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Chapter 11: Sequence 4: The Pazzi Conspiracy + Glyph Hunting (5 & 6)

After sending the file regarding the COVID to Winter with an elaborate excuse, Weiss came up saying that it is a 'what if?' situation that one of the students of Beacon came up with a compelling detail of a killer disease which gave the idea to give to her sister in Atlas to see if the scientists in the kingdom can come up with a vaccine to counter it. Winter accepts it after saying goodbye to her younger sister.

After finishing what she did, she joins back with her team.

"How did it go?" Ruby asked her partner.

"It went well." The heiress smiled. "My sister took it without a problem."

"You never did tell us you have a sister." Yang points out.

"You never asked." She counters, making the blond chuckled.

"I did." Blake comments, making Weiss roll her eyes at her wisecracking.

"Okay, team! Time to continue the game." Ruby smiled.

"Can I have a turn, Ruby?" Weiss asked.

"Oh, sure!" Ruby handed the controller to her partner as she took it and prepared to play Ezio.

Ezio then left the study as he traveled back to the mansion and found Claudia in the other room.

This is the Workshop. The room contained several shelves lined with books and a scale replica of Monteriggioni. His sister is found sitting on a desk doing some writing on a journal with a feather pen while leaning her face with her free hand while looking bored.

"Whoa… what's this room?" Yang says, impressed by the room.

"I think that's a workshop." Ruby answered.

'PRESS (Button) to SPEAK to Claudia and consult Monteriggioni's balance sheets.'

"Let's see what Claudia has to say." Weiss says as she made Ezio interact with his sister.

Ezio approaches and greets her. "Salute (Hi) Claudia—"

"Our uncle is un mostro (a monster). This is outrageous!" Claudia complains

The girls slightly cringe at Claudia's sudden outburst.

"What's her problem?" The blond says as she raised a brow.

"What's happened?" Ezio sighed.

"He's making me work!" She huffed as she continued. "If father was here, I'd never be stuck behind a desk like this."

"She's upset because she's working behind the desk?" Blake skeptically said that granted. She watches her father work behind the desk during her time back in Menagerie. It did look like tiring work writing stacks and paper and all, but that was her father's responsibility being Chieftain of their home.

"Looks like it." Yang says, agreeing with Claudia seeing how boring that would be if she were in her place.

"…" Weiss remained silent while she slightly frowned. A part of her disapproved at Claudia's thoughts a working behind the desk granted it's not one of the pleasant jobs out there, but it shows its importance. A part of her approved of it because it's under the Auditore's influence, which she gratefully respects and admires who, unlike a certain father of hers.

"I wonder if anyone thinks like that?" Ruby innocently asks.

In Ozpin's office…

Ozpin is sitting by his desk, working on a stack of paper until he blinked in confusion.

"Odd. Why do I feel as if someone is talking about me?"

Back to RWBY…

"And what are the terms of this supposed enslavement?" The older brother sarcastically said.

"Better than working in the mines." Blake comments.

"I promise, Blake. I will make changes for it no matter the cost." Weiss declared, making the cat Faunus smile at her.

"Since SOMEONE decided we're going to stay here, Zio (uncle) Mario suggested we try and find the money to repair the villa. Problem is, there isn't any." The younger sister answered.

"That doesn't seem so bad." Ruby said.

"But it does seem like a lot of work." Yang pointed out.

"I bet I can bring in some money."

"Oh, great, more work for me." Claudia sarcastically said as she returned to her writing. "Well, benissimo (fine). If you start paying for improvements to the town, I'll keep track of them in this book. And since I have nothing better to do, I'll also make note of any objects you bring in from the outside. If you actually get this place up and running, travelers might visit and spend money, although I doubt anyone will want to come this far out of the city. But if they do, I'll keep the money we make in this chest. You're going to have to show up to take it to the bank yourself because when it gets full, I'm just going to take the extra cash for myself. Capito? (Understand?)"

"That's not a bad deal." Weiss agreed. "While Ezio is working out in the field simultaneously making a name for the Villa, it will make their home more prosperous for Ezio's family and many others."

"While Claudia gets the extra money for doing nothing but sitting behind the desk." Yang grinned.

"Deal." Ezio nodded.


Claudia will now store the Villa's INCOME in a CHEST next to her. Come often to collect the money from this chest.'

"Cute. A personal bank." Blake comments.

After finishing his talk with his sister, he then proceeded to an Architect waiting for him in the room.

"Who's that?" Ruby asked.


Talk to the Villa's architect.'

"Oh." The red reaper said as she read the description.

"Perfect! Someone who can help with the Villa." The heiress said as she controlled Ezio.

"Buongiorno (Good day). Is there something wrong?" Ezio greeted the architect.

"Ser Mario hired me to deal with this mess, but I'm an architetto (architect), not a miracle worker. Without money, I can't fix any of these buildings." The architect says with concern.

"You can't get anything done without money." Weiss sighed as she frowned at that undeniable fact.

"And if someone brought the money?"

"Then we are in business! You must be Ser Ezio. Am I right?"

The girls couldn't help but giggle at the architect's change of personality.

Ezio nodded then he calls out to his uncle. "Uncle! I like this architetto. (architect.)"

"He gets very observant when he can smell money!" Mario calls back.

"At least he's honest at his work." Wiess chuckled.

"If you want to fix this town, I'm going to need it. I have a price list here for new shops and renovations. Just bring me gold, make a choice, and I'll begin at once." The architect explains to the young assassin. "If I build you a shop, you, as the landlord, can purchase goods at lower rates. If you invest more money in the shop, you get an even greater discount. As for the renovations, well... you'll be bringing the town and villa back to life. As Ser Mario tells me, that was very important to your great-great-grandfather. Plus, when you buy shops and renovations, you'll be increasing the number of people who visit, causing your income to increase! So, let's take a look, shall we?"

He showed Ezio a list of shops in the town in need of repairs and renovation.

'Monteriggioni's value + 38750'

"Wow… that's a lot of things to do." Ruby says as she reads through the to-do list.

"I wonder if this is what most villages outside of the kingdoms have to go through to have a stable life." Yang wondered.

"They do." As she recalled the times, Blake said, Menagerie has to go to renovations just to get by with its locals, plus the Grimm infected area of the island does not help the Faunus much.

"And most villages lack any help from the Kingdom's Council, leaving them off on their own." Weiss and the others frowned, knowing that Grimm or bandits wipe out most villages in a single night without the kingdoms' aid. The only lucky ones have Huntsmen in the area, and that some have resources worth the Councils' time.


The architect allows you to renovate the buildings of Monteriggioni. This will increase the Villa's INCOME.'

After Weiss helped Ezio renovate some Villa Auditore areas, she resumes taking the assassin in control.

After some time, Ezio returned to Mario's study, finding him standing by the bookshelf.

Maria turns around and greets his nephew. "Ezio! My boy. I think it's time I showed you something." He turned back to the bookshelf and pulled a hidden lever within the bookshelf in his study. It opened to reveal a passage beyond, which led to a cellar. He enters and waits for his nephew.

"Oooh! A secret door!" Ruby's eyes sparkled. "Does your family have any of that, Weiss?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Weiss huffed as she looked away with a slight blush on her face.

'Go speak with Mario in his office.'

Ezio enters the passageway as he follows Mario down to the cellar.

They reach the cellar's bottom, and Ezio finds a large, well-built stone chamber underneath the Villa Auditore. What made it even more unique was that t houses seven statues lined the walls. Each one of them wore hoods, signifying that they are assassins. But what particularly stood out from the rest, the center of the statue carried armor while it was behind a locked cage.

"Whoa!" All the girls say in awe.

"What is that place?" Blake said in awe.

"I think it's some kind of memorial for the Assassins." Yang answered, seeing the cool-looking statues.

"This is the Sanctuary. It was built by my great-grandfather to honor the memory of the Assassin Order and protect its secrets. Look around! These are the assassins who guarded the freedom of humanity when it was most threatened." Mario proudly introduced. He begins to walk up to the statues until he reaches the one in the center.

"The Sanctuary…" Weiss muttered in awe. Despite being a fictional game, she can tell how much significant importance the room held, especially the statues of the past assassins it contains.

"And this is the armor of Altaïr. Little is known about Altaïr's life, but his armor is light and very strong. I'd give it to you, but I don't know how to retrieve it. My great-grandfather told me it would remain locked away until all its protectors were made whole." Mario says as he showed his nephew the Armor of Altaïr.

"Wow! That's such a cool-looking armor!" Ruby squeals in awe. "I wonder what it's made of?"

"Altaïr was mentioned from the first game." Blake points out remembering the assassin was mentioned from the beginning. "Looks like he's now a legend and an inspiration."

"I heard rumors of crypts located throughout Italia, hidden tombs filled with treasure where these six were moved centuries ago. Maybe they have something to do with it." Mario admits. "In my younger days, I sought the six myself... with no success. Perhaps you will have better luck."

