Barrio District

With smoke still simmering over the central parts of the city of Stilwater. With dozens of first responders already driving through the streets, with many of the city's residents keeping themselves inside as only a handful of people were seen standing outside their homes. Including a group of kids who were sitting and watching the smoke.

"Damn, that's fucked up." One of the kids asked out of the group. "Who you think got clapped?"

"Carlos!" Someone was yelling from a window above them as it was the mother of one of those children as she shouts. "Get inside, now! As for everybody, go back home, your parents are waiting for you, rapido!"

The kids groaned but complied as they started to disperse and go back to their homes just when a convoy of three cars were driving through the streets, two of them in the front and the back, being Mag SUV's that were painted in silver and had tainted windows.

In the middle was a black Status Quo limousine that was bulletproof and had a special guest in who arrived here just from a long flight and was making his way to the mansion of his business associates.

The moment the convoy drove off, two shadowy figures that were hiding in a alley lurked out and looked around to see if the coast was clear. The first to walk out was Naruto with his revolver in hand and looked down the streets.

"Come out, now. Coast is clear."

The second person was the Playa, still holding her own piece. Having stayed with him all the time.

"Are you sure?"

"For now at least, yeah." Naruto said, holding his gun low as he looked around the street. "No cops on sight, so I say we can go now."

"You think the others got away?" The Playa asked as she on the other hand aimed her gun down the street just in case.

"They'll be alright, well, my people are, don't know about your boy Troy." Naruto said. "If he stays with my boys, he'll be okay."

"How so?" The woman asked, quirking her eyes. "You know the police responds or something like that?"

"as a matter of fact, I do." Naruto said, putting his strap away into his jacket. Stunning the other gang member. "It's easy, learn their tactics, read their scanners and hear their radios."

"Really? How?"

"Lets focus now on getting out of here first, alright?" Naruto offered as he looked around. "With the amount of sirens, it will be impossible to get out of the neighborhood without getting spotted. We'll need a place to lie low."

By here, the Playa snapped her fingers. "I know a place," she walked past him and took the lead. "Follow me, it's just a couple of blocks."

The two walked across the street and kept themselves in the dark while civilians who were watching from their windows, knowing fully well what was going on.

Barrio District, Ezpata

In the southwestern corner of the Barrio district lies a largely amount of untouched ground that belonged to one of Stilwater's most notorious families, the Lopez Brothers, leaders of the largely Hispanic Los Carnales gang.

The landscape was that of a large Mexican styled mansion with hectares of green land, a piece of beauty that laid next to the Barrio District, where the Lopez' their power mainly stretched from the industrial areas to the docks of the city.

Waiting outside the mansion's driveway was the leader of the LC gang, wearing his old-school style Zoot suit, and with his injured right eye that had a scare going right through it, was Hector Lopez, the oldest of the Lopez Brothers and absolute leader of the LC.

Having a pair of guards behind, Hector stood waiting patiently for his guest to arrive. One of his guards then happened to get a quick phone call before saying to his boss the following.

"Mr. Orejuela has just entered the premise, he'll be here soon."

Hector nodded. "Good, right on time." Just then as the sound of cars driving up could be heard.

Coming up were the silver Mag SUV's escorting the Status Quo limousine, they stopped right in front of the eldest Lopez brother and just on the driveway. With the first ones to come out, were the gray dressed Colombians with their submachine guns as protection.

Then for the limousine, the driver's door opened with the driver going to the back and opened the door for the awaited guest to come out, a middle-aged balding man wearing a white suit with a red Hawaiian shirt. This was Manuel Orejuela. The Colombian connection of Los Carnales.

"Manuel. It's good to see you again." Hector said approaching his business associate with a handshake. "Welcome back to Stilwater, I hope your flight was okay."

"Ah, Hector, it has been a while." Mr. Orejuela said with Colombian hospitality to the brother while shaking his hand. "Yes, the flight was okay, thanks for asking, but I rather want to go back to my hotel back soon, so can we go straight to business?"

"Of course, No problem, we'll talk this at the pool."

Sitting on the terrace in the back of the mansion, where a small pool was located, were Hector Lopez sitting with Mr. Orejuela at a table where they were being served drinks by one of the servants.

"As you know, business is going as usual." Hector said,he was given his glass of tequila by the servant before she departed. "I must say, this early return of yours is highly unusual of you. I didn't you to expect in three months."

