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It has been a few weeks after Team RWBY prevented the criminal Roman Torchwick and the White Fang (a peaceful Faunus movement-turned-terrorist group) from stealing more cargo of Dust (crystals with elemental powers used as ammunition for a Huntsmen's weapon or for something more than that) with the help of a monkey Faunus named Sun Wukong and a ginger haired girl (unknown to them, she's a robot) named Penny. These past events was the start for Blake Belladonna and Weiss Schnee make amends with each other after the former revealed her true identity to her teammates. Surprisingly, Weiss didn't care if Blake is or was a member of the White Fang since this doesn't mean she hates the Faunus (like her father and younger brother, for example), only the ones that commit terrorism. Right now, Beacon Academy is on summer vacation and most of the students went home to relax and take a break from their studies as a Huntsmen (or Huntress). But today, a somewhat new adventure waits for our girls.

"Oh man! That has to either be the most exhausting or exciting training session for Team RWBY." A black-haired (with red streaks) girl with silver eyes named Ruby Rose says.

"I guess you can say that it was 'on fire'." A golden-haired girl known as Yang Xiao Long (Ruby's older half-sister) puns, receiving a few groans from her teammates.

"All bad puns aside, we've made excellent progress so far." The white-haired heiress – Wiess Schnee – points out to the team leader. "So long we keep this routine up, we won't have much of a problem in this year's upcoming Vytal Festival."

"Agreed." The cat Faunus and former White Fang member – Blake Belladonna – agrees. "Just try not to go overboard using fire Dust next time, Ruby."

"I said I was sorry!" Ruby laments in a childish way.

"You dolt! That attack could've sent us to the recovery room or worse! We're lucky to even be alive!"

The 15-year-old leader sighs in defeat. "I can't argue with that, Weiss."

As they opened the door to their dorm, they notice a package on the floor.

"Uh, did anyone order anything?" Ruby asks.

No one answered as Yang picks it up and shakes it.

"I wonder who it's from." The infamous pun maker wonders.

"Yang, it could be a prank from someone." Weiss guesses before groaning. "Or it could be one of Jaune's attempts to impress me."

"Let's not get too paranoid, Weiss." Blake assures. "We don't even know what's inside it yet."

"Yeah, what Blake says!" Ruby agrees with her. "Let's just see what's inside it!"

"Sure, sis. Maybe something that we can all enjoy." Yang says.

"But I don't think it's a-." The heiress begins to argue but Ruby and Yang have already opened the package, much to her surprise. "-good idea."

The girls take a look at the contents and sees that it's only a gaming console, a controller, and a collection of games.

"I've never seen a gaming console like that before." Yang says before using her Scroll's camera and search for the design on the internet, only to find no results. "Okay, that's impossible. It's like it doesn't even exist."

"What are you talking about?" Weiss questions and does the same thing Yang did but met with what the blonde Huntress received. "What? B-But there's no way that it doesn't have any records at all!"

Ruby grabs a note inside the box and shows it to the others. "Guys. Maybe this will explain it to us."

She opens the note and reads it aloud so that her teammates can hear it.

'Hello, Team RWBY!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name Tython (strange name, I know) and I'm human like you guys, except I'm not from this universe. You see, I come from a different planet called Earth and it's similar to your world but with a different history (meaning no Grimm and Dust). A lot to take in, but it's the truth. However, that's not what I want to talk about as I have something interesting for you four. Inside the package, I have sent you a gaming console and controller from my reality along with one of the most iconic and popular gaming franchises in Earth's history. You might be asking yourself how I know you guys or wondering why i chose the four of you to play these games. Firstly, I know you better than you think because I know almost pretty much everything about the four of you (No, I am not a stalker that hacked your Scrolls). Secondly, why I chose the four of you? Because I like you guys, I really do, otherwise I wouldn't send this awesome gift thru time and space only for you to play and enjoy. However, keep in mind that the games take place in an alternate version of Earth and doesn't accurately align with our history as this is a work of fiction. If you're wondering what game to start first, you should see the title 'The Ezio Collection' on it. The reason why the first one isn't there because I never played the first game (only seen walkthroughs) and that it would take too long to understand the basics. Plus, the first sequel is a part of a trilogy AND considered to be the most fan favorite in the franchise.

And remember, do not – I repeat – do not start playing the later installments as they are HUGE SPOILERS to certain plot points.

Have fun!'

Team RWBY have different reactions. At first, they were a little afraid this Tython person might be a creepy stalker. However, these thoughts faded quickly away once they realized he lives on another planet or universe even. Ruby and Yang are mostly excited because they got video games from another universe and want to play it now. As for Weiss and Blake, this sort of information is a lot to take in and kind of hard to believe. Then again, this package contains things that don't even exist in their universe, so the note does make a fair point.

"Hey, why don't we get something to eat first in the mess hall and then we can take a look at these games our mysterious friend is talking about?" Blake suggests as she and her teammates felt hungry after their last training session.

"Yeah, I'm kinda hungry." Yang replies as the four girls' stomachs growl.

Later That Night…

The girls are already in their pajamas and have finished setting up the console to their TV screen.

"Alright, is everyone ready?" Ruby asks her friends. They nod in response and their leader places the disc in the console. "Okay. Then let's do this!"

The screen then shows a selection of three different installments.

"Assassin's Creed II?" Yang reads the title aloud with the controller in her hands.

"Strange title for a franchise." Weiss says. "So we're playing as a killer? How is this series popular and iconic?"

"Won't know till we actually start playing it, Weiss Queen." The blonde brawler retorts before receiving a 'hey!' from the heiress.

"Plus, this guy did mention about it being an alternate version of Earth's history, so we might learn a few things about it." Blake reminds her.

"Let's just play the game, guys." Ruby shushes her friends.

Yang presses a button and the game brings up the Ubisoft logo before changing into a notification of sorts.

Inspired by historical events and characters. This work of fiction was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs.

To be continued…