"In order to achieve perfect synchronization with Ezio, you have to get that armor." Rebeca's voice informed. As the game temporarily skips ahead and saves itself, leaving Ezio by himself in the Sanctuary.

"Oooh! A treasure hunt." Yang grinned at the idea of exploring areas and finding stuff at the end of it.

"So, what's next?" Blake asked.

They received a notification from Tython.

'I suggest you take Ezio to Florence. It's time for Ezio to reunite with Leonardo.' Tython texted from their Scrolls.

"Right! We should show the Codex Pages to Leonardo." Ruby cheered.

Ezio decides to return to Florence after two years to meet an old friend. After leaving the Villa and taking a horse from the stables outside the gates, he rushes back to his old home.

"Florence, here we come!" Yang and Ruby cheered while Blake and Weiss smiled.

The game now fades to white, then simulation forming into a city with Florence's buildings showing new areas for Ezio to explore.

'Repubblica Fiorentina

April, 1478.'

"So it's been a year now since he last came back home." Weiss said as she saw the date.

He appears in front of Leonardo da Vinci's workshop. He knocks at the door and enters. Inside, Leonardo was surprised to see Ezio after all these years.

"Leonardo!" Ruby happily said. "It's so good to see him again."

"Ezio...? You are still alive!" Leonardo says as he walks up and hugs his friend.

"You can't kill this assassin so easily." Yang grinned while she and the others are happy that the two have reunited.

Ezio smiled as he looked around the workshop. "Look at this place! The past two years have been kind to you." Proving his point, the place was filled with even more equipment than the last time they met.

"He has been swamped for the past year." Weiss comments.

"I wish I could get a good look at everything his work has to offer!" Ruby says, fascinated by what Leonardo has created over the year.

Leonardo smiled but slightly frowned with concern. "But you are not the same at all, are you...?"

"Unfortunately, business calls." Blake sighs.

Ezio silently agreed but continued. "I was hoping you might be able to help me with something."

"Anything for you, my friend!" The inventor happily said.

"Glad that Leonardo is still willing to help Ezio." Ruby smiled, happy to see the inventor help his friend.

Ezio showed him the Codex page. "Aha! You've found another! How exciting!" He took the page from Ezio's hand and examined it.

Yang giggled. "Definitely a male version of Ruby." This made other girls laughed while Ruby just pouted.

"Hmmm. This one is tricky to break..." Leonardo hummed. "Clever in it's use of ancient languages. Maybe if I just... Oh... Oh! It seems to be a manual of sort for different assassination techniques."

"Assassination techniques?" Blake said, slightly interested while not fond of being an assassin herself. She won't light that she's a bit curious.

"May I see it?" Ezio asked, interested to know about these assassination techniques.

"Wait! What's that?!" Leonardo stopped Ezio and examined the Codex even more. "It's not so much a design this time... Just a series of sketches. Hmmmm. What to make of all this... Hoho! Of course! And why not! What an inspired idea!"

"Another invention?" Ruby perked up, interested in what the codex is showing this time.

"Well, what do you know, new techniques and new equipment now? This is worth coming back home." Yang grinned, glad to know that it was worth Ezio returning to Florence.

"Can you make it for me while I try what's in that manual fragment?" Ezio asked.

"Take it. I'll have my assistant set up some dummies for you to practice with." Leonardo says as he called out his assistant. "Eh, Vincenzo!"


Practice several new assassination techniques while Leonardo tinkers with the Codex pages.'

"Let's see what these techniques are." Weiss says she prepares to control Ezio while Blake leans a bit closer to the screen, curious about these new assassination techniques.

The screen fades to white and fades back, showing Ezio outside of Leonardo's workshop.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'5 Codex pages deciphered.'

'Hidden blade upgraded.'

'One health square gained.'

'Practice the assassination techniques in the courtyard.'

'Assassination abilities practiced: 0/3'

"I knew it was a new Hidden Blade upgrade!" Ruby gleefully squeals in excitement.

"Take it easy, Rubes. Just hang on until we finish this bit." Yang smirked at her half-sister's excitement.

"So there are three assassination techniques." Blake says.

"I wonder what they are?" Weiss said.

Ezio left to practice in the courtyard. He sees three dummies prepared for him. One was standing next to a hiding spot (a large amount of hay), the second dummy was standing by the ledge outside of the courtyard, and finally, the last one was out in the open.

"An excellent training ground, albeit small." Weiss comments but was still impressed.


PRESS (Button) to ASSASSINATE a locked or unlocked target.'

"An assassination from the hay?" Ruby tilted her head. "I guess that's kinda normal for an assassin."

"I'm curious about how it's performed." Blake said as she observes as Weiss begins to take action.

Starting training, Ezio jumped into the hiding spot. Seeing his target before him, he pretended it to be an actual person, so he quickly reached out to the dummy with his right arm gripping him by the neck and promptly used his Hidden Blade to stab the dummy by the neck. After a successful kill, he quickly dragged the body inside the hey, hiding the corpse.

'Assassination abilities practiced: 1/3'

The girls cringed at the sight of Ezio 'killing' the dummy and how he quickly hid the body.

"Damn! I had an idea how Ezio was going to do it, but that kinda scary." Yang admitted.

"It was, wasn't it…" Ruby shivered, seeing how it was rightening getting killed while getting rid of the body spooked her a bit.

"I've seen sneak attacks before but seeing it this way… I doubt even a Faunus with high senses would react in time." Blake admitted being scared such a stealth kill was possible and, happy that she had not heard or seen the White Fang or any known killer had performed such skill.

"It's… not what I expected, but I can understand the advantage in the use of stealth." Weiss slowly admitted.

Next, Ezio climbed out of the hay, climbed up against the wall, then stood up on a garden ledge. Then he looks down on the dummy that was out in the open.


PRESS (Button) to ASSASSINATE a locked or unlocked target.'

"An assassination from above?" Blake raised a brow. "Thinking about it can catch your target off-guard."

"That can only work when no one looks up." Weiss said.

"Since when do bad guys ever look up?" Yang raised a brow.

"…Point taken." Weiss admitted making Ruby and Blake giggle at that fact.

Ready with his next target Ezio jumped and activated his Hidden Blade. He drops down on the dummy, using it as a cushion while stabbing it by the neck, successfully killing it.

'Assassination abilities practiced: 2/3'

"That looks painful." Ruby cringed while her partner and Blake nodded in agreement.

"Yeah… no way you can get back up after getting stabbed from above." Yang agreed. With Aura, it can generally stop stab wounds from harming the body, but while she thought about it, there are times with enough force that even weaponry can cut through Aura, leading to severe injuries. "Maybe I should start being more careful…" The blond brawler reluctantly agrees in her head. She knows with her Semblance. She can absorb damage and strikes back with full force, but with the thought of receiving an attack that could potentially bypass her Aura. It started to scare her.

Ezio stood up from his supposed corpse, then he rushed up against the wall and climbed up to where the ledge is where the last dummy is. He hanged against the ledge hiding from the dummies site.


PRESS (Button) to ASSASSINATE a locked or unlocked target.'

"A ledge… assassination?" Weiss blinked, not expecting that kind of technique.

"How is that performed?" Blake titled her, never hearing such technique before.

Ready to kill his next target, Ezio pulls himself up and then grabs the dummy with his free hand but not before stabbing hit with his Hidden Blade. After his successful kill, he pulls the dummy over the ledge, making it fall to the ground.

'Assassination abilities practiced: 3/3'

"That… is unique…" The Faunus blinked as she slowly admitted, never having the thought cross her mind.

"The Assassins truly know about the 'Art of Killing'." Weiss said while the others agreed with her.

"Those techniques are perfectly fit for the Hidden Blade." Ruby points out noticing that Ezio always used his Hidden Blade for the assassinations.

"Yeah… at least we learned something new in this game." Yang said as she and her teammates learned assassination techniques that they never knew could work.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Return to Leonardo's workshop.'

"Oh! We finally get to see that new Hidden Blade upgrade!" Ruby squealed in excitement. "I hope it's the new gun installment."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Ruby, but if it were, Leonardo would have needed Ezio's Hidden Blade from the beginning." Blake points out, making Ruby sag a bit.

"Oh… but that just means that is something new!" Ruby perked back up, making everyone blink, realizing that fact as well.

After learning three new assassination techniques, Ezio returned to Leonardo's workshop. He knocked at the door and entered.

"I've done it! Come quickly! Look!" Leonardo happily said as he gestures Ezio to come closer. "Take it- try it!" He gave Ezio a second Hidden Blade and a metal glove, which Ezio equipped.

Yang gasped. "Another Hidden Blade?!"

"Not just any Hidden Blade! This one has a metal glove equipped with it!" Ruby had stars in her eyes as she studied and took note of this new Hidden Blade.

"Not only did he learn new assassination techniques, but he now has two Hidden Blades at his disposal." Blake said.

"This gives him variety for his combat." Weiss smiled, seeing that they will see more Ezio combat skills with the additional Hidden Blade.