"The Reason for my earlier return is a new shipment is about to arrive in a few days. Some good powder the jungles can offer." Manuel told his one good-eyed friend. "My bosses send me with some additional men and firepower as insurance."

Hector looked confused and asked. "How so, You know that you just could've asked us for extra security. Why all the extra measures?"

"Because my bosses aren't very enlightened by the news they've been hearing, Hector." Manuel told him while with a serious but calm face while putting the glass back on the table.

"What do you mean?"

"Word is that violence has spiked in the city." Manuel said with his arms crossed. "And you know that's bad for business."

"There's nothing to worry about," Hector waved his hand off. "Manuel, this is Stilwater you're speaking of, it's always violent here. You should know, it has been ever since my father's time."

"I know, you don't need to remind me of that." Manuel said before leaning forwards to him. "Yet, on my way from the airport to here, I saw the policia closing off the whole Barrio district."

This confused the Lopez man. "Excuse me?"

"Encanto, Cecil Park and Southern Cross are filled with cops and black smoke. With bodies laying all around with white sheets." Manuel informed the man, much to his own surprise. As if he had no knowledge about it. "Now, care to tell me what's happening in the city while I was gone?"

Then a man in a red shirt came running that looked like to be a gang member who had something urgent to tell.

"Mr. Lopez. I've got some bad news I need to tell you. I just got a phone call from the Southern Cross neighborhood. A crew of Westside Rollerz had attacked and destroyed the drug lab in that area, and a lab in the Mills has been shot up by a couple of Saints."

This was not the best time to be told this news in front of the Cartel representative, who in response just commented calmly.

"Perhaps I was too early for you to know about what's happening in your own turf?" Orejuela said while standing back up. "I think I'll take me leave for now and return back to my hotel. We'll talk about business tomorrow when everyone is back. Have a good night, Hector."

The white suited man walked out of the backyard, leaving a really angered Hector who knew he needed to settle this problem immediately and turned to the man who gave the bad news.

"You, go find me Angelo and Victor, I want them here, now." Hector told him. "I want to know what the hell is going on with these puta bandits!"

"Uhm, I know Angelo is with Luz in town, but Victor is-"

"That's not a suggestion, it was an order." Hector cleared it up to the gang member. "NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

The gang member did not hesitate and ran off, leaving the oldest Lopez to be on his own and just in time.

"This will not go unanswered."


Down the Southern Cross neighborhood, the police was already busy rounding up every banger they could find.

"Hands against the wall!"

And so the Stilwater Police Department were doing their job, having half a dozen LC members forced against the wall and began patting them down one by one, using anything on the bangers to lock them up from possession of illegal firearms to violating curfews, before they would force them into the police vans that were getting a bit loaded with the street sweep.

"Fuck you, pigs! We didn't do nothing!"

"Save it for the judge, homeboy."

"Why are you busting on us, we didn't do shit!" One of the bangers spat angrily. "Go mess with those fucking Saints and Rollerz!"

"Shut up!" The 2nd cop ordered before shoving the crook to the ground while the others were being escorted into the police van.

While this was going on, from a park across the gang injunction, there were two men watching from the parking lot that was filled with parked cars, with one of them being occupied by the two spectating individuals.

Hiding in plain sight.

"Ha ha ha ha, man, I love seeing them LC pushers getting busted." Jamal smiled at watching things unfold with amusement. "Bitches got what they deserve."

Troy, on the other hand, was a bit more skeptical about this, but took the decision not t go into the guy's humor and began to carefully ask him.

"Are you sure we won't be caught by the cops? We're literally watching them from a street distance away."

"We're okay. Everything's covered." Jamal told him. "We shook them cops off, changed vehicles and dumped our heaters. It's been a few hours and now the police only go after the local LC to fill their jails for tonight. Most cops don't wanna die on these streets anyway, let alone get into a firefight."

"Right…" Troy said, not feeling very comfortable with that sentiment he was hearing.

"Anyway, I'll drop you off somewhere, no need to stay here for too long."

"What about your boss?"

"No worries, I'll send one of my boys to pick him up." Jamal said turning on the engine. "Let's roll."

A few blocks away, in Cecil Park, two shadowy figures were seen, jumping over a wall before landing on the ground of a large building, just when they could hear police sirens behind them and they laid there for a while.

