Five years have passed since the birth of the three children, Blu and Kira were busy playing together in the fields.

While they were busy playing together, their parents are watching them with smiles on their faces as they could tell that their children have formed a strong bond.

They hoped that the strong bond will also help the two keep each other alive because of the ongoing possibility of war between both the Rebellion and the galactic Empire.

It's very clear to the parents, their children must be ready for war.

While their children are busy playing together in the fields, David and Mary as well as Callaway and Caitlin were talking.

They talked about different topics, the current one about their past together as friends with two having a laugh over each other's laughable and hilarious antics.

Despite having a laugh over this, the conversation quickly turned back to the possibility of David having to go back to the ever-increasing rebels in order to fight for them.

David himself didn't like it, because he wants to be with his family.

It is a conversation that they all had before in the past, though that was about the possibility of if a Rebellion happens.

Today is a different story altogether, because of the ever increasing tensions between the two sides as they are still trying to gain dominance over the other.

It is this exact terrible situation, that causes David to be troubled as he didn't like the thought of being separated from his family again and he wanted to spend more time with them.

Despite this though, he is willing to help free the galaxy.

"You know, I have seen that look on your face before, David. You don't have to join them. It's totally up to you, my friend." Callaway said as he looked at his friend, in worry.

"Thanks Callaway, but, I have to join them, they'll need me. Besides, I have always spoken to my dad about it. He knows!" David said as he took a sip of the drink he held.

"Your father? Wow. I wonder how old he must be by now. Though in all seriousness, how old is your father actually, Bud?" Callaway chuckled as he quickly became curious.

"He's 70. I'm very surprised that he's lasted this long, Cal. Anyway, back on topic, I'll help the Rebellion, I love freedom." David said as he took the time to chuckle himself.

"I've got to admit...They are going to need all hands on deck. Do you want to play a game of Sabacc again, David? It's fun." Callaway said as he begins to pick out some cards.

"You know what? I'm looking forward to beating you again… Considering that I'm...what?...still undefeated, by the way." David chuckled as he prepared himself for the game.

"Actually you cheated last time, you owe me that win, bud. You had a card under your sleeve. That was not fair." Callaway said as he laughed at the thought their last match.

"All's fair in love and war, Cal. You and I know that very well… But if anything, I will help the Rebellion, it's my duty." David said as his expression slowly became very sorrowful.

Callaway nodded his head at David in understanding, knowing very well that David will always sign up to free the galaxy.

He even took the time to think, about the times where they were children themselves as they enjoyed the peace that they wished their children will enjoy.

The sight of his own father's face, caused Callaway to smile as he took the time to remember back when he and David were children as they would often play together.

After thinking of the past, he focused on playing Sabacc with his friend.

While the two fathers are playing Sabacc together, the mothers themselves are busy chatting away about their own topics.

Unlike David and Callaway, the two women are talking about the state of politics as they hoped that everything will get resolved in the end for both their families.

Unfortunately for all of them, they both knew that the politics will likely have no impact on the possibility of war between the ever-growing Rebellion and the imperial Empire.

It is a topic that the two females are still talking about today.

"I don't like the Senate. They spend their time arguing. All of the arguments usually lead to nothing being done at all." Mary said as she talked with her best friend Caitlin.

"I hear you, sister. You and me both...They're disgusting. I believe that now, Palpatine is the emperor. They must wake up." Caitlin said as she took the time to eat some food.

"Same here, but, we both know, they're still too scared. But in all seriousness, they are still too power-hungry to do so." Mary said as she shared a happy laugh with Caitlin.

Caitlin herself nodded back in acknowledgement, before her facial expression became one of sadness as well as pain.

It is a sight that Mary noticed, before it resulted in the latter sharing a hug with her best friend as Mary did all that she could to soothe the pain her friend is feeling.

When they finally released each other, Caitlin was feeling much happier as the two talked about other positive topics that made them both smile in joyful delight.

It wasn't long, however, for the topic of the scandal to come up again.

"You're still thinking about our moms again, Caitlin? Don't worry, I have no hard feelings for you or your mother." Mary asked as she became worried for her friend again.

"Thanks Mary. It has been on my mind quite recently. I'm lucky to have you as a friend. It's nice to talk about it." Caitlin said as she aimed a cute small shy smile at Mary.

"You're welcome, Caitlin. I'm always here if you need me. Besides, we are mothers ourselves now, we can be better." Mary said as she assures her friend with a happy smile.

"Yep. That means, we must set a good example for the kids. You know… I'm actually feeling a lot better now, Mary." Caitlin agreed as she took the time, sighing happily at the sky.

The fact that her friend is actually feeling better, caused Mary to smile back as she shared another hug with Caitlin.

It is only after they released each other, when they heard the sound of happiness as well as the sound of annoyed groans that came from their two respective husbands.

They found out that David won, that meant he kept his undefeated streak intact and Callaway had lost once again as they couldn't help feeling sorry for the poor guy.

Despite being defeated again, Callaway shook wings with David.

(Friendship plays a very crucial role in this family. David and Callaway are very close friends just like Mary and Caitlin. But... what about Blu and Kira? Anyways...Stay tuned for chapter three!)