea. Hayato and Takeshi are kinda meh when it comes to elements, Tsuna's character is based off mine so they would have to change a lot for them to stand a chance of not being kicked repeatedly in the balls, but if you guys like them enough it might happen.

I woke slowly, content, and happy. I lay there debating when the last time I actually relaxed.

Huh, not since my past life. Meh, someone will have to carry me out of my bed if they expect me to move.

Actually, how did I get to my bed?

Shoosh, m'sleepy. G'back t'bed.

'Are you all right?'

M'flame drunk. S'nice.

Huh? How'd I manage that? You can't get flame drunk on your own.

Shit, I'm probably not in my bed. Where am I? If Paige is down I don't know if I'm safe! The khr verse is ridiculous and I'm an active sky; I might have been kidnapped!

I tried to crack my eyes open, fighting against the overwhelming urge to just relax. Panic started to filter through my mind making my heartbeat faster and throat close up.

A movement next to me made me flinch. Who was it? Where was I last?

"Are you okay?" a worried tone pushed itself into my panic. I tied to reply, but all that came out was a fearful noise, so I shook my head. I was pulled flush against a child's form, worry radiating out from him. I tried to catch my breath, cursing the stupidity that was panic attacks. "Just breathe," the soothing voice said, causing the panic to abate and a strange feeling of safeness to layer itself over my mind.

I had only just started to calm down when a hand yanked me from my spot, a threatening growl echoing in my ear.

I am going to die here. Fuck.

I could feel my flames come to the surface in response to the threat. They burned under my skin clouding my mind.

"Kyoya, calm down! She is frightened as is, you're are scaring her!"

The name pierced through the panicked fog and had me starting to relax. My Cloud. The other is My Storm?

I instinctively focused inwards, on my flames, cloud and storm responded in kind and I collapsed into the arms of My Cloud. I am safe and protected, there is no need to fear.

Slipping into sleep I allow the warmth of My Elements to settle over me. There is no danger here.

I stirred slowly, a headache pounding through my head.

'Ugh why do I feel like I have been hit by a truck?'

Don't freak out!

'That sounded very ominous and I am worried now'

Don't worry, it's just that when you woke earlier you freaked out. Just a bit.


Because I was the flame drunk version of shitfaced.

'I am kinda sad I missed that, but back to the matter on hand; why does my everything hurt?'

When you freaked out earlier you managed to go into hyper dying will mode because you thought Kyoya was evil.


"Tsunahime!" I cracked my eyes open to see Fon and a weirdly possessive instinct flared; My Storm… What?

"What on earth do I not remember because Paige is not being very helpful and my brain is referring to you as My Storm, in, like, italics; so, I'm clearly missing something big." Fon blinked slowly clearly trying to sort the info dump I just threw at him.

"Who is Paige?" He said clearly confused. I rolled my eyes at him.

"The voice in my head. Anyway, back to the important stuff, what am I missing?" He grimaced and walked over to where Kyoya seemed to be slumped.

"I will want to explain this to both of you at the same time, so I don't have to repeat it." I watched as he started poking Kyoya. It was such a ridiculous sight that I giggled, My Elements are funny.

Ooh, that makes more sense; I must've harmonised with them. Well that was unintentional, aren't skies meant to court elements? Then again that is just random fanfic info. Ugh, I know like nothing; the post-harmonisation knockout effect is really worrying though. What if I met a compatible element in the middle of a battle or something, and just collapsed?

Kyoya stirred and glared up at his uncle; idly I recognised his glowing purple eyes as a kind of 'hey I'm feeling particularly cloudy' sign.

"Go away, monkey carnivore!" he growled. Oh yea, doesn't Fon have a monkey familiar called Lichi; I wonder where she is, it's almost like the author forgot all about her (sorry, not sorry). Fon bopped him on the head with a magically appearing newspaper. Mist flames? Maybe anime bullshit?

"I need to explain something to you and Tsunahime" Kyoya growled at his uncle and rolled over before spying me. Immediately he grabbed onto my leg and yanked, knocking me over.

Is this really the kind-off bullshit I will have to deal with? Maybe I need to rehash the 'marry Kyoya' plan; I may be tactile as fuck, but the thoughtless dragging will just annoy me.

