Kylie sauntered through the long corridor, keeping her eyes out for the whole reason she was up before ten in the morning. She spotted him leant back on a nearby leather couch, and crept forward, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

"You should be more careful, X. I could have been the Night Stalker" Kylie whispered into Xavier's ear, putting on her best creepy voice.

"Instead it's my best friend who missed my class for the second time this week" Xavier pouted, but didn't push her off him.

"And how do you want me to make it up to you?" Kylie smirked, as Xavier turned to look at her, his eyes dropping to her lips for a split second.

"Y'know, I missed you too, Kylie. How about you do me first?" Chet grinned.

"Knowing where your dick's been? I don't think so" Kylie retorted, making Xavier laugh.

"You're coming to Camp Redwood, right?" Montana inquired, as Kylie frowned.

"I would if I had any idea what that was about" She replied.

"You haven't asked Kylie to come yet?" Montana asked Xavier, who looked guiltily.

"It's just this counsellor job I've taken up for a couple of months-" Xavier began, as she pulled away from him.

"Months?!" Kylie exclaimed, crossing her arms against her chest.

"I wasn't sure you'd have finished school in time to sign up" Xavier shrugged.

"Well I have, so I'm coming. I can't leave Montana to deal with all you assholes on her own, can I?" Kylie joked as Montana returned the expression.

"See Brooke! Now you have to come" Montana insisted, to a pretty brunette at her side.

"Who's this?" Kylie inquired.

"I kidnapped her in the showers. She's cool" Motanna answered.

"Well Brooke, you better make sure you're actually invited. Seems like it's a pretty exclusive club" Kylie raised an eyebrow at Xavier.

"She's invited and you definitely are. It's not like it would be summer without you, right?" Xavier grinned, slinging his arm around her shoulder and leading her away.

Kylie smiled back but knew she wasn't able to keep all the hurt off her face. She couldn't understand why Xavier hadn't asked her to come earlier. Was he avoiding her?

"…So, are they…?" Brooke questioned, as they followed the rest of the guys in front of them.

"Fucking? No. Not than Kylie doesn't want to. I think she's been in love with Xavier since she was like sixteen" Montana sighed.

"But he doesn't?" Brooke suggested.

"I didn't say that" Montana smirked.

"He said she was in school?" Brooke queried.

"Yep, Kylie's finally eighteen and finished high school. So I'm going to make sure this is the summer they finally get together. I can't deal with their sexual tension any longer" Montana explained.

"But are you sure he actually likes her? I mean it sounds like he was avoiding her" Brooke pointed out.

"Spending the whole summer around someone your clearly attracted to but you feel like you shouldn't? Of course, he's avoiding her" Montana grinned.

"So you're going to be their Cupid?" Brooke smiled.

"Pretty much. Who knows…maybe I'll even get a threesome out of it?" Montana grinned, making Brooke blush.

"What's this about a threesome?" Xavier inquired, hearing the end of the conversation as the group exited the building.

"Brooke and I were just discussing our sex lives" Montana shrugged.

"Well if you need any pointers with threesomes, you know where to come to. I've had plenty of experience" Xavier informed them.

"The closest you've gotten to a three-way was that homeless couple who said they'd jerk you off for $50 in the park" Kylie scoffed, as Xavier rolled his eyes.

"You just love telling people that, don't you?" Xavier groaned.

"And you love me for it" She grinned, nudging his shoulder, as Chet and Ray laughed.

Kylie missed the way Xavier's eyes had widened at her words or the fact that he still hadn't torn his eyes away from her. Montana and Brooke shared a secret smile. It was going to be a fun summer.

Kylie looked at the shaken up Brooke at the back of the van, as she listened to her recount her story. It was amazing she was alive. Almost too amazing. Kylie turned around in her seat so that she could listen closer, pulling her knees up underneath her. Xavier couldn't help but notice how her dress rid up her thighs. He quickly realised he wasn't the only one when he saw where Chet's gaze laid. With an irritated huff, Xavier grabbed his jacket laying over his seat and flung it over Kylie's lap. With a roll of her eyes, she got the message. With a smirk, she pulled the jacket off her lap and placed it around her shoulders instead, much to Xavier's annoyance.

"I think you were really brave, Brooke. How many people can say they fought off a serial killer?" Kylie pointed out, as Brooke gave her a grateful smile.

"Exactly. You made the right choice coming with us. We'll take care of you" Montana told her, placing her hand on Brooke's thigh.

Kylie raised an eye at Xavier who had also seen the gesture.

"Looks like Montana is well and truly over you" Kylie whispered, low enough so the others couldn't hear.

"We had a fling, that's all" Xavier shook his head.

"Oh c'mon, X. I'm your best friend. It was more than a fling to you" Kylie insisted.

"I'm over it" Xavier shrugged, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Good. Because as much as I love Montana, I don't think you were what she really wanted" She explained, as she saw the way Montana was leaning close to Brooke out of the corner of her eye.

"My life in a nutshell" Xavier mumbled.

