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"You seem pretty distracted today Ino... Something on your mind?"

The blonde teen blinked at the question before turning towards the person who had spoken to her. She spotted Shikamaru who was leaning on the tree that she was resting her back against.

Was she being that obvious?

"Yes, yes you were." The Nara sighed tiredly before slowly sinking to the ground beside her. "So... Talk. What's up? You aren't ever this quiet." His eyes pierced directly into her with a gaze that only a Nara could produce.

Ino avoided the boy's gaze before slowly wringing her hands together anxiously.

Her actions caused Shikamaru to frown in concern. Ino was never one to be anxious and was rarely ever so... pensive.

What had happened? She was fine just a few days ago...

The girl's expression shifted multiple times before she eventually sighed. "I uh... Well." She trailed off quietly as she tried to gather her thoughts.

Shikamaru did not speak as he allowed the girl the time she desperately needed. After a few moments of silence the girl blurted out what was on her mind.

"Naruto is back in the village..."

The lazy Nara raised an eyebrow before shrugging his shoulders. "Ok...? What's the significance?"

Ino seemed to shrink in on herself as her fingers restlessly glided atop her purple skirt. "He... almost didn't come... back." She finally answered simply.

Shikamaru blinked at the response before finally understanding why Ino was so troubled.


"How do you know that?" He already knew the answer but Ino had to keep talking or she'd curl up on herself. He didn't need her avoiding the subject now that she had finally addressed it.

"I'm the 'Gossip Queen' Shika... Everyone knows this. I know things that I probably... shouldn't." The girl's expression changed for a slight moment as she dawned a small smile. It disappeared soon after though.

"Apparently he and his team were ambushed during their escort mission... Things went south and never really seemed to change." She sighed quietly before gliding her hands through her ponytail. "Naruto fought a Jonin by himself to buy enough time for Sasuke and Sakura... I'm not really sure what happened afterwards but I know that Naruto almost... died."

There was a brief moment of silence that followed before Ino spoke again, only this time it was in a far softer tone. "What if he had died Shika? I-I... He wouldn't ever know how I'd feel about him..." Unshed tears formed in the girl's eyes as she turned towards Shikamaru with a pained expression. "Give me some advice! Or something! Please..."

Shikamaru swallowed quietly before avoiding the girl's expression. He was silent for several long seconds before he eventually sighed while closing his eyes.

She probably wasn't going to like his answer but it was the only way he'd really get through to her.

They were Shinobi...

"Ino..." He started softly. "We're Shinobi... This is our reality. There's nothing I can say that will help you nor is there anything I can do for you."

His eyes remained shut as he avoided the girl's hurtful expression. He proceeded to cross his arms behind his head before sighing quietly.

"We take a mission and we either complete it and come back home or we die trying... To not accept this is... unrealistic. Our culture is fantasized for the wrong reasons, Ino." He finally opened his eyes as he glanced at the girl who was now crying quietly.

Tears slowly slid down the girl's face as she stared at the ground with a conflicted expression.

A prick of pain entered his chest at her expression and he released another sigh. "Listen Ino..." The girl did not turn towards him but he knew she was listening. "I'm not saying that you should always expect those you care for to not return but it must always be in the back of your mind."

He shifted his position and slowly reached his hand over to the girl before wrapping it around her shoulder. He patted the girl's shoulder as he spoke quietly.

"Instead of thinking of 'what ifs' why not just 'do'?" At her questioning gaze he sighed quietly. "We're Shinobi and our future is never guaranteed... You should be spending what little time you probably have with the ones you love, trying to make the most of it."

Ino stared at the boy for a moment before returning her gaze to the ground. She gently wiped her eyes before breathing in heavily.

Shikamaru was absolutely right... S-so what if Naruto almost died? He was still here...

She needed to see him.


The girl bounced to her feet with renewed vigor before unwinding her ponytail. She ran her fingers through her long locks before shaking her head, allowing the strands to fall past her shoulder. She wiped her eyes once more before slapping her cheeks with her hands.

"You're right Shika! I uh... Do I look okay? You think Naruto will like it?" She glanced towards her hair before shaking her head. "Who cares? Thanks Shika..."