"Thank you, Leonardo." Ezio thanked him as he wore his new second Hidden Blade and metal glove.

"Yeah! Thanks, Leonardo! I got a lot of new ideas." Ruby smiled as she finishes taking note of what she learned.

"Non c'è di che! (No problem!)"

"There's someone I need to "see" while I'm here." Ezio carefully said as he asked his friend.

"Back to business." Blake now said in all seriousness.

"I cannot approach him publicly... Would you know a way–"

Leonardo silenced Ezio with a gesture and whispers quietly. "La Volpe."

"La Volpe?" Yang echoed in confusion.

Ezio raised a brow in confusion. "The Fox...?"

"Oh. So that what it means."

"Sshhhhh!" The inventor shushed him.

"Why does Leonardo look nervous?" Ruby asked.

"Whoever this 'La Volpe' is, even Leonardo knows that he isn't meant to be messed with." Blake comments.

"Capisco... (I understand)," Ezio said in understanding. "But do you know where a fox might roam...?"

"Perhaps, near the Mercato (market) where the thieves dwell..." Leonardi quietly says. "Sta attento, amico! (Be safe, friend!)"

Ezio thanked him and began his search as he left the workshop.

"Okay… let's go find this Volpe." Weiss says as she prepares Ezio for the next objective.


Codex page locations are revealed on your map by reaching VIEWPOINTS. Collect all the codex pages to unlock your final memories.'

"Yes! More Codex Pages to find." Yang grinned.

"Looks like we need to find a viewpoint for Ezio." Ruby said.

A notification appeared from their Scrolls.

'Actually… you can buy a map from an Art Shop. It saves a lot of time climbing up from a building, but you still have to pay.' Tython says in the text.

"Not too surprising to do in a game." The blonde comments.

"What's your choice, Weiss?" Blake asked. "You're the one with the controller."

The heiress thought about it for a moment before she made a decision. "I think I'll just buy the map. As much as I want to synchronize using Eagle Vision, I like to try a simple way." The girl nodded in her decision.







The ARMOR PLATE makes it possible to DEFLECT weapon attacks with the HIDDEN BLADE.'

"I see… so that's what the metal glove is for." Ruby whispers as she took note of it.

Before Ezio would search the "La Volpe," he obtains a map of the Santa Maria Novella districtfrom an art shop. With it, he was able to properly locate the locations of the Codex Pages hidden in Florence.

"Nice! Ezio now knows five hidden locations to find the Codex pages." Yang cheered.

"Well… better get these first before looking for Volpe." Weiss said as she started to guide Ezio to collect the pages.

After locating all five of the Codex pages, he continues his search.

"That's five pages down!" Ruby cheered.

"Now on to the next task." Weiss says as she guided Ezio, which led him to Santa Maria Novella.

After entering Santa Maria Novella, he discovers a Glyph facing east in the Mercato Vecchio courtyard's northeast corner.


'The EYE ICON on Database pop-ups indicates that a GLYPH is on the landmark. Try to find it.'

"Another Glyph!" Blake gasped.

Their Scrolls notified them.

'There are two Glyphs for this Sequence. The second one is not far from the area after you finish completing this one.' Tython explained.

"Does anyone want to have a go for this one?" Weiss offered, making Blake raised a hand.

"I'll have a go." Weiss nodded as she handed the controller to her Faunus teammate.

"Okay. Let's see what this puzzle can do." The cat Faunus smiled in anticipation, confident she can solve this puzzle.

He used his Eagle Vision, leading Desmond to solve another puzzle.

"You see? Do you see what's going on? Not yet. But you will." Sixteen's static voice said while sounding that his sanity was slowly breaking.

"He's losing his mind…" Ruby sadly said.

"Those Abstergo bastards really did him good…" Yang frowned.



"Instruments of Power?" Blake read out in confusion.

"This puzzle might be talking about the Apple of Eden." Weiss guessed.

'The power they wielded Cut done their enemies.'

Ten pictures show different historical people on the screen asking to choose five of them.

"Who are these people?" Ruby asked.

'These are historical people in my world, each remembered by their achievements.' Tython answered in their Scrolls.

"That's interesting." Blake admits as she studied the words and the images until she found what she is looking for. "I think I got it."

"What did you find?" Weiss asked while Blake began to select specific figures while holding a sword.

"The word 'Cut' was highlighted, and I noticed that some of these people are holding swords since there good at cutting."

"That makes sense." Yang agreed with her partner.

Blake selected these characters: Perseus, Greece. Attila the Hun, Eurasia. Sigmund, Norse. King Arthur, Britannia. Joan of Arc, France.

"Arc?" Ruby perked up seeing a woman on the screen who looked a bit like their own arc, and the names are similar sounding as well. "Why does this one have the same family name as Jaune's?"

"Even their names are similar sounding." Blake points out.

'A coincidence.' Tython cryptically said in their Scrolls.

"A coincidence?" Weiss echoed with a raised brow.

'A coincidence!' Tython texted on their Scroll again, ending it with smiley face emoji. The girls are confused why their mysterious friend has left it like that, but they decided to continue with the game

After completing the puzzle, an image of a golden sword appeared. Dubbed, ID: Piece of Eden 25 – Sword.

"Whoa! A sword?" Ruby says not expecting a Sword to appear, but she did like how cool it looks.

"The Sword of Eden…" Weiss says. "I'm guessing this weapon holds destructive power."

"And I'm guessing that is how these people became historical figures." Blake added as she continued with the game.

'In their hands, the wise Lean on a great force.'

The same puzzle as last time appeared.

"Same as the last one." Yang comments as Blake studied the puzzle.

"I know what to do." The cat Faunus said as she begins to pick five pictures that have staff on them.

"How did you figure it out?" Weiss asked.

"Lean was highlighted, and I notice that some of the historical figures are holding a staff." Blake explained. "And what do some people do with them?"

"They sometimes lean on them!" Ruby answered, realizing the answer.

"That's right." Blake smiled as she selected the five figures: John the Baptist, Jerusalem. Alexander the Great, Macedonia. Shabataka, Egypt. Peter, Jerusalem. Moses, Egypt.

After completing the puzzle, an image of a golden staff appeared. ID: Piece of Eden 34 - Staff.

"The Staff of Eden." Ruby says in awe. "I can imagine the Sword of Eden being a destructive weapon, but I wonder what the Staff can do?"

"Well, staffs are symbolized for leadership and authority, so I'm guessing the Staff of Eden has the power to control people or maybe create something."

"That's both awesome and kinda frightening." Yang admits. "Makes me wonder if our world has any of that magical stuff."

In Ozpin's office… again…

As Ozpin finished the last of the papers, he felt a shiver in his spine.

"Odd…" Ozpin narrowed his eyes in confusion. "What is wrong with me today? And why am I suddenly thinking about the Relics?"

Back to RWBY…



Another video clip was unlocked.

"Good job, Blakey!" Yang congratulated her partner. "That's another puzzle down."

"Thanks." Blake smiled as she returned the controller to Weiss.

"Now to find the other Glyph." Weiss says as she controls Ezio to find the second puzzle.

After finishing the Glyph, Ezio travels next to Mercato Vecchio and discovers another Glyph found facing east in the courtyard's northern corner.

"Found it! Now that didn't take too long." Weiss lightly grinned happily that she found the second Glyph without a problem.

"Can I have a turn, Weissy?" Yang asked.

"Sure. And don't call me that." Weiss answered as she handed the controller to the blonde, which took with a chuckle.

He used his Eagle Vision Desmond access to another puzzle.

"Alright! Let's see what this puzzle can do." Yang grinned in anticipation.

"They are mostly heroes. But see, how the lineage is disrupted. The web of history traps the good, and the evil take what is not theirs!" Sixteen's static voice explains.

"W-What does that mean?" Ruby asked, not liking what Sixteen just said.

"I'm guessing… that he meant despite the achievements heroes do, the bad guys always find a way to take what's not there's." Weiss summarized.

"But the good guys always find a way to win! Right?" Ruby tried to defend herself, looking for an answer from her teammates and sister.

"I'm sure they would, Ruby." Blake reasoned. "But what Sixteen suggested that he was referring to the heroes of history and the villains are taking advantage of that in their current era."

"…Like how Abstergo was using Desmond in their Animus!" Yang gasped, eyes wide open, followed by her friends.

"And they even used Sixteen the same way as Desmond until his mind broke…" Ruby whispered in sadness.

"That's sick…" Weiss says in disgust while the rest agreed with her.



The puzzle shows a circle showing an incomplete image and can only be fixed by rotating it.

"Oooh. A rotating puzzle. My kind of game!" Yang grinned as she rotated the image until she finally matched all the pieces, but much to their shock and horror, it shows a man beating another man to death.

"What the hell!?" Yang shouts.

"Why is he beating him?!" Ruby shouts in horror even Weiss and Blake are in total agreement.