I tugged my leg out from my idiotic cloud's hand and bopped him on the nose.

"Kyoya-kun, no." He gave me an utterly affronted look and I snickered, "personal space is a thing that I enjoy. No dragging me around without my permission." His look morphed into a deadpan I'd like to see you try and stop me expression before Fon intervened.

"Kyoya, I know you are probably surfing on your instincts right now, but if I am going to explain our spontaneous combustion, I need your attention on me and not on our sky." He blinked in confusion and grunted, slowly shifting so he was sitting upright.

He poked my side and made a face that on anyone else I would call a pout (who am I kidding it was totally an adorable pout). I shifted closer to him so he could lean on my side and I mentally berated my weakness to cute spikey things (hedgehogs and cats are adorable and badass little things).

Kyoya let out a happy noise and patted me on the head, "Good, little panther."

I gave him the bitch-brow and moved to sit next to a highly amused Fon, who was clearly using some ancient mind-over-matter method to keep from laughing.

"Right, now that the posturing is over, Kyoya; I need to explain what is generally referred to as Deathperation or more commonly Dying Will Flames. It is an ability predominantly used by the underworlds like the Italian mafia or the Chinese triads; the Japanese yakuza, however, are quite behind in flame use, so Japan is usually a safe place for young flame users such as yourselves."

I sit there listening intently to the 'real' knowledge of this world instead of the assorted fanfic lore. Paige pokes my mind and I tilt my head a considering look placed on my face; I have got to say, my acting would suck without Paige; "Does that mean you are part of the underworld?" I ask curiously.

Kyoya grins viciously and Fon startles "How did you-, right Hyper Intuition, of course." He rolled his eyes and gives me a light glare, "Will I ever be able to keep something from you?" I preen.

"Not likely, Paige is a badass like that." Kyoya gives me a questioning look and I roll my eyes, "The voice in my head idiot, you were asleep when I told Fon" He makes a face and I debate how many eye rolls is too many eye rolls.

"Back to the lesson, kids." Fon said with mild exasperation, "There are seven types of flames and two orientations for each. Sky is the first with the harmony attribute, its main use is to create bonds with other elements, but it can also be used in a range of creative ways from calming people to essentially teleporting." My eyes are wide as I stare in disbelief at the martial artist, he grins and explains, "it has only been utilised by one particularly enterprising sky, it involved 'harmonising' with the earths paths of natural energy to travel, but it is possible."

Oh my gosh, flames are so much cooler than I thought; I will be learning that trick, even if only, for the extra sleep time on school days, "That is so cool!"

"The personality types were the flames?" Kyoya directed at Fon; I blink idly wondering if Kyoya was a genius.

He can literally keep up with you, a reincarnated 17-year-old. No, I think he is just a normal toddler. Seriously, how did you not notice before now?

'He is Kyoya! He could go up against gods and I would just assume he would win; the fandom loved him!'

Fon nodded at Kyoya and I had to take a moment to remember where the conversation was at.

Kyoya realised that the 'personality types' were flames.


"Noriko was not lying per say, because flame users can often be categorised by their behavioural traits, but she did not tell the whole truth." So Kyoya's awesome mum is Noriko-sama then.

"The Cloud flame is something you both share and tends to result in stubbornness and possessiveness. Its attribute is propagation and I know someone that is quite literally immortal due to his flame; I do not know how exactly he does it but watching someone stand up from a headshot relatively unscathed is rather awe inspiring." Awww, he shares the love of the amazing Skull-sama!

Kyoya looked downright terrifying when I looked over to him and I really do not want to know what is going on in his head! If Kyoya's future victims could hear this they would weep at the implications.

"Storm is the flame I have and often results in a kind of 'offence is the best defence' headset; it took a while and a lot of meditation to temper that. Storm's attribute is disintegration and is a very offensive flame, though, it does have some defensive properties such as my inability to fall ill or get poisoned." Damn that's cool.