A genuine smile formed on her face as Shikamaru smirked up at the girl. "No problem... troublesome girl."

The blonde teen laughed merrily before rolling her eyes. "Maybe one day some girl will think the same about you, hmm?" She winked at thehe boy who only rolled his eyes in response.

"Riiiiiiiight..." He trailed off quietly. "Let's go with that. Now, run along. You're taking up my scheduled nap time."

The girl responded by sticking out her tongue blowing a raspberry at the boy. She laughed at his annoyed expression before choosing to skip away from the boy.


Ino slowly strolled through the forested path that led to Team 7's training grounds. She hummed quietly to herself as the large clearing finally came into view. There was a brief moment of silence that resonated in the large clearing before she heard the sound of two males yelling at one another.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT! THAT'S CHEATING!" That was definitely Naruto.

"SHOW ME THE RULES THEN YOU IDIOT!" And that was certainly Sasuke.

An amused smile pulled at her features as she slowly walked further into the training grounds, listening to the two teen's yelling at one another.





"I DO!"

Ino giggled quietly before finally reaching the source where all of the yelling was resonating from. She saw Sasuke and Naruto glaring at one another while their foreheads were clashing together.

Her gaze traveled towards Sasuke for a brief moment before taking in Naruto's form. He had abandoned his black jacket and was now wearing a collared t-shirt that was unbuttoned, allowing her to see the bandages that were wrapped around his abdomen.

A small frown formed on her face for a brief moment before she shook it off. A small smile appeared on her face as she spotted Sakura. The girl was laying on the grass while reading a book, completely ignoring her male teammates.

Ino walked closer to the group, finally spotting what was making both boy's scream at one another. There was an assortment of cards that were splayed out on the grass.

There were symbols on some of the cards, with each symbol being a specific color. The other cards all possessed numbers and went from 0-9 with each of those various cards being a different color. Blue, red, green, and yellow.

"THIS IS WHY I HATE PLAYING UNO WITH YOU! YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES!" Naruto pushed Sasuke's head back with his forehead as he glared at him.

Sasuke was not one to give up so easily and retaliated in a similar manner as Naruto.


Ino watched them argue for another few moments before shaking her head with a smile. She made her presence known by leaping towards her crush while yelling.

"Heeeeeeeeeey~!" She was airborne for a few seconds before Naruto scrambled to catch her. His arms wrapped around her lower back and he shifted his position so that he fell onto the ground with her sitting atop his abdomen.

The Yamanaka glanced down at her crush before offering him an innocent smile. "Hiya Naruto!" She made sure to put all of her weight on her knees so as to not cause any pain or discomfort to his stomach.

Naruto's hands gently caressed the girl's hips before he furrowed his eyebrows. He stared into Ino's eyes for a few moments before frowning. "Are you ok, Ino?"

The blonde blinked in surprise at his question before she covered it up with a small smile. "I am now..." When his expression deepened, she shook her head with a soft smile. "I promise..."

Naruto said nothing for several moments before nodding his head. He squeezed her hips before slowly raising his upper body off the ground. Ino did not bother getting off of the boy, resulting in her literally sitting in his lap.

He shifted her position to make himself more comfortable before glancing at the girl. "Why'd you change your hairstyle?" He asked curiously.

Ino wrapped an arm around the boy before glancing at her hair. "Decided to spice it up a bit... Why? Do you not like it?" She gazed at the boy with a saddened expression.

Naruto shook his head rapidly as he answered. "N-no no no. I uh... I like it. It's uh... You look good." He smiled as the girl blushed heavily while looking away.

The sound of a whip snapping was made by Sasuke who was smirking at Naruto. The blond Jinchuuriki stared at his friend with an annoyed expression before shaking his head.

Sakura slapped Sasuke's knee before she slowly rose from her prone position. "C'mon Sasuke... I'm kind of hungry. Let's go eat." She not too subtly demanded.

The Uchiha glanced at his female teammate for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. There would be plenty of time to annoy Naruto with this later.