'Those are Cain and Abel.' Tython answered in their Scrolls. 'The one attacking is Cain, the older brother, and the one getting killed is Abel, the younger. They are sons of Adam and Eve, the two first humans who have ever existed in my world.'

Blake slightly flinched at Adam's name but reminded herself that it's a different person as she composed herself. "That's interesting, but why is Cain killing his brother?"

'The brothers offered sacrifices to God.' Tython explained. 'Cain was a farmer and offered fruits and vegetables while Abel was a shepherd and offered lambs. God favored Abel's offering, which leads the older brother to be jealous and to be the very first human to murder another human.'

The girls were shocked in pure horror learning such a thing from Tython.

"How can anyone be capable of such a thing?" Ruby says in pure sadness. "And to a younger brother of all people."

Yang hugged her sister to comfort her, and Weiss looked down in sadness as she couldn't bear the thought of imagining an older sibling committing such a crime.

Blake could understand such a thought. Seeing that Adam Taurus would do such a thing, though not out of jealousy, but spite, just spite.

After a moment of calming down, they continued with the puzzle.

After completing the first puzzle, a picture of the Apple of Eden appeared, showing that Abel was trying to reach for it. A message appeared after completing the puzzle.

'And Satan said unto Cain: Swear unto me by thy throat, and if thou tell it thou shalt die.'

"Wait. Where they both fighting over the Apple?" Ruby says in surprise.

"It looks like we are seeing hidden truths in history." Blake comments.

'Just a reminder, this is fictional in my world.' Tython reminded in their Scrolls.

"Of course." Weiss nodded. "That was mentioned at the start of the game."

Where Tython is…

"At least in this dimension or multiverse." Tython said, being fully aware of the endless possibility of the multiverse.

Back to RWBY…

The next puzzle appeared, the same as the last one.

"Okay. Let's see what this one is." Yang says as she started and finished the puzzle. It shows another image of Cain slaying Abel.

"Another one?" Ruby cringed, seeing a similar scene of Cain and Abel.

Then the Apple appeared again, showing Cain trying to reach for it. Another message appeared.

'And all these things were done in secret.'

"He murdered his brother in secret…" Yang frowned, not liking Cain more and more.

"He did it out of jealousy." Weiss added.

The next puzzle appeared, and Yang finished the same way with the same result. After completing it shows Cain slaying Abel with the Apple appearing as Cain tried to reach it. A message appeared.

'And Cain said: Truly, I am Mahan, the master of this great secret.'

"What does Mahan mean?" Ruby asked as she was starting to get used to pictures.

'Mahan is a person who is an authority on the history and who studies it and writes about it.' Tython answered.

"Like a historian." Blake said.

"So what? Does that mean Cain was in the right?" Yang raised a brow while the others shrugged, not knowing the answer.

The fourth puzzle appeared, leading Yang to start and finishing it, showing Cain slaying Abel. When completing, the Apple appeared looking like Abel tried to reach for it. A message appeared.

'Wherefor Cain was called Master Mahan, and gloried in his wickedness.'

The girls reading the last part didn't say anything but were angry and disgusted by it.

After completing the last puzzle, all four images lined up on the screen.

"Behold: the mark of Cain!" Sixteen's static voice called out, showing the Templars' symbol appearing above each picture and that Cain's face was framed, indicating that the man killing his brother is a Templar.

The girls gasped in shock at this revelation.

"Cain is a Templar!" Ruby gasped in shock.

"That explains a lot." Weiss blinked. "So he was tempted to take the Apple?"

"Looks like it." Yang nodded.

"Does that mean that Cain is the 'Father of Understanding'?" Blake asked.

'No. He is not the Father of Understanding.' Tython answered. 'He was an ideal for the Templars but was far beyond the point where the Templars were officially formed.'

"I see…"



Another video clip was unlocked.

"At least we got another clip for the Truth." Ruby sighed.

"I didn't like the pictures, but the puzzle was fun." Yang admitted as she handed the controller back to Weiss.

"At least we get to learn more about the Templar's origin." Blake added.

"All that aside, it's about time to find Volpe." Weiss says as he begins to control Ezio just for that.

After finding all the Glyphs in Florence, Ezio resumed his search for the "La Volpe" within Florence's markets.


Locate La Volpe (the Fox) somewhere neat the Mercato Vecchio.'

"Now, how to find someone you can't find?" Weiss wondered as she guides Ezio in a random direction.

"How about we use Ezio's Eagle Vision?" Ruby suggested. "He can use his sight to find him."

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot about that." Yang says.

"I wish we all that ability." Blake said, seeing the use of such a sight.

Ezio used Eagle Vision to find either La Volpe or any of his associates. After a moment of searching, he spots an individual that was shining gold.

"La Volpe?" Yang guessed.

"Only one way to find out." Weiss says.

As he approached him, he suddenly advanced towards him and slightly bumped him as he rushed away.

"Whoa!" Ruby jumped, not expecting the person to just charge at Ezio at random.

Ezio turns around and glares at the person before he was about to say something. He felt something was missing from him. "What!? My pouch— my money!"

"He just robbed him!" Blake gasped.

"Definitely not La Volpe!" Yang said.

"Oh... your money..." The thief (Corradin) mockingly faint ignorance said. "I don't have your money!" The thief ran off.

"After him!" Ruby shouted.

"You don't need to tell me twice!" Weiss retorted as she began the chase.

"Get back here!" Ezio yelled as he began to chase him.


PRESS (Button) to TACKLE the person you're chasing.'

"Yeah! Tackle him, Ezio! Tackle him!" Yang cheered as Ezio desperately tried to catch the thief.

"Make me." The thief laughed.

"You're making a big mistake, my friend!" Ezio shouted as he continued his chase. "Enough of this!"

"You have no idea who you are messing with!" Weiss growled as she tried catching up with the thief.

"Enough indeed! Why don't you give up?" He countered without a care in the world

"Is he being serious?" Blake raised a brow.

"Return what you've stolen!" Ezio shouted as he begins to lose his patience.

"Would if I could, but I can't." The thief answered, not feeling threatened at all.

"Okay, I'll give him points for being witty there." Yang chuckled.

"Why is he so carefree?" Ruby tilted her head.

"I swear, I'll run you through when I catch you!" Ezio shouts angrily as he begins to get closer.

"Ohoho! Now where's the fun in that?" The thief laughed but was finally tackled by Ezio.

"Finally!" Weiss shouted in relief now that Ezio caught him.

The scene now cuts, showing the two up on the roof as Ezio finally caught up with the thief seeing that there was nowhere else for him to go.

"What the–, how did we get on the roof?" Blake asked.

"Must be a mistake in the game." Yang said.

"I really have no interest in hurting you." Ezio breathed out, exhausted from chasing him. "So give me back my money, and we'll call it even."

"Yeah! Give it back!" Ruby cutely narrowed her eyes on the screen.

"Not so fast." A new voice cuts in, making the assassin turn around to see a new person.

An older man is mostly wearing a dark brown color around him. He wears a brown hood over his head.

"Who's this now?" Weiss raised a brow.

"And where did he come from?" Blake asked, surprised seeing that he just popped out of nowhere.

Being cautious, Ezio eyes the man. "What do you want? Who are you?"

The stranger walks around Ezio, then next to the thief. "They call me many things: Murderer. Tagliagole (Cutthroat). Thief. But you may call me La Volpe." He introduces with a mock bow as he chuckles. "At your service, Messer Ezio."

"That's La Volpe?" Ruby gasped.

"He definitely fits the mysterious figure." Blake comments, being familiar with such characters in the novels she reads.

Ezio was surprised by this revelation as he took a step back. "How do you know my name?"

"It is my business to know everything in this city." La Volpe chuckled. "Isn't that why you're here?"

"An info broker." Yang comments as she recalled Junior from The Club. "That's how he knows, and I am willing to bet that the thief works for him."

"So it was all planned…" Weiss says.

"Indeed." The young Auditore nodded. "I need to find someone; to know where he'll be before even he does."


"Francesco de' Pazzi."

"So that's his next target." Ruby narrowed her eyes, knowing what Ezio needs to do.

"Another target responsible for his father and brothers' demise." Yang growled, not liking the head of the Pazzi after what he has done. Weiss and Blake felt the same.

Volpe hummed as he thinks. "There's word on the street of a caravan just arrived from Roma. A secret meeting, to be held at sunset tonight. You can learn something of Francesco's whereabouts there."

"I'm surprised he told him that without asking for anything." The blond says in surprise, usually getting information like this is required by paying for it. As for her, she pretty much beaten-up Junior and his men for information despite not getting anything in the end.

"Your right… why did he tell him that?" Blake questioned, feeling that there was more to Volpe than he appears.

"Do you know where it is to be held?" Ezio asked.

"Ma certo. (Yes.) Let me know when you're ready, and we'll go." La Volpe says as he walked up to his companion. "Oh, yes. Here's your money." La Volpe took the pouch from the thief and threw it back to Ezio.