"Rain has the attribute tranquillity and they often have personalities that calm their surrounding elements. It is actually quite interesting, and Verde studied the phenomenon as there is such a wide variety of possible ways their personalities can end up manifesting; I was actually quite surprised at the sheer number of violent rains. Rains are often invaluable to a harmony as they ease the tension and if the situation gets out of hand they can 'tranquilise' people into calming down." I did not know the personality thing but that did explain Squalo, and Lal Mirch, and Colonello… I get what he means by the disproportionate number of violent rains.

"Lightning has the attribute hardening and can do anything from literally electrocuting someone to forming shields. The mafia tends to enforce unhealthy and stupid traits in their lightnings to the point of them losing their purpose and generally being obsessive, suicidal idiots." That… makes a worrying amount of since.

"Sun has the attribute activation and tend to have ridiculous amounts of energy that they usually direct towards a specific goal. I know a Sun who strives to be the best in each field he tries, but he finds great pleasure in 'activating' potential through being a home tutor." I do not look forward to meeting Reborn, like, seriously!

"Mists have the attribute materialisation and tend to be a bit gender-confused and very mischievous. My Mist friend tends to go by they/them pronouns but given the Mist ability of possession and their propensity to hide under illusions of either gender, many Mists are genderfluid or just don't really care what body they have at that moment." I always thought Chrome and Mukuro's body sharing exploits should have scarred them more than it did, this explains the meh, reaction they tended to share.

"Tsunahime, from what I can see you are a Cloudy-Sky with a Mist secondary. This gives you a wide range of abilities, but will likely make you a rather possessive person, so you need to make sure to watch for that. Kyoya, you need to avoid falling into the Cloud stereotype because I do believe you might greatly annoy your little Sky, and the wrath of someone with both Mist and Cloud flames, is not something you want to bring down upon yourself." Kyoya let out a derisive huff but grunted an acknowledgment and eyed me a bit out of the corner of his eye. I grinned with my teeth bared.

Fon stood up and offered me his hand, "while my instincts are screaming at me to keep you here, your mother will probably start expecting you back around now. She was told you were having a sleepover with Kyoya but between your various bouts of unconsciousness," damn, I've fallen unconscious like three times in the last day or so, "and the flame explanations, all the time has been taken up and I don't think we can convince your mother to let you spend another night with people she has never met."

I had honestly forgotten about mum, granted I did just meet and then harmonised with the bloody storm arcobaleno; I believe I have the right to be a tad forgetful!

I allowed myself to get pulled to my feet and felt the warm-safe-happy feeling of harmony and damn I could get used to that! It quieted the lost, mildly terrified feelings that were a side effect of being dumped in another effing world; I had ignored them till now because it was not a helpful feeling, but they were still simmering under the surface, ignored or no.

I blinked at the mildly awed look Fon was sending me and tugged him into a hug, cus why were Hibari men so damn precious! Harmony was fucking awesome and so were hugs, I thought at the sheer safeness I felt.

I eventually pried myself away from Fon only to get a face full Kyoya's hair as he apparently felt left out of the awesome hugs, meh, it eased the possessive mine feeling that had been present since I woke up.

Parting with my elements was nothing short of a painful endeavor. I felt uncertain and uncomfortable as I sat with mama at the table, kind of lost.

"Are you okay my little Tsu-hime?" I blinked, mildly startled at the fact she actually noticed something.

"Sort-of, I miss Kyoya-kun and Fon-san." She looked surprised, but then gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen her make.

"You made some good friends then?" I smiled slightly; I was still worried about the whole accidental harmonisation thing, but I didn't regret it.

"Yes!" I chirped feeling better. They were My Elements and they would always be there for me; I could feel their resolve reflected in my very soul.

"It would only be fair to your friends parents to return the hospitality, Tsu-chan. Do you want to have them over tomorrow?" Mum. You. Are. Fucking. Awesome!

"Yes!" We grinned at each other and I was happy.

A bit more serious than the other chapters, but it was necessary. If anyone is wondering the combination of three possessive flames (Sky, Cloud, Mist) is the reason why Tsuna has the strong possessive feeling of Mine for her elements. Also the freak-out at the start was her reaction to 'omg, I am in a hostile verse with rare flames and have my alarm system disabled' and the end bit of the freak-out was a hyper-dying will mode related regression into her flame instincts that led her to recognising they were her elements and, like, would rather die than hurt her.