He slowly rose to his feet before placing his hands into his pockets while smirking. "Sure... Let's leave the lovebirds alone. I'm sure they'll appreciate the alone time, hmm?" He ended his sentence with a suggestive tone before chuckling at their embarrassed expressions.

Sakura slapped Sasuke's arm before pulling him away from the two blonds to allow them some alone time. The pinkette glanced over her shoulder before smiling at Ino who returned the gesture with a nod of her head.

Sakura continued to drag Sasuke away from the couple before releasing his arm once they were a sufficient distance away.

"Why do you bother them so much?" She questioned curiously.

The ebony haired teen blinked at the question before glancing towards Sakura. He stared into her eyes for a second before shrugging his shoulders. "Naruto deserves to be happy... Ino can provide that."

The girl raised an amused eyebrow as she nudged his ribs with her elbow. "Awwwww~! Look at you! You do care. So sweeeeet." She lightly teased.

The reaction she received completely surprised her though.

"Of course." The teen's statement was soft and gentle, completely opposite from his usual personality.

Sakura was well aware that Sasuke was a different person behind closed doors and only truly showed his real self to Naruto but...

The way he had said that statement and the look in his eyes...

It was familiar.

A little too familiar, in her opinion...

The pinked haired teen was silent for a moment as she studied the boy's soft expression. It took longer than she would have liked but she eventually deciphered what she was seeing.

And that surprised her like no other.

"Uhh... Sasuke are you... Erm." She struggled to voice her thoughts as the boy stared directly at her.

Sasuke raised a curious eyebrow before placing his hands into his pockets. "Am I what?" He questioned lightly.

The pink haired teen struggled for an entire minute before inhaling deeply. "Do you... like Naruto?" She finally asked with a straight face.

The Uchiha blinked at the rather... odd question before glancing at Sakura with a confused expression. "Of course I do."

Sakura shook her head several times as her pink tresses swayed side to side. "No no no. Like... Do you like like Naruto? Like... More than a friend?"

Once again, the Uchiha stared at her with a confused expression. "Yes, I do."

His response completely floored Sakura as she slowed to a stop while staring at him. Sasuke paused after noticing her lack of movement before turning around to face her.

He took in her shocked expression before raising an eyebrow. "Uhh... You ok, Sakura?" He asked quietly.

Sakura was silent for several long seconds before shaking her head several times. She proceeded to slap her cheeks several times before staring into Sasuke's eyes.

"Wait! So, you're like... Gay?" She questioned bluntly.

Sasuke released one of his hands from his pocket before gesturing lazily. "Yeah."

The pink haired girl shook her head in disbelief before gesturing wildly with her right hand. "Why didn't you say anything?!"

The Uchiha blinked at the question before turning his head away from the girl and remaining quiet. He was silent for almost an entire minute before sighing with a forlorn expression.

"You try telling the leader of your Hidden Village that you're into the same sex... Kind of hard to repopulate an entire clan when you're a male who isn't attracted to women..." He trailed off quietly before shrugging his shoulders. "Also, because I don't think it's really that big of a deal."

Sakura stared at Sasuke for several moments before speaking softly. "But... we're a family now, Sasuke... You could have told me. I wouldn't have judged you..." She possessed a slightly downtrodden expression on her face.

The last loyal Uchiha grimaced lightly before rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably. "If it makes you feel better you're the first person I've told... So, ya know..." He finished lamely.

She stared into his eyes with a surprised expression. "Naruto doesn't know?"

The ebony haired teen actually shrugged his shoulders. "I'm... not actually sure, to be honest. If I had to guess? Then... probably?" He finished unsurely. "Naruto and I are pretty close so he might suspect something but I'm not entirely sure."

Sakura had not expected this at all. This was so... Well, different. She didn't see Sasuke in a different light or anything but she was still surprised.

Now it all kind of made sense as to why Ino had stopped chasing after Sasuke when they were younger. The girl probably noticed right away that Sasuke wasn't into women.

And if Sasuke liked Naruto, who was definitelyly straight, it would only make sense that he'd want Naruto to find happiness.

Huh... Life has an interesting way of surprising you.

"Well! I think it's cool. It makes you more unique, ya know?" Sakura smiled gently. "Does anyone else know?"