The cop car with the sirens drove past and continued his way up the road before it took a turn to the right, disappearing from their sight.

"Well, they're gone," The female Saint said, standing up. "Let's go inside. Hopefully she's still awake."

Naruto nodded upon looking at the building and replied dryly.

"Sure, lead the way."

Inside the brothel, the Latin themed brothel was having a calm night for the working girls who oftentimes were occupied in their rooms with their paying customers who would be given services for a fair pay.

But tonight, like previously mentioned, it was a calm night with almost no customers coming, as they had been turned away because of the recent gang shooting that happened just a few hours ago in Southern Cross, only a few blocks away from here.

At least that is what Alejandra didn't want, who also went by the name Loreana, the Madam of the Cecil Park Bordello, standing at her desk, with her slender Latina body that was only covered in her light blue transparent nightgown and lingerie with stockings and high heels, fitting perfectly for the brown skinned beauty of a woman.

Right now, she was busy counting some of the money in the tills, as she was about to finish it of, she heard the entrance door open and figured out it must be some customers she had to tell that the place wasn't open for today.

"Sorry, gentlemen, but I am going to have to ask you to leave." Loreana warned, walking to the door. It was then she recognized the person walking into the hallway from the dark shadow.

The Playa greeted her upon seeing her. "Hey, Loreana."

"Oh, hey girl, did not expect you to come here this late." Loreana smiled upon seeing her and saw she was looking back out of the window. "What's the problem? You seem tense."

"Yeah, about that, we've got ourselves in a situation earlier with the Carnales in Southern Cross."

"So it was you?" Loreana couldn't help but chuckle while laying her hand on her hip. "I cannot say that I am surprised, if I am being honest with you."

The Playa nervously rubbed the back of her head with a fry chuckle. "Yeah, sorry if we've caused you some trouble. But is it good that we can hide here for the moment until the heat calms down?"

"Sure, you can lie low here." Loreana said before asking. "But what do you mean by 'we' Is there somebody with you?"

"Yeah, guy who helped me out." The Playa said turning her head around. "Come on in."

The Latina turned to the entrance and saw a male walk in, who she quickly recognizes by the visible features on his face.

"Loreana, this is-"

"Naruto, it's been a while!" She walked past the Saint and walked up to him and embraced him into a hug in her lingerie clothing that forced her breast to press against him.

"Good to see you, Ana, sorry I haven't called you," Naruto said returning the hug. "It's been a rough few weeks and I have-"

"Shhh." Loreana puts her finger over Naruto's mouth with a genuine smile on her face. "Let bygone be bygone's. Right now, it's good to see you're back."

"Uhm, you guys know each other?"

Loreana broke off the hug and cleared her throat. "I think this is something we can explain over some drinks, mind that?"

"Sure, no problem." Naruto took on the offer and turned to the Saint. "What about you?"

"... Meh, why not." The Playa responded, not like she had anything else to do, and asked the following.

"What kind of liquor is there?"

Loreana giggled and replied. "The girls will bring them, and they won't disappoint you."

Misty Lane - Suburbs

In the suburban community of Misty Lane, even there the gangs have had its reach stretched over its youth, especially the car lovers, frat boys and local troublemakers that affiliated themselves with the Westside Rollerz, as this was their main stronghold.

In this neighborhood, also was the luxurious mansion that belonged to one William Sharp, a successful and wealthy attorney who at first hand looked like a man with the clean hands an man of the law should have, but in reality was just as a dirty crook as what he actually was.

Sharp was the leader of the Westside Rollerz gang who from the background, was the main financier of the gang, while his nephew Price, was the 'official' leader of the gang, but don't let that fool you who really pulled the strings.

Sitting in his living room, Sharp was reading some personal documents until he heard the door open up with a loud bang, figuring out who it was without looking up.

"Joseph, I hear you've returned."

"That fucking little no-life punk!" Price entered with anger written on his face. "He thinks he can do this to me? ME! That motherfucking disrespecting-"

"Let me guess," Sharp already knew it. "you're speaking about our recently promoted, Naruto Uzumaki?"

"That fucking piece of shit, do you know what he had just done, uncle?" Price began to his uncle. "I just got word he just got into LC territory and destroyed two labs of theirs, without my permission!"

"I can clearly hear you've got some frustrating thoughts about our recent new lieutenant."

