The focus is really Kyon and Yuki for now. I promise to give other characters significance too, but... Yuki is my favorite, and Kyon is the main character and I also like him a lot. So naturally most of the focus ended up being taken by them. But I'll also like to experiment with writing the different characters too!

And yes, I rushed this one too adkdksksmw.


The next day...

"Hey, Kyon!" Kyon's annoying, bubbly 5-year-old little sister greeted him. "Whatcha drawing?"

"Nothing really." Kyon said.

"No!" His sister pouted. "Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!"

"Alright, I'll tell you. I'm making a bookmark for my friend. I'm drawing stars and planets on it because she likes space. I'm giving it to her today."

"A bookmark?" Kyon's sister asked. "Does your friend like books?"

"I think 'like' would be a bit of an understatement." Kyon said.

That day at rap class, the seats got re-arranged, and Kyon no longer had a seat next to Yuki. Darn! As soon as they became friends.

Kyon's new seat was in the corner of the class, in the back of the room where spider webs were hanging about and kids wrote nonsensical things on the wall in pencil out of extreme boredom. Yuki's new seat was in the front of the room in the opposite corner to Kyon. But Yuki was absent that day.

"She still must not be feeling well." Kyon thought. "Maybe I'll visit Yuki after school and give the bookmark to her then."

After rap class was over, Kyon asked Taniguchi a question.

"Hey, Taniguchi." Kyon said. "Do you happen to know Yuki Nagato's address?"

"Yuki's address?" Taniguchi looked surprised. "Well, why?"

"No reason, really." Kyon said. "Well, there is a reason. She's home today because she isn't feeling good, and I have something I want to give her."

"So you guys are friends now, huh?" Taniguchi said.

"I... I guess you could say that." Kyon said.

Taniguchi suddenly erupted into rude obnoxious laughter.

"So what's it like having Spooky Yuki as a friend?" He laughed. "Do you like, just sit there and watch her read all day?"

"Please be quiet!" Kyon raised his voice. "I want to know if you know her address."

"I don't, I don't!" Taniguchi was still laughing. "But I think Ryouko Asakura might know."

"Alright, thanks." Kyon rolled his eyes and left Taniguchi, who was now rolling on the floor in his piggish laughter. It wasn't that funny!

Kyon managed to find Ryouko in the hallway after his last class period.

"Hey, Ryouko?" Kyon asked. "Do you happen to know Yuki Nagato's address?"

"Oh, Yuki? I sometimes go to her apartment to bring her food. She lives on room 521 at the Lilac Apartment Complex on the edge of town. Why?"

"Well, she isn't feeling well, so I'm going to visit her." Kyon said.

"Oh." Ryouko's face suddenly fell. "She's sick? When did that happen?"

"At your party." Kyon said. "So I took her to the nurse's office."

"Oh, oh..." Ryouko said. "Oh no. That's terrible! I was looking all over for her at one point. I guess then, she had already left."

"Well, do you want to come with me to visit her?" Kyon asked.

"Oh, I wish I could. I really wish I could..." Ryouko sighed. "But I have to go to the train station right now to visit my grandparents. I promised I'd visit them. But... tell Yuki I'm thinking about her, all right?" Ryouko asked.

"Will do." Kyon said.

Ryouko walked away feeling guilty and dejected. Every chance she had to get closer to Yuki, something had to come up. At the very least, Yuki seemed to be on good terms with Kyon. Maybe with Kyon, Yuki wouldn't be as lonely, Ryouko thought.

The doorbell in Yuki's apartment rang.

"It's Kyon." Kyon said so Yuki would hear him. "I'm here to visit."

The recovering girl put on her slippers and shuffled up to the door, opening it for her guest.

"Come in." She said.

As soon as Kyon walked into Yuki's apartment, he felt a cold aura. Not only was Yuki's apartment chilled (which she needed to stay cool), it was dreary and quite empty. It suddenly occurred to Kyon that Yuki lived alone. Were her parents all the way back on Nagatopia? Did Yuki come to Whimsica all by herself?

The two walked to a low table in the middle of Yuki's sparsely-furnished living room and sat down.

"How are you feeling?" Kyon asked Yuki.

"Moderately better." Yuki answered.

"That's great." Kyon said. "By the way, I made something for you."

Kyon pulled the bookmark out of his pocket and handed it to Yuki.

