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The next morning

Outside the Rebadeaux strip club Tee'N'Ay, were a dozen police patrol cars with the lights on and blocking off all the roads as the only vehicles given passage were the from the coroner's office and the paramedics.

It was a bloodbath, as more then a half dozen bodies were being brought up to the space that was reserved in the parking lot to lay the body bags next to each other by two men who worked for the coroner's office.

"Jesus…I've never seen anything like this before."

"Yeah, you tell me." They stood there until they noticed a cop car driving through the blockades and parking right in the middle of the free area. By the escort that followed the car, it must be someone important. Coming out was a Caucasian man with a mustache and sunglasses, it was chief Monroe, the police chief of the Stilwater Police Department. If he came down all the way from the police station, something must've gone wrong.

Monroe walked passed the yellow tape and approached the first coroner worker "What's the body count?" Not even asking who he was, just going straight to the point.

The worker didn't mind "Twelve bodies, four females and eight males. Most of them were gang members, Vice Kings. We only got like eight bodies here." He points to the entrance "If you want to look for yourself, your choice."

Inside the strip club, the forensic team was busy taking pictures of everything around the area and it was a brutal sight. Just then Chief Monroe entered and saw it for himself.

Around the club, bodies of dead Vice Kings just laid around with some of them still holding onto their weapons with their bodies being covered up, and lots of blood that was either on the ground or drenched against the seats, splattered blood over the counters and against the walls, or just dried up on the carpet.

"Jesus H. Christ." Monroe said walking passed the bodies towards the bar where one of his police officers stood taking notes "Sergeant."

"Chief." He shook his hand "Glad you could make it. as you can see, this isn't normal."

"I say," Monroe said in a stern voice while looking around "How many fatalities?"

"First estimates through the emergency calls were that half a dozen, but now we're up to fifteen now." those were some shocking numbers "Most of them were gang members as you can see. But right here," the sergeant pulled up a sheet and revealed the bodies of the two escort girls who were seen entering the building earlier, killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

"Bastard even killed bystanders," Monroe said with a scoff on his face.

"Not exactly sir," the sergeant pointed at the waists of the women that showed they were carrying small concealed pistols, "One of the bartenders said he saw them reaching for their coats, the gunman took no chances and puts two rounds in each of them." He puts the sheet back over their bodies.

"Damn it." Monroe cursed to himself looking around "I'm supposed to keep these bangers under control and now I got a god damn massacre on my footstep."

"Maybe look at the camera footage that's been examined." The sarge said pointing to the back "One of the security guards is reviewing the CCTV footage with an investigator."

"Okay, thanks for pointing that out." The chief said and started walking towards the other side of the room, but noticed the two investigators talking with several strippers who were too frightened to speak as they saw two of the coroner's boys bringing away another body passed them.

The sarge just shook his head "I wonder what these guys did to piss the man off who did this." After having watched the footage himself, he knew that this must've been a retaliation hit from one of the other gangs.

Question was, who would strike next?


Standing outside one of the row houses that were mostly foreclosed, two young gang members in blue clothing were seen sitting on the porch and watching out on the street while listening to the stereo music box that was placed next to them. Just across the street was the Shivington playground that was now filled with children playing on which was an uncommon scene just a few months ago. Normally gang members, prostitutes, dealers, and thugs would hang out there and do their business there and pay street taxes to the Vice Kings who would come and collect their cut.

But this was the Southside Shivington, where it was now under the of one of the Westside Rollerz crews, the same crew that just earlier on was hanging out at the pool hall. While most of Shivington was still under control of the VK's, the Southside was and is back under control of some of the local gangs who weren't kind to the Kings who a few years earlier came rolling through and pushing them around.

One of those locals was Jamal stepping out the house, Jamal AKA Killer Lane was an African American who was earlier in the pool hall speaking with an Asian chick who he'd had a conversation. After that, he brought the kid Danny home and watched out for him until he went to school.

Wearing a blue hoodie and cargo pants, the young hood asked the two foot-soldiers "And, seen anything?"

"Nah, homie." The first one said looking forwards "Ain't seein no VK's up here."