"Okay, let's see what Volpe has to show us." Weiss says as she guides Ezio to meet up with Volpe.

Ezio meets up with the La Volpe down from the building. "Follow me. But we must move fast! Think you can keep up?"

"Nessun problema. (Not a problem.)" Ezio says with confidence.


Meet La Volpe at Santa Maria Novella.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

La Volpe climbed up against a building wall and climbed up with ease despite obstacles in the way, making him perform a Strong Climb making him climb faster without a problem until he got on to the nearest roof, and Ezio followed him.

"Wow! He's fast!" Ruby says in awe.

"What was that he just did?" Blake asked, curious to see how Volpe did that climbing trick when there was an obstacle in the way.


HOLD (Button) to CLIMB faster.'

"Strong Climb…" Blake muttered, interested in the skill. "I wonder if I can try doing that."

Before Weiss could follow him, a notification of La Volpe's Database appeared.

'La Volpe

Access Database'

"Oh! A Database on Volpe is available." Ruby said.

"Let's find out more about him." Yang grinned, making Weiss open the file.

'Date of Birth: ?

Profession: Thief.

There is almost no trace of La Volpe (The Fox) in the history books. The name's obviously a pseudonym, but for whom is anyone's guess. What small data is available seems to be almost mythical.

La Volpe is reported to have robbed the Pope's carriage without any guards noticing, including the Pope, who was sitting inside the carriage. One night in 1467, he was seen on the rooftops of the Palazzo della Signoria, the Palazzo Medici, and Santa Croce, all at the same time. Some claim that he's immortal, never aging, while others say that his violet eyes can see through buildings, perusing the contents inside.'

"Wow… he sure made himself a legend despite nobody knowing who he is." Ruby says in awe.

"So he's a thief and information broker." Weiss adds but was also impressed by his achievement as she begins to follow the Master Thief.

La Volpe moved ahead of Ezio, showing his parkour skills. "What are you doing back there? I said to keep up with me!" La Volpe shouts as Ezio barely tried to keep up.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Go to Santa Maria Novella.'

"He's fast for an old man." Yang says, surprised by how far ahead Volpe is.

"He's not as fast as me!" The reaper proudly said.

"Your Semblance does not count." The Faunus counters making the young girl pout.

"The time limit is one minute to catch up." Weiss says as she quickly rushes Ezio to his target. "He is really far ahead…"

Eventually, they reached Santa Maria Novella. Ezio meets up with La Volpe, and the young assassin was exhausted.

"Here we are!" La Volpe said not seemed to be out of shape. "Francesco de' Pazzi is meeting his people inside that church."

"He doesn't look out of breath at all." Blake comments, slightly impressed by Volpe's stamina for his age.

"Ezio still has a long way to go." Yang comments. She knows that Ezio is a capable fighter, but he still needs to work on his stamina.

"How do I join them?" Ezio asked.

"There are catacombs that run under the city." La Volpe answered. "They'll lead you to a place where you can eavesdrop on the meeting. Grip that stone handle, turn it, then slide it down." He said as he showed where the entrance is down below them.

"Oooh, secret chamber." Yang grinned.

Ezio hummed. "Thank you for all your help, Volpe."

"Buona Fortuna. (Good luck.)" La Volpe said as he tapped him on the shoulder and walked away.



"Okay, time to go to that secret meeting." Weiss says as she guides Ezio to the catacomb entrance.

"I wonder what will find inside." Ruby curiously asks.

As La Volpe had instructed him, Ezio approached the entrance to the catacombs.

'PRESS (Button) to INTERACT.'

Making sure that none was around, he did precisely what La Volpe said, activating the switch causing the entrance to appear like a unique puzzle unlocking itself.

"That's so cool!" Ruby's eyes sparkled at the puzzle-like mechanism that opened the lock. "They made a lock like a puzzle."

Ezio enters and drops down deeper below the church. He looks around to see stone chambers and some scattered human bones around him.

"Well, isn't that pleasant." Blake sarcastically said while Ruby slightly shuddered at the sight of human bones.


Infiltrate Santa Maria Novella's Catacombs to reach the Templar meeting.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

'WARNING: Restricted area.'

'Find the location of the Templar meeting.'

"Okay, time to explore the area." Weiss says while admittingly she was a bit excited to explore the catacombs.

Ezio begins his search as he moves forward. He notices leather next to the wall. He activates it, and suddenly a stone block slowly descended downwards, and a gate was lifted, giving Ezio a path.

"How very creative." Blake says, impressed. "Whoever build this place was very constructive."

Ezio climbed up the stone and entered through the gates, and continues to explore the catacombs. Ezio sees that most of the area is damaged, having nowhere to go but sees another leather on the other side, seeing that it might do something.

'Find a way through the collapsed stairwell.'

"How will Ezio get over there?" Yang asked.

Looking around, Ezio spots a path by seeing support poles that guide down.

"He can go through there." Blake says maybe Ezio can jump from one pole to the other.

He jumps to one of the poles catching it with his hand, then swings himself to another support pole. He lands on it then jumps off towards a stable level.

He continues onwards as he parkours towards a series of support poles until he reaches a wall and uses a power climb to get to the top and reaches for the lever. This opens the gate behind him.

He rushes through the gate and jumps towards another level, then parkours again on the left side and rushed forward until he reaches another story with another lever.

"Wh-hoho! Ezio's got some moves!" Yang says in awe.

"His skill in parkour is superb." Blake adds while being awed as well.

When Ezio activates it, all the doors began to open, mostly a way down that was very familiar to the young assassin.

"So cool!" Ruby giddily says.

"And looks like we can get Ezio to do a Leap of Faith." Yang grinned but frowned.

"Something wrong, Yang?" Blake slightly smirked as she teased her partner.

"Nothing…" The blond crossed her arms and just pouted as she turned her head away.

Ruby raised a brow and looked at Blake, who just chuckled, then turned to Weiss, who just shrugged as she prepares Ezio to leap. Ruby narrowed her eyes towards her sister as she vowed to know what happened to her to be that way.

Taking a Leap of Faith, the assassin dropped down to the ground, landing on a stack of hay. As he climbed out, he sees a group of Pazzi guards ahead and quickly hid.

The reaper gasped, seeing the guards. "Pazzi guards!"

"Looks like Ezio is getting closer to this secret meeting." Blake points out.

"How much longer do we have to stand here, Saverio?" A Pazzi guard asked another. "It's cold."

"What do you want, Ilario?" Saverio asked the now-name named guard. "Messer Pazzi is paying us good money to watch the entrance, and the dead won't try to murder us." He says as the group now enters deeper into the catacombs as main doors close. "I can't wait to go home to Elena and tell her how much gold we made tonight!"

"Aww… I feel sorry for the guards now." Ruby sighed sadly, but she doesn't feel that bad because the game is based on fiction.

Blake, however, felt sad as she thought about the recent activities of the White Fang, such as recruiting young Faunus recruits who have zero combat abilities with their own reason to join. She could only imagine what kind of lives they used to have before they entered the terrorist group.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Open the door to the Great Hall.'

"Okay… this is basically about stealth." Blake points out.

"You got this, Weiss?" Ruby asked her partner.

Weiss nodded in confidence. "I got this. Time to put all of Ezio's skills to the test."

Ezio walked into the chamber after the guards departed and discovered the door was locked behind them. He noticed that the door could be opened by a lever and made his way to it by climbing over the walls by using his skills. Two guards were patrolling the area. He uses his Ledge Assassination to kill the first guard silently. Next, he got up and silently killed the other one.

"Ezio is really pulling off the assassin gig well." Yang says, impressed at the young Auditore's skills.

"The Hidden Blade is perfect for the job!" Ruby says in awe though she did cringe at the violence.

"That takes care of the guards." Blake comments.

"Right, time to open those doors." Weiss said.

After assassinating two guards on his way to the top, Ezio pulled the lever, and the door of the Great Hall below opened, startling the first two guards.

"Merda (Shit)! The door! Keep watch while I go look." Saverio panicked as he drew his sword. "This was supposed to be an easy job!"

"Looks like stealth is now double the effort." The cat Faunus comments.

"I told you we shouldn't have come here." Ilario said as the guards began to investigate. "If I hear anything, I'm running to the other guard post, so help me God."

"Well, that's nice of him." The blond sarcastically said.

"Better take care of them before that happens." Weiss says as she guides Ezio and uses all his skills to take down all the guards.

As Saverio and others came out of the door to investigate, Ezio engaged them in combat, silently killing them one by one.

After killing Saverio, he approaches Ilario, but he sees him and is suddenly called out. "Saverio! I'll be back with the other guards!" As he ran away.

"Oh no!" Ruby gasped. "He spotted Ezio!"

"After him!" Blake shouted.

On seeing this, Ezio ran after Ilario, though he proved to be too fast.

'Kill the fleeing Templar.'

