Yuuri Shibuya smiled at her niece as she played with the toys in her niece's room. It was another day of babysitting for the double black teen, but it never felt like a chore since she practically was the one to raise Ayumi ever since her birth. Her brother had been stupid when he went to his high school graduation party and didn't use protection, but the mother wasn't much better. The mother, Miley Shiina, out-right refused to abort the baby and told Shori than when the baby was born she wanted nothing to do with it.

The Shibuya family allowed Miley to stay with them, but the older members tried to convince her to keep the child with Shori, but Yuuri didn't like Miley and thought it best to leave her away from the unborn child. Nine months past in a blur and Ayumi was introduced to the world, the only thing Miley did for Ayumi was naming her. Shori, of course, went with it and agreed not to put Ayumi up for adoption to any other family but he wasn't going to back away from his goals.

Yuuri understood why and didn't hate her brother for it at all. Their mother even went so far as to adopt her as her own daughter, but it had seemed like Ayumi chose that Yuuri was to be her new mother since she cried for everyone else only quieting when Yuuri held her. It bothered Yuuri that Ayumi had her mother's eyes, but they suited the three-year-old.

"Mommy," Ayumi cried at Yuuri "play with Ayumi."

She had begun to call Yuuri mommy around the time she started to speak right, it never bothered Yuuri as it did with her mother and brother, but it always made her stammer when she would explain the situation towards other people.

Sighing playfully, Yuuri shook her head and got off the floor, "sorry, but we have to go to the store for dinner."

"Awe," Ayumi pouted, "I don't wanna go!"

A real sigh slipped passed Yuuri's lips as she had to deal with this quite often. Mainly because Ayumi hates the stroller.

"Fine," giving in Yuuri held her hand out to her niece, "since you are almost four, we will give you a trial run of not using the stroller."

Clapping her hands Ayumi quickly threw her long black hair out of her face and grabbed on to Yuuri rushing out the door. She almost to forget to put her shoes and hoodie on, but Ayumi waited impatiently for Yuuri to do the same thing.


The walk to the store was uneventful, but Ayumi never let go of Yuuri's hand, she was so good that Yuuri decided to buy her a new kitty plushie as a reward. At the cash register stood Miley with a glare thrown at Ayumi, as if her existence made her very life horrible. Poor Ayumi felt so terrified that she hid behind Yuuri while clutching her black hoodie.

Glaring right back at Miley for a moment before smiling down at her frightened niece. "It's okay, Ayumi. Just don't pay attention to her."

Giving a small nod, Ayumi just stared at the bags they got while waiting to leave the mean woman. Soon they were on their way to their home, but they say a group of boys attacking another boy, one who was much weaker than them. Called out to them getting their attention.

"You better not be doing anything illegal."

"Shibuya? Ayumi-chan," Murata asked before running away, where he knew police officers would be stationed when the bullies had their backs on him. He hated that he left both the girls down there alone, but he wouldn't be gone long.

"Look at what you did," the leader sneered, "you made us lose our bank."

"To bad for you, I guess."

The group gathered around her, Yuuri had her hand gripped tightly on Ayumi's so she wouldn't be separated from her.

"Now," the leader spoke up, "you're gonna pay."

He lunged for her, but Yuuri grabbed Ayumi and jumped to the side away from the bullies. "I don't think so, but put it on my tab if you can find it."

When one was able to trap Yuuri and Ayumi he pushed her in the fountain by accident. The others grabbed him and ran while Yuuri and Ayumi were being pulled into a whirlpool leading them to a new realm. Ayumi was running around chasing a butterfly, oblivious about the change around her making Yuuri smile at her niece with a soft and gentle smile.

Getting up Yuuri winced at the pain that flared in her ankle and fell back down. Hearing the thud Ayumi rushed to Yuuri's side, "Mommy?"

"I'm fine," Yuuri said breathlessly. "We need to find help to get us home."

Ayumi nodded and rushed off to a lady with a basket of purple fruit, though the woman screamed and ran from her black haired niece. Feeling saddened Ayumi walked back to Yuuri with tears in her eyes, she was young but Ayumi was a smart child.

Other people came from where the woman ran off to and began to throw rocks at the two, but Yuuri rushed to shield Ayumi from being hit. Screams from the townspeople made Yuuri think that there was something about them that made them fear the two. The screams quieted when the sound of a horse neighing reached their ears, taking a chance Yuuri looked behind her to see what was going on.

A bulky tall blonde man walked up to them and spoke something, but Yuuri didn't understand what was being said. Sensing that the man placed a hand on both Ayumi and Yuuri's head, confusion didn't stay long because pain flooded their heads. Once they were released Yuuri scooped Ayumi up and ran in the opposite direction of the man, but they were suddenly picked up off the ground. Above them was a flying human skeleton moving away from the town.

"Mommy," Ayumi called out to Yuuri with a whimper in her voice.

"What is it, sweetie?"

"Someone is calling you," Ayumi said as she pointed down to the man who rode closer to them.

The blonde from before threw a knife at the skeleton at them causing the two fall.

"Adalbert," the man on the horse called as he clashed his sword with the blondes.