The teen stared at her for a moment before shrugging. "I'm sure Kakashi-sensei had his suspicions and some of the girls like Ino and Hinata were kind of aware, though I never told them... Probably cus they were too busy ogling Naruto." He ended the statement with a small smirk as he pocketed his free hand.

Sakura chuckled lightly before offering the boy a gentle smile. "C'mon! I'm still hungry! Let's get some food!" The pink haired teen marched onward with a skip to her step.

Sasuke watched her for a moment before a soft smile formed on his face. He was glad that Sakura didn't judge him...

His ebony eyes glanced towards the sky as he reminisced on the memory of when he confided in his mother. She held a gentle expression and had rubbed his head while speaking softly. Uttering a sentence that would forever be ingrained in his brain.

"I will always love you Sasuke... I'm happy that you know who you are, at such a young age as well. I will love you always."

The boy wiped his eyes to prevent the tears that so desperately wished to fall and sighed quietly. It felt as if a large weight had finally been lifted off of his shoulders.

He followed after Sakura who began to lightly tease him due to his... infatuation with Naruto.

He could have done without that, though. Annoying girl.

But he wouldn't have it any other way.


Naruto and Ino sat side by side on the edge of the lake as both blondes enjoyed the comfortable silence between them. A gentle breeze swept through the area, jostling Ino's tresses.

Ino glanced towards the boy who sported a soft smile on his face. A soft smile formed on her face as she pulled her knees towards her chest while wrapping her arms around her legs.

"So..." She started quietly. "I uh... Kinda heard what happened during your mission..." She trailed off with a frown as she turned away from the boy, not seeing how his features dipped downward. "I just wanted to... To... Uhh." She eventually trailed off quietly and curled in on herself, not able to confess her feelings for the boy.

Naruto glanced at the girl quietly as he took in her saddened expression. Assuming it to be because he had almost died, he reached over her shoulder before pulling her close and allowing her head to rest against his right shoulder.

She did not resist his gesture.

"Yeah, it was... kind of a disaster." He sighed quietly as he gently stroked the girl's shoulder. "Two Jonins and three Chunins, with one of those Chunins bordering on Jonin."

The Jinchuuriki shook his head as he felt the girl reach for his left hand while squeezing it tightly. "I uhh... Almost didn't make it."

He did not see how her eyes watered or how her expression shifted sadly. Her only response was to squeeze his hand even harder, hopefully conveying her concern to him without having to speak. Thankfully the boy seemed to understand and only rubbed Ino's shoulder soothingly.

Ino struggled greatly as she tried and tried and tried to gain the confidence to tell the boy how she felt. But all of her bravado and self confidence was no where to be seen.



It was so frustrating! Just say you like him! It isn't that hard!


The girl grit her teeth as her eyes clenched tightly. Her grip on the boy's hand tightened for a moment before going slack.


What was the worst that could happen? He says he doesn't feel the same? It wasn't even that big of a deal...

Then why did the thought of him rejecting her sting so bad?

In the end, she remained a coward and did not choose to inform the boy of her feelings.

"So..." She started quietly. "When will you fully healed?"

Naruto smiled at the question before responding. "A few days at most. I can't wait! I'm so bored of sitting around and doing nothing. I got to get stronger! Can't do that when I'm laying around playing Uno with cheaters." He finished his statement with an annoyed tone, obviously referring to the situation with Sasuke and how he had clearly cheated during their game.

You can't stack multiple draw cards that weren't the same draw cards! It was just science! He was ruining the principal and sportsmanship!

Damn dirty Uchiha.

Ino giggled softly as she smacked the boy's knee softly. "C'mon now Naruto... Shinobi break the rules all the time."

Naruto turned his nose to the sky as he responded petulantly. "I don't care. He's a dirty cheater."

The blonde teen rolled her eyes with a smile before she felt as if someone was watching them. Her eyes narrowed before she turned her head slightly to the right to glance behind her.

She spotted someone who was standing about five meters away her and Naruto's position. Her eyes narrowed to slits as she recognized the individual who was spying on them.