"It's a bookmark, since I know you like to read." Kyon said. "And I drew planets and stars on them since you like space a lot."

"Thank you." Yuki said, gazing at the bookmark. "The gift is very thoughtful."

"So, Yuki..." Kyon asked his friend. "Are your parents back on Nagatopia?"

Yuki nodded.

"Indeed." She said. "I came to Whimsica alone, in a spacecraft I built myself. The trip took ten days."

"Wow." Kyon said. "You built your spacecraft yourself? Well, anyway, why did you want to come to Whimsica?"

"I had always been interested in this planet." Yuki said. "Your planet, Whimsica, had been sending signals to outer space in the form of messages and scripts. On Nagatopia, we were able to see the messages Whimsica sent to space. By analyzing the samples of your language your planet had sent us, residents of Nagatopia figured out how to speak English, among a few other Whimsican languages. I had been taught to read and write English by my parents at a young age."

"That's amazing!" Kyon jolted up. "Your planet must be really advanced, huh?"

Yuki nodded.

"My interest in your culture began when I read a Whimsican book that had been transmitted to us through space." Yuki continued. "Whimsican books are very different from Nagatopian books. They have such magnificent stories in them. Ever since I read and heard those stories, I wanted to live on Whimsica."

"Oh. Wow." Kyon said. "Well, that's understandable. You loved Whimsican books, so you thought that they must've came from an interesting place, huh."

Yuki nodded again.

"Well, that's great that you're fulfilling your dream." Kyon said. "I guess it does get lonely without your parents though."

"I am fine." Yuki replied. "I appreciate your concern."

Kyon wasn't sure if Yuki really, was fine, however. He thought he saw loneliness in her eyes right then.

The next day at school, Yuki still hadn't come back. Taniguchi began to bug Kyon, as usual.

"So, how's Pukey? Wait, I mean Yuki! Haha!"

"None of your business." Kyon said.

"Has she read any good books lately?" Taniguchi asked, mockingly.

"Yes, in fact she has." Kyon said. "She says the books on Whimsica are great."

"Huh?" Taniguchi looked puzzled. "On Whimsica? Is Yuki not from Whimsica?"

Kyon's blood suddenly went cold. Crap! He accidentally hinted Taniguchi that Yuki was an alien... but... then again, Yuki didn't tell Kyon it needed to be a secret. Maybe he could just tell him, since he'd be bugging Kyon about it if he didn't.

Before Kyon could think critically about his decision, he spoke.

"Yuki is a Xoro." Kyon said. "An alien species from Nagatopia. She's ice-blooded, meaning she needs to stay cold and can't overheat. That's why she got sick the other day."

But to Kyon's dismay, Taniguchi's grin grew on his face. Oh no. Kyon knew that this meant bad news.

"Hey everybody!" Taniguchi called out. "I have a scoop for all of you! BIG news. Yuki Nagato is actually an alien!"

"What? Really?" The other students responded.

Everyone in the class began to crowd around Taniguchi. Even the teacher looked compelled to hear this news.

This was no longer in just Kyon's hands anymore. But maybe everyone would treat Yuki with kindness, even if they did know she was an alien. But judging from the rude laughter coming from everyone, Kyon quickly doubted that. His stomach began to sink. He had a bad feeling about this.

By the end of the day, the rumor had spread like wildfire throughout the entire enormous school. There wasn't a single student, teacher, staff member, or janitor who didn't hear the news. Yuki Nagato was an alien. An ice-blooded Xoro from a planet called Nagatopia.

"Well, I've got to hand it to Taniguchi, somehow he managed to ignite the entire school with his big mouth." Kyon thought. But he couldn't be more disdainful at what had just happened.

How was Yuki going to be treated after this?

The next day at school, Yuki was back. She had recovered almost fully and decided to attend school.

"What a time to be back..." Kyon thought.

Kyon looked around and saw that everyone was avoiding Yuki like the plague, giving her dirty looks, and laughing behind her back. But Yuki herself didn't notice. She was too busy with her head in a book...

"Hey, Kyon." Taniguchi went up to him. "I wouldn't hang around Yuki anymore if I were you. You might catch freak disease."

Taniguchi and his dumb posse of clowns began to laugh like pigs. Kyon rolled his eyes and tried to ignore him.

"Yuki is an ice monster with a cold heart." The girl in the seat next to Kyon spoke up this time.

