Hey, y'all! If you've read Richard Connel's "The Most Dangerous Game," this fanfiction will make a lot more sense to you. But you can still enjoy it if you haven't! I'm going to be releasing this in short parts. It's basically about Natasha and will include some cameos from different people involved with the Red Room program. I might even include Peggy Carter somehow my Agent Carter fans (DOTTIE'S DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A PART OF THIS! I adore her).

Please enjoy! R&R if you like.

"You know, I'm not the biggest flirt on this ship," Natasha waved her glass around as she spoke so that the champagne almost spilled out of it. A shirtless Steve laid on his side, on the pool chair opposite her. He raised an eyebrow.

"Then who is?" he laughed, "Bruce, or me?"

Natasha rolled her eyes. "Steve, I've never liked Bruce."

The soldier huffed, "He and you certainly had something going on when Ultron was in the picture."
Natasha sighed. "Steve, that was a long time ago. After the blip, I realized who I really needed."

Steve laughed softly, "And who's that?"

"You, dumbass," Natasha nudged him playfully, her champagne slipping from the glass and onto Steve's abs. She brushed it off him, to which Steve sighed. He looked at the sky, his eyes dark with worry.

"We really should get some sleep, Natasha."

"I think I'll sleep under the stars tonight, Steve."

"That's the thing… it's so damn cloudy. I think there's going to be a storm. It's best we get under the deck."

"Are you saying I have to be sensible on a business vacation?"

Steve took a deep breath. "Alright, fine. Come down if it gets too rough."

Natasha's eyes gleamed. "I could just kiss you right now."

"Why don't you?" Steve looked down at the redhead.

"Goodnight, Mr. Rogers."

"Night Natasha," he sighed, before getting up and leaving Natasha to herself.

The sea rocked her- first gently, but as time passed- as she grew tired and more tired, she soon began to hear thunder. The crashing hurt her ears, so the tipsy Natasha decided to stand up and try and go inside. A light rain began to fall, crashing against her head. The world was spinning… Natasha tried to make her way to a railing to brace herself, but when she reached for the rail…

She tumbled off the ship.

Natasha splashed into the warm water and soon realized that she needed to swim up to the surface. She swam quickly. Her head broke free from the watery depths, air filling her lungs. She gasped for it, treading to remain afloat. But the current tugged her under again. She fought as hard as she could, soon seeing what seemed to be a shoreline.

The brash waters were clearing as she neared a dark beach.

She soon washed up on it. Natasha was exposed to a dark, intimidating jungle. Who could know what awaited her inside?

But she saw a spark. A bit of fire, coming from the abyss.

Natasha found a clear path, heading towards the light.

She didn't believe her eyes.

A vast fortress lay in front of her, and a sign in Russian which along with a symbol which clearly bared the branding of Natasha's former employment. Seize the moment. And the symbol- an hourglass.