"Lord Conrart Weller."

Just as the girls were about to hit the ground another flying skeleton scooped them up before they fell to their death. Yuuri was glad that they were saved from death, but she wondered if they were actually safe now.

Ayumi was so frightened that she wouldn't stop crying at the near-death experience. Feeling bad for her niece Yuuri asked to be put down with Ayumi by the lake. The skeletons obeyed and once they were on the ground Yuuri held Ayumi close to her while rocking them back and forth.

"It's okay," Yuuri soothed, "we're safe."

Not long after Ayumi was sleeping soundly as the man with brown hair came back in a rush. He got down on his knees and checked if Yuuri was okay before checking the little girl. Why was she here? Wasn't Yuuri supposed to be the only one to be coming to this world? Was this little girl important for their future?

"Thank Shinou that you are alright, Your Majesty."

"What," Yuuri asked a bit skeptical of the man before her. "I'm not sure that you have the right girl, uhm...?"

"Conrart Weller," Conrad said.

"Where are we?"

With that Conrad got Yuuri and a sleeping Ayumi on his horse as he explained what was happening. Yuuri and Ayumi were in another world parallel to Earth and they were in a kingdom called Shin Makoku where she was meant to be queen. Her soul had originated in this world, but it wasn't safe for it so Conrad had sent her soul to Earth. Conrad was tasked with placing her soul with her parents' second child, which was her.

Once the basics of the situation were explained they had reached a small cabin in a nearby village where they would be resting for the night. As soon as her feet had touched the ground a man with lilac hair and eyes rushed out screaming.

"Your Majesty," he even glomped her waking Ayumi up in the process. Startled by the cries the man got off Yuuri as quick as possible.

"Great," Yuuri glared at the man, "you woke her up."


Conrad and the man went wide-eyed at what Ayumi called Yuuri, but they were even more surprised when with just a look Yuuri got Ayumi to calm down.

"See those pretty butterflies?" Ayumi nodded her head. "They are near the flower field, why don't you go pick Auntie some."

Ayumi giggled and ran off to do as Yuuri asked of her.

"I'm confused, Your Highness, are you her mother or her aunt?"

"First," Yuuri looked at the lilac haired man, "who are you?"

Grinning brightly the man bowed deeply with a hand over his heart, "I am your royal aid, Gunter Von Christ, Your Majesty."

Backing away from the man Yuuri nodded slowly before facing the only other sane one there, "I am technically her aunt. My brother had an accident and got someone pregnant at a party. The mother wanted nothing to do with her after she named her and gave birth to Ayumi. My brother wasn't ready to give up his dream of being in the government, so our parents adopted her. Too bad for them Ayumi chose me to be her mother figure."

Yuuri smiled at the little girl as she gave her a bouquet of wildflowers, but she also had a few of those purple fruits in her hands. Ayumi turned to Conrad and looked at him with her special puppy dog eyes.

"Can I feed the horsey?"

Conrad smiled warmly and led her to his horse. It was a pretty quiet night, but Yuuri wanted to go outside to think about her family. Did they know about this happening to her? If they did, why had they never told her anything about it? If this was a magical world, did that mean she had powers of some sort? Would Ayumi?

"Your Majesty?"

"Oh," Yuuri jumped and turned around quickly. "It's just you, Conrad. Is Ayumi okay? She isn't very easy to handle if I am not around."

Conrad smiled and sat next to her, "she is fine. Ayumi seemed to have taken to my horse. I'm afraid that she will steal him away from me with all the treats and pets she is giving him."

Yuuri giggled lightly, "sounds like something she would do. She always did love animals."

Silence filled the air, but Yuuri couldn't stop her mind from the questions flying about her head. "Did they know about this?"

Turning so he could look her in the eyes Conrad allowed his smile to fade slightly into a more serious one. "They did, but they wanted you to live a normal life for as long as you could. Your parents probably thought they had more time to be with you."

Nodding her head, Yuuri smiled lightly. She could understand that especially since she would have done the same thing if it was Ayumi in this position instead of her.

Getting up Yuuri thanked Conrad and went to get Ayumi so they could get some rest for the night. They had a long day anyway. It seemed Ayumi had beat her to the punch as she slept in the hay near Conrad's horse.

"Thank you for protecting her," Yuuri told the horse. The only response she got was a snort and a hit from the long blonde tail. "Thanks," she responded dryly as she picked up the three-year-old.

When morning came Yuuri found that Ayumi was playing with the horses' as well as feeding them. She would have freaked out had she not seen Conrad right beside her making her breathe a sigh of relief. It was Conrad she trusted right now, Gunter had to work a bit more to be alone with Ayumi. Gunter seemed to be a bit of a pushover and a pervert with how many nose bleeds she caught him having while looking at Yuuri herself.

As she walked out the door Ayumi ran for her, but she tripped over a rock only to be caught on the back of her shirt from a black horse. Rushing to her side Yuuri checked her niece for any injury and was glad to find she had none and gave the black horse a pat on the snout in praise.

"Good boy," Yuuri cooed. "Be careful Ayumi."


"Let's go to Shin Makoku."