Krissy took a deep breath as she walked up the stairs of the Nichol's house, where the eighth missing, now dead, girl had lived. She reminded herself that she was only here for a favour to her Dad. He tried to hide it but this case had affected him more than most, the girls were only a few years younger than she was. She frowned when she entered the girl's bedroom and found a man looming over her bed, in deep thought, with his eyes closed.

"Uh, who are you?" Krissy questioned, concerned by his odd behaviour.

"You're not supposed to be in here," The man told her, as his eyes flew open, his breathing heavy.

She looked down at the badge he was wearing and saw the name, Will Graham. The special investigator that had been put on the team, she realised.

"Will Graham, huh? You're the guy who had a lot to say about the Evil Minds Research Museum" Krissy stated.

She let her gaze drift over his form, finding him to be more attractive than she had expected. He was hot in a geeky kind of way, with his glasses and curly hair.

"And you are?" Will inquired, not looking towards her.

"Krissy Crawford" She announced, holding out her hand to him.

This got him to look at her directly in the eyes, with a frown on his face. Clearly, he had never heard of Jack having a daughter.

"Wait, as in Jack Crawford?" A woman behind her queried, unexpectedly.

"Yep, the big man himself" Krissy laughed, as Jack walked into the room, with a sigh.

"I told you to wait downstairs, Krissy" Jack insisted.

"You're the one who brought me here, time is money and all that" Krissy shrugged, as two other men entered the room.

"Alright, let's just get the introductions over with. This is my daughter, Krissy, she's here to help with these murders. This is Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, and Brian Zeller" Jack explained.

"…But she's…" Jimmy trailed off.

"White? British? Way more attractive? Yes, I am all those things. I'm adopted" Krissy informed them.

"I'm sorry, how exactly is she supposed to help with the case?" Will asked, still annoyed he was interrupted.

"…Well, you'll all find out eventually. My brother is Ken Dixon. I'm…I was Krissy Dixon" She confessed.

"The Ken Dixon?" Brian questioned, his eyes wide.

"The most successful serial killer of all time?" Beverly added, with a little awe.

"You see why I'm on the case now?" Krissy said, raising an eyebrow.

"What do you see?" Will couldn't help but ask, curious.

"Well, there must be something different about this girl. Look at the way she's laid out…it's like he felt sorry for her" Krissy exclaimed, as she examined the dead girl tucked in her bed.

"This is an apology" Will stated.

"Not many serial killers actually feel remorse. It will make him easier to catch" Krissy pointed out, as Will's eyes flickered over her quickly.

He guessed she couldn't be older than twenty-two, her skin still seeming young and unblemished. She appeared unassuming, due to a mixture of her short height and narrow frame. She had an unusual sort of beauty about her, one that Will couldn't help but take notice of.

"Whoever killed this girl certainly didn't feel sorry for her" Krissy sighed, as she took a closer look at the girl's body that was mounted on top of a stag head.

"Minneapolis Homicide's already made a statement. They're calling him the Minnesota Shrike" Jack announced, coming up behind her.

"Like the bird?" Will asked.

"Shrike's a perching bird. Impales mice and lizards on thorny branches and barbed wire. Rips their organs right out of their bodies, puts them in a little birdie pantry, and eats them later" Jimmy explained, as Krissy grimaced.

"I can't tell whether it's sloppy - or shrewd" Jack admitted.

"He wanted her found this way. It''s petulant. I almost feel like he's mocking her. Or he's mocking us" Will suggested.

"Where did all his love go?" Jack queried.

"Whoever tucked Elise Nichols into bed didn't paint this picture" Will stated.

"He took her lungs. I'm pretty sure she was alive when he cut 'em out" Brian announced.

"He wanted her to suffer. He hated her" Krissy realised, as Will nodded, agreeing with her assessment.

"But our cannibal loves women. He doesn't want to destroy them. He wants to consume them, to keep some part of them inside. This girl's killer thought that she was a pig" Will added.

"You think this was a copycat?" Jack questioned.