Hinata Hyuga.

Her... rival.

The pale eyed beauty was standing atop the small hill overlooking the lake with her Byakugan active. Her hands were in her jacket pockets and her hair was gently swaying in the wind.

She sported a small glare on her face as her eyes seemed to glare into Ino's soul. The girl's upper lip was curled upwards, displaying her disgust and annoyance at the scene that she was staring at.

But not once did she move from her position. She was content to stay exactly where she was. Not moving and only staring at her and Naruto.

Ino returned the girl's glare with one of her own and her glare deepened as the girl's lips moved.

"Time's up, little Yamanaka."

Ino pursed her lips in annoyance before glancing towards Naruto who had yet to notice their little stare off. Unless he had noticed and just chose to ignore it.

He was weird when it came to their rivalry. Or perhaps he just played dumb so as to not direct their attention 100% on him and him alone.

Ino sighed quietly before rolling her neck and patting Naruto's knee to gain his attention. The boy glanced at her silently with a raised eyebrow.

"I got some things to do with Mommy today... Let me know when your Sensei wants to do joint sessions and I'll convince Asuma-sensei to join them." She smiled at the boy who in turn returned the gesture.

"Sure. I'll pass it along. Tell your mom I said hey."

Ino reluctantly pulled away from the boy and straightened her skirt out. She stared down at Naruto for a moment as she contemplated for the second time on whether or not to tell him how she felt.

She remained motionless for quite some time before clenching her fists tightly and sighing quietly. "I... uhh..." She trailed off quietly before shaking her head sadly. "I'll see you again soon, Naruto-kun."

The boy turned towards her retreating form with a concerned gaze before sighing quietly. "Of course, Ino-chan..." His gaze returned to the lake as he sighed quietly.

Ino cursed herself quietly as she slowly made her way towards Hinata's position. Her fists clenched tightly as she met the girl's glare with a vicious one of her own.

Apparently she managed to surprise Hinata with her actions because the girl relented with her heated stare for a single second. Favoring her with a simple raised eyebrow before her entire expression shifted.

Hinata dawned an arrogant smirk as she cocked her left hip out. "Awww~! You look so cute with that angry expression on your face." Her left hand left her jacket pocket before gently stroking the blondes chin. "Chicken out again, did you? For shame Ino... You're better than that."

The Yamanaka's glare seemed to deepen at the girl's words and gesture. She slapped Hinata's hands away from her face with a scoff. "Like you're any better."

Hinata shrugged her shoulders and maintained her cocky smirk. "Ohh, but I am. You're too... What're the words I'm looking for...?" She rolled her left hand flippantly for several seconds before snapping her fingers together. "You're too much of a pussy." Her cocky smirk grew larger at the blondes annoyed expression.

Ino rolled her eyes before crossing her arms under her breasts. "I'll be sure to send you some of our sex tapes. You can enjoy seeing me riding him."

Hinata raised an eyebrow before scoffing. "Watch it there, Yamanaka. I might just liquefy your reproductive system."

The blonde rolled her eyes as she responded. "I'll fry your brain. Keep talking..." She warned lightly.

A smirk formed on the Hyuga's face as she gently patted Ino's cheek. "You're getting better at this. I'm almost impressed. But you might want to try again later. Byeeeee~!"

Ino's teeth gnashed together angrily as the pale eyed beauty roughly bumped into her shoulder while walking passed her. She clenched her fists tightly as she resisted the urge to lash out. Taking in several deep breaths, she exhaled heavily before shaking her head and walking out of the clearing.

Hinata slowly approached her object of... obsession before stopping beside him. She did not sit down but she did glance towards him.

"Hinata-chan." He states with a smile. "How are you?" His cerulean gaze centered on her and she drank it in in its entirety.

"I am well though Hiashi continues to grate on my nerves." She pocketed one of her hands before inspecting her nails. "I heard some interesting... information about your most recent mission."

Naruto grimaced at the girl's statement as her Byakugan manifested. Her blank gaze was absolutely terrifying.

"Care to explain, hmm?"

Naruto clawed the soil beneath his feet before laughing nervously. "I uhh. I don't know what ya mean, Hina... N-nothing happened. Hehe..."

