Tempest squad

This first chapter is some what base off of Halo 5 opening and Halo Legends the package.

Tempest crew

Sara Ryder Captain

Vetra Nyx smuggler

Scott Ryder

Cora Harper


Sam A.I

Lexi asari medic

Kallo pilot



Sara Ryder was attaching the last bit of her armor and weapons which was a rifle, pistol and one of her farther's lightsabers. (Sara have N7 armor but there is no N7 on the armor and appearance is the one from Nickspartan300. Deviantart) Sara caught her reflection in a panel next to her locker. She saw her white shaggy hair, her silver color eyes, black lines on her cheeks which were birth marks and the scar next to her right eyes. She was Sara Ryder leader of Tempest squad a unit in the New Republic forces. Captain of the Tempest a fast scout ship that serve as the team transport and home.

After gazing at herself for a few moments Sara then said as she turn to the others in the armory. "Sam bring up the holo for our mission." The voice that belong to the AI Sam responded. "Of course Captain Ryder." And then in the middle of the room projected by holo projectors a image of mountain with a fortress on it.

"Intel say that Republic troops and some civilians are being held in the fortress. We'll drop behind Imperial lines and rescue them and here is our point of entrance." Said Sara point out their point of entrancing. A part of the map lit up above and behind the base.

"Nomad?" Asked Drax their Krogen crew member. But Sara shook her head. "We need to be fast and get in and out before the imps know what hit them. Because they are going get bomb by the Y Wings that will hit the base after the X Wings have dealt with the turrets and the Tie Fighters and hopeful we got the prisoners out." The team didn't need any more info on what they were going do. Vetra Nyx Said as she loaded her Modified Cyclone assault rifle. "Does anyone want to give any words of encouragement?" She smiled at her girlfriend.

Scott Ryder, Sara twin brother (his appearance is the one from nickspartan300.) walk over to the weapon rack grab his gun, their dad's second lightsaber on his hip. He then said jokingly. "Well if the Force can hear how scared I was the rest of you can surely hear it as well." He look at the rest with a smile. "So who buying the first rounds tonight?" The others smiled as well and Sara Said. "You keep forgetting Scott. You ask you buy."

"Well then it's lucky I bought some Corellia whiskey." They all laugh then Came Cora Harper, Scott's girlfriend voice over the speakers. "Nearing the drop zone in 3 minutes."

Then they put on their helmets and put their weapons on their backs. Then Sara Said. "Keep the Tempest At a safe distance and be ready for pick up." Kallo voice spoke through the speaker as the bay door open. "Understood drop in 5,4,3,2,1, drop!" With that the team jump out of the Tempest and dove towards snowing mountain with the fortress on it that was their target.

As they flew down using their jump jets to move them through the air and slow their speed. Feeling the wind in her hair Sara Said. "Com check?" Each of the squad reported that their coms were good. Then they landed on a slope which without breaking pace ran down it. "Team there are a group of stormtroopers head of you." Came Sam voice in the head set.

"Thanks Sam I got them!" Sara then use a rock to launch herself into the air and before the six Stormtroopers knew what was happening Sara had landed between them slamming her fist into the ground send out of Force blast that send the soldiers flying. Sara and Scott were Force sensitive and had gotten basic Jedi training from their farther before he died.

They continued down the mountain aprocehing their way in. Sara raise her arm up and said into her Omni tool.

"This is Ryder to Silver squadron begin the attack."

Almost immediately a replied. "Copy That." And from the sky on the opposite side of the base a group of SX4-Wing (from .) deceased and started firing on the base just as the team reach their door.

Vetra through a grenade ahead of them which exploded when it hit the door blowing it open. The team jump through the burning and smoking hole shooting at each Stormtrooper that appeared before them and soon they were at the prison cells. Sara activate her Omni tool forming the hacker. (Just like R2 one but as a Omni tool.) she got Sam into the bases systems. "Sam open the cells and gather as much info as you can."

"On it." Said Sam and after a few moments he said. "I have access."

The doors open and the prisoners came out. Including rebel soldiers and some civilians. "Let's move it people!" Order Scott and they started heading down. Shooting or ramming in the case with Drax at the troopers that they came across. "Team this is Tempest." Came Suvi over the coms. "What is it Tempest?"

"Silver squadron have dealt with the canons and is finishing up the Tie fighters. Bombers will be coming in 6 minutes." After a moment Sara Said. "Tempest We have the packages and heading to the landing pad."

"Copy, Tempest on aproceh." Reply Kallo. Soon they were at the landing pad shooting at the Stormtroopers on it as the Tempest was flying in, lowing the ramp. It hovered above the pad not fully landing. "Everyone on bombers will be coming in two minutes!" Said Vetra as she and the others covered the people as they climb the ramp.

When the last of the people were on the team got on. "Get us out of here Kallo!" Said Scott and the Tempest rose up and turn blast off. They past the Y Wings as they swoop in and hammered the base.

In the cargo bay Lexi and Oola came in and began check the prisoners for injury for they weren't in the best shape after being prisoners of the Imperials.

Sara and the rest of the team made their way to the bridge. When they entered Suvi said. "We are ready to jump to lightspeed and drop off the people we pick up and Admiral Akbar wants to talk."

"Understood." Said Sara. She look around at her friends, her family. "Good work team." Everyone else smiled. Then they went to remove their armor and went on their duties around the ship.

Sara went to the holo table upstairs and active a connection. Soon Admiral Akbar leader of the Republic military forces appeared across from Sara. "Ah good Ryder I heard of your success with the rescue. You team does it job well."

"Thank you sir. I was told you wanted to talk to me about something?" Akbar nodded. "Yes we gotten reports from Corbos."