"The cannibal who killed Elise Nichols had a place to do it and no interest in field kabuki. So, he has a house, or two, or a-a cabin something with an antler room. He has a daughter. The same age as the other girls. Same-same hair colour, same eye colour, same height, same weight. She's an only child. She's leaving home. He can't stand the thought of losing her. She's his golden ticket" Will told them, impressing Krissy with his skills.

"What about the copycat?" Jack asked.

"You know, an intelligent psychopath, particularly a sadist, is very hard to catch. There's no traceable motive, there'll be no patterns. He may never kill this way again. Have Dr Lecter draw up a psychological profile. You seemed very impressed with his opinion" Will retorted, as he walked away.

"Who's Dr Lecter?" Krissy inquired.

"He's writing up a profile on Will Graham. Making sure he doesn't…lose his footing" Jack admitted.

"He certainly doesn't seem happy about that" Krissy mumbled.

"Are you all right with this? You know I would never-" Jack started, but she cut him off.

"Dad, I've seen a lot of dead bodies before. I want to help you track down this killer. Besides it's not like I've got much else to do now" Krissy shrugged.

"They still have you on sick leave?" Jack inquired.

"Six months at least…it looks like you're stuck with me" Krissy grinned at him.

"Good" He smiled back at her.

Will was surprised when he found Krissy at the construction site that he and Hannibal had been sent to search at. Jack clearly doesn't trust me at all, Will thought to himself.

"I was wondering when you'd turn up" Krissy announced, as she twisted around in a desk chair.

"So, Jack trusts me so little he had to send his daughter to check up on me?" Will suggested.

"I was not aware that Jack Crawford had a daughter" The man behind him exclaimed.

"Adopted" Both Krissy and Will said at the same time, much to the man's amusement.

"I don't think we've met…" Krissy trailed off, trying to find out his name, as she held out her hand for him to shake.

"Hannibal Lecter" He replied, as he took her hand in his and pressed a soft kiss to it.

"Oh, the psychiatrist who's psychoanalysing you. That must have been an awkward trip here" Krissy exclaimed.

"I'm remaining as courteous as I can be" Will informed her, as he began looking through the files.

"Are you an FBI agent, Ms Crawford?" Hannibal asked.

"No, a special agent just for this case. My dad thinks I could help out so…here I am" She told him, as she began to search through her own pile of papers.

"Forgive me, but how could you help with this case?" Hannibal inquired, curiously.

"My names Krissy…" She trailed off, seeing if he would catch on.

He looked her up and down, taking in her age, accent, and the fact that her adoptive father was an FBI agent.

"Krissy Dixon?" He suggested.

"A+. It usually takes people a bit more than just my name to figure it out" Krissy said, raising an eyebrow.

"I confess to having a professional curiosity in your brother's case. No one has ever gotten close to catching him…apart from you" Hannibal went on.

"How about we just stick with this case, Doctor" She retorted, as he clearly had struck a nerve.

Hannibal's lips twitched into a smile at the comment, finding the girl intriguing. He was surprised she seemed so well adjusted considering the trauma she had to endure in her childhood. Hannibal noticed that Will seemed twitchier than usual as Krissy's eyes drifted over to him every now and again.

"Garrett Jacob Hobbs?" Will piped up about half an hour later.

"He's one of our pipe threaders. Those are all the resignation letters. Plumbers' Union requires 'em whenever members finish a job" The woman in charge of the site that day, informed him.

"Uh, does Mr Hobbs have a daughter?" Will queried.

"Might have" The woman shrugged.

"Eighteen or 19, wind-chafed, uh, plain but pretty. She'd have auburn hair, about this tall" Will went on.

"Maybe. I don't know. I don't keep company with these people" She confessed.

"What is it about Garrett Jacob Hobbs you find so peculiar?" Hannibal asked as Krissy got up from where she had been sitting.

"He left a phone number, no address" Will replied.

"And therefore he has something to hide?" Hannibal inquired.

"Isn't that a bit of stretch?" Krissy frowned.

"The others all left addresses. Do you have an address for Mr Hobbs?" Will asked the woman, who nodded.

They were packing away the boxes later when Hannibal dropped some of the files on the floor, and both Will and Krissy rushed forward.

"I got it," They both said, at the same time.

"…Okay, you've got to stop doing that" Krissy exclaimed, as she crouched down.