The other much younger foot soldier who was holding a gun under his blanket asked "When's the big homie going to show up? I'm freezing my ass up here."

"He's coming, just wait up." Jamal replied to them while looking at the playground and asking "Why's playground filled with kids?"

"No school today man, kids got free off." The older gang member strokes his small beard while saying "Heard a brawl between LC's and VK's youngsters got at it again."

"Man, that ain't nothing." The younger said asking "Did you know what happened at Tee'N'Ay?"

"Shiiit. Word travels fast, heard bout fifteen got dropped." Before they could continue their conversation, a Zomkah was seen driving in the street, a black colored one.

This got the younger gang member to glide over his weapon and narrow his eyes to the moving vehicle until Jamal spoke "Wait…."

The Zomkah's right passenger window opened up to reveal the driver as it kept driving up until it took a right turn and went right up the house's driveway.

"Open it up."

The other gang member stood up and sprinted up towards the garage and pushed it open for the Zomkah to drive it in, and inside the garage, there were a few things like a chair, a single light bulb and also a wooden table. On that wooden table laid some terrifying objects….standing next to it was a man smoking a cigarette.

Once the car parked inside the garage the doors got closed as quickly as possible by the gang member.

Jamal tapped the youngster "Watch out homies if one time comes up-"

"Don't worry bruh, if anyone comes to my hood-" The younger one said as he showed off his SKR-7 Spree machine gun under the cloth he was using to hide it "I'll blast them before they could say damn."

Jamal nodded before going back into the house and closed the door behind him as the other gang member pulled out a cigarette and started to talk to the younger one "You think the big homie will make some bitch squeal again?"

"Like you expect why not, nigga? I'm still reeling after seeing what the big homie dun to that fool who fucked up."

"Shiiiit, nigga," The other gang member said looking the other side "Don't get that picture back in my head, homie. I'm still reeling from that shit he had put on that fool." They then heard some commotion coming from the garage that sounded like fighting "Turn the volume up." He asked the youngster "Turn it up before someone hears it."

The youngster reaches his hand over to the volume button and turns it up so the stereo's volume just when the song How I Could Just Kill A Man from Cypress Hill started playing causing the other gang member to raise his eyebrow at his friend.

"Really, that song in this specific time?"

Forced to sit on the chair was the Vice King pimp, the only surviving member of the entourage that was inside the strip club. He was barely alive as his face was halfway swollen up and his right eye shut-in, one of his ears was shot off and his mouth was duct tapped while the tape was covered in the nosebleeding from his fractured nose. His suit was in no good shape anymore as it was covered in dirt and blood, receiving a gunshot wound in the shoulder and knees.

One of the Rollerz started ductapping the guy's legs and arms to the chair as the pimp started yelling a tantrum through at them just as the driver of his kidnapper got out of the car and was calling on his cellphone.

"The information was solid, I've found the guy that I was looking for." The man said hearing a reply through the phone "Tell Mr. Wong I'm thankful." The shooter turned the phone off and turns to the bloodied pimp who he approaches. The VK pimp looked up to the man who shot up the club, killed his people and kidnapped him and immediately recognizes him by the marks on his face and hears him out.

"Now, you will tell me everything about your little snatching operation of yours." He points the cellphone to the pimp's face "you've kidnapped someone who I consider as a sister and I do not like it when people fuck with my people. So I'll give you a chance to tell me who you're working for, what they pay you and where those girls are held at." He wanted to have straight answers now as he heard that there might be only a small window chance. He'd rip away the duct tape and got a response from the pimp.

He'd spit his blood all over the boss's face and said "Fuck you, chink muthafucka. My boys will be glad knowing they got some time alone with them soon-to-be hoes." The pimp said with his chest up "A pimp never breaks his word."

Jamal and the other gang member looked at each other nervously, knowing this man had done something horribly wrong.

"Oh no?" the boss questioned before kicking the chair backward, forcing the pimp to fall backward and got his head bounced off the concrete before he suddenly felt something shoved inside his mouth cavity.

Then he saw standing over his body was the Rollerz lieutenant as he saw the rare myth of this man, the myth that his blue pupil's eyes suddenly turned into red like the color of rage.

