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Chapter One

"Shisui-kuuuuuun~ Will you come back here again? Hmmmm?" The sweet velvety voice of the person latching on his back made Shisui gulped an imaginary lump in his throat.

"I.. I don't know yet Kyoko-hime. I-I'm in a mission and it'll take a very very long time for me to come back," he stuttered as he jerked at the way her finger traced his spine in a feathery touch.

The said princess only hummed at what he said and continued doing her seductive ministrations on his back, making Shisui uncomfortable and at the same time aroused.

'Oh Kami-sama just please make her stop. I'll promise to visit every shrine in the world. Just please make her stop' he shivered and gripped on his thigh, digging his blunt nails on it.

"Ohhhh Shisui-kuuun~" she moaned near his ear making Shisui prayed to all his Uchiha ancestors to magically teleport him out of this place when he realized he can actually do that. Fuck why didn't he thought of it? "But I really like your performance.." He almost choke "...And especially when you go down on me and.."

Shisui turned around and kissed her lips to shut her up. Things can get really awkward. "Ah uh... yes! Kyoko-hime! Yes... I'm glad you like it!" He laughed awkwardly and pulled away from her as if her touch could electrify him. "I'll see you next time, hime!" He grab his clothes and shunshinned away.

"Damn it. Captain will fucking make fun of me. Stupid ANBU initiation," he growled as he thought of his Team snickering at him behind their masks thinking they did a good one on their kouhai.

Shisui smirked. They won't know what hit 'em. The Uchiha wasn't called a prodigy for nothing. He might act as an idiot for an Uchiha and a happy-go-lucky ninja for all his funny demeanor but damned them for not thinking that he can be as cunning.

The Sharinggan-user put his clothes on in a swift way, strapping his tanto holder on his shoulder. Grinning madly he can't wait to see his seniors' faces when they realized he one upped them.

"It does pay off to have a doujutsu who can make a a person think you did something with them but damn, does it stink?" he shivered as Hound-senpai suggested for him to read that small orange book of his filled with horror.

Shisui made one eye sweep across the place before jumping up the trees and made his merry way towards his happy village, whistling as he imagined his cute little cousin waiting for him at the gate.

Wait. What did he forget?

Damn. He forgot Itachi's Dango.

Author's Notes:

I just love Shisui and Itachi's tandem so much.

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