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It is on a distant planet known as Virujansi, where three mothers have just given birth to their three fathers looked on with smiles, all knowing that they are proud to have finally been given the chance to be fathers of their own children. What neither of them could have know however, is the fact their children will share the same destiny of joining the Rebellion in order to play their part in freeing the Galaxy of the reign of the imperial empire. The children themselves, have no idea of their shared fate.

The first of the three children to be born is called Blu, who's parents are flight pilot David and his wife Mary.

This family are well-known for piloting, because David's own parent's had once fought in the clone wars alongside the clones of the Old Republic in numerous battles.

Mary's parents were also important pilots, who fought alongside the Jedi such as Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano in battles such as the battle of Coruscant and the battle of Kashyyyk.

Both parents fought in their teenage years in the war.

The second of the three children to be born is called Roberto, who is the son of John and his wife Roberta.

Their family are also well-known themselves, due to the parents of both John and Roberta being pilots as well as very important Politicians.

It is clear from John's side of the family, his parents are pilots that fought alongside the Jedi in the battle of Utapau as they also witnessed the terrible order 66 come into play.

On Roberta's side of the family, her parents are Politicians that have failed to save the Republic.

The third and final of the three children to be born is called Kira, who is the daughter of Callaway and Caitlin.

Unlike the parents of both Blu and Roberto, their parents are very famous billionaires trying to help homeless people by giving money to Charity.

They also play an important role, that being members of the Virujansi council who are the local government of the entire planet as they make important decisions.

They both have their own history in their past, before they even met their respective husbands/wives.

Callaway's parents are called sir Thomas and misses Martha, who are both born into their wealthy families.

Sir Thomas spent his early years as a curious child, before he ended up becoming a billionaire playboy in both his teenage as well as young adult years.

He met Martha at a dinner party, where the two felt an instant attraction for one another as they both ended up falling in love with each other before they got married.

It was during their marriage's early years, when their son Callaway was born at their home.

Caitlin's parents shared a similar though with lasting effects, they are called Sir Timmy and Misses Sarah.

While Sir Timmy had a comfortable life growing up, Misses Sarah had difficulty growing up as she had lost both of her parents to gun violence at age eight.

She spent most of early adulthood, being a billionaire playgirl as she ended up having numerous relationships with the most notable being that of Mary's own mother.

The relationship lasted for five years, until she married Tim and gave birth to Caitlin.

Despite breaking off her relationship with Mary's mother however, Sarah got back into a relationship with her.

This happened because of an agreement with Timmy, that they both should have an open marriage between them in order to satisfy their respective desires.

The two women's extramarital affair, continued for another five years before their relationship was exposed as it became a global scandal for everyone involved in it.

This caused Sarah to break off the relationship, while Mary's mother was resentful.

John's parents are Red leader Damien and Green leader Kelley, the two have known each other since childhood. They usually played together in their own early years, before they both would sign up to join the Old Republic fleet in the middle part of their teenage years.

Both pilots became leaders themselves, Damien became leader of Red Squadron and Kelley became leader of the Green Squadron in their battles against the separatists enemy.

It is only during the clone wars, they both ended up falling in love.

They kept their relationship a secret from their squadrons, though it did take a massive toll on them as a result.

It was clear to them that they must keep it a secret, knowing that they will get into trouble with their generals if their secret relationship is somehow leaked out.

They both took part in the battle of Utapau, where they witnessed order 66 happening right in front of them as they watched in horror at Obi-wan being shot at by commander Cody.

The dreadful act shocked them, causing them to leave the mission.

It wasn't until the end of the clone wars had finally arrived, when they decided to settle down together on Virujansi.

The two even had a friend officiate their wedding, a fact that made their friend, who is called Jude, smile in delight as he was very happy to do the honours for them.

After getting married by their old friend, Damien and Kelley took the time to consummate their marriage to each other as this resulted in Kelley being pregnant with their child.

It took only six months, until their son John was finally born.

Roberta's parents are politicians called Edward and Margaret, they are members of the loyalist faction in the senate. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Padme Amidala, who proved to be a crucial ally against the toxic political turmoil that consumed most of their fellow senators.

When Sheeve Palpatine was proclaimed emperor, they knew that the Republic, that they fought so hard to protect, was gone at the sound of nothing, but, thunderous applause.

It wasn't long after that terrible act, when they left the senate.

They decided to head back to their home-planet of Virujansi, where they got married in a private ceremony by a priest.

After they got married to each other, they consummated their marriage that resulted in the birth of their daughter Roberta as they became happy at the birth.

The happiness was short-lived for the family, Roberta was taken into an orphanage after her parents were gunned down by an imperial Stormtrooper with orders to assassinate them.

It is a fact that, she is still unaware of to this day.

Despite the family history of the three important children, it is them who will ultimately decide the fate of the whole galaxy.

The Rebellion is still in it's early stages, though that won't matter because it is getting stronger with each passing year as each pilot or general is recruited to their cause.

It will be no different for Blu, Roberto and Kira, who will end up becoming the Rebellion's most important pilots in the fight against the empire as they bear a personal grudge.

It is up to them, whether they will succeed or not.

(So...We get to me the pilots, generals and their children. I'm hoping Nightfly123 that Kira would be a great lead pilot in the rebellion. Stay tuned for chapter two.)