"Yo, boss!"

The boss stopped what he was doing and saw Jamal talking to him with a phone in his hands.

"Just got a call from someone, says they spotted a yellow sedan driving up a girl and snatched her from the street. The same car that got Gabby."


"The Row." Jamal replied they've gone back to the same spot "one of the boys is tailing them, they going to Rebadeaux."

"Red light district….Tanya's territory." The boss said turning back to the pimp "Well, it looks like I don't need you anymore….except for one thing…" he chuckled while grabbing his throat "I'll need to send a message to your boss….."


Saint Row, church

Walking inside the former house of worship, the 'Playa' which was her nickname was just done cleaning house by passing by an old liquor store in Athos Bay that Troy said was a Los Carnales hideout where they were chilling out. She did roll with Julius and Troy to Harrowgate where they and a couple of other Saints got into a massive gang war with all the others and cleaned out the whole neighborhood off the Rollerz, Vice Kings and Carnales. The Playa never thought that she'd ever join a gang, let alone one called the Saints and be good at this whole gangbanging and killing shit. The first few killings were very weary to her but she'd started to grow accustomed to it.

Now she entered the room where one of the lieutenant's named Johnny was waiting for her along with Dex. Johnny took the liberty to lead the task by taking on the Vice Kings, one of the most influential gangs in Stilwater and perhaps the second strongest gang in the city, with the Los Carnales being the first. Dex was in charge of taking on against them but now she was going to Johnny who noticed her enter the room.

"Take a seat." Johnny offered as the Playa took the chair and turned around to sit on it while leaning against it.

"Hey Gat, Dex."


"So you're Julius' new gun, huh? You don't look much. Then again I don't look like I have an eight-inch cock, so I guess we're both full of surprises."

Playa's reaction was that of a 'wtf?' face. Gaining a chuckle from Dex who rarely laughed at Johnny's jokes.

"The Vice Kings are named after one guy; Benjamin King. That shit don't happen unless you're a professional or a badass, and in King's case, he's both." Johnny said admitting some sort of respect for the known gangster from Sunnyvale Gardens that he normally doesn't give to anyone else. Then Johnny's phone went off.

"Hold up, I gotta take this." Johnny said answering the phone and listening to who it was "Aisha, what a pleasant fucking surprise." His tone changed "Whoa, slow down," he took his ear off the phone before replying "Okay that's not slower, that's louder." He then heard her out and stood up "Shit, where's she headed?" he nods after hearing her respond "don't worry, I got this." He hung up and sat back down.

Dex asked him "What's up?"

"Some motherfucker grabbed Aisha's sister right from the street," Johnny said.

"Shit…." Dex cursed turning around and thinking for himself "That's the sixth girl this month, but two girls in one day."

"What do you mean, two girls in one day?" Johnny heard that last part and pressed him on that "Dex…"

"You heard about that snatch up that happened last night in Mission Row?" Dex asked him with Johnny shaking his head "One of our boys caught them and it were Vice Kings, shot at them but got hit himself."

"So it was Vice Kings," Johnny said slightly pissed off "Aisha said they were driving a yellow sedan."

"But that ain't King's style."

"Then it must be Tanya's thing, that bitch does this shit, don't know, don't fucking care." He turns to the Playa "Tail those bitches wherever they go and get those girls back."

"I'm going." She simply stated with her hood still on, she starts walking out of the room. Up to a new mission.

In a certain penthouse

Just across the other side of the city, in the more affluent and rich part of Stilwater, sitting in his office, in a black and yellow suit was Benjamin King. The man who brought the Vice Kings street gang from Sunnyvale Gardens to be one of the most powerful gangs in the city. By putting in work himself throughout his life on the streets, killing, robbing and fighting he became one of Stillwater's most known gangsters, but he would refer himself now these days as a businessman from the projects. A businessman who on the outside ran legitimate business ventures across the city like the recording studio Kingdom Come records that were run by his numbers man, Warren who was a nuisance to his ass most of the time.

