Humphrey woke up because of some small movements next to him, he slowly opened his eyes letting them adjust to the light coming into the den. He glanced around and saw out of the corner of his eye that Kate was moving.

"Hey baby" He said which stopped Kate's movements.

"Hey honey, did I wake you up?" Kate asked.

"Maybe" Humphrey replied grinning.

"Sorry'' Kate said as she leaned down and kissed Humphrey's forehead.

"It's fine sweety, what woke you up? I know you don't have Alpha duties this morning" Humphrey said.

"I don't, but something else is bugging me" Kate said.

"What is it?" Humphrey asked rolling onto his back and looking into Kate's eyes.

"Well, how do I say this. . . I'm in heat" Kate said. Those words made Humphrey's heart skip a beat.

"And you need relief?" He asked after a few moments.

"Yes" Kate said quickly. Humphrey swallowed nervously, he and Kate had mated before, but they had been very careful once Kate went into heat. Humphrey stood up slowly, he was glad their den was away from the others.

"So how do we want to do this?" Humphrey asked.

"Just take control and do whatever you want, remember our promise, I am yours and you are mine" Kate said as she stood up.

"Of course" Humphrey said as he moved behind Kate. Kate had already lifted her tail up, and her heat and the prospect of it being relieved was taking over. Humphrey got behind Kate and stared at her ass. He gazed at the two tight holes, both of which he had fucked before, but despite all those times they were still tight as hell. Kate couldn't believe she was still tight, especially with the size of Humphrey's cock. Humphrey's cock was at least 13 inches long, 6 wide, with the knot at 8-9 inches. Humphrey found Kate's golden hair beautiful, and staring at her wet folds quickly got him hard and his cock began to slip from its sheath. Humphrey got into position getting ready to mount her.

"Ready?" Humphrey asked.

"Yeah" Kate replied as she lowered her front portion down to the ground, leaving her sexy ass in the air with her tail raised revealing her tight holes to Humphrey. Humphrey mounted her and lined up his cock.

"Any preference on which one first?" He asked as he shifted more into position.

"No foreplay this time?" Kate asked.

"I thought you might want to get straight to it" Humphrey replied.

"True, I don't care where you start. Just fuck me sensless" Kate said with a certain tone under her voice. One that Humphrey had started to know all too well. He lined up his massive cock with Kate's tight ass and pushed the tip in. Kate yelped as it entered. Humphrey began to push his huge wolfhood deeper and deeper into Kate's ass. Kate could feel herself expanding to take the big rig, she moaned as Humphrey pushed deeper, and Humphrey groaned as Kate's walls squeezed his cock. Soon Humphrey was in up to his knot, he paused to give Kate a moment.

"So big" She moaned out.

Humphrey leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Your so tight" before he licked the back of her ear once and began to pull out. Kate moaned again as the absence of Humphrey's cock left a void in her ass. Humphrey pulled out all the way, before thrusting all the way back in at once. He began to thrust, going faster and faster with each one. Kate began to moan uncontrollably as she was fucked. Humphrey meanwhile, was more concerned with giving Kate pleasure than getting it himself.

"Oh my, your so good" Kate moaned out.

"Your so tight and warm" Humphrey groaned as he increased the pace even more, his knot smacking Kate's ass on each thrust. Then Humphrey hit a bundle of nerves deep inside Kate, causing her to scream as pleasure shook her body into her first orgasm of the morning. Her body spasmed as her juices were released, some escaped her insides and coated Humphreys balls and sheath. Humphrey was also getting close to his first orgasm, his thrusting was becoming increasingly stronger and faster. Kate couldn't hold her moans, squeals, or occasional screams as Humphrey plowed her tight ass.

"In or out?" Humphrey asked as he drew closer to his climax. He was pounding into Kate almost as hard as he could.