"So, do you" He stated, as she nodded.

"Are you okay? You seem kind of…shaky" She inquired, as he helped her pack the files away.

"I'm fine" He retorted, pulling his hand away when their fingers accidentally touched.

"I'd be a bit on edge if I thought someone was psychoanalysing my every move" She suggested, keeping her eyes to the floor, hoping to make him feel more comfortable.

"Isn't that what everyone does?" Will said, looking at her for a split second.

"Touché" Krissy laughed, as she stood up with the files.

"So, who's going to be the good cop and who's going to be bad cop?" Krissy queried, as they arrived at the man's house.

"Why would we do that?" Will frowned.

"Why not? How many opportunities do you think you'll get to do-" Krissy cut herself off as she opened the car door.

"What is it?" Hannibal questioned, confused by her behaviour.

"I think I heard a crash" Krissy informed them, as she rushed towards the house.

She hadn't gotten far before the door was opened and a woman was pushed through, blood all around her neck. Krissy ran forward, crouching down beside the woman, who was choking on her own blood.

"Hey, it's okay! It's going to be all right" Krissy told her, as she ripped off her hoodie and placed it around the woman's neck.

"It's okay. I'm a nurse. There's an ambulance on its way. Just hold on" Krissy insisted, as she tried to apply more pressure.

The woman grabbed her arms, clearly terrified and in pain, looking for any sort of comfort. Krissy vaguely heard Will smash down the door and enter, with Hannibal not far behind.

"Hey, no, no. Stay with me!" Krissy cried as the woman's arms dropped to her side.

She grabbed her arm and felt for a pulse but found nothing. She pressed the hoodie tighter around the woman's neck with her knee and took out her phone calling for the police and ambulance. Krissy then began CPR, knowing that it was probably no use, but she still wanted to try. She needed to try. A minute later she heard an array of shots coming from inside the house, but she continued what she was doing. After five minutes, she checked for any sign of life but still found nothing. It was no use. She had lost too much blood, which was evident from the red liquid running down the porch and staining her clothes. Krissy rushed into the house, finding everyone in the kitchen. She instantly noticed a young girl on the floor, blooding pouring out of neck. She grabbed two nearby towels and crouched down beside Will and Hannibal.

"Here," She said, holding out the towels to Hannibal who had his hand around the girl's neck.

"Mrs…Mrs. Hobbs?" Will breathed out shakily.

"No, she didn't make it" Krissy shook her head.

"Have you called for an ambulance?" Hannibal inquired.

"Yeah, they're about five minutes out" She informed him, looking down at her blood-soaked hands and arms and grimaced.

The surroundings around her seemed to change momentarily as she was transported back to a past memory, but she shook her head and soon found herself back in the real world. Surrounded by death. Hannibal watched with interest as Krissy tried to regain control of her breathing, a haunted look in her eyes.

"Are you okay?" She questioned, turning her attention to Will, who she now recognised had his face drenched in blood.

"It''s not my blood" Will stuttered, as Krissy nodded.

Later, Will watched from afar as Abigail, Garrett Jacob Hobbs's daughter, was carted off into an ambulance, with Hannibal holding her hand. He was surprised when he saw Krissy making her way towards him, after being checked out by the paramedics.

"She's alive because of you," Krissy told him, as she stopped about a metre away.

"And her father's dead because of me" Will retorted.

"He had a knife to her throat. It sounds like you were pretty badass" Krissy suggested, as Will let out a halfhearted laugh.

"I almost missed" Will pointed out.

"But you didn't. You did good" Krissy insisted.

"Thank you" Will blurted out, as she gave him a confused look.

"For asking if I was okay. Not many people do. I guess they don't think I know the answer" Will clarified.

"You're welcome" Krissy smiled, finding herself wanting to reach out to him.

Will's eyes locked on to something behind her, as Krissy turned to see Jack had arrived on the scene, instantly making a bee-line for his daughter.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He questioned, as she shook her head, sadly.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" He sighed, as he pulled her into a hug.

"I'm fine, dad. Promise" Krissy mumbled, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders.

Her eyes connected with Will's, but she quickly looked away a moment later. His gaze was too intense for her to hold for long.

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