"That's not all of it. He's acting like a fucking messiah or some sorts in his own neighborhood." Price exploded. "I once ordered him to take out this car shop in Chinatown that owed us money, I gave him three days to finish the job, three days! And I hear nothing from him, when I decide to send some of my own boys down there, I got word they got their assess kicked and that shit scumbag's crew had covered the shop as a local hangout. The disrespectful little shit!"

"That I have heard of, yes." Sharp replied calmly to his nephew. "Please, go on."

"Not only that, he also just started bringing out shipments by his own! And instead of him paying the cut to me personally, he let some punk from his own crew hand it over to Donnie, who had to hand it over to me." Price said as he felt insulted. "Really, uncle, I still don't understand why you made the decision."

"What decision are you talking about, Joseph?" Sharp asked for clarity. "Be specific please."

"Why did you want him to become a lieutenant?" Price demanded for answers. "He's more of a liability to us than anything else. He's not following orders, doesn't show up to the meetings, his people don't work with mine and he shows no goddamn respect. He's pretty much going his own way by attacking the Kings and Carnales while we're trying to avoid police attention."

"And there is where you're not getting it, Joseph." Sharp stated to him. "If you think more, you would've already figured out why he's an essential asset to us now."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Price asked, confused, as his uncle stood up from his seat. "I don't follow you, uncle."

"Believe me, that Uzumaki boy isn't high on my list of favorite people either, nephew. To be fair, he could get under my nerves time to time. Like how he stood back and allowed your boys to get slaughtered in Harrowgate by the Saints. But he's got his uses."


The attorney stood up and started to leave the living room with an disconnected Joseph, who was still stressed out by all of this. "Have patience, Joseph, soon enough his time will come, but now, if you'd excuse me, I need to make a phone call."

"Do you mean the buyers?" Price asked. "But we're not ready yet, uncle, the shipments haven't left yet."

Sharp turned back to his nephew and answered to him in his cold tone.

"It's not the buyers who I am going to call…"

Cecil Park Bordello


That was the Playa putting down an empty glass on the table, sitting down in the lounging room, they were sitting on the expensive couches around the glass table that was filled with a choice of expensive booze that Loreana's girls brought to their service. With the Playa sitting by herself while on the opposite side of her and the table, sat Naruto with Loreana herself standing next to the couch as she looked at her guests enjoying themselves.

"Ahhhh!" Releasing a sigh of satisfaction, the Playa smiled. "That hits the spot, it really does."

Loreana chuckled saying. "That's like your 4th glass, you sure you can handle it, chica?"

"Believe me, I got a strong stomach, and a belly full of Freckle Bitches. No worrying about me." The Saint said with an assuring smile before asking. "Anyway, about the bill-"

"Oh no, it's on the house," Loreana assured her as she turned to Naruto. "Ruto, you need anything?"

"No, thank you, Ana, I'm good for now." Naruto said, taking a sip from his beer bottle of what he ordered.

He was just reading the newspaper for some unknown reason as he had a tooth stick in his mouth while he was literally surrounded by beauties who were eyeing him with lustful eyes.

It was then when one of the girls tried to make a move and walked up next to the male gang leader, but was then stopped by Loreana who took the bold move - by sitting right across Naruto's lap, her brown beauty stockings-covered legs crossing as she fully implanted her nice round bottom on his crotch, she therefore made a statement in front of the entire bordello, and her workers:

"Sorry, girls, but this one's mine." Loreana commented, she crossed her arms then across Naruto's neck and smiled. "Me and Naruto have a lot of history, and I know exactly what he likes."

This made some of the girls rather unsatisfied, and rather jealous at their boss' sudden and bold move, but making all of them back off, knowing that when Loreana wanted something, you better not stand in her way.

Strangely enough, Naruto was way too focused on the newspaper he was reading, not seeming to realize what was happening. To which the female Saint was snapping her fingers.

"Hey, dude. Look upwards."

"What, I'm-Oh." Naruto realized what occurred, "Really, Ana, now?" He asked her, getting only a chuckle from the Latina woman.

"Por favor, Naruto, don't be such a prude." Loreana said, cupping his cheek while making herself comfortable on his lap. "You and I go way back yet you don't treat me like you used to do back in the home."

"So, you two grew up together?" The female Saint asked. Hoping to change subjects. "You mentioned earlier you two were in the same orphanage."

