I have been exploring anime lately, because that category has the most fanfics totaled up. And a follower of main, who I shall-not-name, recommended a JoJo's Bizarre Adventures fic to me, in which Joseph slowly becomes gender-fluid and becomes interested in wearing dresses and eventually, being calling "Miss" sometimes. So. . . That's the inspiration! I thank the few followers I have for following this!

SUMMARY: Honestly, it has been building up for years, and for how durable and adventurous other nations might view him, he never had the confidence to say it to anyone until he finally indulges, and that's the start to his breakdown. No romance.

Or, Australia know's he's a guy, that Jett Kirkland is a guy, but sometimes he just wants to be a girl and see how it feels like. So that's what led him to a dress shop and the start of something.

P.S- Sorry if Australia is OOC- never written him, although I have read the few fics with him in it, and how he acts in this is just how I think he may act in this situation.

P.P.S- I know near nothing about makeup and dresses.


The second day of the world summit had ended, and it was a nice day. . .for once. London, England has a tendency to be pretty dreary and rainy, but today was a bright, blue skied day, which Australia wanted to enjoy. He was feeling restless.

He had decided to walk to the meeting. His koala was in the hotel room, and he had been feeling fine, dressed in a cozy, dark blue suite, swinging his briefcase as he listened to and watched birds soar through the air.

And then he passed by a shopping street.

He had slowed down a little, moving from the middle of the bustling sidewalk to the side, so that he could enjoy the walk and also look at the displays. His eyes passed over suites and sleepwear and accessories, and then he started walking by a shop in which the large glass windows showed mannequins dressed in beautiful, elegant dresses that weren't too flashy or too casual. A midnight blue gown with the back opened, a slit on the side almost to the hip, and the shimmering material sticking to the mannequins long legs. Beside it was a green dress that pooled on the ground, with the sleeves on the side of the arms, unveiling the shoulders, and a green sash around the neck. And to join the trio, a backless pastel yellow dress with big, flowing sleeves, and designs embroidered with gold.

It was those damn dresses that made him more restless than usual, and also quiet! All he could think about was those dresses and what other's could be in the store. He pretty much was zoned out the entire meeting. Zea had asked him what was wrong with a frown, but he just told his brother that it was the jet-lag. And then he had gone and told England! That traitor. Now the grumpy old Brit will go on baby him about playing games on the plane instead of sleeping. Good thing he left before then. . .

He stops infront of the shop, and it suddenly feels a lot hotter. He loosens his tie, looking at the three dresses, and quickly thinking about how much money is in his monthly allowance from the government. A lot, actually. . . he hadn't used a lot the last few months. Australia takes a deep breath before stepping into the shop, putting a charming smile on his face to cover the awe he was feeling. It was a really fancy shop. It was organized modernly, with no racks, just displays of shoes and dresses and accessories and perfumes. The smell of flowers and vanilla hits his nose as he takes a hesitant step on the dark brown, wooden floor. He is quickly spotted by an aid, and a slim man about a foot shorter than the Aussie quickly walks toward him, smartly dressed in a fitted black suit.

"Hello!" Says the man, holding out his hand. Australia shakes it. "My names Eric. How may I help you?" Australia smiles, noticing the lack of people.

"Not a lot of business?" Eric laughs.

"No no no. We mostly get orders over the phone, email, or by letter! A lot of our staff is gone because the Royal Family wanted to get some of our dresses custom fitted for them."

"So you, uh, custom fit your dresses?" Eric nods.

"Yeah! And our customers get it within the day. What do you want? A gift for a special lady? Picking up an order, perhaps?" Australia feels a lot more nervous. Custom fits. Maybe he can order in his size? Does he want to? What led him here. . .

When Australia had been a little colony, physically about eight, England and France, or should he say Arthur and Francis, had come on a bit better terms. England would sometimes have Francis babysit his colonies. The two had practically been brothers when younger. And, of course, Francis would bring over his clothes. And some of them were dresses. So Australia would sneak into them, walking around in the oversized, flowing, beautiful garments. One day, Francis had decided to play dress up with Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Francis had smiles when the other two had gone and hid, while Australia had simply said "Can I have something like your pretty dresses?" Nations change over time, and Australia doesn't know if France suspects that he himself also wants to wear dresses. He's been scared of what everyone would think, especially Zea and England and his uncles- Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. He wishes sometimes that he had been more like France and Poland: carefree and naturally more feminine. But no, he was like this, and he can't change anything.

"Sir?" Say's Eric, bringing him back to the present. "What would you like?" Australia takes a deep breath.