But that was just the front, the VK's under King were still very much involved in a lot of illegal activities, like gambling, extortion, prostitution, protection rackets and weapons trafficking in small scales operations. Most of it except for the prostitution rings were being run by Anthony Green, his bodyguard and one of the few who was actually loyal, street smart and levelheaded.

Green was also the person who convinced King to let the prostitution rings in the Red Light District and the projects to be taken over under the control of Tanya Winters, one of the newest lieutenants and also Anthony's girlfriend. But the biggest thing was that King's power wasn't in the streets but in politics. He has connections to City Hall and a handful of powerful people like Alderman Hughes and even police commissioner Monroe.

The intercom went off and speaking through was King's secretary "Mr. King?"

"Yes, Margery, what is it?"

"Chief Monroe is on his way, he just was through the hallway and is on his way up."

The big door opened and walking in was chief Monroe looking very angry as he stormed right towards King's office.

"Thanks for the tip-off, Margery." King said ending it and turned to the cop "Something wrong, Monroe?" instead of answering to his question, the chief dropped off a VHS tape on his desk to which King asked "What is this?"

"Problems, mostly for you," Monroe said walking back to the exit and leaving the Vice King leader to himself.

He grabbed the tape and wondered what it was and asked through the intercom "Margery, I need a VHS player and a television, mind sending someone?"

"I'm on it."

"What's in this?" King asked himself what's so important about this tape that got Monroe so riled up?

Bavogian Plaza, warehouse

Just a few blocks away outside the Rebadeaux neighborhood, a rapid sound of gunfire erupted as people either ran or just walked away from the sound.

But once the shooting ended, three people started walking outside the building, one was the sister of Gat's girlfriend who was holding unto a tired and beaten up Gabby and in the front was the Playa who was wielding a Vice 9 she used to clear out the whole warehouse that now was filled with lots and lots of yellow wearing gang members.

Gabby slipped from the sister's hands and lumped down to her knees but kept held up by the sister "You alright?"

Playa turned around to the see the girl sank to her knees and bend down her knee "Are you alright?" she reaches her arm over her shoulder but it flinched the moment her finger touched her. This was a clear sign of abuse as the girl's body underneath her clothing was covered in bruises and scars, these bastards must've done horrible things in the meantime before she got here.

Was she glad she'd pay these fuckers a good fucking ticket straight to hell.

*Shrieeeek!* *Pop! Pop! Pop!*

More gunfire erupted outside to which the Playa turned back around and opened the door to see a yellow Compton drive full-on into a trashcan and crashing into it, seeing that in the passenger and driver seat two dead Vice Kings were riddled with bullets.

She turned to the front and then sees the barrel of a snub-nosed .44 Sheperd aimed against her face, with that she quickly aimed at him and it turned into a standoff to which the Playa could observe who the guy was.

He wore blue sneaker shoes, grey cargo pants, a blue t-shirt that was underneath a Black hooded jacket with water type shuriken emblem on the back, and he wore a bandana covering his forehead with a hat over it. But his most noticeable features was his face, the sun-kissed skin with what looked like to be…whiskers tattoos? And the blue eyes with the blonde hair.

"If you're gonna shoot me, do it." Naruto Uzumaki said to the Saints gang member while pulling back the hammer "because I got no time to waste. I'm here to look for someone."

The Playa was about to reply until someone yelled.

"Big brother Naruto!"

Suddenly the body of Gabby lumped into Naruto's body and got into his body and hugged him while tearing up against his chest. The Playa relaxes and puts the gun down and began to speak.

"You know her?"

"She grew up in the same orphanage as me," Naruto said as he looked up to the hooded woman and lowering his gun "may I know who you are?" Before she got the chance to answer the sound of sirens could be heard.

"Shit, one time is coming!" Playa said cursing as a gray Cavallaro came driving up, in it was Enriquez within the back a Hispanic gang member opening the door.

"Come on, boss. Let's bounce!"

"Alright," Naruto helped Gabby inside the backseat with the other gang member and closed the door behind them before turning back to the Playa and the other girl "You better get out of here before the cops arrive!"

"But what about the-" Playa turned around to see that a few bodies of dead VK's were laying around. He'd killed a few gang members himself.