"Si, we did." Loreana said from her position. "Naruto and I grew up on the orphanage down in Shivington, the old Stilwater Trinity House."

"Stilwater Trinity House, you say?"

"Yes, me, Naruto, Vikki, Dennis, Miguel, Jen." Loreana brought up names. "Tyrell, Sam, Liddy-"

"And Lorenzo, don't forget about him." Naruto reminded her, flipping a page.

Loreana nodded. "Ah, the gay one. Yes."

"Lorenzo's gay?" The Saint asked, surprised, Lorenzo was the one who was keeping tabs with the street races across southern Stilwater.

"He is, but he's yet to come out of the closet." Naruto answered the girl's question while flipping to the last page while having a beauty on his lap. "Good dude, but he's too nervous to admit it."

"Tell me about it," The female Saint said, throwing her hand. "I'm not what you say into a 'traditionally relationship.' and I take a liking to people from different...groups."

Loreana tried to guess. "You're Bi?"

"Pansexual," The brunette cleared up. Gaining some raised eyebrows, making her explain it further.

"I basically don't care who I go to bed with, male, female, maybe even trans, who knows."

(For the love of everything, don't hate me for this.)


Naruto's phone then began to go off, ending the ensuing conversation that some of the ladies were enjoying.

"Uzumaki speaking here," Naruto began the conversation and listened to the babbling that was heard from the other side. With little words given back, Naruto responded, by standing back up after setting Loreana aside on the couch.

"Alright, I'll be outside. See you back at the projects." Naruto said, ending the phone call before turning to the others. "the coast is clear, we can leave now."

The brunette Saint questioned. "You sure?"

"Yeah, cops are leaving, having arrested a number of guys from the LC. Just enough to fill their quotas." Naruto said, knowing exactly that the cops won't stay long in gang territory, mainly for their own safety. "So I suggest we both go on our own ways."

"Good, because I am tired and tipsy." The Saint said, chuckling slightly. "It was one of a day, right?"

Naruto smirked. "Yeah, you can say that."

While the two exchanged a few laughs, Loreana sighed for a bit, looks like the fun time was over.

"Guess I see you guys aroun-Hmmp!"

What she didn't expect was Naruto to grab the Latina by the hip and pull her towards him, for he kissed her fully on the lips that completely caught her off guard.

Some of the working girls were heard whistling and cheering at the sudden move of the gangster on their boss.


"There you go, girl!"

The female Saint couldn't help but chuckle a tease and tell them. "Maybe you should get a room for a quickie?"

Naruto departed from Loreana who was a bit frozen by the passionate kiss and responded by saying smugly. "Why? Wanna watch?"

"As much I'd like to, I gotta leave to." She snickered. "Maybe another time."

"Aight, let's move, see you, Loreana." Naruto said, slapping her ass before moving, leaving a shuddered woman with that warmth filled kiss.

'Damn it, should've gone for it.'

After exiting the bordello, a Bootlegger car just pulled up right in front of the entrance. With in it, one of Naruto's guys who honked a couple of times at him.

"That's one of my guys." Naruto recognizes him and turns to the Saint. "Need a lift?"

The female saint shrugged nervously. "Would love to, but I don't think me coming to the Row with some Rollerz is the best idea."

"Point taken. I guess we'll stay in touch." Naruto stated before he went to the car, and just when he opened the door, he turned his head around. "Say, what's your name?"

"My name?" The saint asked.

"Yeah, you've never brought it up, despite you knowing mine." Naruto stated, being curious who the new gun of the Saints was. "So may I know what it is?"

"...Its Kate." The now identified Kate revealed her name. "Just call me Kate, everyone kept calling me Playa, but its Kate."

Naruto nodded, smiling at her before departing. "Let's stay in touch, Kate. see you soon."

Entering the car, Naruto left swiftly, going back to their home turf, leaving the impressed Saint member with her arms swayed to the back of her head.

"See you soon then, Naruto Uzumaki."

King's office

After a day long of business, calls and sorting shit up, Benjamin King was finally left alone for a few moments to himself. As he really was having an headache as he waited for Tony to come for the recon mission he was send for.

Tony's mission? Was observing the supposed Shivington/Sunnyvale Projects turf that was being shared by both his boys and that of the Rollerz' new lieutenant, Naruto Uzumaki. The fact that a new gang had taken ownership of a few streets in King's home turf right under his nose, had impressed King to an certain degree.

