Mate of My Desire


Rated NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or its characters from the franchise. That honor belongs to JK Rowling

Mate of My Desire

Chapter 1

Fenrir Greyback, notoriously known werewolf to savage the Wizarding World, well-known for particularly choosing children as his victims and "infecting" them with the "curse" of lycanthropy. As if that was all he was really known for. Publicly, yes. Privately in his pack, no. He led and provided for his pack, negotiating trades and alleviating fights and tension within it. While his pack saw him as a great and powerful Alpha male, wizards and witches did not see him as such. Not that it mattered to him what they thought, not really. Besides respect, there was nothing that he really wanted from them. There was nothing he really wanted in general, to be honest. Well, there was one thing that he wanted, but had already accepted as an impossibility for him: a mate.

Mates in werewolf culture were for the most part unheard of, but not uncommon. Some people generally believed, at least those that didn't let their fear rule their thoughts, the werewolves found their mates as easy as any witch or wizard finding their significant other. That was true in some aspect, but there was a catch to it. Werewolves only really found their mates while in their wolf form; they didn't find them as humans. Sometimes they would get an inkling if they met them as a human, but it would only be confirmed on the night of the full moon if they ran into them again. And in the many years Fenrir had been a werewolf, he had never met the woman that was his perfect match, his mate. As the years past he had given up on the idea of ever finding her, believing that the one for him just wasn't out there. That was until one night he was lurking about in the Forbidden Forest did he know she was out there.

He had been leisurely walking through the Forbidden Forest when he caught the scent of a giant nearby, a smell that wasn't too pleasant, but no worse than that of a troll. Not only did he smell that, he also smelled three other scents, one of which enticed him greatly. Frowning he wondered what scent seemed to be calling to him. He began walking in that direction, the faint scent becoming stronger as he walked. However, he was cut off in his strides when a heard of centaurs galloped past him in the same direction he was headed, one of which knocked him over in as he did. Fenrir growled in annoyance before picking himself up and continuing on his way, taking off in a jog following the centaurs.

Before long he reached the centaurs, only to see them all attacking the giant that he had smelled, the giant holding a pudgy looking woman dressed in what he could only describe as a horrible shade of pink. He could hear yelling and screaming, so much commotion going on below him, but there was one thing that stood out to him amongst everything else going on, and that was the sweet, enticing smell that had called to him. Looking below him, he saw a dark-haired bespectacled boy with unruly black hair and a brunette, obviously a young woman. Though he could not see her face, he knew she was the source of the smell.

Why would she be the one to entice him so greatly? Unless…was she possibly the mate he thought he'd never have? But that was impossible, as werewolves only found their mates in their wolf forms, and tonight wasn't a full moon. He watched as the giant dropped the woman, the centaurs pouncing on her immediately and her begging the bespectacled boy to tell them she meant no harm. It sounded as if she called him 'Potter'. So that was the famous Harry Potter, huh? Then the girl next to him must be his know-it-all friend whose name escaped him. Fenrir continued to watch the scene and couldn't help but chuckle seeing the centaurs carry the pink woman off before Harry told his friend to hurry and they ran off, the girl having thanked the giant before doing so.

However, right before they left, her brown eyes locked with his own before she ran off. It had been a brief connection, but the moment her beautiful brown eyes had met his, Fenrir felt his heart stop in his chest. This feeling…what was this feeling? He had never felt like this before. He felt drawn to her, felt he should be going after her, but it was obvious there was urgency in their run so he did not. But that didn't dispute from the fact that he…wanted her, desired her. And not in the way he would to make her a werewolf. No, he desired her as if he were to desire his…mate.

Blinking in surprise at the revelation, Fenrir couldn't help but wonder if that girl was possibly his mate, the one that was meant for him. But that was impossible, he wouldn't know that unless he was in his wolf form. Even so, he couldn't help but feel that she just might be. Harry Potter's friend just might be the mate that he desired.

Author's Note: Here I go again with another Fenrir and Hermione multi-chapter story. I am really fond of this unconventional couple and love writing about them from time to time. I'm happy to finally get a start on this and I hope you guys find it interesting and stick around to read it as the story continues to develop. XOXO, SehunsBae37.