So yeaaaaaa... I been getting into a lot of different shows lately, and Ladybug and Cat Noir is one of them... this is me branching out from what I usually write... anime... to try out some other shows! Also... CAN SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME HOW THE HELL DOES THOSE TWO END UP IN A LOVE SQUARE!? And yet NOT EVEN REALIZING WHO IS UNDER THE MASK FOR TWO(maybe more, only seen up to the second season cause of Disney channel) SEASONS?! It's not just me raging about it right?... well it's better than some of the other ships I seen(like Superman and Louis Lane for one, in one series the girl didn't even realize it until season 3 of 4)!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! And I hope my story won't make people rage, I don't own Ladybug and Cat Noir, if I did, Adrien would have noticed who his lady is behind the mask by season 2 and been giving her subtle, yet poorly done hints to her!


Their miraculous' timer beeps rang as Ladybug and her partner in Akuma hunting, Cat Noir, stood on the rooftops in the moonlight light.

"Well, that's our cue Kitty," the heroine spoke as she turned to head off before her time ran out.

"Wait, M'Lady!" the Black Cat like Hero shouts and grabs her wrists, "I want to know..."

"But Cat Noir," the heroine turned and looked back at the blonde, "we can't, our identies must remain a secret."

"I can't fight it anymore! I need to know who is the girl I fell for!"

Cat captures his lady in a sudden kiss. At first the kiss was scared filled, and filled with unsureness, but as the seconds passed, the two heroes became used to the kiss, pushing the kiss deeper, not noticing the light red and green glows coming from their bodies, reverting them slowly to their civilian lives.

The first thing Adrien noticed as their kiss ended slowly was his lady had cute freckles around her nose.

The first thing Marionette noticed about Cat Noir as their kiss stopped was the same stupid grin the kitty normally wore.

The two heroes then widen their eyes as they realized who their partner was..!


"ADRIEN!?" Marionette swung upward with a shout, causing her best friend who was sleeping over to jump awake.

"Girl are you ok?"

"O-Ohh... it was just a dream... don't worry about it..."



Plagg jumped at the sound of Adrien shouting, "geez kid what happened?"

"I dreamt Marionette was Ladybug..."

"Well of course, they are the same person after... all..." the floating cat widen his eyes, "Tikki's gonna kill me... she's gonna kill me... Kid forget I said that! Ladybug and Mari-something are so not the same girl!"

The End


Sorry this one shot was short but I had to... purrfect my knowledge of this series so yeah... I don't know enough to make the story longer but you gotta love the twist that they dreamt the same dream... the way I saw this was that the Ladybug and Cat Noir miracualous are linked so they can dream what the other dreams but only if they love each other... and since it's a love square composed of two people... yeahhhh I'm surprised this wasn't used yet!

Ja Ne!