"In, fill me with. . . your hot cum" Kate moaned out. That did it for Humphrey, he began to give it his all, trying to knot Kate. Kate screamed as Humphrey began to hit the bundle of nerves over and over. She was nearing a second climax, and Humphrey knew it. After a few more minutes of thrusting, he knotted her, his massive knot was forced into Kate's tight ass. She screamed as his knot broke into her, and she felt the massive wave of cum begin to flood her body, which sent her into her second orgasm as her walls clamped down like a vice on Humphrey's cock.

"Oh my. . . goodness" Kate moaned out as Humphrey continued to cum in her. Humphrey felt great, he was pouring a massive amount of cum into Kate's body. None of it could escape the seal created by his knot. With nowhere to go, the cum forced itself deeper into Kate, making her scream. Now that they were stuck together until Humphrey's knot deflated some, Humphrey rolled the two of them onto their side. Kate moaned as Humphrey's cock rotated in her a bit. While this first part had relieved some of Kate's need, her womb still felt the fire of her heat.

"Better?" Humphrey asked as he started to lick the back of Kate's neck.

"Yes, but you still have one more to do" Kate said giggling at Humphrey's touch.

"Are you sure? You could get pregnant" Humphrey said, in truth he wanted pups. He just wasn't sure if Kate did.

"I have been wanting to have pups, so I would be fine with it" Kate said. They kept talking while they waited for Humphrey's knot to shrink back to normal size. After about twenty minutes, Humphrey pulled out of Kate with a small pop and a moan from Kate. As Humphrey stood up, he admired the cum that was beginning to leak from Kate's ass.

"That's hot" Humphrey said admiring the sight.

"So are you my dear, now come one. You have another hole to fuck" Kate said seductively.

"As you wish" Humphrey said as Kate got into the same position from before. Humphrey mounted her and lined up his once again hard cock with Kate's pussy. In one go, he thrust all the way in. Kate screamed as Humphrey's cock filled her in an instant, rubbing the sensitive nerves along her walls as it did so. This time Humphrey gave no time for Kate to adjust, he simply began to fuck her almost as hard as he could. Kate was moaning as Humphrey drilled her. He was constantly hitting her g-spot, causing her to scream occasionally. Humphrey wanted to give Kate another climax, and then one more once he was about to hit his.

"Oh my, HUMPHREY!" Kate screamed as Humphrey hit her g-spot suddenly. Humphrey took that as a sign to start turning up the power. Soon he was pounding into Kate just hard enough that he wasn't knotting her, but to Kate it felt like he was trying to. Humphrey was plowing Kate's tight pussy, he couldn't believe it was still tight after handling his cock. Humphrey changed angles again, and Kate screamed at the top of her lungs as Humphrey's cock punched into her womb. Humphrey kept pounding into Kate, popping in and out of her womb, sending Kate even closer to another climax.

"HUMPHREY!, I'm close" Kate screamed as Humphrey hit her g-spot and punched into her womb at the same time.

"Me too love" Humphrey groaned as he plunged his cock into Kate again and again. He was going to hit his climax soon, Kate's walls were tightening up as her body approached another orgasm. Soon enough, Kate hit her climax. Her walls clamped down on Humphreys cock, that drove him to his climax, Humphrey gave one more powerful thrust, and knotted Kate. He poured stream after stream of hot, white cum straight into Kate's womb. It was so much that with nowhere to go, Kate's belly began to expand to hold the cum. After a few moments, Kate and Humphrey both felt like their legs were about to give out. Humphrey rolled the two of them into the tying position. The fire that Kate felt was now out, stopped by Humphrey.

"Thanks baby" She said as she nuzzled into Humphrey's chest.

"No problem honey" Humphrey said as he returned the nuzzle. Unknown to either of them, Kate's eggs were released, and being fertilized. In about 2 moons, pups would be born if all went well. For now, the two of them would enjoy life together.

I know I have been gone for awhile, and I am sorry, and why return with a lemon? I felt like it. Feel free to send be requests or suggestions.