"Have to find a way out. Before he kills me!" As Ilario runs, he always blocks Ezio's path, but the assassin finds alternate routes to keep up with him, and thanks to his parkour, he didn't slow down.

"Whoa!" Weiss jumped at the unexpected roadblock but quickly maneuvered Ezio to a different path. "Wasn't expecting that."

"Go, Ezio!" Ruby cheered.

"Must run faster!" Ilario panickily pants as he runs.

"Man, he's despite to get away." Yang points out.

"He does think that Ezio will kill him." Blake adds.

"Leave me alone!" Ilario continually blocked Ezio's path along the way.

"You won't get away that easily!" Weiss shouts as she continues to maneuver Ezio into another path to catch up with the guard.

Ilario was getting closer to an entrance of a room.

"Oh no! He's going to escape!" Ruby panicked.

"Not if Ezio has something to say!" The heiress rebukes as she knew exactly what to do with the guard.

Knowing that he will warn the others, Ezio ran up to higher ground until he was on top. When he was close enough, he jumped off from where he ran and performed an Air Assassination, successfully killing Ilario.

"Oooh!" The girls cheered seeing such an epic Air Assassination.

"That was epic!" Yang cheered.

"He timed his jump so perfectly!" Blake said.

"That was so cool!" Ruby cheered.

"At least that's over…" Weiss sighs in relief. "But where is Ezio now?"

Ezio found a way into the chamber and entered. He noticed another door similar to the entrance of the catacombs.

'Open the door.'

"Looks like it's the exit." Yang points out as she recognized the similarities of the door Ezio entered.

"I'm willing to bet that the secret meeting is behind those doors." Ruby says in full conviction.

Upon opening the door and entering, he heard chanting and moved to the window to investigate. And sees familiar faces and new ones inside a room.

"There he is." Ruby frowned, seeing Francesco and with a few others, she doesn't recognize.

"Who are these people?" Yang asked.

"More Templar conspirators, no doubt." Blake's eyes narrowed.

'Eavesdrop on the Templar meeting.'

"Let's hear what these people would have to say." Weiss says as she and her friends listen.

"Et benedictio Dei omnipotentis, Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti descendat super vos et maneat semper. (And may the blessing of Almighty God, the Father and of the Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you, and remain with you always.)" The voice of a bold older man wearing monk robes chanted.

"I'm guessing that person is the religious sort." Yang raised a brow.

"So even people from religious areas are in league with the Templars." Blake says.

"Is that bad?" Ruby asked, not fully understanding religion.

"It is bad." Weiss said. "Remember what Tython said about his religion? They could be considered a political power, and some of them being agents of the Templars is not a good sign."

This made the others pale at the thought. This shows how dangerously powerful the Templars are.

"Grazie, padre. (Thank you, father.)" Francesco said, then turn to a chubby man in red. "Bernardo?"

"It's all here." The now named Bernardo said. "Swords, staves, axes, armor, bows. Our men will want for nothing."

"Why do they need all those weapons for?" The young reaper asked, choosing to ignore how nice-looking the weapons are seeing the situation.

"Something not good…" Blake says, having a bad feeling.

"I take this gift to mean the Pope consents?" The elderly monk asked.

'The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church.' Tython explains on their Scrolls as the girls nodded in the information.

"He gave his blessing to the operation..." Rodrigo Borgia entered the room. "As long as nobody is killed."

"Rodrigo Borgia…!" Ruby growled.

"Is the Pope a part of the Templars?" Yang asked.

"No… I don't think so." Weiss said. "The way he talked about the Pope sounded like he was clueless."

"That's bad… it means the Templars are controlling the Pope like a puppet!" Blake says in shock and horror if the Templars can have members in essential places, then there's no telling how many influential individuals they are manipulating.

That thought made her realize something similar to the White Fang. Torchwick, a human working with a Faunus group, still wondered how those two would work together.

Then, this particular scene in the game hit her gut with a realization. They are being manipulated into working together. That thought utterly terrified her. Who could be powerful enough to control a cell of the White Fang? With Adam leading it. Who could hold Torchwick, who she thoroughly researched for being a renowned thief, but terrorist was hardly a thing for him? This gave her even more questions than ever. "Who is the real mastermind…?" She couldn't help but snap back to the game.

In the Evernight Castle in the Land of Darkness…

Salem was sitting on her throne, merely resting, but she slowly opened her eyes and gave a small smile.

"Curious… I can't help but feel that the odds are in my favor greatly." She didn't know why she thought, but then again, things have been going in her favor these past few months.

Back to RWBY…

"We are all set for the Duomo in the morning, Signore." Francesco said. "The bait's been laid, but it wasn't easy. His fool brother keeps changing his plans..."

"Are they… are they planning on an attack?" Ruby says in concern.

"Who are they trying to ruin this time?" Yang's eyes turned red as she growled.

"Sì! (Yes!) We'll need to be on hand to make sure Giuliano even gets out of bed for church tomorrow!" Bernardo laughed along with the others except for Rodrigo as he notices Jacopo's silence.

"So they are going to attack someone by the name of Giuliano." Blake says. "I wonder why, though."

"What is it, Jacopo? Do you think they suspect something?" Jacopo opened his mouth but was interrupted by his nephew.

"Impossible!" Francesco cuts in. "The Medici are too arrogant or too stupid to even notice. Likely a bit of both." He chuckles along with Bernardo.

"The Medici?!" Weiss gasped as she remembered the name during Ezio's first assassination.

"Didn't Uberto talked with someone with that name? What was his name again? Lorenzo de' Medici?" Blake remembered then gasped. "It's a coup!"

The girls gasped in horror, seeing what the Templars are planning to do now.

"They are planning to take over Firenze!" Ruby gasps.

"Those bastards!" Yang growled.

"Do not underestimate our enemies, Francesco!" Jacopo reprimands him. "Or have you already forgotten how your son was murdered?"

That made Francesco frown in silence, then face his leader and bow. "We'll suffer no such surprises this time, Maestro. You have my word."

"Ha! That shut up him up." Yang grinned at the burn while the others smiled as well.

Rodrigo nodded "Molto bene, (Very well.) I should be off. I've some other business to attend to before I return to Rome. Gentlemen. Tomorrow, a new sun rises over Firenze. May the Father of Understanding guide us."

"May the Father of Understanding guide us." All the Templars chanted together.

'Checkpoint reached.'

"That was… that was wow…" Ruby breathed out.

"It was…" Yang breathed out.

"At least Ezio now has a reason to kill Francesco aside from the murder of his family." Blake said.

"He sure does…" Weiss said as she begins to control Ezio.

Once the Templars had concluded their meeting, Ezio attempted to find a way out of the catacombs. He came across a room with a familiar statue, one that he had seen at the Sanctuary located beneath the Villa Auditore. This is the tomb of Darius.

"Whoa! Where is Ezio now?" Ruby says in shock and awe.

"Wait… that statue is from the Sanctuary!" Weiss says wide open.

'What you are looking at the tomb of Darius.' Tython said in their Scrolls.

"The tomb of Darius…" Yang whispered in awe.

"One of the keys must be hidden here." Blake points out, getting the girls excited.

'Open the sarcophagus.'

"Look at that statue." Shaun's voice cuts in the Animus. "It's identical to one in the Villa Auditore! I think you've stumbled onto one of the Assassin's tombs Ezio's uncle mentioned."

"Now that we know the way in, I'll tag the landmarks containing tombs in the database." Rebecca adds.

"Nice! Now we can find them without a problem!" Ruby cheered.

Ezio recognized Darius's statue, before he noticed a sarcophagus and opened it; inside, Ezio found a seal and retrieved it.

'SEAL OF DARIUS collected – 1/6 seals found.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

"We found the first key!" Weiss cheered.

"Wouldn't this be considered graverobbing?" Blake points out.

"It's a game." Yang shrugged. "I doubt it will be a problem."

'Find the exit.'

He sees an adjacent wall and pushes it open, which opened into a passage that ultimately led Ezio to an exit.



"Another memory synched." Ruby said. "What's next?"

"Maybe we should look for La Volpe and tell him what Ezio learned." Weiss suggested.

Ezio returns to the banks of the Arno river and quickly searches for La Volpe. After searching in the area, Ezio spotted La Volpe waiting for him.

"There he is." Blake said.


Prevent the conspirators from attacking the Medici family.'

"I know where Francesco will be and when, But..." Ezio urgently said.

"What is it?" Volpe asked, sensing his distress.

"I overheard something... They have weapons, enough for a battalion. Even the Pope has given support!"

"This is troubling news indeed." Weiss agreed.

"Typical of Sixtus, but..." Volpe spat. "What the hell are they planning?"

"I couldn't understand the specifics." Ezio admits. "But it involves the Medici. And it begins tomorrow morning at the Duomo."

"The Medici will all be there for Sunday service..." The Fox informs him. "Along with the rest of Firenze. They are going to do it right in the middle of High Mass..."

"They'll start the attack in broad daylight?!" Blake gasps, seeing such a familiar thing when the White Fang attack protests.

