*3rd person POV, Mustafar city shopping district*

Fire, fire is all that could be seen in the mall. In the center of the mall stands a villian with an insane smile plastered on his face, "Where are the heroes? I'm waiting for them I even caused all this carnage just to get their attention where ArE TH-" "DO NOT FEAR, FOR I AM HERE!" A large man with blonde hair yelled while jumping in threw the roof. What the blonde saw made him sick, for their were bodies everywhere, the walls and floor are drenched with blood, "no one could have survived this" the main thought. Unknown to both the hero and villain, there are some people still alive.

The Hero and Villain locked eyes on each other daring the other to move first. The villain charged first, he was fast clearing the distance between him in the hero in an eye blink. The Villain threw a punch into the Heroes face knocking him back, but the Hero returned the hit sending the Villain skidding across the, "HAHAHA! IS THAT THE BEST YOU HAVE ALL MIGHT!? IF SO YOU WON'T LEAVE HERE ALIVE," They both continued to dish out blows seeming to be equal to the other. All Might thow was not going to waste anymore time with this, "IT'S TIME TO END THIS VILLAIN," " COULDN'T AGREE MORE" As those words came out they charged at each other readying to use their finishing moves "UNITED STATES OF SMASH!" "NUCLEAR DEVASTATION" They both shouted smashing their first together causing a massive explosion that blew everything away, but it also caused a portal to open up into another dimension. Laying on the floor next to the fight is a young child that was blown into the portal sending him far far away.

*Izuku's POV

When I awoke, I saw that I was in another place, which was on fire like where i just was. I heard what sounded like fighting, so deciding to check it out I moved closer to a blown out window. What I saw made my jaw drop. There was what appeared to be monsters with guns shooting at military men. I stayed where I was till the battle was over. The men were victory, that's when I walked out of the building towards the men, "E-E-Excuse m-me, w-where a-am I?" I asked teary eyed, "What the hell are you doing here kid! This place is suppose to be evacuated. Where are your parents," One of the soldiers shouted behind his helmet. I looked up at him whispering "t-there g-g-gone" " Well join the club kid, now get ou-" before he could finnish he was shot in the head dropping lifeless in front of me.

Another soldier pulled me to cover before a bullet hit were I just was, " Locust!" the soldier shouted. He looked at me then looked at his dead comrade, " Welcome to the COG kid," saying that he handed me his side arm. I was in shock, "Do you know how to use it?" he asked me, I just shook my head, "it's simple kid, point and pull the trigger, now follow my lead" After that he rushed to an overturned car I followed.

We did this for a little bit taking fire every now and then, "alright kid when I give you the signal move around the corner and shot at the monster. Got it" He asked looking around his corner, "Y-Yes s-sir" I said readying myself. A few minutes passed while the man got himself ready, "Now kid!" I moved around the corner and saw that the things back was turned to me. I pulled the trigger multiple times while pointing at it's back till I heard a click, click. The monster dropped dead on the ground. The man came running over pulling me into cover, "nice going kid, here let me show you how to reload that. Alright we got a few more of those things to take care of before we can leave." He said. All I could do was look on with fear.

For what felt like hours we were working on killing them. After we finished we got to a meet up point with rest of his squad. When we arrived, his squad looked surprised to say the least to meet me, "Hey Baird what's with the kid?" One of them asked, "well when me and Jackson were finished taking care of some locust this kid came out of a building and walked up to us. When Jack got hit I recruited the kid to help out." The man identified as Baird said, "You know Hoffman is going to be pissed right. And do you even know the kids name?" another soldier spoke, " w-well no" he said while rubbing the back of his head. He looked at me and asked my name, " M-My n-name is Izuku Midoriya," I said, " Well Izuku my names Damon Baird, the big man over their is Augusts Cole or Cole Train. The other two are melissa and hampton." he Introduced himself and the others. After the introduction and talking some more a helicopter or Raven as they called it came down, we loaded up and went to their base.

When we arrived at the base it was bustling with people, as we landed I got out and followed baird to see Colonel as he was called. We stopped outside of an office when Baird looked down at me " Okay kid, your about to meet Col. Hoffman he is going to evaluate you ask some questions and then decide if you can join." I nod for a response. Baird knocked as we entered, when we entered I saw a hulking of man at the desk smoking a cigar, "This the runt you found Baird" "no sir this is just some random kid I found outside your door" Baird said sarcastically, " cut the crap Baird," Col. said with authority in his voice, "Yes sir this is the kid I found" Baird shouted out at attention. Col. looked at me and said "come closer kid so I can get a good look at you" I moved closer to him nervously, "damn aint you a scrawny one, We would have to work on that, as well as getting you a haircut. So let me ask what can you offer my army?" I looked up to him with determination thinking "I have to give him the right answer if I want to survive in this world and make it home to my Imoto" I told him that I can't offer much right now but I'm intelligent, cunning and I can get into small places that most people can't. In the future if he's willing to put in effort I can become a great asset for him. That's what I told him just with more stutters.

He smirked with a look of approving in his eyes, " well alright kid welcome to the COG." he turned to baird, "you will help train this kid with technical stuff as well as some of the basics. Also tell Cole that he would train the kid for combate as well as bulking him up. Got It?" "yes sir" Baird siad while slutting. As we left the office Baird turned to me, "Congrats kid. Now let's get started with your training" with that we went to go find Cole.