"Y-you said all of your dresses are custom, yes?" Eric nods.

"Yes. We do it multiple areas. Upper, middle, and lower chest; shoulders; arm length and arm diameters at specific intervals; torso; waist; leg length; upper body length; total height; and thigh's." Australia's eyebrows rise at Eric's easy release of information. The shorter man smiles. "I've been at this job for a while."

"Crikey- and you finish fitting dresses in less than a day!?" Eric nods, and there is a certain look in his eyes.

"And everything is private." He say's slowly. "Nobody outside the company gets information about the order or the orderer." Australia hesitates.

"Just. . .call me Jett." He says. "And, um. . .I-I-I had just been passing by earlier today and then I came back" oh great- a nervous breakdown. "And, um, what I mean is that-that I wantsomedressesmadeformyself." Eric smiles.

"No worries. We get guys all the time, actually. First time in a dress?" Jett blushes.

"Yes. Well, uh, no. My uncle made me a dress when I was eight or so because he likes to design and wear stuff and I was apparently very cute, so that was the one time." Eric nods.

"Okay. Come to the back with me."

And Jett Kirkland, the personification of Australia, will always remember the next five hours for the rest of his life.

Jett had to take off his suit and strip to his underwear, and then Eric took and wrote down his measurements.

"I like your dimensions." The shorter man had said. "It os much better than those other men I have taken. I can easily manipulate the dress to your shape, and also make you look more feminine." He meets Jett's eyes. "Are you doing this out of curiosity or fun, or are you doing it to look feminine?" Jett nods, putting on his clothes when Eric finishes the measurements. The shorter man then grins at the Aussie, brown eyes meeting green. "Now the fun part."

When he had exited the backroom, Eric behind him with the pad with his measurements written down, excitement had overcome the Aussie. He was quick to choose the three dresses on display, and then he looked around like a little kid at a toy shop, Eric pointing out certain dresses out. He got another green dress that was made of a very soft and light material which started out smooth and then cascaded in frills, the color a turquoise that apparently made his eyes pop. He also got a slim fitting, plain black dress, and a red dress which had a style somewhere between Western and a Japanese kimono. It was cool. So five dresses.

Then, he got the the vanilla-floral perfume, the smell he had loved since it was filling the store. He got a few necklaces (on the house, Eric had winked), and then five pairs of heels, one pair of heels per outfit, and it matches! And the heels actually fit his feet and didn't make him even taller than he already was.

And, as a bonus, Eric also taught him how to do basic makeup! He learned how to do eyeshadow, and which color to do per dress and environment, how to use the eyeliner and mascara, applications of natural color lipstick, and how to use concealer after Jett admitted to there being a scar under the ever-present plaster on his nose. Also, on the house.

"Here's my number." Says Eric, typing it on Jett's mobile. "Keep in touch, as a friend, I mean. Text me anytime you're in England, okay?" Jett nods, hugging the man with one arm.

"Thank you, mate." Jett says. "I'll come in one of the dresses, next time." Eric laughs, patting the mans shoulder.

"Okay. Remember the makeup tips, and there's always the internet. And practice walking in the heels privately before going out. And I would advise telling that brother of yours." Australia nods.

"I have dinner with him tomorrow." Eric grins at the news.

"Take the chance! I'll send you the dresses at around noon. You can wear one then! I would advise the yellow dress. It's the least form fitting of the five, and it doesn't show so much. It will look more feminine, and you wont be as uncomfortable than if you wear one of the other's. The matching shows are also the shortest and are more of a heel lift of a wedge than a heel, so it will be easier to walk in. And if you do makeup, I'd advise just taking off that plaster, which will be a shock to him, cover the scar with concealer. Also, tear-proof mascara in case he hurts you. I would say no to eyeshadow or eyeliner, and no lipstick. Just do lipgloss. Ooh~ and a small necklace! The one with the green crystal. That will match your eyes. Put on the perfume perfume, be confident, and wash your hair with a nice shampoo, either no smell or floral or vanilla, and blow-dry it for fluffiness. Also, don't do the hair you have now. I see it's not strait hair, and it's has a bit of volume and looks like it will reach a few notable centimeters below your ear of you brush it down." Jett blinks, processing the words eagerly, bags held in two hands with his briefcase.

"Thank you!" Eric chuckles and Jett's thanks.

"Okay. Good night. It's already eight! See you later, Jett. You'll be at your hotel room tomorrow, right? I'll just stop by." Jett nods, and he leaves, excitement building in his throat, as well as tension and anxiety.