"But it's also a chance for me to blend with the crowd, get close, and stop this madness."

"An advantage Ezio can use." Ruby nodded.

"If they succeed…" Volpe slowly said. "If we lose Lorenzo, and Firenze falls to the Pazzi..."

"It will not come to that. I promise." Ezio swore.

"Ezio got this!" Yang grinned.

"I hope you're right..." Volpe mutters.

"C'mon! Time stop the Templars!" Ruby shouts with determination making her partner nod as she controls Ezio.

Knowing that the Pazzi had planned something involving the Medici, beginning at the Duomo, Ezio Auditore set out to stop them. Ezio arrived at the Duomo, where he waited for the Pazzi to reveal themselves.

"Ezio here now… but everything looks fine." Yang said.

"Let's hope it keeps that way." Blake adds.

"There's Lorenzo, and his wife." Ezio says as he sees the couple together as they walked to the church along with another couple. "There's Giuliano, Lorenzo's brother. But where is Francesco...?"

"Where are they…" Ruby narrowed her eyes as she scans the area–, screen in her point of view.

Francesco de' Pazzi and Bernardo Baroncelli broke from the crowd and charged at Giuliano.

"There they are!" Weiss points out.

"There he is. Time to strike." But before Ezio could do anything, Francesco motioned Bernardo to strike, making him charge straight towards Giuliano with a battle cry.

The girls gasped, not expecting this to happen, and were too stunned to say something.

"Crepa, traditore! (Here, traitor!)" Bernardo slashed Guiliano's throat making his wife scream, and everyone around them was stunned in horror. He fell and tried to escape but was held back by Francesco.

The girls screamed in horror seeing the unexpected brutal violence.

Lorenzo turned to look on, Alerted to the commotion when he talked with the two monks in league with the Templars.

"Giuliano! No–!" While he was distracted, Stefano da Bagnone (The bold monk) stabbed Lorenzo in the back. As Lorenzo fell to the ground, rendered helplessly.

"Why isn't Ezio doing anything?!" Ruby cried.

"It was too sudden and unexpected. I doubt anyone would react to such an action." Blake reasoned but was horrified that it happened that way.

Francesco and Baroncelli continued their assault on Giuliano while the noble pleaded for his life. "No! In nome di Dio, vi scongiuro! Pietà! (No! In the name of God, I beg you, mercy!)"

Bernado Baroncelli, Stefano da Bagnone, and Antonio Maffei fled when Lorenzo made his stand. However, Francesco de Pazzi continued to stab Giuliano repeatedly. "Nessuna pìetà, cane maledetto! Muori! Muori! Muoriii! (No mercy for you, dog! Die! DIE!)"

Francesco de Pazzi, along with his conspirators, must die. The girls looked away from the brutal, merciless killing Francesco did. It took them a while to calm down, but they all had a silent agreement as soon as they recovered.

After killing Giuliano, Francesco charged towards Lorenzo. "Your day is done, Lorenzo! Your entire family dies by my sword!"

'Target located.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Targets killed 0/12'

"Finally! Ezio is joining in." Weiss says in anger, not at Ezio but the Templars.

"Take the down, Ezio!" Yang growled as her eyes turned red.

"Wait... Please. I need help." Lorenzo pleaded as he fights.

"Don't worry Lorenzo! Ezio will protect you!" Ruby shouted.

"Your brother's death will be avenged!" Blake hissed.

Francesco and his guards surrounded Lorenzo, though Ezio intervened, killing most of them before confronting Francesco, who could not match Ezio in combat and was forced to retreat. Lorenzo was safe for now.

'Targets killed 12/12'

"He got away!" Yang growled.

"Coward." Weiss spat while Blake was silently hissing.

"At least Lorenzo is saved." Ruby sighed but was still angry.

"You... saved my life." Lorenzo weakly said.

"It's nothing." Ezio said as he quickly rushes up to the injured man. "But the man who did this to you has to pay!"

"He most certainly will!" Weiss growled in rage.

"Not now... I need help first." Lorenzo said as Ezio slowly supported him. "To my home. People I can trust there... Can you...?"

Blake sighed as she and the others calmed down. "Helping the injured comes first."

Ezio agreed to escort Lorenzo to his home.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Escort Lorenzo de' Medici to safety.'

"I'm losing a lot of blood..." Lorenzo said as he followed Ezio.

"That's not good." The blond says in concern.

"Hang on, Signore! I'm moving as fast as I can." Ezio says as he guided him to Florence's streets now that people are beginning to riot all around them and many soldiers are fighting against one another.

"It's a warzone!" Ruby panicked.

"This was planned in advance." Blake narrowed her eyes.

The pair passed through many Pazzi and Medici guards fighting in small groups.

"Francesco de' Pazzi!" Lorenzo roared in rage. "I'll kill him! I'll wipe his entire family from the city! They'll be ERASED!"

"A fitting punishment." Weiss spat in agreement.

"Quietatevi, Signore. (Be still, sir.)" Ezio tries to calm him down. "Conserve your energy, or I'll be delivering a corpse. We're almost there now..."

Ezio and Lorenzo reached the back entrance of the Palazzo Medici, where Ezio knocked on the door.

"They made it…" Yang breathed out a sigh of relief.

"That was so stressful…" Weiss said as she relaxed a bit.

"Lorenzo's been wounded! Aprite la porta! (Open the door!)" Ezio shouts.

"What's the password?" A guard questioned behind the door.

"Are you serious?!" Yang deadpans along with her teammates.

"Poliziano! Open the maledetta porta! (fucking door!)" Lorenza snapped.

"What he said."

On seeing Lorenzo, Poliziano opened the door. "By the Thrice-Greatest! Come in. Quickly! The city is at war! Hurry!"

Ezio and Lorenzo entered the palazzo, to which Lorenzo sat on a bench nearby while Poliziano quickly tended to him, and Ezio turned to leave.

"Safe and sound…" Ruby sighed in relief.

"Wait…" Lorenzo called out to Ezio, making him stop. "I am in your debt. Tell me. Why did you help me?"

"You are not the only one who lost a brother to the Pazzi." Ezio simply said. "My name is Ezio Auditore."

The girls lowered their heads in memory of the fallen family members.

"Ah! You're Giovanni's son..." Ezio lowered his head, missing his father. "Your father was a good man. He understood honor, loyalty."

"He knew Giovanni?" Weiss says in surprise.

"Maybe this might help clear Ezio's family name in the future." Ruby hopefully says.

A guard rushed in. "The Pazzi thugs are storming the Palazzo della Signoria! We can't hold them off much longer–"

"No!" Poliziano cuts in. "If they get inside, they'll murder all our supporters and put their own devils in power!"

"That must never happen!" Blake shouts, not approving how much it reminded her about the current White Fang and what they do to get what they want.

"Then my survival would mean nothing. I have to..." Lorenzo tried to get up, but he sat back down on realizing that he was too weak to do so. But not after taking Ezio's arm. "Francesco de' Pazzi... Help save our city, Auditore... Kill him."

The girls shivered when they heard the last part of Lorenzo's request. They understood the meaning of it, but the way he said it made them shiver.

Accepting his request, Ezio leaves along with the guards to end Pazzi once and for all.



"Time to get to work." Ruby said as she recovered.

Before Weiss started, a profile appeared.


Access Database'

"The guard?" Blake tilted her head.

"Maybe he's important?" Weiss guessed as she opens the database.

'Date of Birth: 1454.

Profession: Scholar, Poet.

Somewhat of a prodigy, Poliziano learned Italian and Greek at age 10, and by 18, had already become a published author. Lorenzo de' Medici hired him to act as the tutor for his children and made sure he received a post at the Studio Fiorentino.

Unfortunately, Poliziano must not have been everyone's favorite instructor. He died of arsenic poisoning in 1494, probably murdered by Piero de' Medici, his former student.'

"That was educational…?" Yang says unsurely.

Another profile appeared.

'Francesco de' Pazzi

Access Database'

"Oh! It looks like we get to know about the target." Ruby says as her partner opens the database.

'Date of Birth: 1444.

Profession: Noble, Banker.'

"Francesco de' Pazzi." Shaun announced from outside the Animus. "Brought up as a noble in a city captivated by the newly rich Medici family, Francesco was taught to hate the middle class and its social climbers."

"Dismayed, he watched as the Medici bank eclipsed his own, and centuries of influence over the Florentine government slipped through his fingers. It looks like the Spaniard offered him a solution."

"Rather than compete in something as dirty as banking, Francesco only had to do one thing for the Templars, one thing to put the middle class in their place for good: Kill the Medici. Giovanni Auditore tried to stop Francesco by putting him in jail, but the Templars took care of that."

After hearing all that, the girls were seethed that Francesco was just another greedy man who would do anything just to be in power.

But not as angry as Weiss. She controls Ezio happily to aid him in killing the Templar. She could see the resemblance between Jacques and Francesco, each of them doing anything to get what they want.