Her blank gaze seemed to get even blanker...

How was that even possible?!

"Are you lying to me, Na~ru~to?" The pale eyed beauty bent her knees before gently grasping Naruto's chin and turning him towards her. "You know I hate liars."

Naruto laughed nervously before staring at the girl's perfectly manicured fingers. He swallowed audibly before slowly lowering his gaze to the ground. Due to his actions, he did not see Hinata's expression soften.

"Our mission went south real quick... To make a long story short, I almost died fighting Zabuza Momochi." He sighed quietly and remained quiet, awaiting for Hinata's reaction.

He was surprised when instead of her usual anger, she gently stroked his chin before speaking in a tone that he seldom heard from her.

"But you are alive..." She stated quietly while continuing her gentle ministrations. "And yet, you believe that you don't deserve to."

Naruto grimaced at the girl's accusation before sighing. "Y-yeah... Yeah I do."

Hinata sighed quietly before dropping to a single knee. Her other hand came up to his face as she stroked his cheek. "Why? Have you lost your confidence? Have you given up on yourself?"

Her tone was not accusatory nor was it demeaning. So for that, Naruto appreciated it. Hinata had never been like with him but he had seen her do so with many others.

Naruto was quiet as he allowed the girl to gently stroke his cheek. His eyes narrowed as he sighed quietly. "I don't necessarily doubt myself but... I don't know. I guess I finally got hit with a reality check, ya know?"

Hinata said nothing for a few moments before slowly taking her place on the boy's lap. Her knees rested beside the boy's thighs as she straddled him. She leaned her face incredibly close to his as she gently stroked his whisker marks. She took immense satisfaction in the way his eyes dilated and how his face grew a healthy shade of red.

It caused a small smirk to form on her face. Oh how she loved teasing the boy.

"There is nothing wrong with that, Naruto. It takes a great deal of courage to admit your shortcomings... And now that you are aware of them, then you know what must be done, yes?"

Despite the situation and his embarrassment at her gestures, he nodded his head in agreement. "I just have to get stronger and make up for those shortcomings..."

Hinata smirked at the boy before leaning her face closer to his. Her nose lightly grazed his as his entire face was engulfed in a shade of ruby.

"Yes, yes you do." Her breath tickled his top lip as her eyes became half lidded. "Ya know~... You haven't been to the compound in awhile." Her index finger slowly crawled across his cheek before resting upon his lips. "Hanabi misses you... I miss you... Are you not going to come visit us, hmm?"

Naruto swallowed heavily as the girl scooted further into his body. Her generous bust was now pressed against his torso and he could feel the girl's skin on his own. He swallowed once more before speaking nervously.

"I-I... Have been busy. I-I'll make sure to... to visit soon. Promise." He swallowed yet again as the girl's eyes narrowed.

Hinata was silent for several moments before nodding her head. She tilted her head up before planting a soft kiss upon his forehead. She pulled away with a small smirk before patting his cheek.

"See you then, Naruto-kun." She winked at the boy before slowly getting off of him and walking away with an extra sway to her hips.

The boy's gaze was centered on the girl's rear and he had no shame in admitting that. She had a nice ass.

Naruto shook his head several times before wiping his face. Ino and Hinata were going to be the end of him...

It had been like this for several years and he doubted very much so that it would change. He played dumb when it came to their 'rivalry' but he was very much aware of what was going on.

His logic?

Ignore it until it can no longer be ignored.

Logical? Probably not and it would definitely implode on him eventually. He'd eventually have to choose between them and that...

That scared him...

He shivered at the sheer thought of such a thing occuring and just chose to push it to the back of his mind.

Naruto sighed lowly before turning his right palm over and spotting the symbol on his hand. He pursed his lips as he stared at the symbol.

He had yet to find out what it truly was.

He knew what it was on a base level and it was a seal of some sort... Similar to that of his own seal that held the Kyuubi, it was meant to hold something in rather than out.

But he couldn't exactly sense what that was. Unlike that of the Kyuubi who he could feel at all times, whatever was stored in the seal on his palm he could not sense.

