After waiting for a young man to appear at the door, he appeared to be tall and thin,with glasses.

"Hello, who are you two?",he asked confused.

There were people who were at his doorstep. That was Charlie's cue. So Charlie took one look at the man, then looked over at Wonka. He was currently making eye contact with the man that he almost didn't even hear Charlie call his name out to help him snap out of it. Wonka then took one look over at Charlie, then took one look over at the man who was still standing at them waiting for an answer

"I'm Willy Wonka and I-I'm your father.",said Willy Wonka.

There was even more silence until the man at the door responded back with,

"Well then I'm Tulio, please come in.",he offered as he walked back inside of the house as Charlie and Wonka both followed him inside.