"What!?" Kyon responded. "She... she's not! She's actually a really nice girl if you give her a chance."

Everyone began to face Kyon, laughing.

"Watch out Kyon, maybe Yuki wants to abduct you!" Another student said.

"Enough of this crap!" Kyon yelled. "You guys are acting like a bunch of clowns!"

"Oooh, don't tell me you LIKE Yuki!" Taniguchi's face warped into the meanest of grins. "That's why you're getting so angry, huh! You like her! Kyon and Yuki sitting in a tree—"

Kyon suddenly erupted out of his seat and lunged at Taniguchi, pushing him to the ground.

"Oh geez, Kyon!" Taniguchi said. "Take a chill pill!"

"No! So what if I like her?" Kyon yelled. "She's my friend! What about it? You guys are treating her like she's some sort of freak!"

"All right, stop all the commotion!" The teacher came in the room and said. He forced Kyon off Taniguchi and stopped the fight.

Kyon felt humiliated, and he was still boiling inside. When nobody was looking, he turned his face over to Yuki's desk. Her face was still in her book. Did she notice anything that happened?

But what Kyon didn't know, was that Yuki overheard everything that happened. Everything that was said about her. Everything Kyon did to try to stop them.

Kyon was a good friend. But otherwise, life on Whimsica just wasn't turning out the way Yuki wanted it to be. Everything was loud and chaotic. On top of that, people picked on her.

Even though Yuki didn't show it outwardly, on the inside she was hurt.

The next day at rap class, Yuki wasn't there. Kyon immediately grew worried. The bullies in the class were awfully silent that day. Kyon decided to take advantage of that and not say anything that would stir them up.

"Now, take out your Inspirational Rap books and turn to page 103." The teacher said, as a few students groaned. Including Kyon.

Kyon reached in his desk, but instead of just his book, he felt something else. He looked down to see what it was.

Huh? It was a note.

"For Kyon." It said. Kyon curiously turned it over, and was shocked to see what it said.

"No... no!" He thought. He immediately knew who wrote the note...

"Dear Kyon." The note said. "Goodbye. By the time you see this note, I will be departing from Whimsica, back to my home planet. I am very grateful for the kindness you have shown me during the past few days."

"Thank you and farewell, Yuki Nagato."

Also in the desk, was the handkerchief Kyon lent to Yuki. Yuki had washed and returned it. It was folded up neatly.

Reluctant tears began to well up in the boy's eyes. He tried to hide the fact that he looked shocked... No! It couldn't be! Yuki... Yuki was a precious friend to Kyon. Yes, sure she was a little weird, they weren't always on the same page either. (Figuratively, and literally too, because Yuki tended to read faster than Kyon.)

There was so much that Kyon didn't know about Yuki. So much he wanted to find out...

Kyon knew Yuki was lonely. He wanted to see her smile. Kyon never even got to see Yuki smile... It just wasn't right.

Kyon knew he had to speak out.


Before he knew it, he was desperately calling to the class.

"Everyone, listen! Yuki Nagato is... She's... going back to her home planet!"

"What!?" Came an almost unanimous cry from the class.

"That can't be!"

"For real?"

"Kyon, let me see that note." The teacher went up to Kyon and took the note. "Oh no... this isn't good... We should all look for her! Maybe it isn't too late!"

Kyon's eyes lit up at what the teacher said. She was willing to help look for Yuki.

"I'll help too!" Another kid in the class said.

"We should all look for Yuki!" Taniguchi said. What? Taniguchi?

"To be honest, I want to apologize to her." Taniguchi said. "And to you too, Kyon. I said some really mean things. To tell the truth, I... I'd miss Yuki if she were gone."

"Taniguchi..." Kyon was pleasantly surprised to hear him apologize. "Alright! Let's go and look around town."

As soon as Kyon and the rest of the class walked out into the hallway, a frantic Ryouko was also running through the halls.

"Kyon!" Ryouko cried out. "Yuki left me a note! She's going back to her home planet! I'm looking for her to tell her to stay!"

"She left me a note too!" Kyon said. "Let's all look together!"

Everyone on decided a plan to split up. The group had 32 people. They would all look around a different area in town. That way, someone was bound to find Yuki.

Kyon, meanwhile, was on edge. What if he couldn't find Yuki on time? Then he'd never see her again...

"Where did you come from, where did you go?" Kyon whispered to himself. "Where did you come from, Yuki Nagato!"