Damn... Perhaps he should've asked Hinata to look at it with her Byakugan. Maybe she'd be able to find something that he couldn't see.

He narrowed his eyes before jumping to his feet and running off to catch up to her. He exited the training grounds before rushing off towards the girl. He ran for several minutes before finally catching up to the pale eyed beauty.

Hinata blinked as she felt Naruto place his hand atop her shoulder. She did not mind the fact that he spun around nor did she mind his touch. She welcomed it if anything.

"Hey Hina... I have a request." His eyes sought hers and she nodded her head with a raised eyebrow. "Can you use your Byakugan on me and see if you can find something... different about me?"

Hinata furrowed her eyebrows before shrugging her shoulders and doing as he had asked. The veins near her eyes became more pronounced as her eyes roamed across his body.

She spotted his own Chakra source and then immediately spotted the Kyuubi's Chakra source. She doubted that he was asking about that so she continued her search. It wasn't until her Byakugan traveled to his right hand that she found something... different.

What... What was that?

Hinata's head tilted with a curious expression before she grasped the boy's hand, pulling it closer to get a better look.

This... thing had it's own Chakra source... Which shouldn't even be possible. It was... impossible?

Her Byakugan deactivated as she stared at the odd seal? that was planted on the boy's palm. Hinata rose her gaze to his before furrowing her eyebrows.

"Uhh... What is that?"

Naruto stared into her eyes before adopting a conflicted expression. "I... I don't know. I got this during the mission in Wave." He stared at the mark with a frustrated gaze before shaking his head. "I uh... It saved my life... I think?"

"You think?" She questioned immediately with a narrowed gaze.

Naruto was silent for a few moments before narrowing his own eyes. "No... I know it did. I didn't have this mark before Wave and when I almost died... A bright flash happened and then Zabuza was dead. It had to be this... this thing. Whatever it is."

Hinata was silent for a few moments before speaking. "Have you informed Hokage-sama?"

Naruto shook his head with a soft sigh. "I'm pretty sure Kakashi-sensei informed him but I'm not entirely sure."

She was silent once more before shaking her head with a sigh. "Well, it has its own Chakra source. Similar to your... tenant, it is a separate entity. But it is not alive... I've never seen anything like it."

Naruto stared at the mark on his hand before sighing quietly. "Well I haven't been able to activate it since that day so..." He shook his head before smiling at Hinata. "Thank you, Hina. I appreciate the help."

The pale eyed Hyuga narrowed her eyes before grabbing the boy's collar. She tugged the boy towards her before resting her forehead against his.

"My services aren't free, Naruto-kun." She smiled as a glint surfaced in her pearly white orbs. "Sooo... You're going to join me, Hanabi, and Neji for dinner. Decline..." Her grip on his shirt tightened as Chakra formed on the tips of her fingers upon her free hand. "And you already know what will happen."

Naruto laughed nervously as the girl's Chakra laced fingers rested against his sternum. He slowly raised his hands placating the girl before swallowing.

"Th-that won't be necessary, Hina-chan... I don't mind having dinner. Haha... Please don't jab me."

A smirk formed on her face before she released the boy's shirt. "I'm glad you agreed. It would have been unfortunate if you declined... Because then I would have had to deactivate your tenketsu's and drag you to the compound."

Naruto only smiled nervously at that. There wasn't much else that could be done. His fate was sealed.

Oh boy...

This was going to be a looooong night...


Ino's hairstyle is now what she has during Naruto : The Last. I think it's her best hairstyle and that's what we're using for this story.

Hinata is basically her Road to Ninja counterpart in this story. Obviously there are some little changes but it's practically the same.

NOW! I don't hate Sasuke and I don't bash characters in my stories ever. Sasuke being gay has absolutely nothing to do with my personal feelings regarding him. I made him gay to just be unique and different.

Alot of authors will make him gay as a means to bash him which I just find absolutely fucking stupid. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual and if you believe that there is, then you're a stupid fucking cunt and I hope you fall off a cliff.

Fuck you.

There's also a small hint as to who the third girl is in the harem. It's pretty obvious if you're actually searching for it.

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