Up in the sunny skies was a airplane on it's way to Brazil. Rio was inside the airplane. Also present was the grand chocolatier, Willy Wonka, himself, stared off outside at the puffy and white clouds that are in the blue sky.

Sitting right next to him was his heir, Charlie Bucket. His parents and grandparents were at first worried about Charlie Bucket going somewhere far away with Wonka. Wonka promised them that they will soon return safely with Charlie right beside him.

While on the plane a servant came over with her cart filled with snacks. She was almost charmed by Charlie about how cute he is.

"Well, hello ,young man, would you like a snack?",she asked nicely.

"No, thank you."responded Charlie.

"Oh well I will ask your father.",said the servant.

He thinking that Wonka was Charlie's father.

"Oh um sorry, you must be confused, he's not my father, he's my master." ,corrected Charlie.

The servant was weirded out so, she decided to push her cart and continued asking more people to buy a snack. After she was gone, Charlie asked a question. Wonka, who was staring off outside, looked far away.

"So , how are you going to introduce yourself to the son you never met?",asked Charlie.

"Well um...",began Wonka.

Wonka remembered and re-told the story about a month l after Charlie won the factory, Wonka got a call from someone by saying to come to Brazil. The voice said there was a son Wonka never knew he had.

"I don't know Charlie, I was only 21 when I traveled to Brazil to sell my candy. Its been many years since I was last there.",shared Wonka.

"Well, , you better introduce yourself properly. You don't wanna scare your son off.",joked Charlie.

This made Wonka laugh.

"Your definitely right, Charlie.",said Wonka.

He stared off into the distance and didn't speak until the plane landed.