*Shrieeeek!" the car sped away and the Rollerz drove off. The Playa took the fast decision and took the nearest car and took off with it with the sister, escaping the scene before the cops arrived.

Once again, inside Vice Kings territory a vicious bloodbath occurred.

Back at Benjamin King's office

King was waiting patiently in his office, after reviewing the tape and watching the news of the strip club shootout, he now was in the belief that his lieutenants or at least one of them over and crossed some of the lines he had drawn.

"Mr. King, He's here." His secretary said through the intercom.

"Thanks, Margery," King complied with her in a kindly manner "let him in."

A moment later, one individual came walking through the door. Coming in was the muscular King's bodyguard, Anthony Green dressed in a black shirt with a yellow stripe without sleeves, expensive pants with a black belt and nice shoes "Mr. King, you asked for me."

"Yeah Tony, I needed you." King said pointing at the chair across him "Sit down." he instructed his bodyguard and lieutenant to sit down.

"What's the rush? I was in the middle of something."

"I need you to show you something." King said turning the TV around and using the remote to play the footage "Look at it closely."

Anthony sat down and watches the television.

The screen showed a couple of patrons standing by the podium where a stripper was doing her show until the rapid sound of gunfire erupted and forced the patrons and the dancers to flee in panic towards one direction. Except for two Vice Kings who ducked for cover and pulled out their pistols.

"What am I looking at?" Anthony asked until he saw it "Wait, is this about-"

"It's the footage from the Tee'N'Ay strip club shooting." King said informing his bodyguard "Monroe dropped it by after visiting the crime scene, said it was a bloodbath."

"Yeah, up to twenty…" Anthony said the latest body count, he heard it over the radio that so many people got killed, it was a whole crew that got wiped off "but I don't know why I'm here, these are Tanya's people."

"Just keep watching and you'll see." King instructed him by playing the resume button.

The two Vice Kings got out of their cover and fired their guns at the someone off the camera feed but then the two of them got heavy fire at them and forced them to run away, but then when they went off-screen the shooter appeared. The black wearing unidentified gunman was seen firing an assault rifle at targets he was seen picking off and firing rapid-fire at the retreating Vice Kings.

Other footage showed the gunman walking up a Vice King who tried to crawl away but got shot twice in the back of the head by the shooter who showed no mercy and did it multiple times on camera.

Then the footage cut off towards the bar where the pimp and two of his girls were trying to hide underneath the counter but were caught by the shooter, the two girls tried to reach for something but then dropped down to the floor quickly with bullet holes in each chest.

The gunman was seen approaching the pimp who was surrendering but then got shot in the knee and dragged away by the leg after being knocked out with the butt of the rifle. Dragging his unconscious ass towards the exit while leaving a whole strip club in chaos.

"Now," King played back and stopped "Look at this."

The last bit off footage was that of the gunman walking in the middle of the strip club and reloading his AR-40 Xtnd assault rifle and replacing it with a different magazine before resuming his attack on the Vice Kings standing at the emergency exit but the movement he made was stunning, it was a tactic he was using that was familiar to the bodyguard-

"Slicing the pie." Anthony blurted out at recognizing the tactic "Shit, that means-"

"Our boys got picked out by someone who saw action in Iraq," King said turning back to his bodyguard "Which means that-"

"They got a Marine killing them. Fuck…" Anthony cursed thinking this was bad.

King turned the television off and spoke: "This is going to stay in the news for a couple of days, which is bad for business." He stated "so I want to you to find out what happened to cause this bloodbath because I have a feeling some dumbass stepped on someone's toes…"

"Why not ask Tanya, this is her turf, Mr. King."

"I got a feeling she's the reason for this mess." King said having a suspicion after hearing from people how Tanya ran her business "but I wanna know what caused this. So I trust you, Tony, to try and find out about this, discreet of course. Warren doesn't need to freak out and act like a god damn fool."

Anthony understood what he meant by and nods "I got it, Mr. King."

"Good to know. Now, let me alone, I need to make some calls." King said to which Anthony nodded and started to walk out of the office as King grabbed the horn of the phone and started dialing a number before waiting to ring it.

"Mr. Hughes, it's me."

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