"Oh please. You have a parade of girls drooling over you back home, not that you actually take any of them up on the offer" Kylie stated, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm focusing on my career" Xavier retorted.

"That's bull. I always thought it was because you were still pining over Montana" She admitted.

"You almost sound jealous, Kylie" Xavier teased.

"Maybe I am" Kylie blurted out, as Xavier turned to look at her, a surprised expression on his face.

"Hey, eyes on the road Chief!" Chet yelled from the back, noticing had they had begun to veer off the road.

Xavier quickly turned his attention back to the road, deciding to ignore what she had just said. She slumped her shoulders in relief, glad he had dropped the subject. Kylie didn't want to lose her best friend over a crush.

"You better cover those legs up, Kylie. You wouldn't want to distract him while he's driving" Chet grinned, shuffling forward so he was in between the two.

"I…that's not…we were just talking…" Xavier stuttered, not sure why he even said it.

"Chill man, I was just joking" Chet laughed, enjoying how he had riled him up.

"You want some, Kylie?" Chet inquired, handing her a tube of white powder.

"Sure" Kylie exclaimed, as she went to open the tube.

"Hey, none for you" Xavier insisted, grabbing it from her hands.

"Seriously, X? I'm not a kid anymore" Kylie rolled her eyes.

"Your mum would kill me if she knew I was letting you anywhere near drugs" Xavier explained.

"Well she can't say anything about alcohol anymore" She grinned, grabbing a flask from Chet's pocket.

Chet and Xavier's eyes widened as she downed most of the drink within a few seconds, as it seemed to have barely any effect on her.

"Damn, Kylie. Do you even have a gag reflex?" Chet grinned.

"Wouldn't you like to know" She winked.

Chet noticed how Xavier's hands had begun to grip the wheel tighter, and knew it was time to back off. There was an unspoken rule in their group. Kylie was out of bounds.

Kylie was the first to jump out of the van when they stopped at the petrol station. She began stretching her arms above her head as Xavier caught himself once again staring at her.

"Fill her up. Payphone?" Xavier inquired, as a gas attendant approached them.

"Over there, takes a quarter" The gas attendant informed him, as Xavier nodded.

Kylie watched him as he went, her eyes focusing on a certain part of his body.

"You should probably stop staring at his ass if you're still hellbent on hiding your crush" Montana whispered in her ear.

"Not so loud!" Kylie exclaimed, wishing she had never admitted to her crush a few months earlier.

"Don't worry, Xavier is almost as oblivious as you are" Montana scoffed.

"What does that mean?" Kylie frowned.

"He likes you, Kylie" Montana exclaimed.

"I wish…he still treats me like a kid" Kylie sighed, leaning against the van.

"He's protective of you sure because he actually cares about you. A lot" Montana explained as Kylie thought about what she said.

"How long have you two been friends?" Brooke asked.

"Uh, about three years now" Kylie shrugged.

"She got Xavier out of a pretty dark place" Montana stated.

"I just helped…I'm gonna' see what's taking him so long" Kylie announced, seeing that Xavier was still at the payphone.

As she approached him, she could hear the end of a creepy voicemail saying, 'I know exactly where you're going'. Xavier heard her footsteps behind him and quickly slammed the phone down, a freaked-out expression on his face.

"What was that about?" Kylie asked.

"Nothing…it's nothing" Xavier shook his head, putting his sunglasses back on, as he went to walk away.

"X, it's me. You can tell me anything. You know, that right?" She insisted as she grabbed his hand.

"I know, but it's really nothing to worry about. Promise" Xavier replied, squeezing her hand in the hopes to reassure her.

"It has nothing to do with…what happened this winter?" She questioned, referring to how she had found him in the park with a needle sticking out of his arm.

"I'm clean. I swear" Xavier told her, as she nodded.

"C'mon, I think the gas attendant is going to start coming onto Montana if we don't hurry" Kylie suggested, pulling him along.

Xavier let him drag her back to the van, enjoying the way her slender hand felt against his larger one.

"Turn around. Go back to the city. They never should have opened that place up again" The gas attendant warned.

"Well, that's a weird way to flirt" Kylie whispered to Xavier who sniggered.

"Yeah, yeah. How much do we owe you?" Xavier asked, opening the car door and reluctantly letting go of Kylie's hand.

"Ten even" The gas attendant murmured as Kylie went to the passenger's side.

She saw Chet was opening the door, and quickly squeezed past him with a grin.

"I call shotgun" Kylie smirked, as Chet rolled his eyes.

"You rode shotgun the whole way so far" Chet stated.

"Guys, please. Don't fight over me, there's enough Xavier to go around" Xavier teased, as they both laughed.

"Yeah, you wish" Chet exclaimed, as he jumped into the back.

Xavier held out the money for the gas attendant, who was quick to take it from his hand.

"Your all gonna' die" The gas attendant informed them, as Xavier seemed shaken by his words.

"You seriously need to work on your people skills man" Kylie replied, as Xavier began laughing.

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