Taking a couple of tablets against the headache, King also used a glass of water to swallow it. To be then interrupted by hearing the door being opened.

"Mr. King." Tony entered the room. "May I come in?"

"Anthony, that's pretty soon." Benjamin stated, rather surprised at him coming this soon. "You came back from the projects?"

"Yes, and I got some more info about what's happening." Anthony stated, shaking his head at what he was going to say next. "And you're not going to believe who's he got coming over to his turf."

King raised his eyebrow even higher after hearing this. What is it with this kid?


In one of the underground parking lots of the high-rises, a whole bunch of cars were seen near one section of the area. All taking part of the meet up that was organized on a weekly basis.

Lowriders, motorcycle enthusiasts, sport cars drivers, classics. All these rides, in different colors and engine roars, were here to see for themselves the vehicles of others or show off one of themselves, that included the owner of the White Voxel with the blue stripe that was leaning against the hood.

Lin, having gone deeper in this Rollerz' crew, had been getting to know more about inner-workings of the gang that were in control of the small sections of the projects and Chinatown. And how they were more different than from the other crew's that were way more loyal to Price than to this Naruto guy.

And they were also more organized, having seen some of these guys carrying better weaponry then the average banger could get a hold on off the streets. She also couldn't help but notice how the neighboring gangs like the Vice Kings from Sunnyvale Gardens weren't coming on their backyard, and neither did they.

"Hey Lin."

Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Jamal come walking by, holding a bottle of beer, and give it to her.

"Want some?"

"... Sure." Lin accepted the drink and took a jug from it, right when she then asked a question she wanted to know. "Say, Jamal. I was wondering."


"Why is it that you're holding a car meet now? Given the heat now?" Lin asked, pointing at the fun that was being made by the gang members. "Weren't you supposed to lie low?"

"Oh this, its mandatory." Jamal told her, taking a swig from his own bottle. "Its for two reasons we hold these weekly. One, is for our people to get some rest."

"And second?"

"To maintain some order." Jamal finished, getting a confused look from the Asian rider by which he explained the reason for it. "It's to keep everyone's heads cool, and its like a weekly meeting for the clique leaders to listen to Naruto's following orders. Seeing this is the best way possible."

The Bootlegger then happened to pull up.

"Speaking of which, there he is." Jamal pointed out, ordering. "Make way, people."

The gang members and their friends did what they were told, seeing who was in the back, they avoided the car as quickly as they could.

Once it stopped, the backdoor opened and Naruto stepped out, getting immediately greeted by Jamal with his hand getting dabbed.

"Boss, we got a visitor."

Naruto took a look behind Lin, noticing this woman who gave him a quick glare before turning away to drink her beer, to try not getting noticed.

He turned back to Jamal and asked. "Who is it?"

"You better go check yourself, he's in your apartment." Jamal told him. "Enriquez is holding him company."

Naruto turned to his surrounding and saw a couple of his men were looking at him, awaiting orders. To which he responded with the following.

"Alright, let's go." Naruto pointed to four people, including Lin. "You four, with me and Jamal. Now."

Getting randomly picked, Lin used this opportunity to follow through and try to gain some more information about this gang, by following them now into a elevator that was kept working.

After a few minutes of silence, the elevator doors opened in one of the higher levels, where Lin was astonished to see the hallway.

They were clean and no graffiti was painted on the walls, and no trash was seen lingering around. As if the building was opened just yesterday.

They kept on walking and the Asian woman watched out of the balconies how some of the other levels were in the same state, with gang members still seen hanging around but keeping to themselves and not bothering the civilians who lived here. With one lookout standing outside with an machine gun and an binoculars going back and forth the alleyway.

This place was an fortress.

"We're here."

The group stopped and saw Naruto knocking on the door, to which someone opened it, Enriquez who nodded and allowed them to enter, to which Lin was the last to come in before the door was shut.

And what she saw there brought her eyes to widen on who sat in the middle of a couch with a table.

The Colombian - Manuel Orejuela, with a glass of whiskey in his hand, he greeted the blonde gang lord friendly.

"Senior Naruto, good to see you."

Naruto extended his hand. "Mr. Orejuela, I'm glad to see you."

This was an BIG revelation.

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