Ezio met Poliziano and another guard, outside Palazzo Medici.

"Signore." The guard said. "I saw Francesco lead a battalion around the back of the Palazzo della Signoria. I fear he may be seeking another way in."

"Go! Before it's too late. Do what you can." Poliziano said.


Find and kill Francesco de' Pazzi.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Go to the Palazzo della Signoria.'

"Let's go!' Weiss shouts as she rushes Ezio to his target.

Ezio made his way to the palazzo. Along the way, he saw the chaos created by the Pazzi in Florence: the Medici and Pazzi guard fighting each other in its streets. Doing his best to ignore the fight as he reaches for his target. Knowing that all of this will end with Francesco's death

"So much fighting…" Ruby sadly said.

"None of this would happen if the Templars weren't around." Yang growled.

"More than a reason to kill Francesco." Blake agreed.

When Ezio reached Palazzo della Signoria. The very place he watched his father and brothers die in front of him—a fitting place to kill Francesco.

"This place…!" Ruby gasped with her eyes wide open.

"This is the same place where Ezio's father and brothers were executed…" Yang mutters in shock.

"Of all the places… why does Francesco have to be here?" Blake questioned.

"I don't know about you girls…" Weiss says, getting everyone's attention. "But this looks like a perfect place for Ezio's revenge."

Everyone was taken back at what the white-themed girl said but quickly understood what she meant, and all agreed that it is the perfect place for Ezio's revenge.

"You again!?" Ezio looks above and sees Francesco standing on top of the Signoria. "Why aren't you dead? - Men! Slaughter him!"

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Climb the Palazzo della Signoria.'

"He's up in the building!" Ruby points out.

"Get him!" Yang followed up.

Ezio made his way to the top of the palazzo, and it was filled with Pazzi guards.

"So many guards!" Blake said

"That's not a problem for Ezio." Weiss says in complete confidence for the assassin. That and she was controlling him.

"Oh! The boy thinks himself a master swordsman." Francesco mocks the young Auditore. "So you've drawn some blood! My men will make short of you!"

"Here they come!" Ruby says as Weiss gets ready.

Ezio prepares himself and faces the guards. He fights them and kills a few with ease.

"Desisti! (Stop!) You're only delaying your inevitable and painful end!" The Pazzi commands, but Ezio presses on.

"Nothing will get through what Ezio has gone through!" Blake shouts

"What do you think you are proving?" The Pazzi questions. "That you're loyal servant of that dog, Lorenzo? Death shall be your reward! I grow tired of this game. Guards, finitelo! (Finish him off!)"

"Coward! Making your men fight for you." Yang spat.

The assassin fought against them all and killed the guards protecting Francesco, leaving only he and him.

"No one else to keep you safe." Ruby said, relieved that Ezio made it through all the guards.

After seeing all his guards killed by Ezio, Francesco tried to flee as he called for help. "Guards—! GUARDS!"

"No one's coming..." Ezio says as he approaches him. "It's just us now."

"Meledetto! Che il diavolo ti porti! Stammi lontano! (Damn it! Damn you to hell! Get the hell away from me!)". He jumped from the roof and landed into a hay bale below

"He's getting away!" The young reaper shouts.

"No, he won't!" Weiss shouted as she begins the chase.

Ezio followed him by using his Leap of Faith.

'Chase and assassinate Francesco de' Pazzi.'

"After him!" Yang shouted.

Ezio quickly chases Francesco, who then climbed to the rooftops, trying to avoid the assassin, though thanks to Ezio's acrobatic skills, he had no problem catching up to the Pazzi.

He eventually caught up and struck Francesco with his Hidden Blade.

"YES!" The girls all cheered. Francesco de Pazzi is now dead.

"Time for a Memory Corridor!" Ruby chirped.

A Memory Corridor begins. The background suddenly starts to deconstruct itself, then the screen turns white, then quickly opens again, showing Ezio holding the dying Francesco by his hand.

"Now Firenze will judge you for what you've done." Ezio says to the dying man.

"It's over... It's all over..." Francesco mutters, knowing well that he has failed.

"Meglio essere felici in questa vita che aspirare a esserlo nella prossima. (Better to be content in this life, than aspire to it in the next). Requiescat in Pace. (Rest in peace)." Ezio says as he laid the dead Pazzi on the ground.

"That's… that's a good saying." Blake smiled, liking what Ezio said.

"Indeed, it is." Weiss smiled as well, along with the others.

The scene changes back now, showing the Pazzi supporters were gathered in front of the Palazzo della Signoria as they all chant together.

"Libertà! Libertà! Libertà... (Liberty! Liberty! Liberty!)"

"Oh wow, an angry mob." Ruby squeaked.

Blake huffed as she remembered the time when she was once part of that.

"A real shame that's going to end." Yang quipped.

Jacopo de' Pazzi is riding his horse as he joined the crowd. "Libertà! Libertà! Libertà! Popolo e libertà! (Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! People and liberty!)"

"Libertà! (Liberty!)" Suddenly a stronger voice joined in from behind Jacobo.

"Wait… where did those voices come from?" Weiss asked, noticing the different voices. Suddenly their Scrolls received a notification.

'You girls might want to brace yourselves in this part.' Tython warned. The girls looked at each other in confusion but headed his warning and braced what's to come.

The people gasped together when they saw a group hang Francesco's body from the Signoria.

The girls gasped in horror as well, but thankfully they did not scream since they braced themselves.

Jacopo turned around, and to his horror, he sees his nephew dead, hanged, and stripped down to his underwear. "Francesco...?" He whispered in horror.

He looks above the Signoria and sees a group no doubt sided with the Medici cheered for the Pazzi conspirator's death. Realizing that their plan had failed, Jacopo hastily left the city.

Ezio watches from afar, seeing that his work is now done.



After that, Weiss paused the game giving everyone some time to think.

"Well… that was something…" Yang broke the silence.

"You don't say?" Weiss sarcastically said.

"Why would they do that?" Ruby sadly said. "How could Ezio allow that?"

'Ezio didn't allow that.' Tython texted in their Scrolls. 'Ezio did his part ending the threat. It was the people of Firenze that made the decision.'

"Even so…"

"Ruby, I get it." Blake softly said. "I won't lie that Francesco got what he deserved. Even I would agree that what they did to his body was extreme, but this was out of Ezio's hand."

"Yeah, Sis." Yang joins in. "I don't like it, but there's nothing we can do."

Ruby didn't say anything, but she begrudgingly nodded her head while Wiess comforts her partner as she places a hand on her shoulder.

They calmed down and continued with the game.

'Oh! Before you ladies start, I got something to give for Blake.' Tython texted in their Scrolls that got the Faunus' attention.

"Hm?" She hummed curiously, then suddenly something dropped on her bed. She stood up from her seat and checks to see two novels titled 'Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade' and 'Assassin's Creed: Renaissance'

Blake lightly gasps. "Are these…?"

'Yup! These are the novelization of the first and second game of the franchise.' Tython texted. 'Though fair warning, there are minor spoilers tied to future installments. And if you want to read both books, I recommend doing so AFTER you finish the game.'

"Thank you." The Faunus smiled while the others smiled for her while Yang grinned at her Scroll.

"Let me guess, you accidentally spoiled yourself?" Yang questioned Tython.

'I played this game a long time ago, mind you.' Tython answered.

"Sure, you do…" Yang sarcastically said as she rolled her eyes.

"Yang, what are you doing?" Ruby asked her sister.

"Just teasing him, Rubes." Her older half-sister whispered.

'What are you saying?' Tython texted back.

"I totally get it. I like to spoil myself from time to time." Yang continued. "Why do you have to lie about it?"

"Yang…" Blake started feeling that her partner should stop now.

'I got nothing to lie.' Tython texted with an irritated emoji.

"Yang, I think you should–" Before Weiss could finish her sentence, the blond continued.

"Prove it!" Yang grinned. "Show up here and tell it my face directly!"

This got all the girls' attention, and there wasn't a reply from the Scrolls. Only to receive a lot of laughing emojis from their Scrolls which got them off-guard.

'Your funny Yang.' Tython texted.

"Wha–" Yang started but was cut off from the text.

'I can't do that. That would cause a lot of problems!' Tython responded, making the others think a bit.

"I guess that would make sense." Weiss agreed while Ruby nodded.

"But what about the games and the novels you gave us?" Blake questioned.

"Yeah! What about that?" Yang narrowed her eyes at her Scroll.

'That's different.' Tython counters. 'You're asking for an actual person to appear in a different world! Unless… you want me to take back those games and novels?' The text ended with a grinning emoji.

"Don't you dare!" Ruby squeaked as she and her teammates huddled and protected what Tython has given them.

"Okay, okay! You win!" Yang frowned as she relaxed. "I just wanted to get the chance of who you are. Jeez!"

'I thought so.' Tython comments with a smug emoji earning a pout from the blond as everyone calmed down and continued playing the game.

To be continued…

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